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Posted in Moving Preparation on January 27, 2021
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What Are the Most Common Reasons to Move

Life is unpredictable. One day you can be in a happy relationship with a steady job, the other day you can be boxing up your stuff and moving back to your parents’ house. Every year 31 million Americans relocate, and all of them have their own reasons to move, but most of those can be put in a few common categories.

a couple with boxes on their heads
Overall, the relocation should make you happy

There are many benefits that come with relocation. Changing the address can help you climb the career ladder but also gain knowledge and make unforgettable memories. Buying a bigger house can give you all the space you desire, while downsizing can help you save up. This major, life-changing decision can be scary for a moment, but with the right reason behind it, the relocation will bring you a lot of joy.

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Job Hunting Is One of the Best Reasons to Move to a New City

Have you ever wondered why do people move from one place to another? There can be a long list of factors that affect your final decision, but one of the most common motivators is a career. According to data from the US Census Bureau, almost 11% of all Americans moving every year do it because they are pursuing a new job.

Relocating for a job is pretty common among ambitious professionals. Let’s say you are currently living in a small town that doesn’t give you enough prospects to climb a career ladder. Settling in a larger area with a large number of companies from different industries would be the best solution. However, before you start packing up your bags, go online, check out what kind of employment big national and international offer, land a dream job, and then start planning the move.

Seeking a Good Place to Start Your Own Business

Did you know that almost 15 million Americans are self-employed and that almost 62% of billionaires in the country are self-made? This shows that starting your own business can really pay off. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, remember that location is crucial for starting a new venture. Some cities have a reputation for being startup-friendly, and they are great spots for innovative ideas, new business owners, and burgeoning industries. If you really want to dive into the business world, you should consider relocating to one of the best cities for startups and entrepreneurs.

If you are entertaining the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but don’t know what state offers the best conditions to do so, check out the video below. It can help you find the best location to settle in and grow your business if that is the main reason for relocation.

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Needing a Bigger Home Is One of the Main Reason for Moving Out of an Apartment

Is your family growing? Maybe you signed a lease to your apartment when it was only you and your partner, and now you have kids and pets running around a two-bedroom apartment. No matter how much you love your family, living in close proximity can be challenging, and honestly, it can get crowded.

When you wake up in the morning and start tripping over things, it is time to start considering moving to a bigger home. Needing some space for yourself is a valid motivation for packing up your bags and relocating. However, even if this is your reason to relocate, don’t rush the process, take your time, and find a property that will fit the needs of your entire household.

Relocation Is Also an Answer if You Want a Better Home

Why people relocate? Maybe their current residence is not small nor far away from all the necessary amenities, but there is still room for improvement. Wanting to live in a better house can be a deciding factor when it comes to relocation.

Does having a huge storage space and a garage that can fit two cars sound awesome? Maybe you are relocating with pets and need a big yard where they can run around. Are you dreaming of a spacious modern kitchen? All of these can motivate you to start planning the relocation.

Spacious kitchen
Carefully pick your next house and ensure it is better than the last one

Being Closer to the Family Is One of the Most Common Reasons People Move

Life gets in a way sometimes, and that’s why families more often than not live in completely different parts of the country. If you are tired of living two time zones away from your family, relocation is the solution. Those that want to be closer to parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers should pack up their bags and relocate.

Supposed a member of your family gets sick, or you just miss your friends so much that you realize they are more important than a big paycheck. You have a few options to remedy this – move back to your parents’ house or find the one close by. Living near the family can be great, especially if you have kids because grandparents can always babysit for you. Also, families are an excellent support system, so no matter what you are going through in life, there will always be somebody to take care of you.

grandma and granddaughter
Moving to be closer to loved ones will, in the end, make you incredibly happy

Pursuing Higher Education Is an Excellent Motive to Relocate

Let’s say you get a letter notifying you that you got accepted to Ivy League universities like Harvard, Cornell, or Yale. Having the chance to pursue the dream education program certainly can be a huge motivation for relocation. Even if you just want to sharpen up some skills and learn things that will help you advance in the career, relocate to a place that offers schools with top-notch evening classes.

People Are Moving Because They Like to Live in a Better School District

Do you have kids? Or maybe you are planning on having them in the near future? Whatever the case might be, providing children with the best education possible should be one of your priorities, and to do so sometimes, you have to change the address.

Relocating with kids should be thoroughly planned. Research school districts look into neighborhood crime rates and family-friendly activities before you set your heart on a place. Keep an open mind when it comes to relocating to suburbs since schools there are generally rated as better.

kids in the classroom
A new area should give your kids the best education possible

Shorter Commute Can Be One of the Reasons to Move Out of Your Old House

According to the US Census Bureau survey, the average American spends 26.9 minutes commuting to work every day. At some point, you might get sick of being stuck and traffic, and that’s when you should relocate. Avoiding horrible traffic is a completely legit reason to move.

If you are used to driving and want to bring the car with you, make sure you pick the city with the least traffic congestion. Having this in mind, you might want to stay clear from big cities like New York City and Los Angeles since traffic jams can be almost endless. Furthermore, if you like your current area, just consider relocating closer to work and other amenities, and you will avoid spending half of your day commuting.

Rows of car headlights
Workers usually move because they want to have a shorter commute

Change of Relationship Status Also Motivates People to Relocate

Does anything sound more romantic than relocating for love? If you and your loved one decide to live together, one or both of you would have to move. A big shift in a relationship most times leads to a change of the address for one or both people. Couples that decide to live together, get married, or buy a home will sooner than later have to talk about living arrangements.

On the other hand, events like a divorce or a break up could also lead to the move. After all, who would like to live with an ex? Staying in a house where you spent time as a couple can’t be easy, and that’s why most people decide to relocate after the break-up.

 couple unloading the truck
Sharing a home with your partner is a good reason to move

Money Problems Can Affect Your Decision to Relocate

For whatever reason, money can sometimes get tight. You might lose a job, have to cover a medical bill, or pay off student loans. No matter what, if you are struggling with finances, relocation might help you stand back on your feet. It might not seem like an obvious solution, but switching from a pricier to a cheaper location can do wonders for the budget.

Furthermore, if you are a handy person that likes DIY projects, you can settle in a fixer-upper, take your time making it perfect without spending a lot of money. Plus, those renovation projects can quickly turn into profit if you decide to sell.

Downsizing Is a Great Way to Cut Down Unnecessary Costs

When the money is tight, and you are looking for ways to cut corners and save up, downsizing might be an efficient cost solution. For starters, smaller residences give off a homey vibe and allow you to get creative with the space you have. On top of that, you will pay less for mortgage or rent, also the cost of your utility bills won’t leave you broke by the end of the month.

A welcome mat
Even if you downsize, with the little decoration, you can have a great home

Craving a Change of Scenery Can Inspire You to Relocate

Are you stuck in a rut? Does every day feel like a day before? If you feel like you are not truly living, just going through the motions, you need a change of scenery and what better way to that than to move?

Have you ever wondered why do people move? If you feel bored with your life, boxing up your things and relocating might be just what you need. With an unfamiliar environment comes excitement and plenty of opportunities. Relocation will give you a chance to reinvent yourself, meet people, and gain friends. You will be able to make exciting memories that will last you a lifetime, so it is no wonder that a need for change can inspire anybody to move.

You Might Want to Live in a Place That Matches Your Interests

Interests change over the years. You might have settled in a busy part of a town filled with restaurants and coffee shops, but now you crave peace and quiet. Also, you might have settled in a neighborhood filled with kid friendly activities. Over the years, children grew up, and now you are left surrounded by fun pastimes that you are not interested in. Relocating to an area that fits your interest then seems like a logical thing to do.

Group of people around the BBQ
If you need a change of scenery, don't hesitate, pick up your bags and relocate

When You Are Ready to Relocate Know You Are Not Alone

Here you have it, the answer to the question – what are good reasons to relocate? Now when you know them, you might get inspired to pack up the bags and relocate. Keep in mind that relocation can be a long process, and that’s why you shouldn’t do it alone. Ask friends and family to help you or hire a long-distance moving company to do so.

Having long-distance movers as your relocation partners will make the whole process go smoother. Research “long distance movers near me,” and choose the ones that offer a variety of services. Because while cross country movers are providing you with long-distance moving services and top-notch packing service, you use the free time to tie up some loose ends. Additionally, a cross country moving company can provide you with storage units and efficient auto shipping service. Finally, while professionals are doing all the grunt work, you can kick back, relax, and think about what lies ahead.

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