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Tips for Moving Without a Job – How to Make It on a Tight Budget

No matter how great is the potential of the town you’re relocating to and how broad the professional market might be, moving without a job is undoubtedly one of the most stressful things you could ever do in your life.

Sure, you’re probably going to ask yourself certain questions that are not easy to answer at all. Can I get a place without a job? Can I live life without a job? Is moving out of state without a job even possible? We agree, all those questions are justified when you’re worrying and left in uncertainty. The good news is that the answer to all these previous questions is affirmative. Meaning, you’ll make it even if your financial situation doesn’t seem so promising. For that reason, we decided to provide you with the ultimate guide on how to move to a new city without a job and how to make it on a tight budget.

What to Do First When Relocating Without a Job

Whether you’ve just graduated from college, lost a job due to pandemics, got divorced, decided to move for love, want to try to live on your own, or have any other reason to move, moving to another state without a job could be quite challenging.

Check the Finances

The first thing to do when you decide on moving to a new state without a job is checking your finances. Or, more precisely, what is the amount of money you have and how long you can fund your life without having a regular income. This implies you’ll have to cover all the expenses, from the rent, utilities, and student loan installment, to food. So, the best idea would be to create a budget list and line all the expenses so you can exactly know how it matches with your savings, and for how long can you sustain until you find another workplace.

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How to Move Without a Job – Explore All Options to Decrease Your Expenses

When you plan a move to another city, in case your savings are not enough to cover your monthly expenses, you should definitely consider some other options that will provide you with lower living costs and support you during this transitional period.

One of the most secure ways will be going back to your hometown and living with your parents again for a while. Not being obliged to pay the bills and rent, and staying in your family home could be very supportive not only financially, but emotionally as well. You’ll be able to create stronger bonds with your parents and reconnect with your old acquaintances and friends while staying in your comfort zone. And, who knows? Maybe your hometown could be a place where you’ll find your employment, even if you haven’t planned it.

Another possibility to decrease your costs when moving to a new city alone without a job is finding roommates and sharing the space and expenses with them, or exploring the co-living spaces that provide its tenants with more privacy and lower costs too. And once you find a perfect option for you, create a new apartment checklist that will contain all the items you’ll need for your space, and pack all the things you can from the previous property and avoid unnecessary costs. You will not need to buy kitchen utensils when you can bring the majority of them, and pack dishes as well as you can pack fragile items or other small appliances. Another useful tip is to explore small apartment ideas and consider how you will furnish your space. Don’t forget that you can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere even on a tight budget.

Organize the Relocation

When relocating to another state alone it would be of tremendous help to hire a long-distance moving company whose moving services and professional packing services will cover all your needs. This implies they are trustworthy and equipped for any situation, from relocating a piano to providing you with all relocation hacks related to packing shoes.

Since you’ll be performing long-distance moving, which is not cheap, it would be great to explore every possible way on how to decrease your costs at this point, too. Instead of trying to save on long-distance moving services and choose the company that provides you with the cheapest offer, which is one of the most secured signs you’re dealing with a moving scam, try to find cheap relocation supplies, and pack the majority of belongings by yourself. Trying to save on the professional cross-country movers can lead to a much higher final cost of relocation, once they have your stuff and refuse to unload the truck until you pay them additional money they ask for.

The moment you schedule your relocation day presents the right time to start creating a relocation to-do list and explore all the packing tips you could possibly find.

Calculator and bills
Setting the budget is the very first step of planning the relocation

How Do I Get a Job Before Relocating? Is it Even Possible to Do It?

Even if you don’t have a regular monthly income, there is more than one way to accomplish this demanding task, get a job in a new city, and turn the whole situation in your favor. Here are essential steps that will help you plan how to relocate without a job.

Research the Job Market

Although you might feel insecure because you’re taking such a big step without guaranteed income while the costs of living and rent line up, you should know that is absolutely doable if you approach this problem strategically.

The first step you should undertake is making detailed research on the areas where cross-country moving can provide you with more opportunities for work. You should pay special attention to metropolitan areas where the biz climate is better and your skills can come to the fore and ensure you a high-paid position and career advancement.

Searching for Work is a Job – Be Proactive

Searching for a new workplace takes time. The faster you want to find another job the more resumes you should send to potential employers. Explore online platforms or apps that connect employers and the workforce. Create a Linkedin profile and connect with your previous colleagues, explore how to write on topics of your industries, and get noticed.

It would be very helpful, also, if you create a list of all companies you would love to work for and send them your resume and cover letter, even if they don’t have any open positions, cause you never know when this situation might change.

Can You Find Remote Work?

Another great idea for keeping your savings safe is to find remote work that can be both part or full-time jobs. If there is a chance to earn for your monthly needs and avoid spending your funds, it could provide you with more opportunities and time while searching for an open position. Although you might be inexperienced in this field, don’t give up on this option before you try it.

Platforms like UpWork can provide you with many freelance jobs associated with marketing, tech, web development, or writing. There are multiple online platforms for learning languages, so you could find yourself easily as an English teacher. And don’t forget that work opportunities can be found even on social media platforms, so make sure you explore all options.

Not Sure How to Use LinkedIn to Find Open Positions?

If you are not sure how LinkedIn can actually provide you with working opportunities, then check out the video below and find the ultimate tutorial on how to create a profile, and use the search option to find the open position you are looking for.

YouTube video

Use the Power of Networking when Moving Without a Job

If you have any previous working experience, make sure to engage all your contacts while searching for another workplace. And when we say “all your contacts” we mean all your colleagues you were working with in the same company and still have contact with them; all your ex-bosses or managers; and all associates you were cooperating closely while working in your previous company. Send them an email, ask them politely how they are doing, inform them you’re open to job offers, and ask them to forward your email further if they know who is searching for an employee with your profile.

Networking also implies being presented on LinkedIn as the largest business social network, where you can easily post what type of employment you are looking for and start acquiring offers. Attending networking events like conferences or business trade shows is also very desirable even if you are unemployed, since these events can help you reconnect with your old contacts and acquire fresh ones. So, buy a ticket for that event and don’t forget to take your business cards with you. No one knows what opportunities are ahead.

Nurturing the existing relations with people you already know is as important as meeting new people. Making contacts in a town where you might not know anyone can be difficult, however, there are some common places that can help you meet people and adjust to the community easier. You can start with your hobbies. Whether you sing in a choir, want to learn languages, or volunteer for charities, it could be a great source of acquaintances.

Two women in the office talking
Networking and communication are essential for acquiring fresh contacts

How Can I Move Without a Job or Money? How to Move to Another State Without a Job and Get Paid?

Did you know you can get thousands of dollars just for showing up in states such as Alaska or Kansas? These two states have introduced programs that are almost unconditional for all those who want to have a home there, and are ready to help them out with economical development.

If you choose the city of Topeka, Kansas, you can get up to $15,000 just for relocating there. This program partners with Shawnee County employers that select talented professionals to relocate to Topeka and provide them with full-time employment. Furthermore, there are even more benefits for those who wish to buy a house. After the first year of living there, this program will reimburse 50% of relocation costs. Still, if you’re not ready to buy your own property, as a renter you will be supported with $10,000.

Alaska offers another great program for all interested citizens-to-be. Since they are aware of harsh climate conditions, Alaska’s government really does its best to give a really good reason to relocate there. Numerous grants and tax incentives are in place. There is no state tax or sales tax in Alaska, and the permanent fund dividend that manages the fair share of states oil revenue provides its citizens with monthly checks that go up to $1,600.

Ready to compile a relocating to another state checklist and learn what to keep when relocating?

person researching on a computer
Before making any definite decision of relocation and place you'll call home, make sure it’s the right one

How to Move Out of State Without a Job and Make the Best Experience Out of It?

As you can see, moving to a new city without a job is not the end of the world. Although it can be pretty uncomfortable and stressful, still there are multiple options you can count on that will help you find a solution for this situation. Keep in mind that everything changes and those good opportunities are waiting ahead.

The only thing you should take care of is choosing the right city and a company where your career can progress. Even if your situation doesn’t seem to be promising, by considering all the options listed above, in some cases this could be the best experience for you. Who on Earth would pay you to relocate somewhere? Well, we’ve revealed this to you. Although it’s not the most perfect option, still it gives you a chance to consolidate your finances and live a decent life until the next opportunity shows up.

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