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Posted in Moving Tips&Tricks on October 5, 2021
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

5 Advantages of Moving to a Big City

It’s perfectly normal for you to fear moving to a big city, especially if it would be your first move. For those from more rural areas, the metropolitan lifestyle could seem almost an alien one. However, with the number of benefits it could bring, there are plenty of reasons to live in a big city. Take a look at our list and ease your worries, even just a little bit.

#1 You Will Have Better Work Opportunities

The vast job market is one of the most common reasons to move to a metropolis for most people. Large cities are often business hubs for various fields, with many companies established nationwide or even further. Even if you’re relocating without a job, you will find one in a metropolis faster than a tiny town. It doesn’t matter if you want to climb the corporate ladder, start your own company, or chase your passion. You have better chances to succeed if you choose a metropolis than some smaller populated place.

Remember to place the research on your relocating to another state checklist. If you have the freedom to decide where to live, seek places where your professional skills are in demand. For example, areas such as Atlanta, San Francisco, Austin, and Seattle are known as tech centers. If you come to form the IT field, you’ll find a supreme work market here.

Being in constant contact with other professionals in the field is one way of keeping your drive for learning and improving. Simultaneously, there will be no time without competition down your back. It can seem intimidating at first, but it will make you want to exceed in everything you do and prove your worth daily. It will all result in your constant professional growth. The exact position in smaller towns would probably never give you that strong of a push. For some, that’s enough to plan a move to another city as soon as possible.

If you put yourself out there even before relocation, you could even get a job in another state before the move with a little bit of luck. Update your CV and apply upfront for positions seeking your expertise. And if and when it comes to interviews, remember to have information about the approximate relocation date ready for the HR team. If you’re interested in more work-related relocation hacks, watch the following video. It will show you all the best ways to conduct a successful job search from afar.

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#2 You Will Get to Know Diversity and Variety in Everything

Remember that one decent restaurant in your town or the same dull events organized every year near your home? If you play your cards right, you will never have a dull moment in a metropolis. Whatever you like, you’ll have plenty of it after the move. Museums, venus, green surfaces, festivals, bars, restaurants, clubs, bookstores – the list goes on and on. You just need to choose what you like the most.

If you are not relocating for love, even the dating pool will be wider (and better). You won’t know everyone forever, for starters. It should be enough to deem dating in bigger cities at least more interesting. And of course, with that many people, chances to find your soulmate are bigger. On the other hand, if you just want to kiss many frogs before settling down with a prince, there will be no one to judge you or wonder why you are still single.

Furthermore, you will find beauticians specialized in hair coloring, haircutting, eyebrow shaping, and so on. You will have a favorite restaurant for each of the ethnic cuisines and an exciting and new place to visit each day. So, is it hard to live in a big city? Sure, with a high cost of living and endless traffic jams, it isn’t exactly easy. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

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Cultural Diversity and Meeting New People

Do you know the number of non-white (or non-African-American) people in your community? If the answer is yes, cultural and ethnic diversity might be just something you watched on Netflix. Metropolises are known to be multicultural. It will open your mind to new and different views and perspectives and make you rethink all your prejudices. Making friends in more diverse areas could expand your horizons and make you grow as a person, as long as you let it. And what is a better benefit of the move than personal growth?

Group of people sitting together
You’ll meet plenty of different people, with different backgrounds while in a metropolis

#3 You Will Feel Like Yourself Again After Moving to a Big City

Whether you like it or not, less populated areas have a tight community. It could be a great thing because community members are almost always ready to help. However, it doesn’t come without a cost. It’s no secret that each small town has a gossip squad waiting for something to happen. Break up, divorce, arguments, money problems, even personal choices and habits – there is nothing sacred to them.

In a metropolis, you will practically be anonymous. No stranger will care that you had a bad breakup. In more populated places, it is more common to be focused on yourself than on others. However, sometimes it could bring a feeling of loneliness, especially if you’re relocating to another state alone. Still, look at it as one more reason to make friends faster.

A Bigger City Will Bring Liberation

Have you been ashamed to break free of all of your quirkiness and weirdness? In a large place, there would be no reason not to. Moreover, there is a better possibility that you will find those similar to you in a more populated place. And what if you didn’t get a chance to get to know yourself under the watchful eye of the town? Note that life in the big city could be an excellent starting point in (re)discovering yourself. Whatever you want to do, you are free to do it without pressure or shame.

A woman smiling after cross-country moving
In order to be happy, you must be yourself - and in a metropolis, you can do just that

#4 You Will Get Better Education Options in Metropolises

Remember that urban advantage in education does exist, and not only in the States. Pre-college and college education is known to be better in more populated areas, at least that’s what students’ performances are showing us. Keep in mind that the best student cities in the US are all metropolises. Boston, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and others have amazing education opportunities for American and international students. Remember also that these places can offer numerous cultural and social events. The ones students would have when studying in smaller areas.

A child raising a hand in school class after long-distance moving
Studies have shown that urban areas have more success in education

#5 You Will Witness a Positive Impact of Metropolis on Personal Development

Nothing will teach you more about self-reliance than being thrown in a metropolis and having to survive. Even if you learn all about how to move to a big city alone, you won’t be completely prepared for what’s coming. It is even harder if you’re relocating for the first time and just learning how to live on your own. It is inevitable – you’ll never feel further from your comfort zone. Sounds scary? That’s because it is.

However, it will teach you about self-independence and force you to grow up fast. From each challenge you meet, you will learn something. Moreover, relying only on yourself in a new, large, and unfamiliar world will make you mentally and emotionally stronger. Keep that in mind when you start to feel anxiety about relocation to a metropolis.

Don’t Avoid New Challenges at All Costs

Nelson Mandela once said: “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” You won’t be growing as a person if you shy from everything, terrified of failing. Instead, dare to try and challenge yourself further. Life in a metropolis will undoubtedly bring many struggles, but don’t let them cause you unhappiness and depression after relocation. Fight them and come out as a winner. You can do it!

A board with the word Success written on it
Life in a metropolis could be complicated - but so is every road to success

Is It Better to Live in a Big or Small City?

Should you move to a big city from a small town? The answer isn’t always a yes. It mostly depends on your sensibility. Metropolises are often reserved for professional and business-driven individuals and not for those family-oriented ones. What do you value more, your career or sense of togetherness, nature and space, or bars and clubs? The answers will determine your decision in the end.

If you opt for relocation, note that there will be some getting used to different surroundings. How do you adjust to living in a big city? Consider the next few suggestions:

  • Think about small apartment ideas and how to adjust to a smaller space– when making a new apartment checklist, count on a much smaller housing accommodation than before. Relocating from a house to an apartment could be quite a change, so be prepared for it. Decide what to keep and ensure to declutter your home from all unnecessary things. It all should be done before hiring a long-distance moving company and getting packing services.
  • Find a way to keep in touch with friends and family – relocating alone to a metropolis could get lonely. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get a hold of your friends and family nowadays.
  • Think of public transport as your friend, not the enemy – traffic in metropolises could be unbearable, so find salvation in metro systems.
  • Get a roommate – Getting long-distance moving services is costly but sometimes necessary for relocating efficiently. And more than that, the cost of living in metropolises isn’t exactly cheap. Consider pre-saving some money but also lowering housing costs by joining forces with someone else.
  • Prepare for a faster pace in general – soon, you will see that everyone’s in a hurry all the time. And you will become one of them as time passes by.
A woman riding in a bus after long-distance moving
You will need to embrace all the benefits of public transport

Hire Cross-Country Movers and Have a Successful Start of Your New Life

After your decision has been made, it is time to start organizing the move itself. One of the first things on your relocation to-do list should be researching companies. Start with a question: Which long-distance movers near me have the best service? After it, schedule home estimates, check if every cross-country moving company is legitimate, and hire the one that suits your needs. And after you secure the relocation itself, save a moment to think about all the benefits of the move. As you can see, there are quite a few. We wish you to take advantage of them all!

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