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    Moving is difficult. I learned that the hard way. My first moving experience, way before I founded a moving company, was a wreck. Everything that could’ve gone wrong, did. Over time, I learned to foresee and prevent such events and I did my best to pass down all that knowledge to the team we have today.

    But I don’t need to tell you that moving is complicated. You probably already know that. You know that it will take an enormous amount of planning and organization to make sure everything goes well. However, you probably also know that there are unforeseeable circumstances that could lead to complications or delays. Although there isn’t much you can do to prevent such occurrences, with the right moving company, there are ways to work around these difficulties.

    Here at Long Distance Movers, we understand how important it is to you that everything goes smoothly. We are punctual, we know all the right ways to protect your belongings from damage, our drivers are professionals, and our movers and packers have had extensive training. Our packing materials are high-quality and our moving trucks are state-of-the-art. So no matter the distance, deadlines, or the weather, you know that your items are in safe hands.

    But what happens if your new home turns out not to be move-in ready on time? Don’t worry, I have a solution for that, too! Among other things, Long Distance Movers can provide you with storage services as well.

    ✔ Our storage units come in various sizes. If you only need a couple of items stored, there is no need for you to rent out a huge unit. That is why we offer units of various sizes that fit your needs.

    ✔ Our storage units come with a budget option. If you would like to save some money, you can opt for one of our budget units, in which your belongings will be stored alongside other items. These units are, however, just as safe and secure as separate units.

    ✔ Our storage units are safe and secure. Regardless of the type of items you are storing, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe. Our units are climate-controlled and equipped with a high-functioning security system.

    ✔ Our storage units are affordable. The best part about renting a storage facility with Long Distance Movers is that the first month is completely free of charge!

    If you have any questions regarding our storage facilities or any other services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our customer service agents are there to provide you with any information you might need. They will also calculate your moving quote for you and help you schedule your moving day. We are looking forward to your call!

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