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Moving from Hoboken, New Jersey with Long Distance Movers


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Have you decided to move from Hoboken, New Jersey all the way to another state? Are you getting ready for a long distance move? If that’s the case, you might want to invest in a professional long distance moving company. After all, interstate relocation can get quite complicated and tricky.

The best way to ensure a safe and stress-free move is to hire a moving company to take care of it. Which moving company should you choose when there are so many of them on the market? The answer is simple– one of the most reliable ones in the country – Long Distance Movers. No matter how many tricky tasks you might have on your to-do list, with Long Distance Movers by your side, you can rest assured that everything will go swimmingly. Take a look at some of our moving services and choose the ones you find necessary:

● Professional packing assistance

● Packing supplies

● Vehicle shipping

● Residential relocation plans

● Corporate relocation plans

● Storage units (with up to 30 days of storage for free)


Everything becomes easier once you opt for professional assistance. With experienced movers by your side, you won’t have to worry about anything. We will make sure that everything is handled properly and accordingly, from packing to car shipping. Our affordable moving rates will ensure that you don’t break the bank for your relocation.

We provide a wide array moving services, but you are the one who chooses which ones suit your needs best. Whether you want to move your entire household, your office, and transport your car, or you just need someone to wrap and pack your stuff, we’re the ones you should call. Do not hesitate to ask one of our representatives to tell you more about our services and answer any questions that might trouble you. If packing the entire household is your main concern, we have you covered. Long Distance Movers have some of the best available moving equipment and with years of our experience, you will be safely relocated to your chosen place with ease. We should also mention that all our services fall with a budget moving plan which means that we charge reasonably for the services we provide. See it for yourself by using our online moving quote.

Long Distance Movers will be happy to embark on your moving adventure with you. We are here for you at any time given, waiting readily to start planning your interstate relocation. Call us as soon as possible, and schedule the moving day. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Long Distance USA Movers offer a wide variety of services. Whether you need storage, help with packing, or car shipping, our professional employees will meet all your needs and requirements. Read on to learn more about all the services that we can offer you.


WWe have a team of professional packers who have been thoroughly trained for what they do. This means that they have both the expertise and the experience it takes to pack all kinds of items. They will do everything in their power to ensure that your belongings are completely protected during transportation. This means that they will use all the proper materials and techniques to disassemble, wrap, pack, and load your household or office belongings. And once the moving truck has reached your new location, our team will unload, unpack, and reassemble your items.


Here at Long Distance Movers, we understand how important it is to you that everything goes smoothly. We are punctual, we know all the right ways to protect your belongings from damage, our drivers are professionals, and our movers and packers have had extensive training. Our packing materials are high-quality and our moving trucks are state-of-the-art. So no matter the distance, deadlines, or the weather, you know that your items are in safe hands.


Door-to-door car shipping – if you choose our door-to-door services, we will pick up your vehicle from your old address, and deliver it straight to the front door of your new home.

Terminal-to-terminal car shipping – with terminal-to-terminal transport, you will need to drop off your vehicle at one of our pick-up stations, and we will deliver it to the station nearest to your new address.

Open auto carriers – shipping your car in an open carrier is the most common way to do it.

Enclosed out carriers – enclosed carriers are usually reserved for expensive car collections, show cars, or custom vehicles.


We make it our priority to ensure the safety of your items. We do so by hiring and training only the best movers and packers who know how to properly handle all kinds of items. With such a skilled crew, accidents almost never occur. However, for the rare occasions when they do, Long Distance Movers also offer moving insurance.