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Moving from Salt Lake City, Utah with Long Distance Movers

Relocating to the capital of Utah means you’ll be staying in a place with breathtaking mountain views, affordable cost of living, and excellent employment opportunities. If you want to make your move to this diverse spot easy and stress-free, hire professional Salt Lake City movers. This is where Long Distance Movers can help you. We have a team of experienced, well-trained, and professional packers and movers that can make your relocation smooth. While we are boxing up your belongings and shipping your car, you can focus on finding a new home and a job.

Salt Lake City

The Capital of Utah Is a Liberal and Diverse Hub That Welcomes Everybody

As the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City (SLC) is a vibrant spot that attracts many newcomers looking for a fresh start. Low unemployment rates make the area perfects for career chasers and young professionals. Even though the economy is primarily service-oriented, there are many employment opportunities in healthcare as well. SLC is home to many big national companies such as Zions Bancorporation, Myriad Genetics, and Questar Corporation. Furthermore, there is a significant presence of high-tech firms such as Adobe, eBay, Telarus, and ColcaSac.

On the other hand, if you are pursuing higher education, this is where you’ll find some very prominent universities such as Brigham Young University, Weber State University, and the University of Utah. SLC is also home to several community colleges. Also, there are plenty of good education options for your kids as well. SLC school district has 27 elementary schools, and almost every one of them offers a preschool option as well. There are also excellent middle and high schools and even a few private education institutions.

Another reason why people flock to SLC is affordability. Here homes are among the most affordable in the nation. No matter if you are renting or buying, your future home won’t put a dent in your savings. When house hunting, just keep in mind that some areas are more suitable for renters than buyers and vice versa.

There Are Many Distinct Neighborhoods You Can Call Home

When looking for your next residence, make sure you know exactly what you need because there are many distinct neighborhoods in SLC, each with its own vibe. Finding the perfect one will take a bit of research. However, among all the neighborhoods, there are some that are very popular with newcomers, such as:

  • Sugar House is for all of those people looking for vintage vibes. This is the oldest neighborhood in the city, and it is filled with family-owned shops and small, cozy restaurants.
  • 9th and 9th is the hip location in downtown SLC. It is ideal for renters but also for people that like community vibes. The neighborhood comes together every fall to throw a Street Festival that’s featuring local foods and drinks.
  • East Bench is for those that like high-end properties because houses in the area can go for $500,000. The neighborhood provides residents with a sweet escape from all the hustle and bustle of downtown, but it is also a short ride away from it.

SLC Is Booming With Entertainment Opportunities

Relocating to SLC means you’ll become a resident of a city with diverse and well-rounded entertainment options. There is something for everyone here, from nearby mountains ideal for outdoor activities to the ever-growing restaurant scene. If you are into history, there are Conference Center, Pioneer Memorial Museum, and The Utah State Capitol. Fans of the great outdoors can enjoy Lake Blanche, Millcreek Canyon, Oquirrh Mountains, and many other breathtaking sights. No matter what your interests are, one thing is sure, you’ll never get bored in SLC.

Salt Lake City

Find the Best Salt Lake City Movers To Help You Relocate

You should start your relocation to Utah by researching “long-distance movers near me” because finding a professional cross-country moving company can make or break your move. Professionals with stellar reviews and various relocation-related services will make sure that your relocation goes without a hitch.

This is where Long Distance Movers (LDM) can be an excellent relocation partner. Firstly, we’ve been in the business for a while, and our team knows how to handle different types of relocation, no matter how big or small. Secondly, we form prices based on the inventory list, so there won’t be any hidden fees or charges. All you have to do is provide us with a detailed list of items you want us to move, and we will give you a quote. However, keep in mind that the price will change if you add or remove items from the list.

Also, since we want you to have an excellent relocation experience, when you give us a call, you’ll be assigned a representative who will be with you every step of the way. They can answer all of your questions and assist you with planning the move.

Long Distance Movers Can Provide You With Superb Moving Services

Uprooting your life and relocating to SLC can be a start of a great adventure, but it takes a lot of planning and hard work. If you want to have a smooth transition without any major delays, hiring relocation experts is the solution.

Luckily, LDM can offer you professional long-distance moving services that will make a move easy and stress-free. With our crew by your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will take care of all the grunt work while you are house and job hunting. Give us a call and ask for a free quote.

With Our Long Distance Moving Company Your Packing Problems Are the Thing of the Past

Having to put all of your stuff in boxes won’t be a fun process. It can be quite long and tedious. If you want to avoid it, give LDM a call, and our packers will gladly do it for you. Use our professional and efficient packing services, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Furthermore, depending on your needs, you can choose between full and partial packing options.

Out Salt Lake City Movers Offer Two Types of Packing Services

No matter if you are relocating from a four-bedroom mansion or a studio apartment, you can still use a helping hand. If your inventory list doesn’t surpass 15 boxes, you can use our partial packing service. When you do, our packers will come to your home and box up everything on the list. On the other hand, if you want us to box up everything you own, use a full packing service. This means that our team will come to your home and box everything up. We will bring high-quality supplies and ensure all of your belongings are wrapped and packed the best way possible.

LDM Can Provide You With Additional Packing Assistance as Well

Even though our packers use the best materials and sturdy boxes when handling your belongings, some items require special care. If you have some extremely valuable or breakable objects, consider using our custom crating service. This means that our team will make a custom wooden crate that fits your item, protecting it from external damages.

Let Our Cross Country Movers Ship Your Car to SLC Without a Fuss

Salt Lake City has a wide network of roads. It even lies on two cross country freeways, so having a car is a huge convenience. That’s why you should consider shipping your four-wheeler when relocating. LDM can assist you with this task by providing you with top-notch auto shipping service.

Our crew will ensure that your machine is safely loaded onto a chosen truck and then transported to the desired destination. Since we want to accommodate you as much as we can, there are two types of trailers and pick-up and delivery options available. When you give us a call, our representatives will help you pick the one that fits your budget and needs the best.

We Are a Cross Country Moving Company That Offers Two Types of Transportation Options

When you hire us to ship your vehicle from one place to another, you will be able to choose the type of trailer the machine will be transported on. Open trailers are a more affordable option, but they leave your car exposed to external factors such as dirt and weather. Enclosed trailers are mostly used to transport vehicles that require more protection, such as oldtimers and luxury machines. If you are not sure which option is a better fit for your car, don’t hesitate to give our agents a call, they will help you make the decision.

Choose Pick Up and the Delivery Option That Suits Your Schedule

The LDM crew is well aware that your schedule will be jam-packed when relocating to SLC. You’ll have your hands full with various different tasks. That’s why we offer two types of pick-up and delivery options. The first one, more accommodating for people with busy schedules, is door-to-door delivery. This option means that our drivers will pick up and deliver your vehicle, and you won’t have to move a muscle. The second option is terminal-to-terminal delivery, and this is where you have to drop off and pick up your machine from designated stations.

Long Distance Movers trailer

LDM Gives Its Customers 30 Days of Free Storage

When relocating to SLC, you might be in need of storage facilities. This is where LDM can offer you modern and highly secure units. Not only that, but our facilities are monitored 24/7. They are also climate-controlled, so your belongings won’t be damaged by high temperatures or humidity. On top of that, LDM gives all of its customers 30 days of free storage. When that period expires, you can take your stuff, or you can continue using our units. Just give us a call, and our agents will explain to you the pricing options.

Moving Insurance Is Mandatory When You Hire LDM

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes even the most planned processes hit a bump in the road. When you hire LDM, we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of your belongings. However, sometimes things are out of our control. That’s why we provide our customers with moving insurance.

There are two types of insurance policies available. The first one is basic mandatory coverage that you will get for free. With it, you’ll be reimbursed 60 cents for every damaged pound. However, if you have more valuable items, LDM recommends a full coverage insurance policy that is buyable through our company.

Finally, since LDM ships four-wheelers, insurance covers your car as well. If you opt for an open trailer, your vehicle will be covered up to $100,000, and if you choose an enclosed one, it will be insured up to $500,000. For more information about insurance, give us a call, our representatives will gladly answer all of your questions.

With Experienced Professionals the Move to Utah’s Capital Will Go Without a Hitch

When the time for the move comes, the LDM crew will be with you every step of the way. We will ensure all of your belongings are protected and safely boxed up. Our team will load everything onto a truck, and you won’t have to move a muscle. While we are doing all the grunt work, you can lock down a new residence and a job. Everything else is up to us. Just give us a call and start the adventure.

Our Services

Auto Transport

Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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Boxes & Packing Supplies

Since packing everything you own is one of the first steps in relocation, it is important to have the best boxes and packing supplies at your disposal. High-quality materials will ensure your items are well-protected during the move.

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Moving Insurance

All your stuff is secure with Long Distance Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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Moving Services

Treat yourself with a white glove long distance moving service that’s based on the inventory list and not weight. This means a price guarantee, transparent move costs and premium moving service.

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Packing Service

Sit back and relax. We’ve got packing services covered. We use moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and even custom wooden crating. We will protect and carefully handle your stuff during the move.

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Storage Services

Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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