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Posted in Moving Essentials, Moving Preparation, Moving Tips&Tricks on April 15, 2022
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Ultimate Guide for Moving Large Items and Heavy Furniture

When it comes to relocating, one of the most challenging tasks is usually moving large items and heavy furniture. The mere process of preparing everything, getting it out of the house and into the transportation truck is quite challenging. However, we’ve made an ultimate guide to help you out in these situations.

It’s Important to Properly Plan Out the Process of Moving Large Items

When preparing a relocation to-do list, it’s important to carefully plan out each task you have to finish, especially the harder ones, like relocating bulky things. You should figure out how to move heavy items and put your brain into creating a proper plan. If you rush into these chores, you could end up damaging the furnishing or your house floors. In the worst case, you might even hurt yourself. That’s why you need to properly plan out each step, read through our relocation tips, and prepare and measure everything.

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How Do You Prepare for Heavy Furniture and Bulky Items?

As mentioned above, when it comes to relocating furniture and bulkier, bigger things, preparation is a must. You should probably keep a relocation checklist so you don’t forget some of these critical steps. Remember putting the brain into work before turning to muscle strength.

Don’t Forget to Measure Every Single Item

Measuring each piece of furnishing, as well as the doors in your house, should be a necessary step in your relocation plan. It’s going to be very problematic if you realize that your sofa can’t go through your doorway in the middle of the process. You don’t want any additional and unnecessary stress when relocating to your new home, and doing this could save you a lot of time and energy.

If something can’t go through the door, consider disassembling it into smaller pieces and packing it for the relocation truck that way. Doing this also makes it a lot easier to protect during transportation.

Map Out a Route Through Your Home

Once you’ve measured every piece you’re relocating and parts of your home, start mapping out a route. If you’re unsure what to do, this ultimate relocation guide is going to help you avoid getting your bigger things stuck somewhere in the house and prevent them from getting damaged through the process.

Protect Your Furnishing

Ensure everything is protected with packaging paper and secured for transportation. You want it all delivered to your destination safe and undamaged. Get the same materials and supplies as you would for packing fragile things.

Especially pay attention to the corners of the objects and their sharp edges – they must be wrapped up with extra paper, as they are prone to damage. In case your things have a glass part, you can apply cardboard for protection.

Protect Your Hardwood Floor Before You Start Relocating Bulky Furnishing

This step is important both when relocating out of your old and into your new house. In both cases, you don’t want any part of the house to get damaged while you’re pushing and sliding your bulky inventory around. The floors have the biggest chance of getting damaged in situations like this, and here are a few tips on how to protect them.

Ensure the floors are clean before you start dragging the furnishing across them. Any type of dust, small stones, or something similar could get stuck under one of the bigger things you’re sliding on and could damage the wood. Remember to take it slow, and dragging should be your last option. It’s best for the floors if you’re able to lift the things.

Planning out how to relocate furniture
Planning out the relocation process is a very important step

Gather Needed Equipment That Will Make the Process Easier

In case you were wondering how to move something heavy out of your home and prepare it for transportation, you should know it is almost impossible to do it without the help of special equipment. Here are some of the most common tools you’re going to need for efficiently relocating your bulky belongings:

  • Sliders are used to slide your bulkier belongings across your house and into the transportation vehicle. To get your slider into the correct position, you should lift one corner of your item at a time and move the slider into its place. Keep in mind that you should be tying straps around your things and dragging them instead of pushing them.
  • Shoulder dollies are used to shift the weight to stronger muscle groups by taking the full weight of the item off of your back. They are especially useful for carrying bigger things up and down the stairs. Lastly, you should be able to adjust the straps to several heights.
  • Relocating blankets are essential for protecting your furnishing from getting damaged. They are a sort of alternative to the sliders.
  • Mattress slings are extremely helpful tools when it comes to relocating mattresses, making the whole thing very easy to DIY.
  • Hand trucks are great for keeping things upright, as they have wheels and a small platform on the bottom. They are ideal for furnishings that are taller, such as bookcases or dressers. However, they are not recommended for heavier pieces.

We should mention that these tools can ensure easier relocation, but it’s almost impossible to manage everything on your own. When organizing your move, you should consider inviting some friends over to share the work. They can make it a bit more fun, and you can use it as a chance to spend time together before you move to another state.

If you have any doubts about using any of these gadgets, you can always search for tutorials on Youtube. Here’s a short and useful tutorial on how to use a shoulder dolly for lifting your bigger belongings.

YouTube video

You Need To Use Special Lifting Techniques

When it comes to relocating bigger and bulkier things, using pushing, pulling, and sliding techniques are okay but not the wisest choice you could make. Be especially careful with your posture when heavy lifting to move safely and prevent injuries. Keep in mind that you should avoid twisting or turning your body while relocating bulky objects.

Remember to hold things close to your body when lifting. It helps you maintain your balance and make carrying easier. Holding furniture away from your body will not only make the item feel heavier, but you can also lose balance and possibly get injured.

Bending your waist when lifting and not your knees is a common relocating mistake that could be fatal for your spine. You should be putting the weight on your knees rather than on your back while settling the weight as evenly as possible.

The Problem of Getting Up and Down the Stairs

When carrying furniture out of the house, the most difficult part is usually conquering the stairs. It is tough when you’re carrying big and bulky pieces up and down the stairs. Proper equipment, as mentioned above, is necessary for this problem.

Secondly, you should have a few people that can communicate well throughout the process. The person on the bottom should be setting the pace since they carry the most weight. For accomplishing this task, it’s recommended to go slow and steady with undivided attention from all team members.

Relocating Bulky Stuff Without the Right Tools

In case your relocation budget is high, and you’re not willing to purchase additional equipment for carrying stuff, that is completely understandable. Convenience and ease come with a cost, but if you’re not ready to have that expense, it is manageable to do it without them as well. Here are some tips on how you can DIY fancy gadgets at home:

  • If you don’t have relocating gliders, you can cut out a piece of carpet or some other heavy-duty material that could be used for sliding your bigger belongings across the floors.
  • Instead of expensive wrapping, use old blankets or newspapers or anything similar to that to protect the stuff. You can also use pieces of cardboard.
  • Disassemble whatever you can before relocating. You don’t have to carry every bulky item all at once, especially if it can barely fit through the standard doorway. It’s going to be much easier once it’s deconstructed.

Keep in mind that it is much safer to get proper equipment than it is to use things from your house. Lifting bulky furniture and bigger things is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of caution and carefulness.

A man relocating furniture without special equipment or long-distance movers
It's not impossible to relocate furniture without special equipment, but you do need to do it carefully

Contact Cross Country Movers to Help You With Moving Large Items Across the Country

The whole process of relocation is quite challenging, especially if you’re relocating to another state alone. It’s even harder when you are last-minute relocating and have no time to purchase the equipment and learn how to properly move all the bulkier things in your house.

In situations like this, it’s always easier to search for a reputable long-distance moving company to help you out with most of the tasks. They will make everything less stressful, and you’ll have no anxiety about relocating.

Research Everything You Can About the Movers You’re Hiring

You have to be careful when searching for a cross-country moving company that is safe and reputable. You should research everything you can about their work to be sure you’re not falling for relocation scams. Check their reviews, their team, licenses they own, location, and of course, contact them to ask any questions you may have. You can also try and find information about them on the Better Business Bureau.

Finding the Best Long Distance Moving Services for Your Preferences

Everyone is different, and everyone has their own specific problems when it comes to relocations. Some people consider hiring movers and getting moving services for a few bulkier things since they don’t feel comfortable relocating on their own. In contrast, others want full packing services where professionals pack up every single item from your inventory list on their own.

Figure out what feels best for you and your budget, and ask the company to give you all the information you may need. However, keep in mind that buying an additional service like moving insurance is always recommended. This is one of the services you should definitely invest money into.

When it comes to relocating bulkier and bigger belongings, the weight often determines the price. The heavier things you have, the more you’ll have to pay for shipping your belongings. Be sure to check your inventory list more than once to figure out if it’s essential to transport all of those things.

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Storage Is a Great Option When You’re Relocating

If you don’t feel like getting rid of some of your furnishings, but you don’t necessarily need them in your new home for the first few weeks, you can always get storage services, where you’ll be able to leave anything you don’t want in your new place immediately. Storage is also a great option when you’re still figuring out where you want to place each piece after relocating to a new home. While you’re settling in, anything getting in the way can wait in the storage units while you decide where to put it.

Storage units for storing items
When you're relocating furniture, storage can be very helpful

Decide Whether Do It on Your Own or Search for ”Long Distance Movers Near Me”

Relocations are fun, and there are plenty of benefits of relocation, such as exploring different cultures, and making friends in a new city, that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. However, relocations can come with a bunch of problems and challenging issues, so don’t hurry with making the decision. Our advice is to take time and think about your possibilities.

You can follow our guide and suggestions and move even the heaviest furnishing from your house on your own. However, you can also choose to hire professional movers that will do everything for you, and you won’t have to worry about a single thing. The choice is entirely up to you.

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