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Posted in After the Move, How-to on March 7, 2022
Daisy Wilson

Daisy was born in Salt Lake City and in her free time, she writes about moving and watches Charmed.

How to Unpack After Moving

Local or cross-country moving will undoubtedly come with some exhaustion caused by hard work. As soon as you think you are done with boxes, the unpacking steps into your life. Learn how to unpack after moving fast and efficiently, so you never have to ask yourself, “why is unpacking so hard?”.

Key to Successful Unpacking Is Good Packing

If you wonder how do you unpack efficiently after moving, the answer lies in good packing. Like in any project, good preparation is the key, and if you make a good moving to-do list, plan, and organize everything, you will have stress-free moving. First, you need to buy all the necessary packing supplies – here is a list of them:

  • Medium-size boxes,
  • Bubble and plastic wrap,
  • Protective paper,
  • Duct tape and tape gun,
  • Cushioning foam,
  • Stickers or markers.
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Do Not Over Pack and Lebel Everything

No matter if you hire a long-distance moving company to help you out or not, it is important to pack light, especially if you are relocating alone. So make sure, before you start packing pots and pans, to declutter and get rid of things you know you will never use. One of the great tips for unpacking after a move is to wash and iron everything before you pack your clothing. In fact, this is a relocation hack for easy unpacking you should implement on all your belongings. Clean items are much easier for unpacking.

Consider Hiring Cross-Country Moving Company

If you don’t have time to do proper packing alone, you should consider hiring long-distance movers for packing service. They will know how to pack everything and make your unpacking after a move so much easier. On the other hand, if this is not part of your moving budget, consider hiring them for partial packing of your fragile items, for example. Once you hire them for long-distance moving services, it will be easy to add one more item to your budget list.

Man sitting next to the box
The key to successful unpacking is proper packing

The First Step Is to Inspect Your Home and Make a Plan

Before you start thinking about how to unpack after a move, do a thorough inspection of your home before your cross-country movers arrive. Check if everything is in order – if there is no dirt, mold, moisture, or any other damage. Later on, make a plan for your unpacking. Decide which rooms are priorities and must be unpacked the same day. Don’t start unpacking all at once – this is the biggest relocation mistake you can make.

Girl writing a list after hiring long-distance movers
Make a plan and prioritize your actions

Put Your Boxes in the Corresponding Room

If you have done proper labeling, then this step shouldn’t be a problem. Ask your long-distance movers to place each box in a corresponding room. This way, you can easily follow your plan without losing so much time looking at what is in what box or searching for the boxes around the house. Also, ask them to reassemble your furniture on the spot – this way, you will not have to do any heavy lifting, and half of the process will be over.

Cross-country mover holding a box
Ask your cross-country movers to place boxes in their spot

How to Unpack After Moving – Check Best Unpacking Tips

So how do I start unpacking? Simply follow your own plan. If you have a room that is a top priority, that’s where you must start. For example, if you are relocating with kids or newborns, a nursery and kids’ room should be first. If you are alone, then the bedroom is your top priority. Good night’s sleep and rest are crucial when you are in this process.

Unpack Your Moving Essentials

The next thing you must do is unpack your essentials. This way, you will give yourself time to do the rest unpacking in the following days. How long should it take to unpack after moving? No longer than three weeks. Of course, if you are relocating without a job, your priority will be getting a new one, so ask your cross-country movers about storage units you can use. Also, make sure you hire long-distance movers near me for car shipping services because, in truth, finding a job in a new city will be hard without one.

Unpack Your Bathroom and Leave a Kitchen for Later

If it is possible, on the first day you should unpack your bathroom stuff, too. This will make the adjustment to a new home much easier, and you will be able to take a shower and have a well-deserved rest. Leave a kitchen among the last ones to unpack. Take some essentials out, so you have something to use for eating and drinking, and unpack later on with ease

Box with kitchen essentials
Leave a kitchen for later

Set a Date When Everything Will Be Done and Enjoy Your New Adventure

Another great tip on how to unpack is to set a date when all it will be done. This way, you will force yourself to work faster. If you don’t do this, the whole project can last for months. But if you hire the best long-distance movers to pack you, then this whole unpacking business will be much easier and faster. With movers’ help and their professional packing skills, your items will already be amazingly organized, so all you have to do is to place them in their spot. And if you follow our tips and clean everything beforehand, you will save yourself so much time and energy. If you unpack with ease, you will be able to enjoy the new city much better.

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