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Posted in Moving Essentials, Moving Preparation on February 28, 2024
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Everything You Should Know About Moving and Living in the Countryside

Embracing the serene beauty and tranquil pace of living in the countryside can be a dream come true for many. However, making that leap requires thoughtful preparation and reliable rural relocation assistance. We’ll explore everything from the refreshing outdoor activities to the welcoming community spirit that awaits you. Let’s dive into the charming world of rural living and make your move as smooth as a countryside breeze.

What should you know about countryside living? It offers unparalleled tranquility, closer community ties, and endless outdoor recreation. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges, including potentially longer commutes, limited access to amenities and services, and a need for self-sufficiency. Embracing rural life means adapting to a slower pace, appreciating nature’s bounty, and possibly adjusting work arrangements for remote connectivity. Knowing these facets can help ensure a smooth transition to the idyllic retreat. Have capable white glove movers help with the new chapter of your life.

Living in the Countryside Offers Rural Landscapes Exploration and Tranquility

Ditching the city’s hustle for rural landscapes can be just what you need – a relaxed pace of life and a closer connection with nature. If you’re wrestling with anxiety about moving out, know that the countryside offers a tranquility that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds rather than traffic or stargazing without the city lights dimming their glow. These benefits of relocating, like peace of mind and a tight-knit community, turn the daunting into a delightful adventure.

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What Are the Best Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation?

When relocating with kids, finding ways to alleviate moving stress is crucial, and the countryside offers abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation that can help. The fresh air and wide-open spaces invite you to explore and unwind in ways you might have only imagined:

  • Hiking through forested trails to discover hidden waterfalls.
  • Cycling on scenic routes that meander through rolling hills.
  • Fishing in pristine lakes for a peaceful afternoon.
  • Bird watching in vast preserves, connecting with nature’s tranquility.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Fresh Air

Fresh air isn’t just a pleasant experience. It’s a health booster, especially for those coming from a big city, where air quality can be a concern. Deciding where to live comes with weighing the benefits of the environment, and rural areas offer a breath of fresh air — literally.

This natural elixir enhances respiratory health, clears the mind, and reduces anxiety.

For city dwellers, the contrast is stark. The constant exposure to pollutants can take a toll on one’s well-being.

Making the move means embracing an environment where the air rejuvenates the body, improves sleep quality, and boosts the immune system, making every breath a step towards a healthier life.

Three California cities rank the highest for pollution - Bakersfield, Visalia, and Hanford

Know that the brain uses 20% of the inhaled oxygen. Therefore, cleaner air literally translates to mind clarity and focus.

 A field of sunflowers
A relocation can be a stepping stone to improved health status

Experience a Strong Sense of Community

Moving to a new home unveils an unexpected treasure – a strong sense of community. Unlike the often impersonal nature of urban living, rural areas thrive on close-knit relationships and shared values.

Here, neighbors are more than just people living next door. They become the support system, offering a helping hand or a friendly chat over the fence. This communal spirit is a cornerstone of countryside living, where every face is familiar, and every interaction enriches your sense of belonging. This can be a big bonus, as you might not have counted on it.

Participate in Local Events and Festivals

Participating in local events and festivals is a cornerstone of embracing provincial communities. These gatherings are not just about having fun. They’re opportunities to mingle and make friends, weaving yourself into the fabric of the area. Whether it’s a local fair, a harvest festival, or a community potluck, each event is a celebration of the community’s identity and traditions.

They offer a unique chance to connect with neighbors, learn about local culture, and contribute to the communal vibe. Engaging in these activities can transform your experience from simply moving to a new home to truly becoming part of a community.

friends having a BBQ
The perfect place to mingle amongst the neighbors is a local event

Rural Areas Offer Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in the countryside significantly reduces the strain on a relocation budget. Lower property taxes, reduced housing costs, and generally lower day-to-day expenses allow for a more manageable financial lifestyle. Examples include lower utility bills due to the abundance of natural resources and more affordable local goods and services, making rural living an attractive option for many.

Find Affordable Housing Options and Property Prices

Securing affordable housing in rural areas can significantly impact the overall relocation experience. Make sure you do proper research. Here are some strategies to find budget-friendly homes:

  • Research the best places to live in the countryside extensively to understand the local real estate market.
  • Use online real estate platforms like Zillow, Realtor.com, and local classifieds to compare property prices.
  • Engage with local real estate agents who have in-depth knowledge of the area.

Negotiate house prices by leveraging information on market trends and the property’s condition. These steps can assist in identifying housing options that align with financial expectations and needs.

You’ll Have Access to Homegrown Produce and Sustainable Living

One of the compelling reasons to move to the countryside is the direct access to homegrown produce and the ability to engage in sustainable living practices. Rural living offers the opportunity to cultivate personal vegetable gardens. Also, you’ll have access to fresh, local produce from community markets.

The possibility to participate in or initiate community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs is another plus. These aspects not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle but also foster a deeper connection with the land and local community.

A fridge stacked with food
Rural lifestyle benefits include having an opportunity to grow your own food

Adapt to Less Hectic Routines and Schedules

Gone are the days of racing against the clock, replaced by a rhythm dictated by the sun and seasons rather than meetings and deadlines. This slower pace allows for the cultivation of hobbies, from gardening to stargazing, and fosters a mindful appreciation of the little things in life.

However, this leisurely lifestyle might require some adjustment for those accustomed to the constant buzz of city life. Embrace the change, and soon enough, the tranquility of country living will feel like a melody harmonizing perfectly with the rhythm of life.

Plan for Longer Commutes and Limited Public Transit

While the pros and cons of living in the country often highlight tranquility and a close-knit community, one must also take into account the logistics of longer commutes and limited public transit options.

This aspect of provincial living can be a significant adjustment, particularly for those used to the convenience of urban transportation networks.

However, this challenge also presents an opportunity to leverage technology for remote work and connectivity, turning a potential relocation mistake into a well-planned lifestyle choice.

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Embracing telecommuting can mitigate the impact of longer travel times, allowing for a balance between serene country living and professional responsibilities.

Expect Limited Access to Amenities and Services

In America, the variation between rural areas can be stark, with some offering a surprising array of amenities while others may lack basic services. For instance, when moving from the West Coast to the East Coast, one might find rural communities in states like Vermont or Pennsylvania that boast local markets, artisan shops, and even cultural venues.

But, remote areas in the vast expanses of the Midwest, where services can be few and far between, might not be the best option for some. This discrepancy underscores the importance of researching specific locations to align expectations with reality.

Identify Nearby Healthcare Facilities and Emergency Services

Start by mapping out the nearest hospitals, clinics, and emergency response units. Check the average response times and available medical services to ensure they meet your needs. This proactive approach can make all the difference in emergency situations.

It will provide peace of mind and highlight one of the often-overlooked advantages of countryside living. You’ll gain a community-oriented approach to healthcare, where services may be more personalized, albeit less immediate, than in urban settings.

Start Researching Potential Locations

Starting the research on potential locations is vital. Plan a relocation with care. Look into areas known for their quality of life. Consider the Midwest for affordability, but know that the East Coast offers history and culture.

The West Coast shines with innovation and natural beauty. Research local communities, climate, and job markets. Assess schools if needed. Visit forums and local news sites. Understanding these aspects helps find a fit. Each step ensures a smooth transition to the new home.

A big white house
Cover every aspect that is important to you - don't forget about the land size

Partner With Long Distance Movers for a Rural Relocation

Partnering with long-distance movers is essential for a successful relocation. Long-distance moving companies specialize in covering vast distances efficiently. They often provide comprehensive options, including long-distance moving services, storage services, packing services, and auto transport. These features make them invaluable for those transitioning to the countryside.

Movers are capable of handling all complexities involved in long-distance moves to rural areas. They make sure the belongings are transported safely, regardless of the remoteness of the new home. Opting for a mover with a wide range of services simplifies the process, allowing for a seamless transition.

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Tailored Moving Services to Accommodate Rural Moves

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Companies like that offer an elevated level of service, taking care of every detail of the move.

This is particularly important for countryside relocations, where logistics can be more challenging.

Check the Better Business Bureau website for reputable companies.


Due to the pandemic, 350,000 Americans left cities for rural areas in 2021

It lists movers with proven track records and customer feedback. The rating on the site will give away the company’s reputation level.

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Long Distance Movers company can resolve all your relocation worries

Settle Into the New Home and Getting to Know the New Community

Settling into a new home and community is an exciting phase where you begin to reap all the benefits of living in the country. Introduce yourself to neighbors – a simple hello can spark lasting friendships. Participate in local events, from farmers’ markets to community gatherings, to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet people.

Don’t forget to explore the natural surroundings — take walks, hike local trails, or join a community garden. Each of these activities not only helps you get accustomed to the new environment but also allows you to enjoy the peace, beauty, and camaraderie that country living offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Living in the Countryside?

Living in provincial areas offers numerous advantages, including a lower cost of living, enhanced privacy, and access to nature. The environment tends to be quieter and less polluted, providing a healthier lifestyle. Communities are often tighter-knit, fostering a strong sense of belonging and support.

How Can Long-Distance Movers Assist With Relocating to Rural Areas?

Long-distance movers provide specialized services tailored for relocating over vast distances. They offer comprehensive solutions like packing, storage, and auto transport, ensuring a seamless move. Expertise in navigating rural logistics makes them invaluable partners in the transition process.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Rural Location to Live?

When choosing a rural location, think about factors like access to essential moving to the countryside services, employment opportunities, and the local community’s culture. The availability of healthcare and education facilities is crucial. Additionally, evaluate the area’s connectivity and transportation options.

What Adjustments Should I Expect When Transitioning to Rural Living?

This transition often requires adjustments in daily routines and expectations. One should be prepared for a slower pace of life, reduced access to immediate amenities, and possibly greater self-sufficiency. Adapting involves embracing local customs and integrating into the community.

Are There Any Resources Available for Newcomers to Rural Communities?

For newcomers to rural areas, various resources can ease the transition. Local community centers and libraries often offer information and support services. Online forums and social media groups dedicated to countryside living can also provide valuable insights and connections.

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