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Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Moving to a Cold Climate? Here’s What You Should Know

When the decision is made and you’re moving to a cold climate, know that there will be some things to consider. Especially if you’ve been living in completely different climates. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures are things you’ll have to get used to if the future home is going to be in a colder state. It’s important to accurately prepare yourself mentally and physically for this change in your life.

There are numerous reasons why people move. However, one of the most important ones is finding a better home. If that’s the case, then you should consider some things, besides having reliable long-distance moving services. That being said, if you choose to move to a completely different environment, like relocating to a state where the winter lasts over six months, keep in mind the adjusting process can be quite challenging. So, avoid anxiety about relocation with some helpful tips to get over the hurdle more easily.

Consider the Benefits and See Why People Are Moving to a Cold Climate

When you decide where to live, it’s not just about the adjusting period you have to think about. Knowing how to acclimate to cold weather is certainly the most important one, but, besides that, there are many things to consider when relocating to a new state. For example, will you need moving insurance or a secure storage facility for some of your belongings? Also, if you’re relocating at the last minute, you’ll surely could use a helping hand from efficient movers and their packing services.

So, when this part of the move is settled, you should return to considering all the benefits of this relocation. Although the adjusting period is something you can’t avoid, maybe knowing some good sides will speed up the whole process. So, here are just some of them:

  • You’ll feel more rested and get more sleep,
  • Less allergies and fewer infections,
  • The calories will burn more easily,
  • Brain function will improve,
  • No more bugs to bug you,
  • Beautiful white landscapes,
  • Numerous fun things to do in the snow.
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Learn Some Tips on How to Acclimate Mentally to a New Lifestyle

Doing the research of the place you’re relocating to before the move is always a good idea. That way, you can prepare better for the upcoming period, and some unusual things won’t seem as strange as they normally would. Not only will you avoid some of the most common relocation mistakes, but will also learn how to adjust to cold weather more quickly.

Another reason why you should prepare before the move is because ignorance can cost you more than you think. If you haven’t had a chance to see a blizzard, icy roads, or avalanches before, it’s time to learn more about them.

A view of a snowy mountain after long-distance moving services
arn all about the winter - the positive and negative sides

You’ll Need Winter Clothes to Be Completely Ready for the Upcoming Change

Organizing the move means also knowing how to pack clothes and, as well, keeping them from wrinkling. However, if you’ve been living in a warmer place, don’t start buying sweaters, jackets, boots, and other warm clothing, just yet. Not only you’ll lose time in searching for them, but you probably won’t find what you are looking for.

Relocating during Coronavirus means you need to be careful and keep everyone safe as possible. So, the fewer items and clothes you have to bring, the smoother the move will be. That’s why you should consider buying all the warmer clothes after the move. You’ll most certainly have a bigger range of opportunities than in warmer places.

Layering Will Help You Stay Warm Outside

Living in a warm area surely doesn’t require layering when it comes to clothing. However, if you wonder how to live in cold weather, adding layers of clothes when going outside is something to get used to. Dressing poorly is the first thing you should avoid because health should be a priority. So, the more layers you have, the better insulation will be, and it will keep you warm longer, too.

Get the Cold Weather Gear After the Move

All the tasks you have to do before the move and all the relocation essentials you should prepare could be just too overwhelming. Luckily, some things you can leave and do after the move. One of them is definitely getting winter gear, and here’s why:

  • Get a better deal – demand is certainly better in the colder areas than the warmer ones.
  • Find the right stuff – like you’ll get a better deal, you’ll also find everything you want in the places where temperatures are lower.
  • Save some packing space – leave boxes and truck space free from bulky winter clothes.
A woman holding a pile of sweaters after a cross-country moving company transported all of her stuff
Keep in mind you’ll find a better deal and everything needed in a colder state

Packing for a New State Should be Modified a Bit

We all know that a relocation to-do list is not only helpful but essential when it comes to long-distance moves. Imagine what the packing process would be like if you’re not prepared and organized adequately? Relocating in the snow means you have to protect the belongings from moisture in the best possible way. But before all that, you need to decide what to keep when moving.

Since you’re getting the necessary gear for colder weather after the move, and the summer clothes won’t be needed, the only things left to be packed are essentials and possibly some bulkier stuff from a household. However, before we pass on the packing hacks, ensure you start gathering all the packing materials on time.

Check Some Tips on Packing That Will Make Your Life Easier

Knowing some of the packing tips when relocating in the wintertime is more than welcome. Especially when transporting important documents, electronics, and wooden furniture. No matter how long the transport will be, you should protect each item correctly from snow and moisture.

Use the waterproof plastic wrap and ensure there is more than one layer on each item. In fact, it’s better to protect each item individually. That way, you’ll be sure each of them will stay dry and well-protected. Also, keep in mind that packing materials can be quite expensive. That’s why you can check for some free supplies on Craigslist.

A couple wrapping up a chair before long-distance movers near them come
A plastic wrap is the best solution for keeping your belongings dry

Prepare Your Car and Be Safe on the Icy Roads

Snow and ice mean one thing – tricker and more dangerous roads for driving. Now, if you are relocating from a warm area where roads are dry most of the time, you should consider some things. Safety should be one of the most important things in your life, and the risk of unsafe driving is definitely something to avoid. The same thing stands when relocating in winter. So, keep in mind the following steps to take if you want to transport a car to a new home:

  • Ensure you have winter tires,
  • Consider using tire socks,
  • Get easy install snow chains,
  • Stick to the cleared roads.

Extreme Climate Requires a Survival Kit in Every Car

Besides all the benefits of car shipping, you should remember that driving when it’s snowing isn’t the same as driving on dry roads. So, before moving to a new home, take some driving lessons focused on more challenging conditions.

Another thing every vehicle should have is a survival kit, especially for lower temperatures. Keep in one box a first aid kit, flashlight, ice scraper, and spare batteries. You never know what could happen, so be fully prepared.

Find in the video below more hacks on how to prepare your vehicle for freezing winters.

Asking Professional Help Is One of the Steps You Shouldn’t Omit

Having professional long-distance movers by your side and ready to help you any time is more than necessary. And especially if you are relocating to colder places and getting it is extremely dangerous. So, ensure you know how to choose a relocation company and avoid scams because only that way you’ll have an efficient move.

This is a step you should thoroughly consider because the experienced professionals will know exactly how to handle any situation that happens during the transport. Also, there will be fewer worries on your mind.

One of the professional cross-country movers carrying boxes
Having professionals by your side is always a good choice

Ensure Your Kids and Pets Are Acclimated to a New Surroundings

Relocating to colder climates with kids will require some extra steps. It is certainly not the same as it would be if you are relocating alone. This means you should mentally prepare your little ones for a big change. Not only will it be hard for them to leave the old environment, but they might show some repulsion to lower temperatures. So, before the move, you should introduce the children to what it is like to be outside on a snowy day and what they can do.

When it comes to your furry friends, the shock could be just the same, but the bad side is that you won’t be able to explain to them what’s happening. That’s why it is best to check with the vet first when relocating with pets. Every animal will acclimate differently, and the vet should know whether your animal will be able to do it or not. Take special care of them and ensure they get everything needed in the first period after the move.

Check Some Outdoors Activities and Help the Little Ones Embrace the Change

Once you move to a new location, there will be many things to do after the professional long-distance movers leave. Settling in the new house and unpacking are some of them. However, your children and pets will suffer the most if they don’t get enough attention. Remember, this change affects them too. So, to avoid depression after the move, ensure you show them all the interesting things they can do when it is snowing:

  • Making angels and building snowmen,
  • Throwing snowballs,
  • Go sledding,
  • Look for interesting prints while it is snowing.
A family having fun in the snow after a long-distance moving company transported all of their stuff to a new house
Do some fun things outside with your little ones

Winterize Your Home and Make Living in a Cold Climate Possible

One of the things many people don’t take much seriously is checking and, if needed, winterizing your new house. No matter if you had the greatest house-hunting advice and you picked the perfect place to live in. You still should ensure everything is prepared and ready for the upcoming wintertime. This means the roof should be protected from any damages while snowing, and the energy efficiency should be improved.

When it comes to everyday chores –  there will be a bit more to do. For example, you’ll have to clean the driveway at least once a day. But, nothing can replace the peaceful white view in the morning, whether you have to get up a little early every morning.

A brown wooden house covered with snow after cross-country moving
Ensure your house is ready for the freezing days

Colder State Will Bring Many Changes – Make Sure You Get the Best Experience of It

Once the decision is made and you move to a colder temperature, one thing is sure – you will need some period to adjust to everything. It is a lot to take, and know that it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by all that changes. However, snowy days have many advantages, and as soon as you realize them, everything will come to its place.

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