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Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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Storage Services

Whether you plan on storing belongings during the move or you’re compelled to do so under some unpredictable circumstances, you can’t go wrong with our storage services. There are plenty of reasons why Long Distance Movers is a leading relocation company nationwide – and our exceptional storage offer is one of them. Find out about what all you’ll get if you decide to store your items with us.

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Reasons Why You Should Get the Best Storage Services

As a customer-oriented business, our company aims to provide our clients with everything they need during the move. One of the things many years in the business have taught us is that numerous clients need a place to store their items during the move. There are various reasons for this, such as:

  • Their new home is not ready yet – the customer may know beforehand that that’s the case, or it may come as a surprise due to unforeseen circumstances,
  • They haven’t found a new place to call home yet – one of the biggest pitfalls of long-distance moves is that it’s hard to choose a home from afar,
  • Customers often have a hard time separating from some belongings – old pieces of furniture, antiques, gifts from loved ones, and the like,
  • When decluttering for a move, people often opt to store items they don’t want to give away but can’t keep or use in the new place, either.

With our cross-country moving company, there is no need to lose your time, energy, or money looking for a third-party company to provide you with storage. No matter what your reasons are for seeking an available storing unit, Long Distance Movers is here to provide you with one.

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Choosing Our Service Means Keeping Your Belongings Safe and Secure on Many Levels

Storing your belongings somewhere else means that you will be apart from them for an extended period of time. When that’s the case, the security of all the boxes and furniture will become one of your top priorities. Have no worries – we are experts in moving, storing, and delivering belongings intact.

How do we achieve that? First of all, our company has a prime-quality monitoring system. The highly-trained security team and constant digital surveillance are there to make sure that each and every unit is completely secure. Secondly, the temperature-controlled environment our storage facilities offer means that none of your goods can get damaged due to extremely high or low temperatures or humidity. Art pieces, leather and wooden furniture, or electronics are just some of the items that can be harmed in unsuitable conditions – Long Distance Movers won’t let it happen.

It’s true that we are all humans and that we are bound to make mistakes. However, with our long-distance moving company, even those kinds of mistakes are reduced to a minimum. We developed a barcode system applied to each box that enters our facilities. That way, a mix-up between goods that belong to different clients has become impossible.

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Splendid Storage Services Are Just Another Plus to Our Already Excellent Offer

The best storage services wouldn’t mean a thing if our other long-distance moving services weren’t exceptional as well. So your goods can even get to our facilities unharmed, you need experienced and capable movers to protect and (un)load them – and our movers have proven to be the best in the industry.

Keep in mind that your furniture and other belongings will be stored away for quite some time, which means you should learn which supplies to use and how to wrap and pack, so they don’t get damaged. If you’re not sure about it, just remember that our professional packers are familiar with all the supplies and packing methods needed so that your belongings can stay safe.

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Thirty Days of Free Storage Is an Offer You Can't Miss

When we said that you’d be able to save money with us, we weren’t talking gibberish. Since we know how complicated and stressful cross-country moving can be, we decided to try and take some of that stress away. Not only will our company provide you with a sense of security when keeping your belongings, but we will do it for free for a whole month! You’ll be able to enjoy all the previously mentioned advantages of our facility without having to worry about the cost of them – can any other offer top that?

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Can I Store My Belongings With Long Distance Movers After the First Month?

For many, thirty days is more than enough time to deal with all of the stored items when moving to a new home. However, you can decide to keep your goods with our company even after that initial period ends. Rest assured that your items will remain safe even if you opt to store them long-term, and your insurance coverage will be valid for however long you choose to use our facilities.

The extension, however, implies that there will be a certain rate for our service. The price can depend on several different factors, so ensure to contact our customer service and get all the necessary information.

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Hire the Best Cross-Country Movers and Be Worry-Free When Storing Your Belongings

From the quality of service and level of security to the costs (or lack thereof), there is no other offer that can match ours. As in every other aspect of the move, our company aims to supply our customers only with the best. If your move is approaching, you no longer need to wonder which long-distance movers near you can provide the most satisfactory storage service – just let our efficiency, professionalism, and affordability decide for you.

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Thousands of our satisfied customers that leave positive reviews can prove that we are experienced professionals that are serious about their work. Our main goal is for you to have a stress-free relocation process and we will make sure your items are handled with care and delivered safely to your new home.


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