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Posted in Moving Preparation on November 30, 2021
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

How to Organize Your Move Like a Professional Long-Distance Mover

Knowing how to organize your move is more than necessary when deciding to change your life completely. Once you choose to take a leap and start over in a completely different place, you’ll need all the help you can get. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this – just last year, around 30 million Americans moved. However, if you want a successful relocation, there are some steps to follow and tips to improve your experience.

When you start planning a move to another city, keep in mind that it’s not just a process you can do in a day. There are many tasks to be done properly because otherwise, your move can be a real disaster. That’s why you need to make sure to have everything organized and planned before the moving day. Although it won’t be the easiest thing you’ve had to do, it’s achievable. Arm yourself with patience and get some good sleep because you’ll need that more than anything.

Why Getting Organized for a Move Is Something You Shouldn’t Overlook

Many people who are moving out for the first time don’t realize the importance of knowing how to organize moving. In the beginning, everything might seem like a breeze, but you begin to worry about every little thing eventually. Relocating to a new place is much more complicated than just making your apartment feel like home. There are a bunch of other things that have to be done before the professional movers come to load your boxes into the truck.

That’s why hiring reliable long-distance moving services is the greatest idea. That way, you won’t even have to worry about getting your vehicle shipped safely to another location – professionals will offer you auto transport. Having a relocation crew by your side will make the whole process easier and provide you with more time to organize everything else.

A woman drinking coffee from a mug before long-distance moving
If you want a successful move - organize it properly

A Good Plan Goes Side by Side With a Well-Organized Move

People tend to forget stuff, so relying solely on memory for this move is a huge mistake, especially when there are many things to consider when relocating to a new state. This means that, once you’ve considered all the benefits of this relocation, you should move on to organizing the whole process.

And there’s no better way than having everything in one place. For example, when it comes to gathering all the documents and paperwork in your home, it can get quite messy. So creating a binder is the best solution. You can put in it important documents, inventory lists, relocation checklists, a relocation budget, contact lists, and the like.

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Start Planning as Soon as Possible

As you probably already know, organizing for a move will take time. And if you want to move efficiently, you should start as soon as possible. Although it’s easier said than done, good organization is really half the work done, and without it, you might wish you’d never thought about relocating. So sit in your comfy chair and start planning the whole process.

Get Professional Help From Reliable Long-Distance Movers Near You

One of the first relocation mistakes you can make is thinking that you can do everything yourself. Yes, DIY-ing might cost less (although that’s not always the case), but consider if it’s really worth your health. Okay, you’ll pack the entire household, but what about the bulkier items you wish to move? And lifting all that heavy stuff? However, check if the relocation company is legitimate online with the USDOT number verification and have a safe move before deciding anything.

The professional relocation crew will be of great assistance in every segment of the move. The experienced movers will offer you efficient packing services and a protected storage facility for some of your belongings. Also, there’s relocation insurance, so you don’t have to worry about precious belongings during transport.

Two professional cross-country movers lifting a heavy couch
Having a helping hand from professionals is always a good idea

Make a Relocation Checklist and Stay Up-to-Date During the Whole Process

By now, you probably understand that being organized for a move is very important, especially nowadays, when relocating during Coronavirus. There’s no better way to achieve it than with a relocation checklist. Having all tasks in one place during the whole process is something you just really need to have. Here are some of the tasks you could put on your checklist that people usually tend to forget:

  • Make a relocation budget,
  • Transfer utilities,
  • Change the address,
  • Clean the apartment before you move in,
  • Notify everyone about the move.
A blank relocation checklist before long-distance moving
Your life will be easier with a relocation checklist

Have a Packing Strategy That Works Best for You

When it comes to the most tedious part of the relocation, all you need is a good strategy. Packing your entire household isn’t something you just do in one day. Of course, how big your house is and how many items you have to pack play a big role.

Use all the packing tips you can find and start doing it room by room. Make sure each box is already in the room you’re wrapping up, and give yourself a timeline. That way, you’ll be able to keep up the good work and make progress. All of your belongings will be ready for the new home sooner than you thought.

Without Proper Packing Supplies, You’ll Lose More Time

Knowing how to organize for a move means you’ll have to do some wrapping as well. Another relocation tip you should hold onto when making a relocation to-do list is not to omit all the materials for the wrapping process. The more materials you have, the better. You surely don’t prefer having to stop just to get more supplies, right? So ensure you have the following supplies in abundance:

  • Boxes,
  • Packing paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Markers,
  • Sticky notes.

However, these materials can be pretty pricey, and if relocating on a budget, you might consider finding some free alternatives. You can use any soft material – clothes, sheets, socks, napkins – and protect even fragile items.

Declutter the Entire House First and Pack More Easily

You have all the needed materials, but are you completely ready for the wrapping process? No one needs the clutter in their new home, right? So before you put in all the hard work, ensure you know what to get rid of and what you’ll keep when relocating. Not only will it make the whole task easier because you won’t have to deal with unnecessary things, but the entire move will cost less (the fewer belongings you have, the lower relocation services will be).

So declutter each room and set aside everything you don’t use anymore. Check what’s in good shape or usable and donate to charity. For some tips on how to declutter your home efficiently, watch the video below.

YouTube video

Pack Items in Similar Groups and Know Exactly What’s Where

You may have a helping hand from professionals when it comes to the boxing up process, or you’ll do it on your own. In both cases, keep in mind that there will be some unpacking to do after the move. You’ll be exhausted and overwhelmed by the fact that you’re in a new environment far away from family and friends.
However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have to unpack. To ensure it goes smoothly, you have to take one step back and create categories for your belongings. For example, wrap up kitchen stuff together in the same box. Apply the same rule for essentials and other belongings. Unpacking will be so much faster and more efficient that way.

Dancing couple unpacking after cross-country moving
Don’t mix boxes and rooms

Labeling Boxes Will Help You Stay Organized Even After the Move

When it comes to organizing the move, keeping it together when you have a house full of boxes is quite a challenge. Imagine all the chaos when the professional movers come, and you can’t find that single thing because you don’t know in which box it is. To avoid those situations, you should follow a simple relocation hacklabel each box.

Write clearly what’s in each box you’ve packed. That way, you won’t have to lose all your nerves while looking for something. You’ll see, all the labeling you did will ease the unpacking process after the move when you just wish to rest.

A man carrying a labeled kitchen box instead of cross-country movers
Labeling is something you shouldn’t forget

Survive the Moving Day With Some of the Best Tips

Relocation is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Many changes are happening, and nothing will be the same. However, the worst thing that could happen to you during the relocation is not being organized on moving day. So here are some tips you should stick to, even if you’re relocating at the last minute:

  • Don’t leave important tasks for the last moment,
  • Keep your kids or pets away when movers come,
  • Ensure all paths are clear,
  • Prepare snacks and beverages for the relocation crew.
A girl throwing packing peanuts after long-distance moving
As stressful as this date can be, do everything to avoid any negative feelings

Preparing Emotionally Is Also a Vital Step When Wondering How to Organize Your Move

People move for many reasons. Some seek better job opportunities, and others are just looking for a new and better place to live in. However, all of them have to cope with all the changes that come with the move. Besides figuring out how to organize a move, there’s other stuff to think about. You also have to figure out how to live on your own in another city.

That’s why preparing emotionally is as important a step as labeling boxes. Feeling anxious about the move is entirely normal, but it can cause much more trouble for your mental health if you don’t do something about it.

Family and Friends Will Be the Greatest Support in This Challenging Process

If this whole process is challenging for you, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Get the necessary support from your family and friends. Discuss all of your fears and try to solve them together. For example, if you’re not sure where to live, ask your loved ones to suggest cities and decide which one is the right option for you.

Embrace the Chance and Enjoy the New Home

It’s not easy to plan the whole relocation and have a stress-free experience. Yet, with a bit of effort and persistence, everything is possible. Don’t let the sluggish organization ruin the whole process, but roll up your sleeves and start planning each move. That way, you’ll have more free time to think about your future life.

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