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Minneapolis is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities to live in, and our Minneapolis movers can help you settle here. The history of the city is incredible and significant for the history of the US itself. Located in Minnesota, in the Upper Midwest, with eleven communities and eighty-three neighborhoods, Minneapolis’s bustling atmosphere has a lot to offer.

Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota

While It’s Not the Capital of Minnesota, It’s the Most Important City for the State

We bet you didn’t know that Minneapolis is not, in fact, the capital of Minnesota. It is its most populous city with just over three and a half million residents. When mentioned together with Minnesota’s capital Saint Paul, they’re referred to as Twin Cities. Still, as it’s also known, the City of Lakes is incredibly lively and full of communities that tend to its history and assets.

This vibrant city lies on both banks of the Mississippi River, and its Minnehaha Park has one of the oldest and most famous waterfalls in the country. The city is rich in lakes, having as many as thirteen on its territory, alongside many creeks and other waterfalls. It was voted to have the best-designed and best-maintained parks in the country, so if you’re a nature lover, think no further than relocating here. The weather typically follows the seasons, so there aren’t any surprises – the winters are cold and snowy, and the summers are hot and full of sunshine.

The Coolest Neighborhoods to Settle in When Relocating to Minneapolis

The city is divided into community districts. Since the Mississippi River runs through it, many people consider themselves Minneapoleans of either the Southwest bank or the Northeast bank. The City of Lakes has eleven communities: Camden, Northeast, Near North, Central, Calhoun-Isles, Longfellow, Nokomis, Philips, Powderhorn, University, and Southwest. Between them, there are eighty-three neighborhoods.

Great neighborhoods to live in (according to a 2021 poll) are:

  • Linden Hills, Southwest – voted as the best neighborhood in our city. It’s a suburban area excellent for families and job opportunities, and many activities happen at Lake Harriet. Most people own homes here. House prices average at $530,000, while rent averages at $1170,
  • Lowry Hill, Calhoun-Isles – this Uptown neighborhood provides an urban feel, where most residents are renters. With unique bars and nightlife, Lowry Hill is one of the more vibrant areas. House prices average at $465,000, while rent averages at $1300,
  • Page, Nokomis – the best suburban neighborhood to buy a house in and one of the best to raise a family. Located near Minnehaha Creek and Lake Nokomis, there are many recreational opportunities. Homes average at $402,000, while rent averages at $1200,
  • King Field, Southwest – named after Martin Luther King Jr., it’s one of our city’s most diverse suburban neighborhoods. It provides lots of outdoor activities and cafes, and its residents consider it very safe. Houses here average at $302,000, while rent averages at $1190,
  • Cedar-Isles-Dean, Calhoun-Isles – an area known for the Neils home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and generally having beautiful architecture. It’s primarily urban, with renters and owners in equal measure. Home prices average at $450,000 and rent averages at $1600,
  • Tangletown (formerly Fuller), Southwest – this neighborhood with unique street plans is considered as one of the friendliest and most tolerant. Many college students reside here, and most places are within walking distance. It’s a suburban area with more homeowners, where house prices average at $440,000 and rent at $1300.

Make Sure to Check Out Minneapolis’s Parks, but Also Its Cultural Legacy

Since The City of Lakes is famous for its numerous natural oases, it’s safe to say there’s never a lack of things to see and do outdoors. The most popular attraction is the Chain of Lakes Regional Park, which is a great way to enjoy days off, with the various musical programs near Lake Harriet or a bike ride next to the Bde Maka Ska Lake. However, it also boasts the country’s oldest wildflower garden, the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary.

While the City of Lakes has many parks and park attractions to offer, it should also be recognized as one of the US’s more active and bustling musical and cultural centers. Famous musicians who took their great first steps to stardom in Minnesota’s biggest city are Bob Dylan, Prince, Lizzo, and The Replacements.

The most famous nightclub in the city is one hall with two venues – First Avenue Nightclub and 7th St Entry, known among the locals only as The Mainroom and The Entry. The singer Prince was rumored to be the owner of First Avenue Nightclub not only because of how often he’d perform there but also for the amount of time he spent developing the city’s music scene. Another fun fact about First Avenue is that the famous Irish band U2 wrote most of their album October at this club.

Within the Lynnhurst area, you can find many places for recreational activities, so it’s safe to say the city supports an active lifestyle. A fun fact about the city’s athletic background is that the famous National Football League team Minnesota Vikings hails from it. Their training spot is usually the US Bank Stadium, located in the Downtown East neighborhood of the Central community district.

In addition to the activities already mentioned, art lovers can enjoy the second most popular attraction in the city, the Institute of Art. You can also visit one of the five largest modern art museums in the US, the Walker Art Center, located in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of the Calhoun-Isles community district.

Minneapolis Minnesota

Our Minneapolis Movers Will Provide First Class Moving Services

Having years of relocation experience and a big number of positive reviews, Long Distance Movers are always there to help you move without any problems or headaches. It’s essential that customers are satisfied with our work, so we make efforts to provide the highest quality long-distance moving service out there. Despite seeming like some relocation prices aren’t as low as you’d want them to be, we guarantee our prices reflect the efforts.

The inventory list you create and provide for us determines the relocation fees. We’ll make contact about anything you want to be moved or left behind, and it’s completely OK to change your mind about items that need transport. When changing the inventory list, the price will adjust accordingly, but one thing you’ll never see on the balances is hidden fees. If you want to check the potential costs for relocation, you can always request a free quote on our website.

We’ll Provide Packing Services Like No Other Movers in Minneapolis

One of the hardest things to do for relocating is packaging, and we know the hassle it can cause. Our cross-country movers are trained to provide the best possible packing service in no time, which will help you relocate and get excited for new adventures in Minnesota. One of the biggest benefits of getting a standard packaging service from our long-distance moving company is that the fees fall into the price of long-distance moving services themselves.

Items that fall under the standard packing services are furniture, appliances, and items larger than a regular moving box. So, booking our cross-country moving company will entail disassembling the furniture, loading it together with other standard items into the relocation truck, unloading cargo, and putting the furniture back together. You don’t need to worry about anything in this case, then.

Our Company’s Movers Do Both Partial and Full Packing Services

Of course, we’d never leave the rest of your stuff at home if it doesn’t fit into standard packaging. Our relocation team can provide a partial and a full packaging service, which come with additional fees, but are important nevertheless. There can be up to 15 boxes of stuff you want to bring with our movers to Minneapolis with partial packaging.

However, if the number of boxes ends up being higher than 15, we’d count that as a full packing service. What’s important to remember about these options is you’ll have to provide a detailed packing list when making contact and be ready for a slightly higher fee. It won’t make your head hurt because all your stuff will be packed with extra care and attention.

We Can Pack Your Most Precious Items, Too

We offer so many boxes and packaging supplies, but you may think there’s something we can’t pack and protect. You can breathe out because we do pack even the most fragile and precious items at your home. Every team member in our company is trained to handle delicate things with extra care. You can opt for custom wooden crating for your most precious items, and if you’re unsure we can do that, read some of the positive reviews on our website to help ease the nerves.

Book Long Distance Movers For Safer Auto Transport

Maybe you’re moving across the country, and it’s simply too much time to drive from the old home. In case you contact us for an auto transport service, we can help. Search ‘long-distance movers near me,’ and you’ll see we offer this option, too. We’ll take your car and load it onto one of our relocation trucks, and you can even decide what sort of truck. Our professional movers to Minneapolis will handle any vehicle with the utmost care, and there are many great reviews about car shipping we’ve provided over time.

You Can Choose Between Two Car Shipping Options

For security reasons, as well as costs, our long-distance moving company can provide two different auto transport options. If you don’t mind having your car shipped along with other vehicles simultaneously, opt for open trailer transport. This is a perfectly safe option and more common because it’s cheaper. Transporting your car like this provides insurance of up to $100,000, and it’s valid for external damage only, which generally doesn’t occur, but it’s good to be safe rather than sorry.

If you prefer not to have your car dusty, caught up in bad weather during transport, or it’s simply quite expensive, there is an option of booking closed trailer transport. While this option can turn out to be more expensive, it’ll keep the car protected from the weather. The insurance for this option goes up to $500,000.

We Provide Pick Up and Delivery Options, As Well

Once the vehicle is strapped in safely with our best movers to Minneapolis, there are two ways we can deliver it. The first option is door-to-door pickup and delivery, which means that if we picked up the car in your driveway, we’d deliver it to the new driveway, too. This option is more expensive, but it’s very straightforward, and you wouldn’t worry about pickup. An exception to this will be if the streets or driveways are too narrow for trucks to go through.

The other option is terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery. This is a cheaper option that entails leaving the vehicle at the nearest LDM parking lot and picking it up at the company’s parking lot at the new destination.

LDM auto transport

With Our Company, You’ll Get Free Storage Services

LDM prides itself on many benefits to offer to clients, and storage services are indeed one of them. We have spacious, climate-controlled storage units that will keep all your stuff well-protected and in good condition for as long as you need. Better yet, you’ll be happy to hear we offer professional, free storage for the first thirty days of safe-keeping. Whenever you need our team to ship out your stuff, we’ll be prepared to deliver it properly.

In addition to having free storage, you can rest assured that your stuff will remain in the unit until you ask for it to be delivered. Of course, if you need safe-keeping for longer than thirty days, you can choose the sizes and amount of storage according to your budget and desires. A way to find out more about all the benefits of booking us is to contact our free customer support.

Relocate Peacefully With Our Moving Insurance

LDM provides mandatory moving insurance to each customer because we know you’d get worried about your stuff during transport. Our mandatory liability coverage is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. If anything gets damaged during transport, whether you or our team packed it, rest assured it’ll be covered by insurance.

Another option for insurance that does require additional fees is Full Value Replacement Insurance. This means that you’ll need to deliver a complete inventory and cargo list you want to have insured, and the insurance doesn’t cover items you’ve packed, only the stuff packed by our professional packers. In addition, you can separately insure any delicate items that we’re transporting.

Get Ready to Fall In Love With Nature After Relocating with LDM

After reading so many cool things about Minnesota’s biggest city, we’re sure you’re thrilled to move there fast. With professional help, not only will you get there on time but all the stuff you want to come along with you will be protected during transport and delivered in the same condition as when it left the old home. The only thing to do now is figuring out which lake you want to soak up the sun next to in the largest city in Minnesota.

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