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Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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Car Shipping

Long Distance Movers are experts in all things concerning relocation, including auto transport. Our car shipping knows no boundaries – it doesn’t matter whether you own a car that has seen better days or a luxurious piece, a large or a miniature one. All of the vehicles that have been entrusted to us will be transported to the new destination safely and fast. Our offer easily tops other car shipping companies, and here is why.

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Long Distance Movers Will Ship Any Type of Vehicle Skillfully, Efficiently, and for Affordable Cost

Thanks to years of experience in the business, a highly-trained and devoted team, and modern equipment, you can rest assured that we will ship your car safely to any chosen destination. As you will see in the following text, we will provide you with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to our service. However, you are bound to meet only the best quality regardless of the choices made.

Have no doubt that loading and unloading a car in the carrier, as well as all the work in between, will be done with the utmost care. Our main goal, as well as yours, is to help you ship a car to the new location intact and as soon as possible. And the best part? Our exceptional services will not leave you flat broke – not even close. We have reasonable prices even if we are hired only for auto transport service. However, if you’re already relocating, know that you’ll be entitled to a significant discount if you opt to combine our car shipping and long-distance moving services.


We at Long Distance Movers Operate Nationwide

Questions about the areas our company serves are some of the most common ones. Worry not – whenever you try searching for long-distance movers near me from whatever location, Long Distance Movers will show up. That means that no matter where your car needs to be shipped from or to, we will be able to do so. From metropolises to small towns, no matter where you’re located, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of hiring us.

Of course, if you need more detailed information, feel free to contact us. Our customer service workers will answer any of the dilemmas you may have and help you as much as they can. Remember – excellent customer service is one more thing making us leaders among other companies.

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Ship Your Car With an Open or Enclosed Carrier - We Can Offer Both

You are the one who chooses how the car will be transported, while we are responsible that everything goes by smoothly. There are two choices ahead of you – depending on your wishes, needs, but also vehicle’s type, pick either an open or enclosed carrier.

Most of our customers decide to use an open carrier, usually because it’s a more affordable one. However, it’s not the only advantage – an open trailer can fit more vehicles, which is a significant convenience if you are relocating multiple cars. Also, pickup and delivery times are, in general, shorter than with an enclosed carrier.

However, an open character of this type of trailer means that your vehicle can’t be protected from the circumstances that are not under our influence. Road hazards, such as rocks and debris, and even weather can possibly cause dents, scratches, and other damage to your car. So, if you own a new and luxurious vehicle or a classic, we strongly suggest you use a less affordable but safer enclosed carrier. Mentioned types of damage are not common, but when it comes to high-end or unique vehicles, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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No Matter Which Trailer You Choose, Your Car Will Be Insured During Shipping

Although our cross-country movers will pay attention to each detail during the transportation, there can never be enough precaution. You’ll be happy to know that all of our trailers are insured if a car suffers from external damage. In the case of an open trailer, insurance will cover up to $100,000 per vehicle, and when it comes to the enclosed, the amount goes up to half a million dollars.

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Different Pickup and Delivery Options Are There to Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Customers

Knowing where we are going to pick up and drop off your car is necessary so you can get organized accordingly. Customers who value comfort over the price are more likely to use a door-to-door transportation option. It implies that our driver will drop off your vehicle in front of your home. Of course, there is always a possibility that your old or new place is located in a too-narrow or too-busy street. In that case, we will deliver the car to the nearest possible location, such as the closest parking lot.

A terminal-to-terminal option, as a more affordable one, is also at your disposal. Our long-distance moving company has terminals in many large cities across the country. If you’re relocating from and to a big city, terminal-to-terminal transportation won’t be that inconvenient. On the other hand, if you live or are moving to more rural areas that are hard to reach for our drivers, this option may even be the only one possible.

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Don’t Forget to Choose a Representative If You’re Not Able to Be Present

While we are on the topic of pickup and delivery, we must point out how this part of the process looks like. The most important thing to remember is that a car must be inspected both before and after the transport. Firstly it’s done by our driver, who will document the vehicle’s condition, and secondly, you must check the car for eventual damage after shipment.

Those inspections, alongside paperwork that must be signed, demand that someone always be present to hand over and receive the car. That doesn’t necessarily need to be you. If you are unable to be physically present during pickup and delivery, make sure to ask someone to help you.

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A Cost-Free Quote Is a Part of Our Transparency Policy

We at Long Distance Movers believe in complete transparency, so you’ll always know what exactly you are paying for and how much (unlike with many other companies). All you have to do is fill the form on our website and get a free quote. It’s completely user-friendly and won’t take long. And if you’re more a talk-on-the phone kind of person, know that our customer services are also available. Get in touch with us, provide us with all the necessary information, and get the quote promptly.

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Factors We Use in Determining the Cost of Our Auto Transport Services

When questioning how much shipping an auto costs, keep in mind that we base our quote on several different elements. We consider:

  • Locations where a vehicle should be shipped from and to,
  • Distance between your current and future location,
  • The model of your car, alongside car year and make,
  • Vehicle’s size,
  • Transportation options you have chosen,
  • Period of the year.

In the auto shipping industry, market prices tend to change rapidly. If you want to get a quote as close to the final cost as possible, the best time to book our service will be two to three weeks prior to the desired date.

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With Our Services, You’ll Be Reunited With Your Car in No Time

One of our goals is to keep you apart from your car as little as possible. Depending on the distance between locations, our time frame for delivering vehicles is between five and fourteen days. Keep in mind that once you contact us and book transport, we will be able to give you only the estimated period of pickup and delivery.

Many unpredictable circumstances can influence the time of arrival, such as traffic, road conditions, weather, mechanical problems, and the like. That is why, at the start, we can provide you only with a three-day pickup window. Once our driver can safely assume how long it will take to get to your current place, you will get a call with more precise information.


Make Sure That the Vehicle Is Completely Prepared for Shipping

There are certain steps you need or should take before our driver comes. Keep in mind that without some of them, your car can’t even be loaded into our carrier. According to it, make sure to:

  • Clean the car and take photos of it – a deep cleaned automobile is easier to inspect for eventual damage. As for photos, they can serve as proof your car is not returned in the same condition it was handed over (which rarely happens with us, not to say never).
  • Empty a gas tank – your tank mustn’t be more than one-quarter full. Not only will more gas make the vehicle heavier, but the gas itself represents a significant hazard.
  • Remove are removable parts and secure the loose ones.

Remember – the better you prepare a car for the transport, the less time the pick-up procedure will occupy.

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Need to Transport Multiple Vehicles? No Problem - It’s One More Option We Offer

Suppose your household has multiple vehicles or you’re having a commercial move and wish to ship a larger number of company cars. In that case, know that our cross-country moving company can provide you with it, and in the way that every car you handed to us remains intact. Keep in mind that open trailers can carry more vehicles simultaneously than enclosed ones. If you opt to use them, know that they can ship up to nine cars.

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Auto Transport Is Always a Better Option Than a Road Trip, Especially With the Best Car Shipping Company

Many people opt for driving their vehicle across the country, counting only on the financial benefits and money they’ll save if they don’t hire professionals. However, they often tend to neglect the fact that a road trip to the new destination would cost much more than just money spent on gas.

You’ll have to provide meals, snacks, beverages, and, probably, accommodations in several places. What about all the car parts that will be spent during the drive? And let’s not forget checkups with the mechanic before and after the road trip! You must determine if the vehicle is in a good enough condition to drive you through that distance and see if everything is fine with the car after a long drive. Keep in mind that those appointments cost, too.

Moreover, having to drive all the way to the new home can be a tiresome job, especially if driving is really not your thing. Relocation experience is one of the most complex and stressful ones in our lives, so why add more work and stress to it? Book a flight, bring your favorite book, sort through your favorite movies and games, and enjoy your trip. After all the hard work you put into the relocation, it will be a well-deserved rest. Don’t worry – Long Distance Movers will help you as much as we can and take care of everything else.

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Let Our Supreme Car Shipping Service Be the Crown of Your Amazing Relocation Experience - Get Your Free Quote Now!

Is it worth it to ship a car? Most definitely, especially when you have one of the best companies in your corner. We are here to take all of the hard work off your shoulder, and that goes both for our moving and auto transport services. If you’re already thinking about hiring us to help you with the relocation process, there is no need to look for a separate auto transport company. Not only are we capable of responding to your every request, but we will surpass your expectations in completing them. Contact us, get a quote, and join the long list of our satisfied customers.

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