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Posted in How-to on April 4, 2022
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How to Pack Electronics for Moving – The Ultimate Guide

You’ll be relocating soon, and you don’t have a clue how to pack electronics for moving? You will have to dismantle all of your pieces of technology, but you are not sure how to do everything efficiently. With our tips, you will be able to safely box up all of your cutting-edge devices you don’t want to see damaged.

It’s important not to make any relocation mistakes with your technology when heading to a new home. You should ensure that your appliances stay intact during the transportation process. It would be wise to draw up a relocation to-do list so you can organize and prepare better. Your cross-country moving company can also share some relocation hacks and advice about what boxes and packing supplies you need to buy.

Why is A Good Packing Strategy So Necessary

A good packing strategy is among the most important things to consider when relocating to a new state. You cannot predict what kind of environment your electronic devices will travel in. You might put them in boxes and bags, but damage to your items can still happen. Everything depends on weather conditions and how much attention your cross country movers devote to your belongings.

Maybe you’re relocating during winter, and your belongings will be exposed to low temperatures. Therefore, it is wise to get relocation insurance so you can count on financial reimbursement if anything happens. You should ensure that your belongings are protected in storage units. Still, a good strategy can ensure that poor storage conditions don’t affect your things.

A wrecked iPhone
Unpredictable situations can leave you with damaged belongings

Supplies You Need For Packing Electronics

Consider your relocation budget. How much money are you allowed to spend on supplies and materials for the move? After setting your budget, you can order or find good supplies in local stores or on the Freecycle website. You will definitely require:

  • Thick cardboard boxes,
  • Bubble wrap rolls,
  • A tape measure,
  • Duct tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Paper sheets,
  • Large relocation bags with zippers and carrying handles,
  • Plastic bags,
  • Storage containers.

Having all of this will make it easier for you to plan a move to another city.

If you are unsure where to buy and how to use supplies and materials for boxing up your belongings, you can reach out to the long-distance moving company. They can provide you with packing services along with relocation tips. Professional packers will be able to wrap up your fragile items correctly, so you don’t have any anxiety about moving out.

A man holding bubble wrap standing next to a woman holding duct tape
You should stock up on supplies before your relocation

How to Pack Electronics for Moving

If you are wondering how to pack your appliances and devices, you should know that first, you have to disconnect and dismantle them. It would be wise to use the manufacturer’s manuals so you can follow instructions. But, before disconnecting everything, you can take a picture of your computer or TV, so you know how to set it up later.

If you have colorful sticky notes, you can label every power cord, cable, and wire you coil and put it in a bag or a small plastic container. Keep all of the parts of your devices in one place, so you don’t lose them. Use original boxes you got when you purchased your item, but if you don’t have those, ensure that the new ones you use are strong enough.  Avoid using materials that conduct electricity. If you are apprehensive about thieves, you might want to leave the containers with your devices unlabelled.

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How to Box Up Your TV

You might be wondering – can you put electronics in bubble wrap? Yes, of course. In order to safely pack your flat-screen TV, you will need a TV box, a TV sleeve, and bubble wrap. Before disconnecting the wiring, you can clean the screen and the casing. You should avoid using newspapers to protect your screens. Instead, you want to have moving sleeves that can cover any fragile part of the device. You will need a screwdriver if you have to remove the legs or the stand from the TV. If you have to dismount the device from your wall, you might need to leave more time to do that. Also, it would be best to put your TV on a soft cloth before covering it with anything else.

If you don’t have a big enough box you can put your TV in, you might be able to secure it with just bubble wrap. Next, use tape so the bubble wrap doesn’t move during transportation. Finally, put a relocation blanket, if you have one, over everything for extra protection. Be careful with your TV. You’ll need it when you move because it can make your new apartment feel like home.

Packing Tips For Big Speakers

You might have already requested long-distance moving services, but you still have a large stereo system you don’t know how to store. You should first measure the depth, length, and width of the speakers. You might want to see if anything is protruding, like switches, knobs, or buttons.

Try to find a storage container that is big enough for the speakers. Take plastic bags or paper sheets for relocation and cover everything so that you can protect the stereo system from unexpected weather conditions. Also, you can cover the speakers with styrofoam sheets. In the end, you can secure everything with duct tape.

Preparing Your Laptop For the Move

In case you don’t have enough space for your laptop in your luggage, you can put it with the rest of your belongings you will have transported. Make sure you find the original package your laptop was in when you purchased it. If you don’t have it, you can put your laptop in a laptop bag. You can add padding, some cloths, or soft materials around your laptop. Also, back up your data before shutting down your laptop.

Make sure you unplug all the cords. For extra safety, you want to take the battery out of the device. You don’t know where your laptop will end up, so you don’t want to risk your expensive battery dying during the move.

How to Pack Your Computer

Your PC has many parts, so you should prepare storage containers where everything can be in one place. Before you dismantle your computer, you should back up your data to an external drive, or you might choose cloud backup services. In this way, you don’t have to worry about losing your personal data. Don’t forget to eject discs, DVDs, or USB flash drives from your PC.

Measure your screen and the computer case with a measuring tape. You have to find a box where everything will fit perfectly. Wrap everything in bubble wrap, but for your mouse and keyboard, you can use cushion foam pouches you usually need when you pack plates. Secure everything with tape. Also, place the PC screen facing the inside of the box.

Here’s an in-depth video on how to safely protect your PC and your gaming rig.

YouTube video

Preparing Small Gadgets and Items for Moving Out

You might own small electronic devices that are expensive and hard to find. These might be digital cameras, the latest smartphones, headphones, or smartwatches. You might not have enough space in your luggage for all of these devices, so you have to place them with the rest of your belongings. In this case, you should consider buying tech pouches. All of your accessories and small electronics can fit into various bags that will protect your items from bumps and scratches.

Another option would be to buy basic foam pouches you can find useful when storing your glasses for relocating. This affordable type of packaging can protect your small gadgets. But, if you are insecure about leaving your devices in them, you can always add plastic bags to cover everything. You can place the belongings into a bag with carrying handles when you finish packing. Nothing can get lost or forgotten if you put everything in just one bag.

Preparing Kitchen Appliances For Your New Home

Your essential kitchen electronic devices will be high on your new apartment checklist. Immediately upon your arrival, you will want to eat and rest. If your kitchen appliances get safely transported, you could unpack everything and prepare any meal right away. That is why you have to know how to prepare your kitchen items for the move.

Think about your pressure cooker, kettle, microwave, juicers, and coffee machines. Usually, you will be able to take apart some of these appliances. For instance, what you can do is to take your blender and separate its parts. Anything that is loose you should take apart.

Next, use paper or plastic to enfold it. For padding, you want to add soft materials such as cloth or foam into the boxes. Coil up the cords of the units that have them, such as microwaves and coffee makers. You can label them and secure them with paper so nothing can float around or get damaged. For rice cookers, keep all the parts together, but add padding inside the cooker so it can be more protected. You can also research packing tips for relocating if you are insecure about storing and protecting your kitchen appliances.

Modern kitchen counter with various appliances
Your kitchen appliances will be very important when you first arrive

Recycle and Donate the Items You Won’t Be Keeping

You might be asking – what should you not pack when moving? Maybe the move is stressful for you, so you cannot easily decide on what to keep when relocating and what to throw away. You might want to search for – long-distance movers near me and ask for advice. They will provide you with the most accurate information about non-allowable objects and materials.

If you don’t want to transport too many things, think about decluttering your home. Start with the electronic devices you are no longer using, such as old tablets, stereo equipment, phones that are faulty, broken cords, and wires that are beyond repair. If you don’t see obvious reasons to transport these devices, leave them at home. Consider finding places or markets where you can recycle and donate your belongings. An article in Recycling Magazine underlined that 57.4 million tonnes of e-waste were disposed of in 2021. Since we should strive to be eco-friendly, definitely consider taking your stuff to the drop-offs near you.

A smartphone with a recycle label on it
Think about getting rid of useless devices you no longer need

Now You Are Ready For Your Relocation

You will have to be extremely cautious when you start packing your devices. Don’t overlook the possibility of your stuff getting damaged. That is why you have to prepare in advance for relocation day. Make sure you have all the supplies you will need for securing your things. If you have additional questions, call your movers and ask for information. If you are going to attempt to store everything by yourself, be aware of loose parts, fragile computer screens, and bulky kitchen appliances. Anything that is not required and that is broken should be recycled or donated. All we can do now is wish you the best of luck!

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