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Relocating to one of the most affordable big cities in the US will probably be the greatest decision you ever made. And in order to do so, you will need reputable Indianapolis movers to help you with your relocation. So, let’s talk about our long-distance moving services and find out what this fantastic city has to offer.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

See What Our Indianapolis Movers Has to Offer

We at Long Distance Movers strive to make every relocation as smooth as possible for our customers. We are truly a customer-oriented company, and we have thousands of amazing reviews to back that up. Once you hire our movers in Indianapolis for long-distance moving services, you will get a designated agent who will handle your move from A to Z.

With our long distance movers in Indianapolis, there are no hidden fees. We base our price on your inventory list, and once the price is set (up to one business day prior to your relocation,) there will be no further changes. Once you contact us, our agent will make all the necessary arrangements, and we will come to your home to give you an in-person estimation of your move.

Once you hire our movers in Indianapolis, you will get a team of trained professionals who will handle your belongings with the utmost care. They will load and unload everything from and to a truck, and they will deliver your items to your new location at the arranged time.

What Do We Offer in Our Packing Services

As we already said, Long Distance Movers believe that every customer should have smooth and efficient relocation. This is why, once you hire our professional movers in Indianapolis, you will get standard packing service free of charge as part of our moving services in Indianapolis. This means that our Indianapolis movers will pack all your large and bulky items. They will disassemble and reassemble all your furniture and protect it before loading it on a truck. They will bring protective materials such as bubble and plastic wraps, blankets, and others with them, so no worries there either.

Our Indianapolis Movers Will Give You Best Packing Services There Is

With our long-distance movers in Indianapolis, you can choose between two types of packing services. If you wish that our long distance movers in Indiana only pack some of your items, such as fragiles, you can hire us for a partial packing service. Our Indianapolis cross country movers will bring their own boxes, duct tape, bubble and plastic wraps, and paper, and they will pack your items with utmost care and, more importantly, in a proper way.

On the other hand, if you wish that our cross-country movers from Indiana packs everything from your inventory list, you can hire us for a full packing service. Just keep in mind that once we pack more than 15 boxes, we consider this to be a full packing.

If You Wish We Can Keep Your Items in Our Storage Facilities

When it comes to cross-country moving, there can be a lot of unpredictable situations. For example, you can cancel the lease or sell your old home only to realize that your new one is not ready yet, and you can end up with a bunch of packed boxes on the doorstep. For this reason, we at Long Distance Movers offer to every customer free of charge storage facilities for a whole month. Our storage units have the best video surveillance and security that will keep your belongings safe 24/7. And with our storage climate control system, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe from moisture and humidity as well.

With Our Cross-Country Moving Company, You Can Ship Your Car as Well

Your search for a car shipping company can end here because we offer our clients auto transport service. And best of all, you can choose which kind of pick up and delivery options you want. We have a door-to-door pick-up and delivery system and also a terminal-to-terminal one. With the door-to-door option, we will come to your home and pick your vehicle and deliver it the same way at the new destination. The price for this option is a bit higher, but it doesn’t require any effort from your side.

With the terminal-to-terminal option, you will have to leave your car at the nearest terminal (which we have in every major city) and pick it up the same way.

Choose Which Kind of Transportation You Want for Your Car While Moving

You can also choose between two kinds of transportation options – an open trailer and an enclosed trailer. The open trailer is better if you are shipping more than one vehicle. You can have your cars at the same time at the new home. It is a cheaper and commonly used option. The only thing you have to worry about is weather conditions and minor damages from road debris which are not that frequent.

If you have a sports car or some other luxurious vehicle, then an enclosed trailer is a better option for you. With this option, you can only ship one car, but you can rest assured that your vehicle is fully protected from any damages, and you can figure this option is a bit more expensive.

Ship Your Belongings Safely With Our Moving Insurance

Like every reputable cross-country moving company, we offer our customers moving insurance. You will get mandatory or basic moving insurance once you hire us. This insurance will cover 60 cents per pound of your damaged goods.

But if you wish to protect your items even more, you can choose our Full Value Replacement Insurance or FVRI. With this option, if something gets damaged, you will get reimbursement for that damaged item in its total market value.

And don’t forget about the vehicle insurance we provide as well. If you ship a car with an open trailer and your vehicle gets damaged somehow, you will get up to $100,000 depending on the damage, and for an enclosed trailer, you can get up to $500,000.

Crossroads of America Welcomes All Newcomers

As you may know, Indiana’s motto and its capital’s nickname is a Crossroads of America, and Indy backs that nickname up with six interstate highways. Being the capital and largest city in the state, Indy is a great palace for those who like to travel. You can hit the road in any direction, and you will end up in some large American city, but your travel doesn’t have to end there. Indy has probably one of the best airports in the country so you can easily visit any city in the world you wish.

It is also a great place to stay and raise your family. There are numerous job opportunities here. It is the 29th largest economic center in the USA, and three Fortune 500 companies are located here. If you relocate to Indianapolis, you will probably find a job in the finance, insurance, health, government, or education sector, and of course, in wholesale trade. And if you are a sports fan, Indy will not let you down either. In fact, the biggest single-day sports event – Indianapolis 500 car race – is held here. So make sure to book your tickets in advance.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

No Matter Where You Choose to Live, Indy Will Not Let You Down

Even if it is the largest city and the state’s capital, housing options are pretty amazing. If you rent, you will probably get the cheapest rent for a significant city. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in a city center for $1,200, while the same apartment outside the city center is only $791, and the median home value is $137,000. The cost of living here is 12% lower than the national average, making this city very affordable.

When it comes to public transportation, there’s an IndyGo system that can take you anywhere throughout the city. Still, it has a limited number of stops outside the city’s core, so people choose alternative ways of going around (bike and car share are pretty popular here.) When it comes to the best neighborhoods in Indy, no matter where you decide to live, each area will reward you with something unique. Here are the top picks we made:

  • Downtown – The place is colloquially called the Mile Square, and aside from amazing bars, restaurants, art exhibitions, and festivals, it offers amazing residential opportunities as well. The city revitalization project aims at this area particularly, making this neighborhood the most sought-after residential area.
  • Broad Ripple – Located a couple of miles from Downtown, this neighborhood is favored among developers and new businesses. Its strong sense of community makes this neighborhood one of the most relaxed in Indy. Breweries, art galleries, and boutiques will not let you down either.
  • Castellon – Close-knit community located north of the city is one of the best areas for raising a family. If you like to ride a bike, then this neighborhood is for you. Also, Indiana’s largest mall, Castleton Square, is located here.
  • Bates-Hendricks – It’s one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Indy with low home prices. That makes this neighborhood popular among young professionals and millennials who wish to buy a home.
  • Fountain Square – If you are looking for a small-town vibe kind of a neighborhood, then Fountain Square is the place for you. Located southeast of downtown, this district is also popular among artistic folks. The Murphy Art Center resides here, and for a food lover, there is Virginia Avenue full of restaurants with various cuisines.

From Bars and Restaurants to Sports Events, Amazing Parks and Cultural Events in Indy, You Will Easily Find Something to Kill Time

This amazing midwest city strives to be as green as possible, and people here like to go around on their bikes. But you will see a lot of pedestrians enjoying some of the nation’s most beautiful city parks. The White River Park in Downtown covers 250 acres of ground and is filled with trails and beautiful spots to have a picnic with your family or just sit and relax. And if you relocate with kids, take them to Holliday Park, filled with tunnels, bridges, and slide towers. And while you are in Downtown, visit the Zoo (home to over 3,800 different animals,) a botanical garden, and an aquarium.

But amazing outdoor activities are not all Indy has to offer. If you like museums, you will be happy to hear that the biggest children’s museum is located here and you should visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art as well. The sports fans will enjoy their time here. It is famous for amateur sports such as ax throwing, but professional football and basketball are high.

And now that you learned more about this amazing city, your long-distance moving can begin.

Book Best Movers in Indianapolis and Your Indy Adventure Can Begin (or End, if You Wish to Leave)

Now that you have learned more about this amazing city and our services, your search for long-distance movers near me can end. Go on our Long Distance Movers website and read reviews people left if you still haven’t made up your mind. And while you are there, you can fill out a form and ask for a free quote on your move. Just bear in mind this quote will only be an approximate estimate of your right price will be once you create your inventory list and once our team gives you an in-home estimation.

No matter if you still haven’t made up your mind, feel free to contact us about any information about this long-distance moving company you have. Our agents will be more than happy to help you, whether to move to the Crossroads of America or leave it and start afresh somewhere else.

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