How to Deal With Anxiety, Fear, and Depressive Thoughts When You’re About to Move

If you’re planning a long-distance move and start realizing how often you feel overwhelmed, pressured, and stressed, it is very likely that you’re dealing with the first symptoms of anxiety. Being aware of the upcoming crucial changes that will pull you out of your comfort zone and throw you into completely new surroundings, community, and lifestyle is the most common reason why people feel so anxious when the relocation date starts to approach.

However, all those feelings are completely understandable, and you’re not alone. For the majority of Americans, 64% of them more precisely, relocation is the third most stressful event in their lives, and 43% of survey participants have said they would never do it again. Now that you feel a little better, here is some simple but effective advice that will help you deal with those negative thoughts and start getting excited.

Overcoming the Fear of Moving to Another State

Whether you’re moving for love and don’t know what to expect or have to move during coronavirus and you’re worried about your family’s health, or you simply don’t have any real reason to be scared, but you’re still struggling to relax, the first step of combating those feelings is to recognize them and accept they are here.

Those fears are usually caused by not having control over upcoming events. One of the most effective ways to get rid of fear is to gradually change your mindset, focus on all the good opportunities that will come your way, on a new job that awaits you there, or on meeting new people and friends. Also, sharing those fears with the closest friends or family members could also be helpful in the process of overcoming them. Talk to someone about it and get a new perspective on the whole situation.

Deal With Anxiety Before You Start Feeling Physical Consequences

Many people who feel severe anxiety about moving out have to deal with multiple physical and psychological side effects. If you feel incredibly high levels of tension, have perpetual worrying thoughts, get angry and annoyed easily, feel sad, have problems with insomnia, and start avoiding friends, it means you’re dealing with anxiety. If left untreated or ignored these symptoms could develop into physical ones, such as stomach aches, headaches, chest pains, breathing interruptions, tachycardia, low energy, and low focus. Make sure to tackle the issue as soon as you notice it, so it doesn’t develop into a more complicated and potentially chronic problem.

Prepare Mentally and Emotionally to Avoid Depressive States Once You Relocate

Relocations are real emotional rollercoasters, even when you think the ride is over. If you want to avoid feeling depressed once you relocate away from everyone, prepare yourself emotionally and mentally and be ready to face depressive thoughts once the nostalgia kicks in. Whenever you feel sad, melancholic, or simply lonely, take your phone, make a call or message your loved ones, and you will feel better instantly. The point is to invent the mechanisms for coping with those emotions which will inevitably kick in at some point.

Throw a Moving Out Party to Say Goodbye to Your Friends and Cope With Leaving Them

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when you know that you’ll be miles away from your loved ones. However, you must find a way to cope with parting with them, and throwing a moving-out party is one of the best ways to say goodbye.

Don’t be desperate, because relocating out of your hometown and away from the people you care about doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll forget about them. In many cases, those miles can deepen your relationship with your friends and family. Once you settle down in the new space, invite them to visit and explore the new area with them! This will help you not only to nurture the relationship but will also provide you with an opportunity to relax and meet some new people. Having such connections is a real treasure, so do your best to maintain them.

Being prepared mentally and emotionally for relocation is of the utmost importance for your wellbeing.

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DIY vs. Using a Professional Moving Company’s Services

One of the best ways to prevent letting anxiety take over is knowing how the relocation process works and what you need to organize it. The first issue we’re going to address is what is better, DIY relocation or using professional movers services. Here is what you need to know about it!

Although hiring a moving truck might seem cheaper compared to hiring a professional cross-country moving company, the reality is quite different. Hiring a moving truck is only one relocation expense among many more like gas or toll-related costs, loading and unloading all the stuff on/off the truck, and sometimes, you’ll need to drive the truck yourself. Not to mention other expenses for packing materials, boxes, travel costs, insurance policies, and anything else which can easily be accidentally skipped and omitted from the moving budget.

Knowing all this, it becomes evident that hiring professional and experienced long-distance movers is the best decision. Here is how your relocation will be organized if you choose to book moving services with Long Distance Movers.

How Do Professional Moving Companies Form the Price of Relocation?

There are several factors that determine the final price of the relocation:

Total mileage the more miles the truck has to go, the more expensive will the relocation be.
Choice of dates if you can avoid weekends, which are the most expensive days during the week, you will significantly reduce the costs. Also, keep in mind that the summer months are the peak season for relocations, which means relocations are most expensive during this period due to high demand.
The items listed in the inventory list the more items you want to relocate to your new home, the more expensive will your relocation be. For that reason, we highly recommend downsizing your household before you start the packing process.
The types of services you choose to use depending on the types of services you choose to book, the price will vary. Still, you should know that if you decide to combine some of the services, including moving, packing, storage, and car shipping, you will be provided with special conditions and prices, so consider taking advantage of this offer.

How the Relocation Process Flows Once You Contact Long Distance Movers and Schedule the Moving Day

The moment you contact Long Distance Movers over the phone, email, or using the online form on our website to ask for a free quote, our representatives will start working on your request. Our agent will contact you back to ask for all additional details. When you provide us with a detailed inventory list, your dedicated agent will provide you with a precise price quote. All our prices are based on the inventory list and number of items listed there. Keep in mind that inventory lists are completely adjustable until one day before the relocation day and that modifying them is free, but that the number of items definitely influences the total cost of your relocation.

On the moving day, our team of movers will contact you to check the address details and confirm the approximate time of arrival in front of your house. The moment they park the truck, they will start disassembling your furniture and other bulky items and loading your stuff into the truck. They will mark all boxes with barcode stickers that are proof of your ownership, eliminating any possibility of mixing them up with someone else’s belongings. The moment they load all the items into the truck, the only thing left to do for you is to wait until it is delivered to the new address.

On the delivery date, our movers will contact you again to inform you about the estimated time of their arrival and the delivery. They will unload all the boxes, furniture, and other items, reassemble all the furniture pieces, and arrange the items into the right rooms. Our movers will also go through the inventory list to ensure everything has been delivered, and once they confirm it, their service is officially finished.

Professional movers in a white minivan ready to help with local or long-distance moving
Having professional movers to assist you during your move will reduce the stress level to the minimum.

How to Spot Red Flags and Avoid Moving Scams

According to multiple surveys, 40 million Americans move each year, which is 13% of the total population. However, there are only 4k complaints each year that refer to moving scams. Although the estimated number of scammed customers is larger, unless they complain and file the appeal we will never know how many companies are actually driven by fraudulent intentions. The surest way to protect yourself from them and all the unpleasant situations is to know how to recognize you’re dealing with scammers before you entrust your belongings to them.

Before hiring any relocation company, ensure its registered, legitimate, and reputable.

Indicators to Be Aware of When Choosing Who to Entrust Your Relocation

If you’ve just contacted a company that refused to schedule an in-home estimate for you, or you noticed that the representative is avoiding giving you a precise price and quote, this is one of the most common signs you’re dealing with a scammer. If you find the price is incredibly lower than the other offers you received, this is also a clear sign something is not right. Unfortunately, many customers fall for those tricks, and once the moving truck without a logo or professionally equipped movers shows up in front of their house, they feel it’s too late to fix things.

For that reason, by knowing your rights and responsibilities when you move, as well as what good practices look like, you will be more than ready to decide whether someone is trying to rob you blind or assist you with the relocation. Perform a thorough research on the company’s reputability and check:

  • Business profiles,
  • Reviews on Yelp, Google, Better Business Bureau, or TrustPilot,
  • The USDOT number and other license numbers,
  • Website reviews.

It will be the most secure method of avoiding unpleasant scenes like having your items held hostage or being charged extra for no real reason.

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Quality Preparation Is Introduction to Stressless Relocation Process

Having to deal with thousands of tasks can be nerve-racking. But if you have everything prepared in advance and in one place, the whole relocation process will be much easier. Here is what you need to do before you actually start to pack your household and book the relocation date.

A Checklist Will Keep Everything Under Control

Creating a detailed to-do checklist is of utmost importance if you want to follow the process of the relocation and create a reasonable timeline. Knowing what tasks are done, in progress, or still waiting will provide you with enough time to react quickly if something goes wrong. And when we say detailed checklist, it means you should include every single task, starting from making an inventory list, decluttering, organizing a garage sale, packing, and preparing the car for shipping. Another useful piece of advice we’d like to share with you is – always have your checklist close and update it as needed.

Creating a Moving Budget and Managing Your Finances Properly

Knowing all the costs in advance and budgeting is of tremendous importance to keep your finances safe and ensure you don’t spend the money you don’t have. There are multiple solutions for tracking expenses. You can do it by creating excel sheets or using apps specially designed for this purpose. Whichever option you choose, just be sure that it will support you in your goal of creating an accurate and detailed budget plan. Also, remember to add 10% more to the total sum you calculate, because there will always be some unexpected expenses you couldn’t have foreseen.

Although a reliable cross-country moving company will provide you with an accurate cost estimate, there are still many additional expenses that will increase the total amount. Some of the things you should include in your budget are repairs in your old and new home, babysitter or pet sitter expenses, real estate agent services, and travel expenses. So when tackling this task, make sure to be cautious and cover all the foreseeable expenses.

Essential Packing Materials to Acquire Before Packing

Keeping your items fully protected is only possible if you use suitable protective packing materials. There is a solution for every piece of furniture, breakable, or delicate thing you have in the household, so here are some essential packing materials to acquire:

  • Medium and large-sized cardboard or plastic boxes. Some of them should have dividers. While cardboard boxes are suitable for packing light things like cushions, linens, clothes, or some fragile items, plastic boxes are ideal for heavier things. Books, plates, and decorations are some things that might be safer in a plastic container.
  • Wardrobe boxes that are made of hard cardboard and contain a metal bar are the perfect solution for some of your most valuable clothing. So, if you have an elegant dress that deserves special attention or an expensive tux, get a few of these kinds of boxes.
  • Packing paper is also a good option for fragile items and all other things you want to protect additionally. It can be used to wrap things additionally, as well as to fill in the empty space in a box.
  • Bubble wrap is the perfect solution for all breakables, whether we’re talking glassware, plates, decorations, electronic gadgets, TVs, or laptops.
  • Plastic foil is necessary for protecting all the cupboards, sofas, and other similar furniture pieces, so ensure to have enough of it.
  • Moving blankets are a great solution to attain additional protection for your wooden furniture and prevent it from any scratches or damage. Moving blankets are most suitable for covering cupboard doors, bed frames, and such, so consider buying them.
  • Padded divider sets – those are ideal for glasses, bottles, and other fragile items that have to be stopped from clinking against each other.
  • Packing foam and foam peanuts are great options for filling empty space in a box once you put all the things in it. They will buffer the vibrations during the transportation and make sure your items are delivered in one piece.
  • Sturdy tape is necessary to close the box and make sure that nothing will come out or tear the bottom,
  • Tape gun can make taping the boxes quicker and easier, although it is not a necessity,
  • Labels for boxes are a must if you want to know the content of the box and place it in the right spot in the moving truck. Labels will also help you during the unpacking process, so label every box properly by writing on the box with markers.

Finding Reliable Movers Is a Process of Its Own

Googling “long distance movers near me” will be the very first step of organizing your relocation. Exploring all the companies in the vicinity that could provide you with all the moving services you need, contacting them, and asking for a quote is the next step to take. Once you have a couple of offers on the table, make the final decision on which long-distance moving company you will hire.

Some factors that could influence your decision are:

  • Positive reviews on Google or Yelp,
  • Knowing that the company has been in the industry for many years,
  • Approachable and friendly staff willing to explain everything you ask and provide you with the tiniest details.

Of course, there are some other techniques to help you check if you’re dealing with professional cross-country movers. Checking their USDOT number and whether they are licensed and registered with American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is definitely the safest way to stay away from any potential scammers and frauds.

Follow the progress of your relocation tasks, and react if there is a need.

Decluttering Is One of the Most Effective Ways of Reducing the Cost of Relocation

According to many statistics, the average American household owns 300,000 items. With this in mind, it is clear that taking all the things you have in your household would cost you a fortune. For that reason, downsizing your household before you start making an inventory list is the most effective way to decrease the relocation costs since our cross-country moving company bases estimates on inventory lists.

Decluttering includes a few different steps, so in order to keep everything under control, start the decluttering process at least three months prior to the relocation date. Depending on the size of the home and the number of items you need to sort out, you will need a couple of weeks to one month to finish with the whole process.

The best places to start with the decluttering are the areas you most rarely use, like attics, basements, or garages, because those places contain items you won’t need in the new house. Also, those areas could provide you with some real treasure you could sell for good money and support the moving budget. Nevertheless, before you start decluttering, establish a system that will make the decision-making process easier.

How to Decide What to Bring and What to Get Rid Of?

Planning a move to another city means you will have to decide what to keep when moving and what to get rid of. Otherwise, you will be paying incredible sums of money in order to take everything with you. The best system for deciding what to get rid of is to explore what items movers won’t move due to legal restrictions and what items you won’t need in your new living space. Once you eliminate those items from your inventory list, you will be able to decide whether you’ll donate them, sell, recycle, or simply throw them away.

The process of sorting out your things is demanding and time-consuming. One of the best ways to finish it as soon as possible is to start decluttering room by room and always have a couple of boxes or piles labeled with sell, donate, recycle, throw away. This way, you’ll know right away which things you can pack at that moment and which items will require additional attention.

What Items Can You Donate and How to Find Charities that Will Accept Them

The best way to get rid of items you don’t need anymore is to pass them on to others who need them. Since there are numerous charity organizations all across the US, both at the local and federal levels, finding a charity to accept your donation won’t be a problem. The only thing you should take care of is to make sure they accept the items you want to donate.

Clothes, appliances, furniture, linen, shoes, books, or toys are some of the items you could easily donate to charities. Moreover, many of those organizations have developed systems for picking up goods. For example, some furniture banks provide a free shuttle service for every piece of furniture you want to donate. When you contact them and schedule the pickup, the volunteers will come and collect the pieces you wish to donate. This way, you’ll become a part of a project for re-establishing new homes for homeless people.

Clothes, shoes, and linen are usually most needed in homeless shelters. When it comes to toys, make sure to explore if any of the local charity organizations accept toys or if any hospitals in the vicinity need them. And if you want to donate books, make sure to ask your local library if they’re willing to accept donations or explore all the book donation programs led by American Library Association.

Here Is How to Organize a Successful Garage Sale

Selling the things you won’t use anymore will positively affect your budget. For that reason, you should know what to do when trying to organize a successful garage sale. The very first step is to sort out the items you want to sell and set the prices. When it comes to prices, make sure the items on your garage sale are reasonably cheaper than new ones.

The second step is to organize the process itself, meaning you need to acquire tables, clothing racks, and boxes to place your items for sale. Since many people will be stopping by, the essential thing to take into consideration is the security of your house, so make sure to ask some of your reliable neighbors or family members to be there and help you keep the whole event under control.

The third and most important step is to market your garage sale and inform the community about it. Creating a couple of attractive posters and placing them all around the neighborhood is definitely one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of potential buyers. Still, don’t neglect the potential of Facebook and remember to post your garage sale as an event, share it on different groups that gather the members of your local community, and of course, ask your friends to share it on their social media too.

Check out the video below for some more tips on decluttering for a move.

YouTube video

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Organize Important Documentation and Pack It for Move

Believe it or not, one of the most common things you forget to do when you move is to pack important documents and take them with you. The reason is that we all fail to organize important documents at home on a regular basis. Dividing your important documents into categories and using an accordion binder to separate them into folders will be the perfect method to keep them organized and always know where they are. Here is some basic documentation you should include in the list:

Personal records:

  • Birth certificates,
  • Marriage certificates,
  • Custody or adoption papers,
  • Immigration paperwork,
  • Citizenship and other similar documents.

Car records:

  • Maintenance records,
  • Insurance policies,
  • Loans or leasing details,
  • Vehicles registration, Driving license.

Property-associated records:

  • Mortgage,
  • Property tax information,
  • House insurance policies,
  • House improvement projects and receipts,
  • Appliance manuals and warranties.

Financial and bank account records – don’t forget that you’re obliged to keep most tax-related documents for at least seven years:

  • Tax returns,
  • Tax deduction records,
  • Loan records,
  • Credit card statements,
  • Bank statements,
  • Pay stubs,
  • Canceled checks,
  • Retirement and pension plan records, Investment statements.

Medical records:

  • Health insurance policies,
  • Social security cards,
  • Life insurance policies,
  • Medical history records,
  • Immunizations,
  • Prescription lists.

Once you organize your documents this way, there is no chance any will be forgotten behind once you start the relocation process.

Changing the Address When You Move Should Be an Essential Task on Your To-Do List, Too

Don’t forget that changing your address on personal documents like ID, social security, driving license, all documents associated with IRS, state election offices, even in the U.S. Postal Service is mandatory – you are obliged by law to do it. Believe it or not, changing this type of data is easier than it might seem at first sight, and here is what you should do to update your address with all relevant institutions.

Updating Residential Data with the USPS

Our advice would be to start updating your residential data with the U.S. Postal Service since we are sure you wouldn’t like to miss an important letter or package or cause an inconvenience for the next tenants and make them have to figure out how to stop getting mail for previous residents. The easiest way to update an address at the USPS is to fill out the online form or visit the closest local post office to file Form 3575. Since the USPS needs approximately two weeks to update your residential details, make sure to initiate this process at least two weeks in advance.

Change the Address With All Government Agencies

Updating your address details with government agencies might sound like a complicated process. However, it is actually much easier than you expect. Here is how to change the address with each of them:

  • The IRS provides the possibility to change your address details by filing an online form. Simple as that! Bonus tip: Modify the address with your state’s department of revenue, too.
  • Voter registration is managed at the state level, so check how to re-register in the state you’re moving to. Generally, you can update your address using mail, online forms, or in person at your county board of registrars or the DMV. Just make sure to have a valid driver’s license or ID.
  • Changing the address on the social security cards is mandatory only for beneficiaries of Social Security or Medicare benefits. Address updates are possible through their online system or by contacting the local office.

Notify all Financial Institutions of the Address Update

Banks, loan issuers, credit card companies, accountants, and tax advisors are definitely parties you would like to notify when updating your address. Since every institution or company has different regulations and requirements on updating the address, the best idea would be to send an email to all of them and ask for further instructions.

Transferring or Canceling Utilities Is Also a Must-Do When Relocating to Another Home

Transferring or canceling utilities when relocating to another home is another task to add to your to-do list since we are sure you would not like to pay for services you won’t use. For that reason, creating a list of all service providers will be of tremendous help in finishing this process. The service providers that should definitely have a place on the list are:

  • Landline phone,
  • Internet,
  • Cable TV,
  • Water and sewer,
  • Electricity,
  • Gas,
  • Waste removal,
  • Parking permit.

Start contacting each utility provider and ask if they operate in the area you’re relocating to and what the conditions are to transfer utilities. If they don’t cover that area, you will have to cancel the services and schedule new ones in the city you’re relocating to. Also, keep in mind that the majority of those companies have online systems where you can easily open an account and manage data – including an address change. Another thing to remember is to pay all your outstanding balances and return all the equipment once you cancel the service.

Initiate the address change process with all concerned parties at least two weeks before the relocation day.

Notify All Other Relevant Parties Regarding the Address Change

Relocating to another place means it is a perfect moment to go thoroughly through all your subscriptions and make sure to reschedule or cancel them. This could include magazines, libraries, gyms, and all similar subscriptions. Of course, don’t forget to notify the people in your life that you’re moving, too.

Every Relocation Starts With Packing – Here Is How to Organize It Seamlessly

There is not a single process during the whole relocation more time-consuming than packing. As a recent survey reveals, 1 in 20 Americans is impacted by a hoarding disorder, which makes their homes cluttered with unnecessary items. For that reason, having a strategy for packing and exploring all packing tips for moving is of vital importance when planning to relocate.

The very first step is to declutter and get rid of all the items you don’t use anymore. Once you finish with the downsizing, the second step is to divide your belongings into categories and start packing them. Here is one of the numerous ways to deal with packing and box up the household in record time!

Shoes and Clothes Are a Good Place to Start

If you’ve already started packing the household, we are sure the question of how to pack shoes for moving has crossed your mind. The general rule when it comes to clothes and shoes is to divide them into categories, keep them dry to prevent mold, and pack them into cardboard boxes.

Undeniably, boxing up clothes is much simpler than packing shoes. If you want to get your shoes delivered in perfect condition, it means you will have to pack each shoe separately, wrapping it into protective paper and filing it with crumpled paper too.

When it comes to clothes, the only detail you should pay attention to is to store them in a dry place. You can put them in wardrobe boxes, simple cardboard boxes, vacuum bags, or even plastic bags – any way you choose will be absolutely acceptable and safe.

Handling Bulky Furniture Pieces Is Easier With LDM’s Packing Services

Although the majority of bulky furniture pieces can be sold with the property you’re moving out of, there are probably some pieces you’d definitely like to take with you. Using the packing services of professional long-distance movers is the easiest and surest way to keep your furniture properly disassembled, packed, and protected. Not only will our pros take care of the whole process, but they will also get all the protective materials and wrap up your bulky furniture properly.

Packing Fragile Items Is Much Easier Using These Packing Tips

If you’ve ever wondered how to pack fragile items, here is the solution. The best place to begin is the kitchen. First, you need to identify which dishes to pack for moving and what you will leave out to use until the relocation day. After you decide what to box up first, get all the necessary protective materials.

To pack glasses for moving, wrap them with bubble wrap and put them into a hard cardboard box padded with packing paper and filled with packing peanuts. The process will be pretty similar when packing plates for moving, so you could organize the packing of those items the same day. Of course, when boxing up all the kitchen items, ensure to learn how to pack pots and pans, too, since you will definitely need a few of them.

How to Properly Box up Electronics?

If you have a TV, laptop, or similar gadgets, you will have to learn all the ways to properly box up electronics. Protective packing materials like bubble wrap, blankets, hard cardboard boxes, and packing peanuts will be necessary to protect them fully and prevent any possible damage. Whether you want to pack laptops, TV monitors, or anything similar, the process will be the same. However, keep in mind that professional cross-country movers will take care of your TVs, so you won’t actually have to deal with that once you hire them.

The Best Ways to Pack Valuable Belongings

Jewelry, art, decorations, antiques, and all other items you find valuable will definitely have a place on your packing list. However, you have to know how to pack them properly. When it comes to tiny valuables like jewelry, for instance, the boxing-up process won’t be so demanding. You can simply find specially designed jewelry boxes (or use the ones you already have) for this purpose and pack them in one of the suitcases you will take with you.

On the other hand, when it comes to some larger pieces of art, decorations, sculptures, instruments, or antiques, leave the packaging process to the professional cross-country moving company. The right team will be fully equipped with the necessary packing materials and equipment needed for lifting heavy items and loading them into the moving truck. Moreover, professional cross-country movers can provide you with specially designed custom crates, granting your most fragile items full protection.

So if you want to be entirely sure that all your delicate and breakable valuables are safe, leave it to professionals and stay carefree. Whether you want to move a piano, painting, or sculpture using Long Distance Movers’ services, everything is manageable.

What Not to Pack When Relocating

Knowing what to exclude from your packing list is another thing that could facilitate the process. The very first step is identifying the items you will definitely not need in the next home. Use this opportunity to also get rid of other unnecessary items that are not usable anymore. This is especially important to do if you’re moving from a house to an apartment. Another step is to explore which items movers won’t move (more on that later).

a young girl sitting surrounded by labeled moving boxes, ready for a cross-country move
The boxing-up process is never easy. However, with the right tips, everything will become much easier and faster to do.

Preparing Your Home for Sale Is a Must-Do if You Want to Increase Its Selling Price

If you want to make a reasonable amount by selling your property, making some small changes and renovations is a must-do to help the future tenants envision their life there more easily. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average time needed for a home to sell is around three weeks, which means you’ll have to do everything in advance.

The main rule when it comes to preparing your home for sale is to make small but effective updates that will give the highest return on investment. If your budget allows it, hiring a professional stager is the best possible idea to achieve that magazine-looking style and create the right atmosphere. But don’t worry, there are changes you can make yourself, too.

Repaint the whole home using gentle pastel tones, depersonalize the whole living space, landscape the garden while paying special attention to the front door area. This will all ensure you leave a great first impression and could be a decisive factor for potential buyers to put down the deposit.

House Hunting or What You Should Know When Looking for a New Home

Trying to sell the property while simultaneously searching for a new place you’ll call home can be pretty emotionally draining. However, with a couple of our house hunting tips, we are sure the whole process will be much easier to perform.

When house hunting, the crucial step will be to understand your needs and match them with your budget. The number of your household members will definitely dictate your needs in terms of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or square footage overall. Since the real estate market is often complex, consider finding a reliable real estate agent who will help narrow your search and find the property you want in record time.

Other essential details to pay attention to will definitely be how well the property is maintained, whether there are any extra costs you should include in your budget, and if there are some problems with the roof, foundations, and other critical points within the house. For that reason, taking a home tour and hiring professional home inspectors who can provide you with a detailed report on the property condition is a great idea if you can afford it. Although they will cost you extra, home inspections can save you a lot of money and nerves in the long run, because their report will contain information on the following:

Plumbing and electrical system
HVAC system
Interior and exterior generally.

An important point to remember is not to fall for the interior design of the house because this is only a stage for you as a buyer. And also, don’t forget to ask about maintenance costs like the total cost of utility bills on a monthly basis, transportation expenses, HOA fees, and anything else that comes to mind.

Selling property and finding a new place can be difficult, so organize it perfectly.

Essential Things to Know When Renting an Apartment

Finding an apartment for rent is pretty similar to house hunting. The only difference is that you might be trying to live on your own. When renting an apartment, one of the most important things will be to match your needs and budget and find a place in a safe neighborhood. Choose an apartment that will be suitable for your requirements and explore all small apartment ideas to learn to use the living space to the maximum. Creative storage ideas and other alternative areas to store your things are very important if you’re relocating to a smaller space.

Also, making a list of things you need to rent an apartment, whether it is new stuff to buy or documentation needed to provide to the landlord, is a must. Providing documents mentioned below is necessary, so make sure to acquire them in time:

  • Proof of regular income,
  • Business accounts (if you’re an entrepreneur),
  • Tax returns,
  • Proof of employment, and
  • An appropriate form of ID.

Aside from these documents, create a new apartment checklist that will contain all the things necessary to equip the new apartment and include them in the budget.

How to Find a Job Before You Relocate to Another City?

Getting a job in a new city is one of the most common reasons why people choose to relocate. However, most others have to face the dilemma of how to get a job in another state before moving there. Here are some of the best methods to use when trying to find a job before the long-distance moving process starts.

Know Your Skills and Goals and Research the Job Market

If you want to find a better-paid position, consider your skills, knowledge, experience, and goals that will help you define what you are looking for. The very next step is to research the job market and the opportunities it provides, as well as the average salary for the positions you plan to apply for. This way, you will be able to narrow your search and approach the companies that match your needs and expectations.

Being Proactive Is Your Best Advantage When Searching for Employment

Finding a new workplace can be a time-consuming process. For that reason, make sure to approach this task strategically. A helpful tactic is to create a list of the companies you would like to work for and send them your CV.

Another effective way of finding employment could be to create a Linkedin profile and connect with all relevant experts in the industry, as well as with your previous colleagues. This way, you will get noticed more easily. Last but not least, make sure to explore online platforms and apps for job ads.

Take Advantage of the Power of Networking

Having previous working experience means having contacts that can help you find a job much more easily and quickly. For that reason, reach out to previous employers, colleagues, bosses, managers, and associates you worked with closely and inform them that you’re open to new offers. You can do so by sending them an email or connecting with them through LinkedIn. This way, you can also get recommendations and a higher chance of finding the next employer easily.

Still, be aware that networking means so much more than being in touch with former coworkers. Attending networking events like conferences or business trade shows, whether they are organized virtually or on-site, is of tremendous importance to keep up with the latest trends and greatest experts in the industry. Those events can provide an opportunity to make new contacts.

How to Move Without a Job and Is it Even Doable?

Moving without a job is definitely one of the most stressful situations you could go through. However, relocating without a job is absolutely doable if you approach this problem strategically. First of all, make sure to know the finances at your disposal and for how long you could keep up relying solely on savings.

Creating an overview of the cost of living and comparing it with your savings could provide you with a good estimation of how long you could handle it without a job, and some ideas on how to reduce your expenses. Sharing an apartment with roommates or living in a co-living space can definitely help decrease the expenses associated with rent and utilities. When relocating without a job, this is definitely one of the best ways to keep your costs low.

Also, trying to find some remote work is another possibility to support your budget and maintain your savings. Finding a remote job can provide earnings that could cover your monthly needs in terms of utilities or food, and also keep you from spending your funds. Online platforms like UpWork have many freelance job offers, and those positions are usually associated with writing, virtual assistants, marketing, tech, or web development.

If languages are your passion, you could easily find your true calling as a language teacher since there are multiple online platforms for learning languages. Job opportunities are also often posted on social media platforms, so make sure you check those too.

Finding a job before you move to another state is the most secure way to a stress-free relocation experience.

What to Do When the Relocation Is Extra Difficult – How to Manage Special Moving Circumstances

Every relocation is unique. From reasons to move, the number of family members, and the time needed to organize the whole process to the place where you want to move. Here is what to do when your relocation is quite different from usual cases and how to manage and deal with all circumstances.

How to Manage Moving with Kids Without Fuss?

Relocations are complex to organize, not to mention if you have to do it with kids. However, if you prepare everything in advance and succeed in preparing your children too, everything will be much smoother. If your kids are old enough, you will be able to explain to them what is happening and what they can expect. You can even assign them some tasks to make it all a little more fun for them and easier for you. Give them the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends.

If your kids are still young or you’re planning on starting a family soon, prepare the new home by making it a safe place for babies and toddlers. Learning how to babyproof a house is crucial for your children’s safety.

Relocating While Pregnant Is Risky But Doable if You Have Reliable Help

Moves are so stressful and complex to organize, so going through one while pregnant is acceptable only if it is necessary and has been approved by your doctor. If you choose to go through with it, ensure to have reliable helpers who will take most tasks into their hands and help you relocate. Avoid lifting stuff, stay away from chemicals, and assign cleaning to someone else. In this situation, the best solution is to hire professional long-distance movers who will take care of every single detail in your household, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Relocating With Pets Requires Logistics

Having pets can make long-distance moving extra difficult. First of all, you should make sure that the state you’re relocating to allows the entrance of that specific breed. Secondly, you have to visit the vet and take all records, especially those associated with vaccinations. The last step in organizing your pet for relocation is finding a pet-friendly air carrier who will take care of it since this is the least stressful and easiest way to transport your pet. Once you take your little friend to a new home, dedicate some extra time to pampering it and helping it adjust to the new circumstances. Gradually return to your daily routines, and we are sure everything will be fine again soon.

How to Move With Elderly Parents?

Relocations with elderly parents can be emotionally draining, so be prepared to have your patience tested. Older people can be very sensitive to change. For that reason, having an honest and compassionate conversation with them about the relocation could be very helpful.

Also, you should be ready to take on the whole process and help them with every step of the way, from hiring a cross-country moving company to packing, decluttering, cleaning, and organizing the new living area. Although you’ll be taking care of the whole relocation, do your best not to exclude them and ask them for opinion or advice. This will help them feel useful and give them decision-making power.

Packing the Office for Relocation Is the Easiest Part of the Job When Moving Your Business to Another State

Relocating your office and business to another state is one of the most complex processes to organize. However, it is doable if you do everything way in advance, find a reliable cross-country moving company that specializes in commercial relocations, and explore the legal issues. Whatever you do, do it lawfully, and notify all relevant parties on time, like the IRS, the state tax agency, licensing agencies, insurance agencies, and of course, don’t forget to inform your clients and partners as well. Also, notify all your employees on time and survey whether they would be willing to move, or if you should start searching for more workforce. Creating a to-do list, inventory lists, a timeline, and assigning teams in charge of the relocation will be the most effective solution for relocating your office in record time.

There are different situations you may find yourself relocating; the key is to be perfectly organized and keep everything under control

Relocating from College Means Entering the Real World

Every new start is tough, and relocating from college implies so many new things! First of all, you should explore the job market and opportunities, the highest-paid positions matching your skills and experience, and choose the next place you’ll call home accordingly. Relocating from college also means renting your first apartment and equipping it, choosing the neighborhood, buying a car, budgeting, learning how to cope with finances, and everything else that comes with becoming independent.

Long Distance Movers Can Provide Car Shipping

Cross country moving doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to leave your car behind, sell it, or drive it all the way to the new home. Around 17 million cars are shipped all across the country in a year, and car shipping is one of the safest ways to transport your vehicle to another location. Here is everything you need to know about the process of car shipping.

Preparing the Vehicle for Shipping Properly

One of the most demanding tasks on your moving to-do list will certainly be associated with car preparations for shipping, and once you’ve done it, the whole process will be much easier to perform. Here are the ultimate steps on how to prepare your vehicle for car shipping and make it secure for transport:

  • Prepare all necessary documentation like car registration, insurance policy, proof of ownership, driver’s license, original car title.
  • Remove all personal items from the vehicle – things like sunglasses, charging cables, water bottles, GPS devices, identification, and insurance documentation. We all tend to store such items in our glove compartments, so remove them before you send the car for a wash.
  • Leave mandatory equipment like spare tires, license plates, warning triangle, reflective vest, and emergency kit.
  • Schedule a maintenance check with the mechanic and ensure that all repairs are made before the vehicle is loaded on the trailer. Note down every scratch, dent, or another form of damage before the auto-transport company comes to pick the car up. Also, check the tire pressure, battery charge, oil, brakes, coolant, and power steering, and last but not least – note the mileage upon pickup and delivery.
  • Wash the vehicle in detail – cleaning your car both from the inside and outside will reveal all the small scratches and other damage, so do it before you hand over the keys. Consider washing it at a professional car wash since they have all the equipment to do it properly.
  • Take pictures of the vehicle before you hand it to the carrier. This way, you’ll document the real state of your car before it is handed over to the shipper, and be sure that nothing has been damaged once you receive it back.
  • Leave the gas tank full up to a quarter – this way, you will avoid unnecessary weight and still have enough gas to drive it to your new home address if you choose the terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery option.
  • Disable the alarm, lock the car, and give a copy of the keys to the carrier.

Choosing Car Shipping Rather than Driving All the Way Is Definitely a Wise Choice

The main reason why people go for driving their car by themselves rather than hiring a professional auto transport company is that they think this method will be more affordable. However, if you’re about to have a coast-to-coast relocation, don’t forget to include those costs in the budget. In many cases, they can exceed the price a car shipping company quotes. Here is what you’ll need to pay extra for if you decide to drive the car:

  • Gas,
  • Tolls,
  • Food, coffee, and other beverages,
  • Hotel, motel, or another type of accommodation, because you will need a place to sleep during this long trip. Also, consider that this drive can last for a couple of days or even weeks, depending on the location you’re moving to.

The costs above are only one small piece of the whole process since those long trips could also cause many unexpected expenses. So, instead of draining yourself and your family, worrying about the whole trip, and driving thousands of miles, consider hiring professionals who will provide you with impeccable service and a stressless experience.

What is the Difference Between an Open and an Enclosed Trailer and How to Choose the Right One?

You will need to choose the right type of trailer for your needs. For all standard-sized vehicles, an open trailer will be the perfect solution. Aside from that, you will be able to save around 30% compared to transporting the car in an enclosed trailer.

On the other hand, if you own a larger, luxurious, old-timer, or an exotic type of vehicle, then the LDM experts will definitely advise you to go for the enclosed trailer. Actually, since open trailers are very limited in terms of space, transportation of larger cars on them is not possible, meaning you’ll have to go for an enclosed trailer. Still, transporting your car on enclosed trailers will provide your vehicle with additional safety since it will be protected from all weather and road debris.

Car Shipping Dos and Don’ts

If you want the transport of your car to be smooth and stress-free, you should definitely know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to car shipping. Here is what should you do:

  • Discuss the pickup and delivery locations with the auto transport company and agree on all the details in advance.
  • Make sure to understand how delivery works and ask the carrier to explain the difference between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal pickup and drop-off options.
  • If you need the vehicle to be delivered at the specified date and time, say this to the shipper and be ready to pay more for it.
  • Ask the shipper to explain all the details regarding the price, what is included, and what costs extra.
  • Check the insurance policy details, what sums and damages are covered, and if those policies are included in the quote.
  • Always ask for a quote and take your time to scrutinize the offer.

On the other hand, here is what you should definitely avoid doing:

  • Don’t put more than 50lb of stuff in the trunk because this is not allowed.
  • Don’t put any of your belongings, including suitcases or boxes, into the interior of the car, because both your car and belongings could end up damaged.
  • Don’t forget to read the company’s policy, check what you’re allowed to put in the trunk, and make sure to explore all other details.

Car shipping Takes Time, so Consider Using Rent-a-Car Services

Depending on the mileage and the number of drop-offs, the car delivery could take from 3 to 14 days. Knowing this fact is of utmost importance when planning your time at the new location. If you think you will need a car to get around right away, then consider renting one for a couple of days, and ensure to arrange it in time and in advance.

Scheduling all the car shipping services in advance and finding a reliable service provider is of utmost importance

How to Choose the Right Car Shipping Company to Handle Your Vehicle?

Similar to the method of choosing a long-distance moving company to handle your belongings, you can decide on what car shipping company’s services to use. Checking the USDOT number and reviews are the most secure methods of checking who you are dealing with. Another great way will be to choose the company that can provide you both with moving and car shipping services, as Long Distance Movers can. Moreover, if you combine our moving services with auto transport, we will provide you with special prices and discounts.

Essential Tips on How to Prepare for the Big Moving Day

Although there will be numerous tasks on your plate, remember that preparing for relocation day is as important as figuring out all the other details. Failing to do something mentioned below could cause you a lot of stress, so make sure to list every little step in the moving to-do list.

What to Pack in the Bag of Essentials?

No matter if you’re relocating with kids or moving to another state alone, having a bag of essentials by yourself is necessary. Here is a list of things to pack in it:

  • Personal documents – IDs, driver’s license, social security cards, in short, a whole accordion with important documents talked about a few paragraphs above.
  • Mobile phone chargers, laptop chargers, headphones, and any other gadget you may find useful during the trip.
  • Medications and supplements you use on a regular basis. Meds for nausea or headaches should definitely be in the essential bag.
  • Snacks, water, and refreshments are simply must-pack.
  • A set of bathroom items for moving and other basic toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, comb, shampoo, shower gel, especially if you’re going to sleep over during the trip.
  • A few changes of clothes and bedsheets.
  • If you’re relocating with kids, then toys and spare clothes should also be packed in their own essential bag.

Clean the House Thoroughly Before Giving the Keys to the Next Tennants

Sprucing up the house and leaving it in a perfect condition is not only a question of good manners. Taking care of every single corner of the house will be the most certain way to make sure you don’t forget to pack anything. Clean literally everything from furniture, floorings, rugs, and windows, to the kitchen, stove, refrigerator, recycle bins, bathrooms, storage areas, and anything else you see around the house. Since the cleaning process can be time-consuming, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of the whole household. Although it will cost extra, it will also provide you with additional free time to dedicate to other tasks.

The Next Task on Your Plate Is – Preparing the Home for Movers

Preparing the house before cross-country movers come over with the moving truck is of essential importance to a functional relocation process and will maximize the efficient use of time. Aside from packing all your belongings into boxes, there are several more things to do, so add them to the relocation planner.

Label the Boxes

Although we have already mentioned this, we will do it again, because it will be very helpful not only while packing the moving truck but also during the unpacking process. This way, you will always know the content of each box and what to unpack first.

Plan Where the Moving Truck Will Be Parked

If you’re moving out of a house, the whole process will be much easier to organize since all you need to do is move your vehicle and ensure that the street is not blocked. However, if you’re relocating from an apartment, you will need to explore how to get a parking permit since the truck usually takes two parking spaces. You can arrange it with your building manager or with the city representative directly. If you choose the latter, turn to your local Department of Building and Safety and obtain the permit in time. Many cities have the possibility to apply online, while some need to resolve it in person or via mail.

Clear Pathways Inside the House

If you want to move efficiently, create clear pathways inside the house, so the movers can move around without the risk of stumbling over things. The best way to do this is to designate a packing area, a room where you’ll store all your packed boxes. No matter how you decide to organize the rooms, secure adequate space for movers because this is the only way to accelerate the process of loading the truck.

Hire a Babysitter to Take Care of Kids on the Big Day

There is no way you’ll have enough time to dedicate to your children on the moving day, so make sure to hire a babysitter who will take care of them or ask some of your closest friends and family members to help you out. Whichever option you choose, organize everything in advance, and know your kids will be completely safe and cared for while you are assisting the movers.

Don’t Forget to Do This Either!

There are also a few more obligations to add to your moving-out day list. Remember to unplug and disconnect all the appliances you’re leaving behind, remove the trash, and get rid of all hazardous materials. Following these moving hacks, you’ll leave the property in perfect condition and ensure you did everything correctly.

to-do list with a calendar for long-distance moving
Create a detailed to-do list to follow the progress of your relocation process

What Should You Do After the Move?

Now that you finally moved into your new house, it is the right time to start organizing your new living area. Although you’ll be exhausted, we still believe you’ll be motivated to arrange the whole space as quickly as possible, so here is some useful advice that will help you manage it.

Prepare the New Home for Moving In!

Simultaneous preparations of the old home for moving out and the new home for moving in will be undeniably challenging. The mitigating circumstance is that both processes are pretty similar, so you’ll know what to do. Performing all the needed repairs in your next home, finishing with all renovations, paintings, choosing the kitchens and bathroom designs, landscaping the garden, scheduling the utilities, and fixing all the paperwork will be some of the very first steps to take. The final cleaning, unpacking, and arranging furniture throughout the house will be a sure sign the end of the whole process is near.

Another Essential Tip – Don’t Forget to Tip Movers for Their Hard Work!

If you feel that your cross-country movers did an impeccable job, tried hard, and handled your things carefully and patiently, don’t forget to tip them! The usual tip amounts from $20 – $60 per mover. However, if you feel they deserved more, feel free to treat them more generously and increase the sum.

Organize the Unpacking Process

Although you might be tired of organizing all the details, you will have to do it with the unpacking process too. Just ensure that the movers have placed all the boxes and furniture in the right rooms, and everything will be much easier to arrange. Since your boxes will be properly positioned and labeled, it will be pretty simple to decide what to unpack first. The kitchen items are most likely to be the first on the list and after that, all the bedroom essentials and valuable items. Be prepared to deal with unpacking for a couple of days before everything is in its place.

How to Meet People and Make Friends in a New Community

Making friends in a new city is actually easier than you expect. The very first move you could undertake is throwing a moving-in party for your new neighbors, which will help you meet the majority of them and show that you’re open to new acquaintances. Also, meeting people who are a part of the same community for years, even decades, can provide you with useful information, contacts, and opportunities. People from work can also become your friends, so preparing dinner at your home and trying to network with some of them will be a great way to fit into the community and feel like a part of it.

Another effective way to meet new people is to dedicate yourself to your hobbies. Sign up for some language or dance classes, ceramics or botanical courses, or anything else you’re interested in. Explore if there is a local choir, for example, or a charity organization to volunteer in. You can even sign up for a local mountaineering club which will provide you with the opportunity to explore the local area and meet some new friends.

Ask Your Long-Distance Movers When They Will Deliver Your Belongings and Prepare Accordingly

Depending on the distance, some stuff might be delivered in 21 business days (plus weekends), which means you should be ready to live without those things for three weeks. For that reason, taking a couple of essential bags with you and having clothes and other essentials will be the best course of action.

family sitting on a still wrapped couch after a long-distance moving
Unpacking the household and adjusting to the community are the last steps to take before you can relax.

Long Distance Movers Answer All the FAQs

Since there are thousands of details associated with relocation, you might have numerous questions and doubts on how to organize the whole process and keep everything under control. Here are some of the most common questions our clients ask and the answers to them.

What Are the Benefits of Using Storage Units Provided by Long Distance Movers?

If you need storage services, then Long Distance Movers can provide you with this solution too. All our customers who use our other long-distance moving services get a one-month-free deal for our fully protected storage units. This means that all the stuff stored in our facilities is completely protected from possible damage or any other inconvenience.

Do moving companies store your stuff?

All good moving companies who operate storage facilities will offer you the possibility to store your belongings there. This is especially convenient since those storage facilities are equipped with all protection systems from 24/7 video surveillance and temperature control that prevents mold to electronic barcode labels that are automatically recorded every time the goods are checked in or checked out of the storage unit.

What can you fit in a 5x10 storage unit?

The very first thing you should know is that those storage units are considered self-storage units. The size of those units is most similar to one studio apartment, or an average walk-in closet, meaning they provide you with 400 cubic feet of storage space in total. Those spaces are most suitable for storing up to 20 larger boxes. If you choose to put some furniture in there, for example, a king-size bed, then you will have to use a variety of smaller boxes to fit everything in there.

What does a 10x10 storage unit cost?

Since there are multiple types of storage units, there is no single answer to this question. However, the national average price is around $100 on a monthly basis.

How much is storage a month?

As we have already mentioned, at Long Distance Movers, the first month of using our storage facilities is completely free for all our customers who combine it with some other moving service. In case you need to extend this period, your dedicated agent will provide you with all the necessary information and special prices. However, there is not a single answer to how much storage space costs since every household is of a different size, so the price is based accordingly.

storage unit full of boxes used for cross-country moving
Using storage units is free of charge for one month, so make sure to take advantage of this deal!

Long Distance Movers Provide Different Moving Insurance Options to Keep Your Belongings Completely Protected

Since the protection of your belongings is of utmost importance to us, we provide two types of insurance policies. Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask and what you should definitely know when choosing the insurance solution.

What does moving insurance cover?

Depending on what insurance plan you choose, the coverage is differently set. The mandatory liability coverage is included in all quotes and is free of charge. This type of insurance covers all the things handled by our team, no matter who has packed them – the customer or professional packers. Mandatory coverage offers reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

If you want to upgrade your insurance plan, then go for the full value replacement policy that comes at an extra cost, but covers the full value of damaged items that have been packed by professional packers.

Where to purchase moving insurance?

In case you want to buy a full value replacement policy, you can easily do it with Long Distance Movers. Talk to your dedicated agent who will provide you with all further details and prices.

Is moving insurance necessary?

All moving companies are obliged by law to provide mandatory liability coverage. For that reason, those policies are included in all quotes. However, if you don’t want to go for a full value replacement policy that is charged extra, that is absolutely acceptable.

Why choose full value coverage?

Choosing full value coverage is the most suitable option for those who own some really precious, expensive, or exclusive pieces of art, antiques, or electronics. In case any damage happens, the full value of the damaged product will be compensated.

Always Ask for a Free Moving Quote to Get the Cost Estimate

Undeniably, one of the most important pieces of information will be associated with your budget and expenses. For that reason, getting a free quote will be of tremendous help before you choose which company to use.

How much does it typically cost to hire movers?

Again, there is no single answer to this question since everything depends on the size of your move, or more specifically, on the number of items on your inventory list and the distance to be crossed.

How many mover quotes should I get?

There is no rule on the number of quotes to get before you pick one. Just make sure to get them from reliable companies that can provide you with all the moving services needed. Also, make sure you stay wary of scammers because the cheapest one is not always the best choice.

What is the cheapest day to move?

Since the weekend days are the most expensive period for relocation during the week, just make sure to schedule the relocation any day from Monday to Thursday and you will be able to save significantly. Likewise, avoid moving during the peak season, i.e. between May and September.

What's included in the price?

The final quote implies all the costs associated with relocation, which means, it will encompass all the services you booked. The services that are not charged extra and are always included in the price are standard packing, mandatory liability insurance coverage, and all materials intended for the protection of your belongings.

Explore What Items Movers Won’t Move

There are some things that definitely should not be on your moving to another state checklist due to the law regulations of each state. The items movers will definitely refuse to pack on a moving truck are:

  • Plants,
  • Pets,
  • Weapons,
  • Flammable materials,
  • Pressure bottles,
  • All types of oils,
  • Cleaning products,
  • Chemicals,
  • Perishable foods,
  • Any illicit substances.
Don't hesitate to contact us and ask our customer service representatives to provide you with all the information you need.

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