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Posted in Moving Essentials, Moving Tips&Tricks on July 5, 2022
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Moving From a Small Town to a Big City as a College Student – Advantages and Dangers

Every year millions of college students enroll at different universities across the US. Some of them are moving from a small town to a big city for the first time. However, they don’t know what to expect. Read our article to find out everything about the advantages and dangers of life in a metropolis. Don’t forget to follow our tips and tricks on how to relocate efficiently as well.

As you are writing a to-do list as well as gathering and packing books for the relocation to a college dorm, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of life in a big city. Explore numerous amenities, search for fantastic employment opportunities and meet people from different backgrounds. All of this and much more is available in cities. Apart from the benefits of relocating to a college in a metropolis, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of, too. Let’s dive in.

What Are Crucial Advantages of Moving From a Small Town to a Big City for a College Student?

The hustle and bustle of the cities can be an unusual phenomenon for young adults coming from smaller towns. Suddenly hoards of people are walking in the street, riding the subway, or dining in exquisite restaurants. Cities never sleep, so, at night, different music can be heard from numerous clubs where everyone comes to unwind after a stressful day. Living in a metropolis has a charm that many college students cannot part with long after they graduate. Here are some things students love about cities.

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You Can Meet New People From All Over the World

Metropolises attract individuals from all over the globe. As a college student, you will have an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds – seeing life from another perspective and learning about different cultures and experiences will expand your horizons. Encountering various students on a daily basis will allow you to make new friends and build a strong social network. Don’t hesitate to learn as much as possible about different ethnicities and various ways of life.

A woman and a man looking at notes
Get to know interesting individuals from across the world

There Are Numerous Entertainment Options

One thing is for sure, relocating to a big city is exciting because there is never a dull moment. Everyone can find something they like, whether it’s watching first-rate films or going to clubs for electrifying shows. The various social amenities can help you encounter individuals who share the same interests.

There might be a fair share of entertainment opportunities in smaller towns, but in cities, the number of clubs, restaurants, cinemas, galleries, and museums is overwhelming. Sometimes, one doesn’t even have to go to a club or concert to see a great performance. It is enough to go outside and pass by street performers who enjoy entertaining citizens.

Being new to the area and leaving your home can sometimes lead to depression after relocating. However, having numerous opportunities for entertainment and meeting new friends will help overcome this tough phase.

The Benefit of Using the Transportation System

Living on your own as a student can be challenging. There are numerous obligations throughout the day that have to be done. It’s incredibly difficult to be on time and manage to go to lectures, do homework, go to the library to pick up important books, and later in the evening meet up with friends. However, cities have mass transportation systems making it quick to get from your apartment to any place you want and avoid traffic jams. With well-organized buses, trams, subways, and taxis, one can choose any means of transportation to get anywhere on time.

You Can Find Better Employment Opportunities

So, why do people move from small towns to big cities? The main reason is employment options. There are many employment opportunities in a metropolis, both for those who want temporary placements during their studies and those looking for a well-paid job after graduation. You won’t have to deal with anxiety after relocation or even adjustment insomnia, thinking that you won’t be able to find a suitable position related to your field.

During college, make sure to find an off-campus or an on-campus job related to your interests and field of study. Use the opportunity to build skills and earn extra money for tuition fees. This will be beneficial when you decide on which career path to take. Visit career centers or talk to professors about suitable positions; they can provide you with useful guidance and assistance.

A woman and a man looking at a laptop
Employment opportunities are the reason why living in the city is better

What Are Some Disadvantages and Dangers of Living in a Metropolis People Should Know?

Apart from the benefits of living in a big city, there are some disadvantages that need to be mentioned. Since there are numerous people residing in cities and the streets are often very crowded, problems can arise. Every student should be aware of potential dangers before deciding where to live. Here is what to know before moving to a big city.

The Cost of Living Is Higher

Whether it’s a cup of coffee or dinner at your favorite restaurant, you will have to pay more when residing in a metropolis. Cities usually have a higher cost of living than small towns. The highest costs in the US are in cities like New York and San Francisco.

College students can expect to pay more for rent, utilities, food, drinks, entertainment, and transportation when relocating to a new home. There are also additional costs associated with laundry and parking permits. Most individuals don’t have to spend any money on parking spaces or laundry in their hometowns, so being aware of these unexpected costs is very important. A useful tip is to visit the Numbeo site and research monthly expenses in the metropolis you want to relocate to start budgeting for the move.

Woman putting a coin in the piggy bank
Prepare for higher prices of your favorite food when residing in a metropolis

There Is Less Space in Cities

Since costs are higher, most citizens choose to live in smaller apartments. Those individuals who have gotten used to having a yard or a patio might find it hard to move from a house into a tiny apartment and learn how to implement their creative storage ideas. Before relocating, it’s essential to accept the fact that as a student, you’d have to get accustomed to living in a less spacious apartment. Apart from less greenery, students might find it hard to get accustomed to busy and crowded streets. There are constant traffic jams, and everyone is rushing to get to work or school, which might cause stress and anxiety when relocating for the first time to a metropolis.

The Crime Rate Is Higher

Some urban areas have a higher crime rate than others. Depending on the neighborhood, it can be dangerous to walk alone late at night or leave your things unattended. Instances of theft, vandalism, and muggings happen more often than in small towns.

However, most cities have invested a lot of money in surveillance systems and crime prevention strategies. Innovative technology has been used for a while to put a stop to criminal activity in major cities. What is more, you’ll receive a fast response when calling emergency services and receive immediate help in dangerous situations.

A man with open hands in front of an empty parking space
Even though the crime rate is higher, you shouldn't feel discouraged to move

How to Move to a Big City – Start With s Checklist

Before going off to college and making a metropolis your home, you should know how to effortlessly prepare for the relocation. We recommend starting with a relocation checklist of tasks that need to be completed by a certain date. Take a piece of paper or make a spreadsheet on your computer of every relocation task. The list should include:

  • Purchasing packing supplies and materials,
  • Gathering textbooks for the semester,
  • Stocking up on school supplies,
  • Hiring reputable cross-country movers,
  • Gather all travel documents,
  • Pack your essential things,
  • Throw a farewell party for friends.

Remember to Start Budgeting on Time

Life in a metropolis will be tough without knowing how to handle your finances. Becoming a college student brings about a lot of stress, so learning how to spend money wisely is of utmost importance. We recommend learning everything about creating a relocation budget. Start by being mindful of your spending. Allocate a certain percentage of money for different needs such as food, entertainment, travel, and shopping. Have a plan and implement a 50/30/20 rule. That means you will spend 50% of your money on needs and 30% on wants, and the rest should be put into your savings.

Don’t Forget to Save Up as Much as Possible

You might be wondering – how do people move to big cities with no money? That is a tough situation to be in, so having at least some finances is essential. Saving money will help you manage that. There is a chance you might not be able to find a part-time job quickly, or you might have to pay some unforeseen expenses. All of this can wreak havoc on your plans, so the best way to be prepared for such obstacles is to save up as much as possible. Keep track of your spending and make sure to avoid purchasing unnecessary items ahead of the move. Every cent is valuable during the adjustment period in a metropolis.

For more information on budgeting and saving strategies, watch this insightful video.

YouTube video

Hire a Trustworthy Cross-Country Moving Company

As you are planning to move to another destination, it’s best to start looking for a reliable long-distance moving company. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced crew is crucial for the entire relocation process. They can provide you with full or partial packing service, transport your vehicle and give you essential relocation tips. All of the belongings need to be transported to another location intact, and the safety of your things depends solely on the capabilities of your long-distance movers. Therefore, when investing in long-distance moving services, make sure that they are efficient and trustworthy.

Read Reviews of Moving Companies You’d Like to Hire

An important tip is to first check reviews of the companies you are considering. Search through their websites and read testimonials of customers who have used their services. It is essential to differentiate between honest reviews and fake ones. The overtly negative or positive reviews are not credible. Stick to those testimonials that explain their entire experience with the company and list what they were satisfied with. Also, check if the firm is legitimate by searching for a US DOT number and their complaint reports. This is the best way to choose a relocation company.

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Is It Better to Live in a Small Town or a Big City?

It depends on your priorities. Small towns can offer quiet surroundings and a sense of security. There are more individuals residing in spacious houses with backyards and patios, so families with children often see more benefits in residing in a smaller town. However, college students and young professionals prefer life in cities because of a multicultural community, job prospects, and social amenities.

How Do You Adjust to Big City Life?

The easiest way to adjust to residing in a metropolis is by exploring it. Go to cafes and bars, and discover the music and food scene. Feel free to talk to the locals about places you should visit. Join volunteer or study groups and form new relationships. Sometimes, when feeling homesick, reach out to family members from your hometown and invite them to visit you. It might take a while, but it will be worth it.

How Do You Move to a Big City Alone?

It can be scary at first but relocating alone isn’t the worst thing in the world. The best thing one can do is to have a plan. When arriving in an unfamiliar area, make sure to meet the locals and befriend other students. The phase of being a newcomer and alone will quickly come to an end as soon as you get accustomed to the environment and meet friends.

How Do You Become a City Person?

It will take some time, but as soon as you notice that you prefer to use public transportation and that you know where every bus and tram line stops are, you might be on track to becoming a local. You’d start buying snacks and eating on the go. Once you give directions to newcomers, it will be evident that you have become a local.

The Day Has Finally Arrived – Are You Ready to Become a Local in a Metropolis?

Residing in cities has many benefits, from a well-organized transportation system to various job opportunities. College students are attracted by the multicultural atmosphere and the rich cultural scene. However, along with many advantages come downsides like higher crime rates and costs. But, those adamant about pursuing an academic career in a metropolis can overcome any obstacles that might make it a bit difficult to live in cities. If you feel that you are ready for the next chapter, research long-distance movers near me and prepare a relocation checklist.

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