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Posted in Finding a Home, Moving Essentials, Moving Tips&Tricks on April 9, 2021
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What Do You Need to Rent an Apartment – How to Submit a Perfect Application

Long gone are the days when house buying was an ideal for the masses, and the US is now among the largest nations of rentees in the world. But, if you’d like to join this party, you should first learn what do you need to rent an apartment. No worries, our handy guide has got you covered.

Regardless of how you perceive homeownership, in case you want to rent, you’ll bump into a lot of questions. You’ll first wonder whether you can meet all the requirements, and then whether the place and the landlord can do the same for you. But, the good news is that everybody can find their match, with a bit of luck and some superb tips that are coming your way.

Research Can Help You Realize What You Want

Before you get to the new apartment checklist and the intricacies of compiling a successful application, you should do research to help you set your goals. Regardless of your reasons to move, you should know what city and area you’re after and what blocks would suit your needs best, financially and in other aspects as well.

Exploring Best Cities and Neighborhoods Is an Excellent First Step

Some people are more flexible and can go about choosing the best city for their new life as part of their moving to-do list, while others know the destination from scratch. Whatever the case, cities alone can’t tell you much as they’re usually composed of numerous diverse areas.

This means you’ll benefit from learning more about quarters that attract you to look for apartments. Are you into good schools, nature, nightlife, or something else? What is the ethnic make-up of each area? How near are they to the center and some other significant spots?

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Get a Gist of What Prices You Can Expect

Amenities and leisure are one side of a coin, but can you afford your dreams? Learning how to live on your own can be demanding in terms of spending, and even if you have a roommate to split the costs with, prices still play a significant role in every renting story.

Before you throw your first party in the new flat, you should browse sites, such as Craigslist and Zillow, to get a picture of what apartments are on offer in the marketplace and what you should consider as the standard cost.

Use Other People’s Experience to Your Advantage

How to pack pots and pans or how to move a piano aren’t the only things you can learn from others concerning your relocation and the renting process. With the abundance of social media groups, as well as apps that aim to facilitate searching for a new home, you can really soak in the knowledge of people who have been through what you’re experiencing and know a thing or two about getting the best apartments.

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Research can help you form your expectations

What Are the Right Questions to Ask Before Renting an Apartment?

You should see how the land lies before you commit to an agreement with the landlord, and some clever questions can speed the process up. Your moving to another state checklist needs a section where you’ll stipulate exactly what areas you should tackle in conversation with your renter and what you may want to think about.

What Credit Score Is Required for the Apartment of Your Choice?

Most people wonder what credit score do you need to rent an apartment, but the thing is that the answer varies depending on the renter. Most will look for 500 or more, yet someone will be satisfied with less. Be that as it may until you start thinking about how to plan to move to another city, cast a glance at what parameters will shape your score:

  • Debts you incurred on debit and credit cards,
  • The length of your credit card history,
  • Your paying dynamics if you’ve rented already,
  • Your entire banking file, including all your accounts and balance.

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What Deposits Are Covered in the Lease?

Deposits are what most people dread, yet they’re a must because landlords need a way to make sure their own interests are protected. And if you’re moving to another state alone, you should allocate a portion of your budget to this one by all means.

Don’t forget to enquire on time what down payment you should make as that will save you from stress later on. These are some common types of deposits:

  • Security deposit – If you want to go crazy, that’s fine, but your renter needs to know that no furniture or other in-house objects will suffer from your adventures,
  • Pet deposit – Animal lovers adore their little friends, yet some of them can sometimes cause damage to home inventory, which is why you can be asked to pay in advance for that not to happen,
  • Utility deposit – Some landlords will request an amount of money to safeguard against rentees who are irresponsible with paying their utilities,
  • Earnest deposit – If you’re undecided or need more time before you move in and want to reserve a specific place, expect this one.

Is There an Early Termination Fee or Other Fines if You Cancel?

People change all the time. Sometimes we decide all of a sudden we aren’t happy with our relationships, sometimes it’s our career, sometimes something random such as clothes, and yes, sometimes it’s flat. In case you’d like to have the freedom to change your home when you get the desire to, ask about the duration of the lease, among other requirements to rent an apartment. Some landlords will urge you to stay for a set period, or else you may face fines, so see what works best for you before it’s too late for moving hacks and alteration.

Two girls talking in an office
Make sure you ask the landlord all that interests you

What Do You Need to Rent an Apartment – What Will Renters Look for?

Your perspective is one thing, but from the property owner’s point of view, it can all seem different. Once you cover the question of what all do you need to qualify for an apartment, you’re ready to start considering what criteria will be seen as a plus in the eyes of your landlord.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent an Apartment?

If you’re a college grad in search of the first job, that’s different than if you’re moving for love and dreaming of starting a family in the new home. Not all property owners will see their ideal tenant the same way, so that’s something to accept.

Though, according to the law, there are no restrictions on the age of individuals allowed to rent, you won’t be able to get the desired credit score or other documents needed for some places if you’re too young. And, that’s fine – there’ll be plenty of other cool spots.

What About Your Career?

Perhaps you’re accomplished and going great guns in your professional life, or you’re just learning how to get a job in the new city. Whatever the case, this one can potentially spring up as a topic in your conversation with the property owner because they’ll be curious to check whether you are financially stable enough to pull this endeavor through. And this is usually documented in the proof of employment, proof of income, or another document of a sort.

A man and a woman in an office
Get ready to answer some questions yourself

What Do You Need to Submit With Your Rental Application?

When all the research and browsing is done as well as conversations and inquiries, you’ll be requested to compile an application consisting of all the documents you previously agreed on with your landlord. And the following documents are the general answer to the question of  “what do I need to rent an apartment” and something to check.

Letters of Reference

Letters of reference are an excellent way to boost your chances to make a great impression. Regardless of whether they’ve been written by your employer, previous landlord, or another person of trust, they’re a guarantee against unreliability or any moving scams. So, it’s wise to start asking for those in advance as they can’t ever do any harm and can only open possibilities for more apartments.

Proof of Income

As mentioned above, this one can be crucial. Apart from savings, you’ll be required to present how you’ll earn your income in the future to convince the landlord before you put those packing tips to work. Needless to say, you don’t have to disclose more info than needed, but the usual documents that create a proof of income are:

  • Business accounts – For all contractors and other entrepreneurs,
  • Tax returns – The number one proof of how much you’re making annually,
  • Contracts with guarantors or co-signers – Another person, such as a parent or a friend, can vouch that they’ll settle your debts in case you fail to do so.

Proof of Employment

Before you delve into details, such as how to pack shoes and other long-distance moving fun, make sure you have this one too to get the lease. Proof of employment or job verification letter usually contains your work title, wage, and sometimes job description, written or issued by your employer.

Rental Insurance

Apart from premium moving insurance, which can save the day in case any problem arises while you relocate, rental insurance is also vital. It serves to save you the headache and problems if any theft, disaster, or other misfortunes appear. And it really is smart that some landlords ask you to present it when you provide your documents. Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn what this is and how it can be useful.

YouTube video

How Do I Rent My First Apartment?

In case you have the question of what do you need to rent an apartment for the first time in your mind, there’s no reason to despair. It all seems complex when you’re new to it, but the same way you’ll master all things related to packing, how to pack fragile items, how to get your home ready, and how to pack plates, you’ll also learn all about documents. The starter-pack looks something like this:

  • Proof of residence,
  • Your ID or another personal document,
  • Vehicle license if you plan on parking in the building’s complex,
  • Proof of income,
  • Diploma or proof that you’re a student,
  • Employment verification letter,
  • Pet certificate of health in case you’re bringing your furry friend along.
A girl calculating rental costs and how much there is to pay
First times are always the hardest

Cross Country Movers Can Take Some Weight off Your Shoulders

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