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Posted in How-to, Moving Preparation on May 31, 2022
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How to Prepare for Long-Distance Moving in the Summer?

Moving in the summer can be very challenging, so why do most people decide to do it then? The truth is, it is the most convenient season for many, and for several reasons. If you, too, are considering moving during the warmer days, it is essential to learn how to deal with the heat and overcome the downsides of relocating during these months.

Moving in the summer requires proper organization and using all the tips and tricks you could think of. You need to learn how to benefit from relocating during this period and avoid potential problems that high temperatures could cause, affecting your wellbeing and the efficiency of the entire relocation. Therefore you need to stay protected and refreshed as much as possible.

What Season Is the Best for Moving and Why Is It Good to Move in the Summer?

The summer period is a real blessing for many, as long as you are not allergic to the sun and can bear the heat. Some people naturally adapt better to high temperatures, while others are not that lucky. The temperature also depends on the area you live in – some states with a colder climate have mild and pleasant summers, so relocating during this period doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with unbearable conditions.

Unfortunately, in some other states, people can experience a bit of a challenge if they decide to move during this period. Most people say that the summer season is the best one for relocation. Logically, it is easier to move when the weather is nice and warm than when it’s raining outside and the roads get slippery from the ice and snow, but there are some other advantages.

People often choose this period because that is when they have some vacation days, and they can focus on their move without having to balance their job at the same time. This is also a period where children usually have a break from school, so it can be easier for them to adapt to a new environment without having to deal with school responsibilities urgently.

Some Downsides of a Summer Relocation

Some of the negative things about relocating during this period are that the prices of professional moving services are usually higher because this is the season almost everyone chooses for relocation, and professional long-distance movers are booked for months in advance.

If you manage to find an available crew at the last minute, you have to be ready for higher rates, much higher than if you were relocating during the winter, for example. Planning a last-minute relocation in this period can be a mission impossible if you want to hire professional cross-country movers and stay within your budget.

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How do you move in the summer? Ensure you follow our tips for moving in the summer heat

You Need to Start Preparing on Time

If you want to move efficiently and want your relocation to happen despite the high temperatures, you need to plan everything in advance. This is crucial for the efficiency of your move, so write a detailed to-do list and try to follow it. Begin with deciding what to keep and focus on packing furniture later.

One of the most important steps in the planning process is booking professional long-distance moving services on time. As we mentioned earlier, professionals are very busy during this period, so booking them should be the first thing to check off from your relocation checklist. The long-distance relocation process will be much more complicated without their convenient assistance, so you don’t want to risk missing an opportunity to hire them for desired dates.

Make Sure to Learn How to Avoid Common Relocation Scams

If you want to move safely and save your relocation budget, you need to learn how to recognize common relocation scams and avoid making any relocation mistakes. Scammers are aware of the fact that many people want to move during this period and that it is hard to find available movers, so they work hard to trick people who are in a rush to find a crew.

Ensure you check if a long-distance moving company is legitimate before hiring anyone. This can save you from unnecessary stress and financial losses. After finding reliable long-distance moving companies, ensure you get their quotes and compare prices to find the best deal possible. Sometimes just a slight change of dates can make a big difference when it comes to pricing, so if you’re relocating on a budget, try to be as flexible with the dates as you can.

If You Want to Reduce Expenses, Ensure You Find a Good Balance Between Quality and Quantity When Packing

Is it more expensive to move in the summer? Unfortunately, relocating during this period is a more expensive option, but there are some convenient ways to boost your budget, even at this time. The good thing is that real estate prices are higher during this period, so it will be much easier to sell your old home with some suitable preparations. You can also learn how to sell a home without an agent and save even more money you can later use for various purposes. Another thing to consider is the packing materials you’ll need.

Start with decluttering – there is no need to relocate everything you currently own because you probably don’t need some of these things, and packing them will lead to additional expenses. Sell or donate all the extras, and then calculate how much packing materials you need. It is good to invest in quality packing materials because this can save your items from potential damage that will eventually lead to new unnecessary expenses.

Unfortunately, if this is your first time relocating, you may not know where to get high-quality supplies or how to use them properly, but there is no need to worry. This is where professionals can jump in with outstanding packing tips and life-saving packing services. The best part is that you can actually benefit from hiring them instead of wasting money on the wrong materials or risking breaking your fragile items.

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These Tips for Surviving the Heat Will Save You From Potential Complications

Now that you know everything about hiring professionals and pricing, it’s time to deal with the bigger problem – the heat. Unfortunately, this can be an issue for you and your helpers, so make sure to arm yourself with patience and knowledge in order to be the proper support for your team.

Although professionals know some good relocation hacks, there are some ways you can help them additionally. We’ll now talk about some of the most common problems and some cool techniques that can be useful for overcoming them.

Be Aware of These Symptoms

It is not a secret that high temperatures can harm your health, and even the healthiest ones among us are not immune to heatstroke or dehydration, which are only some of the negative consequences of spending too much time outside on a warm day. Some of the most common symptoms you should be aware of are:

  • Dizziness and headache,
  • Feeling of weakness and fatigue,
  • Muscle cramps,
  • High body temperature.

If you or any of your helpers recognize some of these symptoms, it is essential that you move away from the sun and spend some time sitting or lying down in an air-conditioned room, drinking plenty of water.

Protect Yourself and the Movers From the Sun

In case you’re relocating during the summer, it is vital to think about sun protection as one of the things that could prevent potential health issues. The hottest season can often be physically demanding because conditions are not ideal for work, and people can start feeling exhausted quite quickly. These are some things you should do if you want to move in the most efficient way:

  • Prepare to start your relocation process as early in the morning as possible,
  • Prepare water supplies that will help you and your friends or professional long distance movers to stay hydrated throughout the day,
  • Wear comfortable clothes, something made of breathable materials and not black,
  • Apply a sun protection cream with a high SPF,
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat.

Prepare Some Cooling Towels

You probably already know this trick from before but did not think about using it in a situation like this. Simply prepare smaller hand towels and put them in a bucket with ice-cold water or ice cubes. After some time, they will turn into refreshing tools, and everyone will be grateful for your genius idea.

If you have ever wondered how to tip movers, you should know that in these moments, this can be more helpful for them than the actual money, but still, don’t forget to leave a tip for a job well done in such difficult conditions.

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It is Important to Choose a Suitable Day and Time When Booking Movers

Choosing the right date for your move-out day depends on many factors, and it is important that you make a really wise decision about this one. Experts will advise you to avoid big national holidays such as Independence Day or Memorial Day because moving around these holidays can cost you much more and will be very exhausting and stressful because of the crowds. Here are some other things you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid dates close to the end or to the beginning of a month,
  • Avoid weekends,
  • If you have school-aged children that are relocating with you, choose dates during their school break.

Packing Some Specific Items While the Weather Is Boiling Hot Might Be Challenging

You may not be aware of the fact that many household items are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore, it will be more challenging to pack them properly and move in these conditions.

You need to be aware that packed items could stay in a relocation truck under the sun for hours, and temperatures inside the trailer can get really high. This is why it is important to learn how to protect them properly and save yourself from unnecessary trouble. Items that require additional caution include:

  • Electronic devices – These should be packed inside an air-conditioned room, and try to reduce their exposure to higher temperatures as much as possible.
  • Perishable food – Food is among objects movers won’t move because it can spoil quickly, especially under such conditions, so strive to use it all or donate.
  • Candles – Since they are made of wax, candles will most likely soften as soon as the temperature goes up, which can destroy their shape.
  • Plants – Living plants are something that most movers don’t want to transport, but even if you’re doing this on your own, keep in mind that the heat could be fatal for your favorite plants.

Hiring Professional Cross Country Moving Company Will Save You From Complications of Moving in the Summer

Once you find enough reasons to move and make all the arrangements, you should definitely consider hiring one of the reputable professional companies in your area. Ensure you look for “long-distance movers near me” and find the most suitable option. Professionals are trained to deal with various conditions, and they can show you amazing long-distance relocation tips. With professional moving services, you move safely and efficiently no matter what the weather conditions are.

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