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Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

How to Pack Glasses for Moving – Packing Glassware in 7 Easy Steps

Do you know the correct way on how to pack glasses for moving? It’s one of the crucial parts of every cross country moving. With the right technique, all of your breakables will arrive at your destination in one piece, while you won’t have to break your head during the transport thinking about “what if something broke along the way.” We suggest our seven easy steps for learning the best way to pack glasses and how to pack glassware.

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re a Beginner or Not – You Can Easily Learn How to Pack Glasses for Moving

If you’re planning on long-distance moving soon and you’re worried about all of your delicate items, you can relax – with the right guide, even the most breakable objects can travel safely. In just a few minutes, you will become the master of the proper and safe protection of your glassware. Regardless of whether you’ve moved before or this is your first time relocating to another state, you’ll do this equally good. It’s a bit more difficult than packing shoes for moving and packing pots and pans, but yet much more simple than moving a piano. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy your glass of wine as soon as you unpack.  We believe that it’s one of the first things on your new apartment checklist.

Relocation packages in an empty room in front of a yellow wall
All of your belongings will arrive safely with good packaging tips

Step No. 1 – Purchase Boxes and All of the Packing Supplies You’ll Use

Before you begin packing your breakables, make sure you have more than enough supplies needed for this venture. Get all from the following list:

  • Cardboard packages with dividers inside,
  • Regular cardboard packages, medium or small size,
  • Plain packing paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Permanent marker,
  • “Fragile” and “This side up” stickers,
  • Soft and clean cotton materials (optional).

Estimate how much of these supplies you require for wrapping, and get twice as much. It’s better to have unused supplies than to be left without any while you’re halfway through.

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It’s Essential to Have High-Quality Supplies When Learning How to Pack Glasses for Moving

The best possible option for packing fragile items is to purchase dish barrels and original cardboard packages that are meant for carrying delicate and breakable things. They are made from very sturdy and durable material that can handle all the movements during transportation. Also, they have special dividers inside that can fit all items and separate them from one another so that nothing touches and moves while shipping. Bubble wrap is better new than used. You’ll also get to choose between different sizes of bubbles. For smaller items such as glasses and stemware, it’s better to have the one with small bubbles. Invest in a good packaging tape that won’t come off and that will keep your belongings safely sealed inside the packages.

You Can Also Use Free but Modified Supplies

If you can’t afford to buy all of the supplies brand new (because, we’ll be honest, they aren’t cheap,) you can improvise with what you have at home and what you can get for free. If some of your friends or family used long-distance moving services recently, and they saved their boxes, feel free to use them. Another option is to visit local drink stores or big shops and see if they have some packages that they don’t need anymore. If you find some that seem flimsy, strengthen them with more cardboard and tape on the walls and the bottom. Keep in mind that newspapers and all other types of printed papers aren’t a good substitute for packing paper because they can leave stains on your clean dishes. Bubble wrap can be replaced with clean cotton such as:

  • Cloths,
  • Socks,
  • Underwear,
  • Towels,
  • Sweatshirts,
  • Sweaters
Packaging supplies
The supplies you get should be new, but alternatives are also good

Step No. 2 – Sort Out Your Glassware

Now that you have all the essential supplies make sure you see what you’re taking with you and what would be the best way to transport those delicate objects. If you decide that you don’t want to use something anymore, leave it behind and don’t waste time wrapping and protecting it. Decluttering is one of the essential moving hacks, especially if you’re moving to another state alone since unnecessary items aren’t on the list of what do you need to rent an apartment.

Wrap and Pack Similar Items and Place Them in the Same Box

Don’t mix different sizes and different shaped objects when packing to avoid any bumping and breakage – it’s surely one of the best packing tips for moving. Keep all the glass bowls together in one package, glass plates in another, and wine and champagne glasses in a separate package. Create piles of similar dishes and place them on a clean hard surface.

A couple wrapping and putting things in a package
Keep all the similar objects in the same package

Step No. 3 – Pad and Tape the Bottom of the Box

Take one of the medium or small moving boxes for glasses you’ve got and see does it need any modifying. If the bottom seems like it can’t hold any weight, tape some more cardboard on the bottom of it and make sure that the corners are firm. After that, you can take the packing papers, crumple them, and make a soft cushion on the whole bottom part of the package. It should be at least one inch tall. If you wish, you can use clean cotton materials like towels instead of paper.

Open packages full of dishes
It’s crucial to have a soft and thick cushion on the bottom of the package

Step No. 4 – Wrap Each Piece of Glassware With a Few Papers

Start with one pile of dishes of your choice and make sure it’s dry and clean. When you start packing glasses, take one glass, fill it with crumpled papers (or clean small pieces of cotton, like socks), and then cover it in a few more sheets. As for the bowls, cover them in papers and put one in another, and then place them in a package. When it comes to packing plates for moving, do the same, and put them vertically inside. Be sure that every side is well covered and that you can’t see any glass uncovered.

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving?

Stemware can be tricky for relocating since they’re very delicate and break even around the house, let alone in a truck or a car on a bumpy road. Protect the stem by rolling some paper around it and fill the hollow space with crumpled papers. Then you can repeat the same process as with the regular, thicker glasses.

Put Some Bubble Wrap Around the Item for Additional Protection

Covering your breakables in the paper can be enough when you’re learning how to pack glassware for moving. If you want to be completely assured that no damage happens, roll some bubble wrap over the item. An alternative is to take some towels, clothes, or t-shirts and to cover each item in it. After that, just put them in the package, but be sure that you don’t overfill it. Since you’re packing dishes for moving, the box can’t be too heavy, so it doesn’t rip open and all of the contents fall out.

A person cutting and wrapping bubble around a glass
Cut enough bubble wrap and protect your fragile item

Step No. 5 – Fill Out All the Empty Space With More Paper

Once you see that no more of your glassware can fit inside, take some more crumpled papers or cotton materials and fill out all the space left. There shouldn’t be any gaps or empty places so that nothing moves inside when loaded on a relocation truck. Create another cushion on the top, as you’ve made on the bottom. Then you can seal the flaps down and shake the package lightly to see if you can feel any movement inside. If you can, take everything out and rearrange it so that everything stays put.

A box filled with papers
It’s risky to have items moving inside of a sealed package, so be sure you filled it with enough papers

Step No. 6 – Tape the Box Well and Label It

Don’t save on the tape while figuring out how to pack glasses – use as much as you can to be completely positive that it won’t open during the trip or afterward. Tape the bottom and the top several times. Another bonus step is labeling. Use a marker or buy “fragile” tape, whichever you opt for, just be sure that the label is very visible on all sides of the box so that no matter which side you approach it, you’ll know how to handle it. Don’t forget about the “this side up” sticker – put it also on a visible spot.

Load the Packages With Breakables Last

Now that you know how to pack glasses for shipping, here’s another important tip on your moving to another state checklist – when you start loading your furniture and packages on a relocation truck, leave all the boxes with breakable items last. That way, you’ll know exactly where you’ve put them and that nothing will damage them while traveling. Ensure that the packages don’t move around the truck and that nothing can fall on them.

A man carrying packages
All of your delicate belongings should be loaded last

Step No. 7 – Ask a Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company to Move You

Regardless of what are your reasons to move, every cross-country moving is demanding and stressful. You don’t only have to deal with packing glassware, but also with figuring out how to get a job in a new city and how to make it over there. If you get help from professional long distance movers, you will have someone reliable at your disposal at all times. A trustworthy cross country moving company will provide you with their long-distance moving services, auto transport, and moving insurance. If you wish, you can leave your belongings in their storage unit. Cross country movers are experts at packing services, and they have all the high-quality boxes and packing supplies. You’ll relocate worry-free while all of your delicate stuff is professionally packed and protected. Ask your friends and family who are the best long distance movers near me, and enjoy your smooth relocation.

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