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Posted in After the Move, Moving Essentials, Moving Tips&Tricks on March 18, 2021
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

The Ultimate New Apartment Checklist – Essentials and More

Once you’re done with your relocation, the first thing that will cross your mind will be what to get to make the new place feel like home. Creating a new apartment checklist is no easy task, but with our expert help, you’ll be able to make the most of your beginnings. So, get a pen and paper out because we’re about to begin with expert tips.

Many people make a mistake after they’re done with cross country moving and get to furnishing their flats, because they don’t think of the system and what they’ll be needing first. Let’s illustrate this with an example. Envision the home stores with all the inviting, shiny thingies. You are tempted to buy everything that’s affordable and glossy, but you must think of why you came in the first place. It’s the same with flat decorations, essentials first, and esthetics will follow.

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How Do I Prepare for My First Apartment?

If you want to be in for a penny, in for a pound, and see the undertaking through, think of all the ways how you can start getting ready before the time comes. Everybody has some items in their family that circulate, but nobody really needs them, so start from there. If you have a moving budget that allows it, think about your to-buy list in advance and see where you could purchase the objects you’re after and that you believe would add coziness to your space. Finally, you can always look up garage sales or jumble sales where perhaps you won’t find lasting furniture, but you’ll definitely find all the small decorations that will bring your own vibe or touch to your design.

A woman doing something on her laptop
Thinking out your strategy goes a long way

How to Make a Great Apartment Move In Checklist?

If you’re troubled with the question what are things you need for a new apartment, facilitate it by splitting this task into meaningful categories. You can draft how many rooms and spaces you’re arranging and then fill it in prior to booking top-rated cross country moving services. If you want it to resemble your old place, take photos and reconstruct from there. And if you’re changing your way of life, ask yourself what you’ll need from now on and avoid making storage out of your flat.

Whatever you opt for, just be realistic. You can’t go without beds, sheets, chairs, and alike, but you can without an urban garden on your terrace. It’s all about your priorities, possibilities, and also the people you live with. So, don’t forget to consult them on their wishes as well.

A couple painting a wall
Always ask the people you live with for opinion

New Apartment Essentials for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where you’ll spend a lot of your time, even if you have a busy life, so give your best here. We’re not saying that it’s a failure if you sleep on a floor mattress for the first week, but we’re just suggesting that prioritizing this one can lead to more satisfaction about the whole process. So, how can you do it?

Bedroom Must-Haves

Before you delve into the complexities of interior design, ensure you’re provided with the basics. And don’t worry because you won’t have to spend a fortune here. Apart from a bed that is a real investment, everything else can be found in bargain stores, home decor, and online for a decent price. So, ensure you have the following:

  • Bed – It seems obvious, but before you turn around, you’ll be immersed in other activities and forget all about purchasing this one. So, think about it on time,
  • Sheets – A bed is not worth without these, so take your old or obtain novel ones,
  • Bedding – Pillows, covers, and all that jazz are a must too,
  • A night table or another cupboard where you can cram in all the items you often use,
  • A closet – Your clothes won’t benefit from storage conditions and months in the boxes,
  • Shelves – Not only mandatory for book lovers, but these can also hold other memories.
Black and white bedroom
Bed comes first

Things You Need for New Apartment Checklist in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another place that needs your attention and devotion since you’ll need to prepare meals from the very beginning. The oven, fridge, microwave, and appliances you use are something you’ll think of. And perhaps you’ll agree to take a flat that already has those, or you’ll bring your own. But, the little things are what you should remember.

Kitchen Essentials

Regardless of whether you’re big on cooking or not, you’ll need dishes and other items that help you function normally in the dining area. Consider the following tips:

  • Drinkware – Bring your cups, glasses, mugs, pitchers, and all of those,
  • Plates,
  • Kitchen towels,
  • Cutlery – The plastic ones won’t do for a longer period,
  • Napkins,
  • Dish soap,
  • Dishcloth,
  • Scissors,
  • Coffee,
  • Tea.
A brown-toned kitchen
You'll be more into cooking if the space is bright and inviting

Things to Buy for New Apartment Bathroom

Your bathroom is a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day as well as refresh and create special moments for yourself. What you should think about when you start setting one up is:

  • Towels – big towels and small for your hands,
  • Shower curtain,
  • Wall Hook,
  • Toothbrush holder,
  • Plunger,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Small trash can,
  • Toiletries.

New Apartment Shopping List Must Contain Space for Cleaning Supplies In the Bathroom

When you arrive, you’ll want to get down to cleaning (regardless of whether the last tenant left a mess or took care of cleansing) and give the flat a look it requires. Now, many people don’t even realize how many cleaning supplies they own before they change houses and see how many they lack. So, in order to be able to give your place a scrub and transform it to your taste, think of obtaining:

  • Rubber gloves,
  • Disinfectants that can help you kill all the microorganisms,
  • Glass cleaner,
  • Vinegar, baking soda, borax, and all other ingredients that can help you come up with your own cleansers,
  • Floor cleaners that suit your flooring,
  • Wet wipes,
  • Furniture polish,
  • Cleaners for all tubes.
A white sink with mirrors
Cleaning will help take your stress out

What Do I Need for My First Home Checklist for the Living Room

Living room is a space where you’re likely to entertain guests or simply enjoy your own free time outside of work. Think of what you’d like to have here and start from there. Would you be happy to get a lot of plants? What about artistic decorations? Whatever your taste reveals, these are some must-have tips:

  • Sofa or couch – You can go for a bigger or smaller one depending on your room’s size,
  • TV – If you’re a fan of this kind of entertainment,
  • Stereo for music – to fill your space with liveliness and sound,
  • Coffee table,
  • Bookshelves,
  • Photos that remind you of some good times you had.
A yellow chair in a room
The living room gives the whole flat a certain vibe

Things You Need for an Apartment if There’s a Kids’ Room

You want to go all out and create the space for your little ones as well as possible so that they can adapt to change and the havoc of cross country moving quickly and with no stress. To achieve this task, which is not easy at all, compile the following list:

  • Toys,
  • Comfy beds,
  • Bookshelves,
  • Table and chairs,
  • Toy containers.
A girl putting a teddy to sleep
You must listen to the room's owner here but also avoid storage scenarios

Things You Need for the Terrace

The terrace is a space you’ll like in the warmer months and if you’re moving with pets or house plants, making it as pleasant as possible is your task. If you used to live in a house with a garden, you’ll have a better understanding of how to incorporate all the elements together. But even if you didn’t, start from here in your moving to another state checklist:

  • Terrace chairs,
  • Table,
  • Plants that you know how to handle and that grow well in indoor conditions,
  • Tiny decorations.
A terrace on a rooftop
Your pet will be happy if you make an effort here

What Is the First Thing To Do When You Move Into a New Apartment?

Whatever your reasons to move are, there are some items you should take care of when you enter the novel flat. To have a stress-free arrival and take the time to devote to kicking back and exploring the surroundings, you’ll want to do these.

Check Utilities

As soon as you see your long distance movers off, take care of this one. Ideally, this should be finished before you move in, but if you forgot about it, it should top the list of your priorities. Electricity and water are to be checked first and if you notice any problem, contact the provider as soon as possible.

Change Your Mail Adress

This can be done online through USPS, and the process is fairly simple. You must inform the system that your mail is to be transferred to the next location, and it should cover most of the problem. Pay special attention to subscriptions and other newsletters you wish to cancel and do it promptly.

Provide the Internet and Cable TV

Sounds a bit silly, but it’s a matter of moments when you’ll crave WiFi to check out how to get something done in the vicinity – for your job or any other purpose. So, set it up as soon as possible. And, ideally, give it a thought before you come.

Clean the Space

As we mentioned above, cleaning is a crucial component of finding your feet in this new life. Giving your place a clean helps you put things into perspective and really start feeling like you made the place your own after long distance moving. So, don’t skip this step.

Explore the Neighborhood

You’ll want to know where the bus stop is, where you can go cycling or hiking, or where the nearest supermarket is. So, take a stroll after you say bye to professionals from the cross country moving company of your choice. See what you can find, and perhaps you get to meet some cool neighbors meanwhile.

And Finally – Unpack

Now, it sounds scary, but actually, the process becomes much lighter if you start on day one. Take some things out of the boxes and try doing a bit each day. Naturally, some objects you’ll want as soon as the cross country moving finishes, and you’ll want to do these first, but some other things will come at a later date.

The major benefit of unpacking is that you’ll get to see what items you should consider buying as you’ll realize what the missing bits that you require and don’t own are. Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn more about how to clear the process after you move in.

YouTube video

A Reputable Long Distance Moving Company Can Help

All in all, a star-rated long distance moving company can help you with all you wish for your relocation. In case you require a packing service, creating an apartment checklist that will be a predecessor to your next place’s what-to-buy list will work wonders for you. To give you a reliable quote and walk you through all they can offer to you, all professionals will require this kind of household inventory list.

And it’s not the end of the story either, since you’ll also be able to opt for an auto transport and storage facility as part of your long distance moving services. The best thing is that it’s all covered with moving insurance, so you’ll be indemnified in case anything goes wrong. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to the representatives and do yourself a world of good.

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