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How to Make the Best of Moving to Another State Alone

There are only a few things more exciting yet a bit frightful than moving to another state alone. Although this kind of change is massive and stressful, it represents a unique opportunity to build your life precisely the way you want it. For a successful relocation, you’ll need some tips and some time to figure everything out and plan each step correctly. Start by researching the new area you’re planning to call home. And our advice will guide you through other necessary relocation stages.

How to Move to Another State Alone

On one hand, moving alone is much simpler than moving with family. However, once the relocation itself is complete, that’s when the truly challenging part commences. Kickstarting your life in a brand-new city requires a lot of planning. So, before you step into this adventure, be well prepared for everything it implies:

  • Do a thorough research of the area you’re relocating to,
  • Start packing on time and do it right,
  • Find a job in your new city,
  • Take care of your paperwork,
  • Meet your neighbors and find friends in the area.


The best way to move to another state is to carefully think it through and decide to make the most of it. If you follow these pieces of advice and strive to be sociable and positive about the whole change, you are bound to succeed and have an amazing experience.

person at the airport
Don’t be afraid of the adventure, just plan it carefully

Do a Step by Step Research Before Moving to a New State Alone

If you’re planning to relocate to another city by yourself, you’d have to research your new area thoughtfully. Swooping into a fresh environment and hoping for the best won’t do. The ultimate way to get to know your home-to-be is to look it up online, explore it from books, guides, magazines, and social media. And last but not least, you should make a quick trip and see it all in person. This way, you’ll gather all the pros and cons, and all your reasons to move will align. Also, you will have to contemplate other significant aspects, such as the housing market, finding a reliable long-distance moving company, and setting a relocation date.

magnifying glass and house blueprint
Don’t just dive head first - do your homework timely

Find a Home that Suits You

Relocating to another state raises several questions. One of them is the matter of encountering the right domicile. Finding a good home should be your top priority. Explore the housing market and get in touch with local agents. Think about both renting and buying before making the final choice and learn about median rent and property value. You should pay monthly rent or a mortgage that doesn’t exceed 25% of your disposable earnings. When you gather all facts and calculate your costs based on facts, you will determine which alternative works for you.

Also, you should look at the crime rates and living standards in different parts of the city. Think about the points that matter to you, consider your chosen apartment or house’s location, and make sure you select a property in great overall condition.

houses rooftops
Finding an ideal domicile should be your prime goal

Hire the Best Long-Distance Movers

Of all moving hacks you should know about, finding a credible yet affordable associate that will help you relocate is the most important one. To make sure you’ve made the right choice, you should:

  • Look into several companies and check their references,
  • Compare prices and see which ones match your budget,
  • Avoid the companies with a bad reputation and negative comments and reviews,
  • Movers that require cash payments only could also be a scam,
  • High down payments are another red flag you should watch out for when hiring long distance movers,
  • Ask for help and rely on the friends or relatives who had some experience with relocations.


Aside from the long-distance moving services, you can seek help with other significant aspects, such as storage service, getting boxes and packing supplies, or auto transport. Still, if you’re struggling with your budget but can’t conduct all the tasks connected to the relocation yourself, here are a few tips that will save you some money:

  • Use some of the household items for packing,
  • Go to the local store and ask them for unneeded boxes,
  • Contact some friends that will help you out with parts of the process so that you don’t have to request a full-service.
relocation truck
Find the most reliable and affordable long-distance movers

Make a Checklist

All these complicated efforts demand making a checklist. While thinking of all responsibilities you’ll have, write them down. Include all the things that you must do. Focus on both smaller tasks like decluttering to major resolutions such as choosing a house or finding a job in the new city.

After you compose the checklist, you should manage all your expenses, along with sorting out your belongings while listing your to-dos and deciding what you want to take to your next home.

Making a detailed to-do list is essential

Set a Date and Create a Relocation Calendar

When picking a precise date, take into account all the relevant factors. Firstly, try to avoid relocation during the holidays. Also, cross-country moving during the summer heat can be exhausting. For that matter, any sort of extreme weather should be avoided. Additionally, if you have found a job before you’ve arrived at your destination and settled in, don’t forget to organize your move according to your start date. The end of your lease agreement also plays a significant role in creating your relocation calendar. Everything you need to do before the movers arrive should be divided into minor, achievable tasks and goals. Write these timelines and assignments down as well to stay organized.

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Plan Your Budget

Once you’ve explored all these stages, options, and must-dos, calculate your costs and plan your budget step by step. How much money do you need to move to a different state? You must find out on time if your savings are enough to cover all the relocation-related costs. Moreover, see if your current budget covers the first few months of your life in the new city. And, to be absolutely certain that you won’t have any financial problems during this turbulent period, you should obtain at least double the amount you found necessary for your relocation.

Person counting money
Plan your budget carefully to avoid surprises and unexpected costs

Pack on Time and Follow the Actionable Packing Tips

Many people who contemplate relocating to another state ask the same question: is it hard to move to a new city alone? Although it has numerous advantages (and some downsides,) from the packing point of view, it’s simpler than relocating with family. Still, some packing tips are in order. From packing glasses and other fragile items to packaging bathroom products, you’ll need every bit of self-organization and patience. The amount of belongings you’re bringing along is quite individual. Nevertheless, you should strive to travel light and follow these simple rules:

  • Get the right packing materials in advance,
  • Make sure to obtain enough packing supplies before you start to pack,
  • Know what your essentials are,
  • Pack them in a separate box,
  • Leave behind whatever you don’t mean to use in the future,
  • Donate or sell things that are still in good condition (just not usable for you,)
  • Keep some items unpacked to use on the relocation day,
  • Commence the packing as early as you can,
  • Protect your items,
  • Categorize all your belongings and make an inventory list,
  • Label all your boxes,
  • Add the extra warnings about the content of your packagings,
  • Pack your most valuable possessions carefully and separately.

Prioritize When Packing and Declutter Your Home

Prioritize when determining what to keep. Even if you weren’t relocating, decluttering is a good thing to do from time to time. Sure, you will have to pack some of your clothes, but not all of it. Pack the shoes you will wear for sure, and leave those that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in years. The worn-out stuff, outdated or mismatched items don’t belong in your next home. Now, apply the same principle to every room. Some of the pieces of furniture also won’t match your new style, or they would be way too massive to fit into your next domicile. Packing dishes and kitchen appliances, boxing up plates, mugs, and pots and pans also involve prior reviewing. Everything that misses a lid, has a hole, or isn’t frequently used should be tossed.

a person holding three boxes
Declutter your home to ease the packing process

Find a Job Quickly

All of the tips for moving out of state alone revolve around a good quality of life and proper organization. Landing a job is one of the essential steps you must take. You should:

  • Make connections before you arrive,
  • Be active on social media and find like-minded people,
  • Reach out to your friends or relatives in the area,
  • Keep an eye on the job alerts and subscribe to receive notifications about openings,
  • Shortlist the most favorable employers,
  • Create a good resume that will help you stand out.


Check out the job market before you relocate. Know your opportunities and act accordingly. And if you wish to get invited to more job interviews, this video will help you.

YouTube video

How Can I Move to Another State Without a Job?

Relocating with no job is tough. Still, with proper budgeting, managing your savings, and being on the prowl for the next ideal career will help you get started on the right foot. In case you need to save up some more, here are some useful ideas:

  • Rent a place instead of buying it,
  • Explore the internet and find roommates,
  • Organize garage sales to declutter and earn some extra cash,
  • Ask your friends to land you a truck and help you conduct a DIY move.
person typing on a keyboard
Be on alert and apply for jobs as quickly as possible

Take Care of Your Paperwork

Before you go, ensure that all the relevant documentation is properly stored. The documents you should preserve include:

  • Your personal documents and financial records,
  • Medical records,
  • Drivers licence and other paperwork related to your car.


If you’re relocating with a pet, take their certificate and vaccination records. Also, you must change your address on time and take care of the mailing. Cancel all subscriptions prior to relocating.

signing a document
Ensure you have all your necessary documents with you

Prepare to Meet Your Neighbors and Welcome New People into Your Life

A time will come when you’ll ask yourself – Should I move to a new state alone? When you reach that stage, don’t panic. Everyone has been there. Those who have moved for love also needed to review their choice and give it an extra moment. Still, relocating alone can be an amazing experience. Firstly, get familiar with the community you came to. Not only that you’ll make a few friends, but they can also help you understand the dynamics of your brand-new hometown. And lastly, if you’re job hunting, they might recommend a reputable employer you should meet.

How to Move to Another State by Yourself and Make the Most of It

Now that we have covered the part that regards the relocation process itself, it’s time to review some benefits of changing your location alone:

  • You will become more independent,
  • New career opportunities will wait for you,
  • Your horizons will expand, and you will obtain valuable insights and experiences,
  • Flexibility and tolerance will grow as you meet diverse people and become familiar with distinct ways of living,
  • Overcoming challenges and making it by yourself will become much easier.


If you want to truly experience these advantages, here’s what to do when moving to another state:

  • Stay open-minded,
  • Keep yourself busy with things that make you feel accomplished,
  • Organize and decorate your home to personalize it and enhance your space,
  • Develop some healthy habits and daily routines,
  • Don’t rush yourself into anything, but aim to step out of your comfort zone in time,
  • Learn to appreciate the change and accept your environment as it is.


This way, you’ll have no problem dealing with the alterations that are undoubtedly coming your way.

view of a neighborhood from above
Explore the area and meet its residents

Moving to Another State Alone Is an Excellent Chance to Improve Your Life!

There are numerous sub-questions regarding the question of how to move out of state alone. Still, the most important ones are tied to what comes afterward. According to data, one-person homesteads are on the rise. Once you select your destination, find a house that matches your expectations and budget, contact the most appropriate cross country moving company, and pack carefully (by yourself or through packing services,) your brand-new life can commence. Strive to focus on the positive aspects of it and think things through. Acting according to your needs and preferences is always the correct way, and living alone will suit you well.

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