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Posted in How-to on June 15, 2021
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How to Decide Where to Live – Choose a Perfect Place for You

You’ve made up your mind to relocate, and the intoxicating cocktail of excitement, trepidation, doubt, and hope is now doing its magic while you’re wondering how to decide where to live. The first decision in the new era of your life is not easy to make, and you might feel like it’ll determine the tone of your entire adventure. But, don’t worry. With our tips, you’ll conclude what’s best for you and run into your adventure confident and free.

If you’re not a movie protagonist and the decision doesn’t come as easy as exchanging meaningful looks with your loved one or following a strange-looking man who can cast spells, you’re facing the same challenge as the majority of the US population. With the rise of economic opportunities and jobs you can hold from any spot globally, more and more Americans are reinventing what it means to find a good location for life. Still, whatever your situation is, our list can help clear up the confusion and highlight the most significant aspects. Without further ado, let’s go.

Start From the Financial Side of the Picture

It’s not the most romantic criterion around, but it’s a basic one when answering how to decide where to move. Regardless of your reasons to relocate, you’ll just be more satisfied with yourself if you can afford to lead a high-quality life. So, pay attention to the following aspects if you want to learn how to move efficiently in terms of money.

Check the Job Market

Career is an integral part of each existence, especially in our day and age. So, if you’re searching for a new opportunity and you need to know how to get a job in a new city, make sure you research the work market.

If you’re working remotely, it’s not as big of a deal since you won’t have to worry about open posts and possibilities. But, if your work is location-dependent, you need to know what the new place can bring to the table in terms of professional offers. Check out the US Census Bureau for an overall picture of booming sectors and industries, and do more specific research on LinkedIn to see whether there are vacancies for people like you. Moving without a job doesn’t have to be a nightmare, especially if you approach it from this angle.

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Research How Much Money Will Go to Taxes

Salaries and taxes are different sides of the same coin, so if you want to save and manage your finances in a way that can make you content in the long run, add the task of checking this to your relocating to another state checklist. The nuances of the US tax system are complex to grasp, but you’re not after the Nobel prize in economics. Don’t forget that nine states in the US don’t have an income tax while answering how to choose where to live and try to stick to how much you can save annually, depending on the state.

Think About the Cost of Living and Whether You Can Pay to Live Comfortably

Cost of living is another crucial area to explore. You need to know what portion of your budget will be spent on utilities, rent, food, healthcare, and free time. Regardless of whether you’re about to master how to live on your own or your new apartment checklist is getting filled with items for the family, knowing just how much money you need for all your needs is a must.

The good thing is that the Internet can help with this, and you needn’t look in the stars for the answer any longer. Check out credible sources, such as Expatistan or databases like Numbeo, and you’ll get a clear picture of what you’re going into.

Black calculator, notebook, and orange on a table
Spending time on the cost of living in different cities will give you a head start

It Also Pays Off to Inspect What the Odds of Buying a New House Are

If the question “how do I decide where to live” crosses your mind and you plan on relocating with your family, don’t let studying the property market wind up on the list of things you forget to do when you move. In case you’re playing with the idea of staying in a particular area for a longer time, you should study housing options and see whether the requirements and prices are reasonable.

Certain cities resist the urban sprawl and limit new investment options, so you need to see whether you’re comfortable with that. On the other hand, some states have exorbitant prices, making it challenging for residents to own, so you should consider whether renting is for you before you learn how to prepare your home for sale and set off. Take a look at the following video if you want to have a deeper insight into the subject.

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Consider the Essential Characteristics of the Place That Will Influence Your Life

It takes different people to make the world, so not everybody has the same vision of a good location either. So when you find yourself in the middle of how to pick where to live, ensure you have a grip on what your next home is like in terms of inherent traits. Even if you’re leaving for love, your core won’t change so that you suddenly enjoy the snow if you’re a beach person (to give a simple example.) For this reason, stay wise and check out what we mean by essential characteristics before jumping to the best moving hacks.

Can You Thrive in the Given Climate?

If you’re involved in cross-country moving on American soil, you’ve probably learned already that the US spans nine climate zones. That means that knowing how to plan a move to another city won’t be the same if you’re heading for Honolulu and if you’re leaving for Denver in the Rockies.

Ask yourself what kind of weather you feel best about and follow your gut. It’s not merely about the excellent packing tips and realizing what clothes to pack, but it’s more subtle. The weather can influence your mood, productivity, and interfere with your daily plans, so just don’t force yourself to do what’s not for you or be someone you’re not.

Can You Fit In With the People?

When deciding where to move, the question of all questions is whether you can find people to inspire you and challenge you to grow. If you’re friendly, you’ll find a way to get by even if you don’t see eye-to-eye with the locals, but to truly enjoy your stay, it would be beneficial to find people who understand you on a higher level. This is particularly relevant if you’re moving to another state alone, so do check out the social media and various articles you can find online to see what kind of individuals inhabit your next home.

It’s Best Not to Overlook Safety Either

A vital factor in choosing where to live is also the safety of a particular city or town. And, before you start with the Wire kind of associations, bear in mind that each metropolis or a bigger town is composed of numerous areas which differ drastically when it comes to crime rates. So, before you consider guns or wands as items to have on the list on what to keep when relocating, check out sites, such as AreaVibes or even Niche, where you can find reliable data on the safety of specific US neighborhoods that can facilitate the ending decision.

Three friends talking and spending time in a garden
Community is paramount in learning how to pick a place to live

Try to Understand Whether Your Kids Will Love It if You’re Moving With Family

While pondering the dilemma “how do I decide what city to move to,” you need to take your children into account in case you have some. Apart from thinking about how to babyproof house if you’re relocating with toddlers, you should also check the educational and social opportunities the new home can give to your family and your offspring.

Are There Learning Opportunities and Renowned Educational Facilities?

Not all parents have the same view of what matters in their child’s education, but you need to check whether your wishes can be fulfilled in this aspect when going for a fresh start. If you think that informal learning matters and want your little one to be surrounded by culture and different peoples, target such cities. Besides, if the reputation of a school is high on your scale of priorities, don’t forget to put finding an acknowledged educational institution on your moving to-do list.

What About Amenities and Social Life?

Once you’ve sailed through the initial struggles and you no longer wonder how to organize important documents at home or rack your brain over how to stop getting mail for previous residents, your ordinary life begins, and you need to ensure you and your kid will love it. Apart from schools, it’s convenient to be near parks, playgrounds, other families, and even theatres and similar institutions. Write down all you’d like your kid to be exposed to in terms of amenities and look accordingly.

Two girls posing in a park
Your kids need to come to terms with the profound change in the best possible way

Fun Is Crucial When Choosing a Place to Live

Long-distance moving is a lot of fun, especially once you dig deep into the specifics of packing, such as how to pack pots and pans or how to wrap up and move a piano. Still, ensure you do find things that can fuel the love for your hobbies once the initial level of excitement wears off.

The first one was obviously a joke, and you’ll be tired in case you don’t play smart and hire top-notch cross-country movers who can provide you with excellent long-distance moving services that include a great packing service. However, once the long-distance movers leave and relocation affair ends in your mind, and you embrace your current reality, you’ll want things you like at hand. This basically means that you need to ask yourself what hobbies you practice now and see whether you’ll be able to continue with them. Of course, the answer to the question of “where should I move to start over” is much easier if you’re an introvert and need no external stimuli, since in that case, be it NYC or Atlantis, you’ll be fine (bonus points.)

Six friends at the top of the mountain during sunset
There's no need to renounce the things you love in a time of change

Your Final Decision on How to Decide Where to Live Should Reflect Your Dreams and Hopes

After all, ensure you’re honest with yourself while finding the solution to the issue of how to choose a place to live. You know what they say when a flower doesn’t bloom, you should fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower. So go after that environment you dream of since life is too short to spend it in places that don’t make you happy. Since both Hogwarts and a Galaxy Far Away are off the map, for now, do your best to find something that comes close.

And, in case you want professionals to lend a hand with the move, don’t risk being part of any relocation scams and look up the most reputable long-distance moving company that covers safe storage facilities and great auto transport. Having premium relocation insurance is non-negotiable as well, so you’ll be ready even if Dobby meddles with platform nine and ¾ (if you know what we mean.)

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