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Posted in After the Move, Moving Preparation on September 20, 2022
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Moving in With Somebody? Here Are 11 Questions to Ask Potential Roommates

If you’re looking to share an apartment with someone, be completely prepared for the roommate hunt because you don’t want to end up living with someone irritating you. So, prepare all the questions to ask potential roommates and pick the one who will suit you the best.

Preparing for a big move, but you’re not sure how to efficiently prepare for the potential roommate hunt. Yes, finding and booking reliable long-distance moving services with much-needed packing service wasn’t easy. That’s why you need to ensure your future roommate won’t ruin all the hard work you’ve put in to make this relocation possible.

Good Questions to Ask Potential Roommates Should Sound a Bit Like an Interview

Putting yourself in the shoes of a real detective is a must when you’re searching for the suitable person you will share the apartment (and so much more) with. Even if you’re considering rooming with a friend, make sure to use the first meet-and-greet as a time to do your research.

So, once you decide it’s time to move and make the final decision on where to live, proceed with another crucial part – setting a kind of quiz of questions that will lead you to the perfect roommate. Since you’ve already made a relocation to-do list, you can see this quiz as something similar – it’s absolutely necessary and helpful if you have to hire professional long-distance movers who will take care of all relocation aspects.

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#1 How Do You Plan On Paying for the Rent?

Nothing prevents you from inquiring about someone’s work to learn their source of income. In fact, when looking for a roommate, questions like these are a must. You certainly don’t want to end up paying for everything on your own just because the roommate didn’t find a job before relocating.

A person counting money for white glove moving company
Before looking into the white glove moving company costs, think about the monthly expenses first

#2 What Are Your Day-To-Day Routines?

Your daily routine should be designed to help you accomplish your long-term goals. That means including both the big and small tasks that need to be done every day. However, when planning to live with another person, you need to be aligned and know how each of your usual days would be without drama or external stressors.

That’s why this should be one of the things to consider when moving in with a roommate. But don’t worry if this seems just too overwhelming because it is – from booking white glove moving services to making your apartment feel like home, asking this kind of question may seem like just too much, yet something you have to do. So, here are some of the things you should ask to learn more about your potential roommate’s routines.

How Would You Prioritize Cleaning the House?

More significant than truly sharing values is the emphasis placed on those values themselves. For instance, if both are hyper-organized and place equal value on cleanliness, you can live together happily. So, ensure you have answers to the following questions:

  • How frequently do you enjoy doing laundry?
  • Do you do the dishes right away, or do you wait till later?
  • Will you clean all of the dishes or just your own if both of us have dirty ones in the sink?
  • What do you think about a chore chart?

When Do You Get Up, and What Kind of Conditions Do You Need to Sleep In?

Are you a night owl, an early bird, or both? This leads to a crucial question: Do you sleep light or heavy? The answer will determine your home’s daily soundproofing.

You should establish ground rules if you often remain up late and the roommate departs for work at 5 a.m. Make a pact to turn off the lights by a particular time or decide only to use headphones to listen to music after a specific period.

Are You a Smoker?

Some people find it impossible to live with a smoker, no matter what they smoke and how often they do it. If your building prohibits smoking inside, this is a crucial issue to ask. If they claim to smoke occasionally, inquire as to how occasionally. Additionally, it could be wise to include a provision in your lease that clearly states they are not permitted to smoke within the flat.

#3 What Do You Look For in a Roommate?

Consider this to be the roommate variation of a common interview question. You primarily want to learn about the person’s expectations for the roommate relationship. If one of you desires a new best friend while the other chooses to maintain some space, there may be a disconnect.

You surely don’t want all of your planning a move to another city and preparing a new apartment checklist to be in vain just because you didn’t ask the right questions and ensure you and your possible roommate are on the same page.

Worried woman looking for a long-distance moving company on her laptop
Set the right expectations from the beginning

#4 “Do You Work From Home?” Should Be One of the Questions to Ask a Roommate

Depending on your viewpoint, the response “yes” to this question could either be a blessing or a curse. For example, it could be quite difficult if you work from home. Your utility expenses will definitely go up if someone lives in the flat all day every day, and you might not enjoy the idea of having someone else use your house as their business (especially when the place is your long-term residence).

Knowing that your roommate has much time to invade your personal space and possessions may also irritate you. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks on how to work from home with a roommate without killing each other. You can find out more about them in the video below.

YouTube video

#5 How Often Do You Like to Invite Friends Over?

Living with a person you don’t really know can be tricky. While there are numerous benefits this move can bring you both, like meeting different people and learning a lot of new stuff, remember that we all need some alone time. That’s precisely why you need to discuss how often inviting people over is OK. That way, you’ll avoid any inconveniences and awkward situations.

What Is Your Policy on Overnight Guests?

Hosting guests overnight can be a bit of a hassle, even when it’s someone like friends and family. So, check and see if there are any unchanging rules or, if there are, that both of you agree on them. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking questions like these because they can help you make the right decision, especially when moving out for the first time.

People eating pizza
Create a schedule for when it is OK to have friends come over

#6 What Is Your Pet Policy and Do You Have a Pet?

Ask about any immediate and long-term pet objectives. Maybe they’ve wanted a Bengal cat all their life and are just waiting for the appropriate time. The very last thing you would like is to be forced to move out because of a phobia of change or an allergy.

Also, you must check the building’s pet policy. No matter if you don’t mind the roommate who is relocating with a dog, if a landlord is not OK with it, you have to be honest and keep looking for a suitable roommate.

On the other hand, if you have the green light to have a furry friend in your place, check why having pets in your life is a good idea in the video below.

YouTube video

#7 How Often Do You Like to Cook?

It could be challenging to avoid each other if you both enjoy cooking for yourselves. Check out what and when they usually cook. For example, fish after 10 p.m. might not be a good idea. Also, find out whether the person is planning to pack the kitchen and bring some pots and pans. After all, it’s not necessary for both of you to pack all the dishes when relocating.

Do You Have Any Allergies or Special Food Requirements?

A committed vegan might not get along well with a meat-eater who consumes a lot of meat. Additionally, if you prepare a jelly sandwich and peanut butter in the kitchen, your roommate, who has a severe peanut allergy, can be in danger. Before deciding to move in with a possible roommate, make sure you are aware of their dietary limitations. After all, you won’t be living on your own, and being considerate to the other person is a must if you want to have a healthy relationship in the future.

A modern black kitchen
Find out whether the possible roommate has allergies or dietary restrictions

#8 What Are Some of Your Pet Peeves?

Talking about potential deal breakers is another thing to have in mind when looking for the most suitable person to share the living space with. Honestly, we all have some, and it’s best to discuss them up front instead of discovering them after you’ve done something nasty.

Whether it’s an urge to be a neat freak who will organize documents at home or enormous fear of dogs, it’s essential to be honest and find a solution together. The last thing you need is a finicky roommate in your own house. Carefully analyze the specific complaints as well, as you might be able to make accommodations for some of them.

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#9 How Would You Solve a Conflict if There Was One?

Is it more likely that your possible roommate would discuss issues in person, or will they write passive-aggressive notes instead? Relocating to a new city alone is stressful enough, and it’s completely understandable if you can’t deal with someone who is not willing to resolve issues in a proper manner.

So, ensure you can resolve issues if a conflict arises, become familiar with how they generally work out and deal with conflicts and contrast it with your own methods and resolution style. Communicating with the other person involved is a must. Try to understand their perspective and come to a mutual agreement.

A woman looking at her phone
Work things out with the roommate in the best possible way

#10 Are You Looking for a Friend or Strictly a Roommate?

Living with your closest friends can put pressure on your relationships, so starting a roommate search with a thorough list of questions surely is a smart option. But if you share a residence with anyone, you should get along. In fact, many individuals actively seek this out. In case your expectations are not met, being upfront about your willingness to make a friend rather than just share a living place will help you avoid ruffled feelings.

#11 Are You Bringing Furniture With You?

Getting used to the same apartment you’ve been living in is completely normal. And having someone change it with all the bulky items can become a problem. However, you have to check with the potential roommate whether relocating furniture with white glove moving service is in the plan, not only because it will ruin your well-organized place but because there might not be enough space for it. So, let the person you’re considering living with know that it’s a smaller home and advise that it’s better for them to donate some of the pieces to charity organizations like Goodwill or rent storage.

A man relocating furniture without special equipment or long-distance movers
Discuss whether they'll be bringing bigger objects

Don’t Stress and Pick the Person That You Feel Comfortable Around

You want to make sure that you pick someone who you feel comfortable around. This is important because you will be spending a lot of time with this person (potentially even more time than you spend with your family). You need to be able to trust this person and feel like you can rely on them. In fact, it’s one of the things you have to think about right after you find the best white glove movers who will handle your move professionally and efficiently.

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