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Posted in How-to on February 3, 2022
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

How to Make Long-Distance Valentines Day an Unforgettable Experience

Celebrating special dates apart from your partner must be hard. However, this shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing long-distance Valentine’s Day with your partner. In fact, you can have unique experiences with just some simple yet amazing ideas that you both will remember for a lifetime. The state lines shouldn’t be the reason not to celebrate your love.

If you or a partner had to use long-distance moving services, with a help of packing services and a secure storage facility, no matter the reasons for the move, you both have to deal with the separation on some of the most important dates. That’s why knowing Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship is something to consider. Don’t let moving to another state alone become an obstacle to your relationship. Being alone is hard enough, and many couples think that nothing can replace spending time together, especially on special dates like Valentine is. However, separation isn’t the end of your relationship. Nowadays, with the internet, you’ll be more connected than ever.

Don’t Let Distances Keep You Away From Celebrating Love – Plan the Virtual Valentines Day

If you’ve never been apart from your loved one, you’re probably wondering what can I do for Valentine’s Day long distance? The fact that you or your partner had to move out for the first time, and think about moving insurance or even auto transport, it’s just hard enough. And no matter if it was for a better job opportunity in another city or state, looking for things needed to rent an apartment can be quite overwhelming, too. Being apart and finding the best possible way to make your relationship work is something that you both should think about.

When it comes to the memorable holiday that celebrates love, you should be creative and have everything planned out. It will take time, but it will certainly be worth it. Even though you can’t hold each other’s hands, it can be a virtual experience to remember.

Have Everything Planned in Advance and Celebrate Together the Special Holiday

Many couples don’t let the distances ruin their special occasions, no matter how far apart they are. So, after moving efficiently, take a bit of your time and put an extra effort into thinking about what your partner would like to do on the special date. Yes, preparing for the perfect day can be exhausting, but if you truly want to overcome all the difficulties this change brought, you should take an extra effort. And, once you have everything planned and prepared, the only thing left for you and your loved one is to enjoy.

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How Do You Do a Virtual Valentine’s Day – Enjoy in Video Dinner Date

Many people feel anxious about moving out because of the numerous moving mistakes that can happen and jeopardize the stress-free move. It’s completely normal, especially nowadays, when moving during Coronavirus. However, if you had to leave your significant another behind, it can get quite stressful. But know it’s not the end of your relationship. On the contrary, with numerous apps, such as Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, or Viber, you can see each other whenever you want.

In that case, it’s more than important to remember all the power of the internet and how to use it in the best possible way. For example, you can be in contact every day on a video call. But, for this special holiday, go all out! If you need an excuse to dress up, this is the one, definitely. Also, set up your kitchen or living room and get in the mood for this occasion.

Cook Something Your Partner and You Love to Eat

There are plenty of options when it comes to picking the perfect menu. You can both cook the same recipe over the video call. Use this date night as an opportunity to bond and do something interesting. If you’re more for a twist, order from each other what you think they like best via food delivery. It can make you laugh and feel closer.

If your SO relocated from the West Coast to East Coast, you can prepare a dish typical to that area, for example. That way you both can learn something new, like interesting facts and a local dish from the place one of you decided to live in.

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In the 1840s, we have first mass-produced valentines

Find and Send a Thoughtful Gift

Everyone likes gifts, right? So if you’re wondering, what do I get my long-distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, the answer would be a special gift. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the easiest option because there’s a lot of thinking to be done if you want it to be a special one. Exchanging gifts on this particular holiday has become a highlight for many long-distance relationships.

Making the best of the fact that one of you had to move to a new home will, on many levels, help to build your relationship and make it stronger. Many relationship counselors consider that receiving a physical gift makes people in long-distance relationships feel closer. It’s because both of you will have something from each other to hold or touch when thinking about your loved one.

Participate in a Gift Exchange and Make It Special

Show your loved one you care by participating in a gift exchange. It can be a really exciting and fun way to spend some moments together, even if it’s on a video call. Many people love watching their sweethearts opening gifts before their eyes and seeing the surprised faces of their partners.

So, if your love language is gift-giving, prepare the perfect surprise, send it to your significant other and watch their reaction while opening it. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to wrap some things more carefully than others. For example, packing fragile items will take a bit longer than wrapping the clothes.

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Cupid's roots are in Greek mythology

Taking an Online Class Together Is One of the Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas

Considering all the benefits of moving and having to deal with being apart from each other, many relationships had to come up with virtual creative solutions for the special holiday. Yes, back home, everything was so much easier, but not being together physically doesn’t mean you can’t do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Include planning a love holiday among the many things you have to do after moving. And if you’re one of the couples that are just not into exchanging gifts, consider participating in an online course. Due to the Coronavirus, many creative and educational industries are providing virtual classes. Also, there are some quite handy courses you can take, such as:

Taking Craft Classes Can Be Quite Interesting

If you both are into making something crafty, then one of the long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day ideas is definitely signing up for a practical course. A great way of surprising your loved one is to send an invitation to a class you wanted to attend together. Whether it’s embroidery, painting, cooking, or clay sculpting class, one thing is certain – you’ll have fun. And as a bonus to great moments spent creating something together, you can send it as one of the Valentine gifts. Also, when one of you feels lonely, you can always take that thing you made together and remember how much fun you had even though you’re miles apart.

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It became a holiday in the 1300s

The Holy Grail for Valentines Day Long-Distance Is Watching a Movie Together

Snuggling and making cozy on a couch with a favorite movie is your description of a perfect date? Then watching a movie together is just the right thing for you and your significant other. Luckily, many streaming options and extensions are available that make spending Valentine’s apart much easier. This means couples can watch their favorite movie or whatever they want simultaneously.

You can also prepare popcorn separately and get comfortable on a couch or chair. Spice it up with your preferred drink, and hit the play button at the same time. If you’re not sure what movie to watch, you’ll find the top 20 romance movies in the video below.

YouTube video

Spend Quality Time and Read to Each Other

Couples who love reading, and not exclusively the same genre, can still enjoy this holiday with their favorite book. You can dedicate one part of your day to writing the sentences or paragraphs you like the most from a preferred novel or poem. Then get cozy in your favorite spots, you at your and your partner in theirs, and read the literature you chose. After that, you can read to each other those parts and have a discussion. It can be as you have your own private book club discussion.

If you’re a romantic soul, then poetry is just what’s needed to fulfill Valentine. What’s more romantic than a love verse, right?

Send the Book Your Significant Other Will Bring Back Home

One of the gifts that can’t grow old is a book. So, if you know that your loved one has wanted that one book for quite some time now, there won’t be a better surprise than sending a long-wanted book. And to personalize even more the gift, you can write a dedication with something special only you and your partner can understand.

What’s More Romantic Than Falling Asleep Together?

After putting a lot of effort into preparing the virtual special occasion and making everything perfect, the cherry on top would be falling asleep together, right? It’s one of the Valentine’s day ideas for long-distance relationships you can’t go wrong with. No matter whether you were having a romantic dinner or reading to one another, ending this lovely holiday together will mean the world to couples that are apart.

You’ll surely be happier knowing that this special period filled with love and moments to remember ends with your better half, right? And until you fall asleep, you can talk about your future, what moving for love means, and how to realize it in the future with the help of long-distance movers near me.

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Valentine's is an ancient Pagan festival

How Do You Wish Your Valentine Day in a Long-Distance Relationship?

Keeping long-distance relationships alive requires a lot of effort and sacrifices. For most couples, traveling to see each other for Valentine’s isn’t always an option. So, the best option is to use the power of the internet and have a new romantic experience that you both will remember. Even a genuine gesture can be a game-changer in a relationship and bond people even more than before.

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