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Besides being the most populous city in the state, the capital of Idaho appeals to Americans these days because of its affordability. If you have already made up your mind about relocating and finding your home right here, you may require help from reliable Boise movers. With Long Distance Movers company, you’ll make no mistake – we’re experienced and professional, and our crew members are highly trained to make your move to the capital of Idaho swift and effortless. If you are still rethinking about relocating here, you should know that according to Forbes, it was the fastest-growing city in the US in 2018, and in 2019 Boise was also ranked as the best place to live for millennials.

Boise Idaho

Reasons to Move to the City of Trees

Our career path usually troubles us most when we think about moving someplace else. Farming, mining, and timber have played important roles in the city’s economic history, but its major industries have diversified in recent years. The sectors like technology, advanced manufacturing, food production, energy, and outdoor recreation are all present in the economy of Boise. One of the city’s main employers is the State government, but it also ranks as the nation’s sixth city for the number of corporate headquarters.

What you will probably love the most about this city is the opportunities for outdoor recreation with scenic mountain landscapes in the background and true wilderness wherever you lay your eyes on. So, while the river flowing through it gave the city its name, the nickname City of Trees was given for the oasis around it, dominated by cottonwood trees.

Find a Boise Neighborhood That Matches Your Lifestyle

If you go ahead and ask the locals, there’s a high chance that they will have a pretty strong opinion on where you should choose to live. But, like with any smaller city, the neighborhoods are distinctive, and you can find your perfect match if you list your priorities. We’ll present you with a few districts that should catch your eye:

  • Boise Heights, home to Broncos, has many great restaurants and a beautiful skyline seen from the train depot. It’s also valued for its proximity to Downtown and the North End.
  • East End is perfect for those wanting to raise their kids because it’s an easily accessible, safe, and quiet suburb with highly praised schools. It also offers easy access to the Greenbelt and Boise River. To the music lovers it provides proximity to the Outlaw Field’s Summer Concert Series held at the Idaho Botanical Garden. It’s perhaps ideal for a home office.
  • Highlands is settled in foothills and has a lot of growth in many aspects, from job opportunities to the arts and culture. But it still holds that mid-century suburban feel, and large homes, which tend to be a bit pricier, offer panoramic views of the golf courses.
  • Hidden Springs is the perfect choice for those that don’t mind living in a master-planned community. It offers an escape to what seems a simpler life – a pastoral feel, but with all the conveniences of a smaller town, with a gym and easy access to shopping.
  • The North End is probably the most alluring neighborhood, and not only for its central location and beautiful bungalows but also for its sense of community. The North End Neighborhood Association is, above all, well organized and well funded. It takes care of many things, from advocating historic preservation to helping organize two main events – Halloween on Harrison Boulevard and the Hyde Park Street Fair.

Wherever you decide your home should be, there’s something in each neighborhood that you may find appealing, but a careful decision will guarantee you a great quality of life.

What to Do When in Idaho’s Most Populous City

Nature lovers will thrive here, with endless opportunities for hiking, bicycle riding, or simple outdoor enjoyment, especially along the Greenbelt. Or you can enjoy some wildlife watching on gazebos in Kathryn Albertson Park and visit the city’s Botanical Garden.

Downtown is the business center of the city, with a lot of local shops and restaurants. The State Capitol Building is located here, as well as the two farmers’ markets, working from early spring to winter. Local attractions also include the Basque Museum that tells the story of the Basque community, and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, which is an educational park that sends a message of hope with natural elements.

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Moving Services by the Best Boise Movers Out There

When it comes to relocations, we are often overloaded with things to do. We need to plan and organize, look for good tips, choose the neighborhood that we will call home or move our office to, find a job. It’s an overwhelming process. And that’s why investing in long-distance moving services may be crucial, because everything will be easy with quality help. Finding a reputable company is not as simple as googling “long-distance movers near me.” It’s where you’ll start, but it’s also important to look at reviews, get referrals, and compare quotes to choose the best company that suits you.

If you look at the Long Distance Movers’ reviews and ask around, you’ll find out that our years of experience make us trustworthy, as well as professional to the core. We will provide you with all the services you need to make a smooth relocation. With us, you can focus on starting a new life, and we will handle all the rest. Contact us so we can give you a free quote – you only need to provide us with a detailed inventory list, on which we will form our price. Don’t worry, you can update it however you like, until one business day before the actual date of your move.

LDM Are the Best Cross-Country Movers That Will Pack Everything For You

LDM will make sure everything you own is transported with utmost care to your new place, be it a house or an office. But we will do for you so much more than just driving your belongings. Our professional crew will disassemble any large furniture pieces and ensure that your appliances and any other items that won’t fit into boxes are properly wrapped and secured for transport. We will load and unload everything and reassemble the furniture, and all of this is part of our standard packing service, with no additional cost.

You Require Us to Pack Everything on Time? Don’t Worry, We Have Your Back

You are probably stressed about packing your household, and since it’s a time-consuming process, it will make you feel like everything should be rushed. We understand this, and that’s why Long Distance Movers, Boise, are offering to help you pack and get the stress out of the way. We will provide you with our partial or full packing services at an additional cost, depending on your needs. You may require us to pack just a part of your household, and if it fits into less than 15 boxes, it’s considered a partial service. Packing more than 15 boxes is charged as a full service, and our crew members will pack everything you want with utmost care.

Want Us to Ship Your Car? We Offer Great Auto Transport Solutions

No matter if you’ve bought a car on the other side of the country and require shipping for it, or you want to move your vehicle with the rest of your belongings, there’s no need for you to look further. LDM offers top-notch auto transport, which you can use as a standalone service, or bundle it up into the cost of your whole move. If you go for a bundle deal, we’ll offer you a discount.

Choose Between Different Shipping Solutions With Our Long-Distance Moving Company

If you want to use our auto transport services, we are happy to let you know that we offer different shipment types. A customer usually prefers the more available and affordable open carriers, which can ship up to nine vehicles. Although this type of trailer is open on the top and the sides, your car will be protected, but it may require a quick wash because of the dirt on the road. For a customer who owns more expensive vehicles, we offer transportation in enclosed carriers. Although a pricier solution, your car will be perfectly protected from pretty much anything on the road.

Pick-up and Delivery Service That Suits You Best

Besides choosing a trailer that fits both their needs and budget, our clients also have a choice when it comes to picking up and delivering their vehicle. And most of them love the door-to-door solution. Although a more expensive option, with it, you can sit back and relax, and we will come to your doorstep, take the car, and later deliver it to your new home. The terminal-to-terminal solution is more suitable for those who have more time on their hands, and it comes at a lower price. It means that you will need to drop your car off at a designated terminal station and later take it from the station nearest to your new home.

LDM auto transport

If You Require Storage Services, Give LDM’s Movers in Boise a Call

Every relocation is complex, from the first preparatory steps to the actual stepping into your new place. And it may happen that you require some time to arrange your new place before your possessions arrive and everything gets cramped up. LDM has a solution to this problem – our storage services are fit for storing a few items, or your entire household, and what’s great is that it’s free for the first 30 days. Our storage units are spacious, climate and humidity controlled and kept under camera surveillance. Our team members also regularly check the surroundings to be sure no one has access to the items kept in storage. We’ve got you covered whether you require our units for a shorter period of time or long-term, and after the first 30 days, we charge by the day.

Our Moving Insurance for a Stressless Move

LDM is a cross-country moving company that consists of professionals who are trained and vetted in handling any object. But although rarely, accidents may occur, and that’s why we provide mandatory liability coverage for anything that is transported with us. It covers $0.60 per pound of damaged goods. However, we realize that this is not suitable for your more valuable possessions, and that’s why we always advise our customers to invest in third-party moving insurance. At an additional price, and for all the items that our professional crew has packed, the full-value replacement policy will definitely make you feel at ease.

Perhaps you’re still worried about your vehicle? There’s no need because insurance covers up to $100,000 for any damage on the car’s exterior when it is shipped on an open trailer and up to $500,000 on an enclosed one.

Contact LDM Today, and Let Us Handle Your Relocation

We all can agree that moving into a new home is one of life’s most important events, and it’s the reason why it should be planned thoroughly and executed with care for every detail. Doing it all by yourself is manageable, but it will take a toll on you because it’s both stressful and back-breaking. But finding quality help in the form of a reputable company is essential if you want everything to be done smoothly. And that is exactly what the Long Distance Movers offer you – proper handling of every aspect of your move. Choose to relocate with us for a stress-free relocation and ultimate satisfaction. With us, you can relax and think about everything else while we do all the hard work for you.

Our Services

Auto Transport

Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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Boxes & Packing Supplies

Since packing everything you own is one of the first steps in relocation, it is important to have the best boxes and packing supplies at your disposal. High-quality materials will ensure your items are well-protected during the move.

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Moving Insurance

All your stuff is secure with Long Distance Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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Moving Services

Treat yourself with a white glove long distance moving service that’s based on the inventory list and not weight. This means a price guarantee, transparent move costs and premium moving service.

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Packing Service

Sit back and relax. We’ve got packing services covered. We use moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and even custom wooden crating. We will protect and carefully handle your stuff during the move.

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Storage Services

Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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