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Posted in Moving Preparation, Moving Tips&Tricks on June 14, 2023
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Moving Into a New Home? Here’s What You Should Do on the First Day of Your Move

Moving is a significant event that can bring up a lot of strong emotions, so it is common to feel enthusiastic and stressed at the same time. As the first day of your move nears, practice patience and maintain your focus because it’ll get hectic quickly if you are not well organized. The good news is that we made a list of tips on how to go through each stage smoothly, so keep on reading.

The big day is knocking on your door, and the grip on your reins is slowly slipping. Try making a detailed relocation list and write down everything it has to be done to keep the edge off. Start planning, organizing, packing, decluttering, and searching for the perfect white glove moving company. Book long-distance moving services that best suit your needs, and enjoy preparing your new home while your belongings are in trusted hands. Read on for a stress-free moving experience.

Start Preparing for the First Day of Your Move Weeks Ahead of Time

When an event as big as relocation occurs, it can be difficult to know if we are entirely ready for the final sweep through the old place. However, before all that, you should begin planning your move on time, and the best way to start is by making checklists and planning everything thoroughly. Turning up your engines ahead of time will give you enough space to plan out your budget. Check if you can afford to hire professionals to handle everything.

You will have an opportunity to visit your new home and prepare it for the arrival of your stuff on top of preparing your old home for a move-out. Keep in mind that if you start planning on time, you’ll have the privilege of choosing the most affordable time of year for your relocation. You’ll be on top of everything in case you have to adjust some things along the way.

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Make a Checklist of All the Essential Items You Will Need on the First Day of the Move

Don’t be overconfident and think that you can keep the whole plan in your head – wise people write everything down to the last detail. Create a thorough to-do list for every stage, including the items you have to pack in your personal suitcases. Set a list of needed cleaning supplies for a move-in cleanup. Also, have a written plan to prepare for the relocation crew before they arrive at the new address.

Make sure each family member has their own special bag with all the things they need for the trip to your new home and the first few weeks after you get there. Write everything down so you don’t forget to pack something. On that note, these are the essential items you should pack in your suitcase:

  • Toiletries and bathroom essentials,
  • Clothes for the first few weeks until the rest arrive with a relocation truck,
  • Important documents and relocation details,
  • Laptops, tablets, phones, power banks,
  • Enough food, snacks, and drinks for the road.

Keep in mind that if you are relocating with your kids, you should prepare some entertainment for them. Prepare things like cartoons, portable games, or favorite stuffed toys, as well as their favorite sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. If you are a lone rider moving for love, you have the luxury of planning the stops for your favorite coffee or restaurant without too much planning ahead. Even if you pull a last-minute relocation.

When relocating with pets, you should make their separate corner in the back of the car or well-secured carrier. Bring their favorite toy and enough refreshments so your companion can go through this transition with the least amount of stress possible.

Girl sitting on the floor and writing
Make a checklist before white glove movers arrive for a stress-free move

Look for White Glove Moving Services and Set the Relocation Date Before Anything Else

When you decide to hire a professional company, start looking for a mover a few weeks ahead, as this allows you to plan and downsize for the move. Perhaps you intend to relocate to the suburbs or have a lot of things to take care of in the meantime. Things such as following the HOA guidelines, planning to organize a garage sale, or even having a going away party.

When you acquire a free quote from a reputable company, you’ll have more info on the expenses and complications. Movers will secure your belongings and prepare them for travel by providing packing services. They will also inform you about the things they won’t move, such as combustible and hazardous materials, which you’ll have to secure and relocate yourself. They have to know what goes and what stays for everything to go as smoothly as possible, so be sure to get rid of things you are not moving by donating, selling, or throwing them away.

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Get All the Details on Their Storage and Moving Services

When you find the right relocation company for all of your needs, don’t be shy to get some details on their services and storage facilities. If you are planning on shipping your car or even getting their relocation insurance, try to get all the prices up front so you know what fits your relocating budget.

If your new home isn’t ready, you are not sure if everything will fit, or you have a hard time getting separated from some items, worry not, as this is where the storage facilities come in the game. Many moving companies will help you save time, money, and energy with their available units for exactly this purpose.

Visit Your New Home and Give It a Glow-up When Getting Ready for Moving Day

Try to squeeze in a trip to the residence for a nice cleanup. To be sure everything is prepared to your standards, gather the necessary cleaning supplies and go one room at a time. Check if anything needs additional repairs and that all electronic outlets are working correctly. Keep in mind that your patio and backyard need a sweep-through as well.

Pack the Needed Tools and Cleaning Supplies

Before you start cleaning, get everything you brought with you out of the box and check if anything is missing. You have probably decided between more chemically based or natural cleaning products, so buy the missing products in the same category.

Prepare a ladder, a few buckets, a vacuum, brooms, mops, vinegar, baking soda, bleach-based cleaning solutions, gloves, spray bottles, a toilet brush, and kitchen towels. After you have everything ready for the battle, you may conquer the field.

Room-By-Room Cleaning Is the Best Way to Go

To keep everything nicely organized and on schedule, start your cleaning with the bathrooms. This way, you can plan which one you will use for changing water and prepare it for the relocation crew’s arrival while the rest stay clean.

Clean each room from the ceiling down so you can mop or vacuum all the dirt that has accumulated on the floor or carpets. Check if mold is forming around window frames and treat it with bleach, as you can air the whole house easily before it gets stuffed with furniture.

Wash your windows and sills, take off your shades, and submerge them in a mild shampoo bath to remove dust. Treat your walls with damped cloth and dry them with a kitchen towel. Think about a color fresh up if something is scratched or dented. If the place comes with a few appliances in the kitchen, start cleaning from there.

Check Electronic Outlets

Aside from hiring a professional cleaner for your floors, think about hiring an electrician as well. Checking the correctness of your outlets is a must, as they can cause fires and numerous other safety problems. Ask them to measure the polarization of your outlets with a multimeter and check whether they are grounded and properly installed.

Prepare Your Backyard and Garage

Outdoor spaces like balconies, patios, and garages can accumulate dirt, grease, waste, or even mold if the waterproof paint loses its function. You can get them in order by checking that the rails are well screwed and painted, sweeping the boards and garage floor, and washing the floors from motor oil and fallen leaves. Check if all of your grooves are clear of dirt and leaves and that your roof doesn’t miss a tile or two.

Remove dust and cobwebs before you stack the garage slot and park the car inside. Wipe down the shelves, handles, and light switches from grease residue. Check if the garage door mechanism is working or call the servicer to look them up.

If You Had a Move-Out Cleaning, It’s Essential to Protect Your Floors Before White Glove Movers Arrive

Remember to cover the carpets and floors when you finish polishing your home. It will help that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Some of the dollies for transporting heavier stuff are not equipped with rubber wheels. To protect your floors from permanent damage, improvise a trail for them to use or set one room as the unpacking station.

If your relocation fell on a rainy day and you wish to avoid water and mud all over the floors you just cleaned, it’s best to cover everything with plastic or some type of waterproof material. Try to prepare refreshments as well as a generous tip for your movers upon the job well done. If you don’t plan on spending extra money on hardwood floor protection, here is a video where you will learn how to utilize things lying around your house.

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Clear the Way for Long-Distance Movers and Packing-Related Supplies

To simplify the whole moving process, try picking the one room you will use for the least amount of time and set up a packing station for the professional packers. Keep in mind that if you want the whole process to be faster and smoother, you may point out the plan for packing and where you would like to start. You may carry or pack some of your fragile items yourself, but to be sure, make some effort to properly label your packages so your movers know what to pay extra attention to.

Two white glove movers standing next to a truck and a pile of boxes
White glove movers will make the whole process go faster and smoother

Make Your Boxes Easily Accessible and Set the Box With Essentials to the Side

When the big day arrives, you want to be on your way to a new house sooner rather than later. That’s why it will help to place most of the moving boxes in the room closest to the exit door. This will make it easier for the movers to load your stuff onto the truck faster.

It’s best to put aside the box with your relocation essentials so it doesn’t get loaded as well. You can also put things you don’t want to keep in separate boxes. If you don’t know what to do with them yet, you can ask the moving company to store them for you in their storage facilities.

Preparation for Your Move Is Stressful, but Try to Stay Calm and Mindful

A list of relocation tips would seem incomplete without us saying that you can do this. Feeling worried won’t make anything better, so try to remain calm and thoughtful through this whole process. After you complete your relocation, your brand-new and enhanced residence will be ready for a fresh start.

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible and offers every top-notch white glove moving service personalized for your specific needs. When arranging a relocation, avoid depending on chance and instead opt for Long Distance Movers. Contact us right now and take the initial step toward a smooth relocation.

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