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Posted in Finding a Home on August 17, 2021
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Things to Know About Moving to a Small Town

If you’re tired of being stuck in traffic for hours, polluted environments, and lack of time overall, then moving to a small town is definitely a solution for those problems. Here are all the pros and cons of living in a smaller place you should know before making a decision to relocate there and how professional cross-country movers can help you organize everything seamlessly.

Why Should I Move to a Small Town From a Big City

More time to spend with your family, lower costs, more green areas, better property prices, no traffic jams, and better quality of life overall are only a few of the advantages that smaller places provide to their residents. Here is what you should take into consideration before deciding to change the home base.

Costs of Living Are Considerably Lower in Smaller Communities

Does it cost less to live in a small town? Compared to living costs in big cities, smaller places are more affordable to live in, in all aspects. Starting from groceries to utilities and gas, everything is easier to get there. So relocating to a new home won’t be something to worry about when it comes to these details.

You’ll Get a Larger Square Footage for Less Money!

One of the greatest advantages of smaller places is the possibility to buy a bigger property for less money since the price per square foot is considerably lower than in big cities. You’ll also get a bigger yard, and depending on the money you want to invest in the house, you can create a really cozy and inviting magazine-cover house look. So before you decide to buy the property, make sure to explore house hunting tips, learn what to pay attention to when checking the house, and don’t forget to check the prices and compare them to the national average.

A Big Yard Means Opportunity to Grow Your Own Vegetables and Fruits

When living in smaller places, having a bigger yard is something that is almost a given. This means you’ll have a perfect opportunity to establish your garden and start growing your own food! This way, you’ll be sure that everything you produce is totally healthy and organic. Not only will you improve your diet, but you will also improve your health overall.

Everything Is Close and Walkable, and There Are Enough Parking Lots Too

Another great thing when living in a smaller city is that you won’t have to worry about commuting or wasting time in dense traffic. Here, everything is walkable and easy to reach. No matter if you’re going to a park, work, the doctor, or any other place, reaching them is a matter of minutes. Even if you live in some of the cities with the best public transportation, getting from one spot to another is just difficult. Instead of spending up to 45 minutes in order to get to the grocery store due to unexpected construction work, you’ll need 10 minutes, and this will, in many aspects, ease the whole organization of your daily chores.

Also, having enough parking lots in the downtown area or the neighborhood is an additional benefit of having a house in a more rural area. Trying to find a parking spot in a big city can last up to one hour, and also, don’t forget it will cost you more since all the parking is charged extra.

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The Main Pros of Moving to a Smaller Place With a Family

Choosing a smaller city for family life is just the best decision you could ever make. Balancing all daily obligations with work and kids can be pretty overwhelming. For that reason, the benefits of relocating to a smaller place, like less traffic, greater safety, and vicinity to schools, will provide the whole family with better life quality and a more relaxed lifestyle.

Relocating with a newborn is also a good plan if you move to a smaller place since everything will be easy to reach. Just remember to prepare the new space and baby-proof the house. And to do it properly, here are general guidelines in the video below!

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No More Dealing With Waiting Lists for Preschools or Schools Is a Life-Saving Thing

One of the greatest challenges parents face in big cities is incredibly long waiting lists for preschools and schools. Having such stress related to available spots in a school is something unfamiliar in smaller places. You can choose a school or preschool and organize your family life according to location. Additionally, your kids will definitely get better quality education, so take this into account when deciding where to live and answering the major question: is it smart to move to a small town.

More Green Areas and Child-Friendly Spots to Spend Family Time Together

Another huge advantage of smaller places is they are usually nestled in lush green areas. And this means only one thing – being able to spend more time outdoors and be active. Also, children are welcome everywhere, so you won’t have any limitations when choosing a restaurant or any other amenity, which gives all people complete freedom to choose without making strict plans weeks in advance.

Stronger Sense of Community: Everybody Knows Each Other

According to REAP Locale Classifications and Criteria, a smaller town is considered a place that has up to 25,000 people but not less than 2,500. This means that all residents are more connected and dedicated to the development of their community. They usually organize many charitable events to help the community members. Depending on the size of the place, they usually know the majority of residents. Here, making friendships and nurturing relationships is much easier and more important than in a broader community, and it’s another great advantage of those places.

You Have Enough Time for Everything

There is no rush in smaller towns! Everything goes with a flow, and there is no need to push for things to happen. You don’t have to make plans weeks or months in advance to see your friends – you will run into them in the street or at the supermarket sooner or later, anyway.

enjoying family life after a long-distance moving
More freedom, outdoor activities, and a higher quality of life are the main advantages of choosing smaller towns

How Do You Survive Living in a Small Town? The Cons of Life in a Low-Population Place

Although there are numerous advantages of living life in a place with a low population, there are also some cons too. When you come from a big city, you will definitely need some time to adjust to the new environment and learn how to live in a small town. Here is what could potentially bother you when choosing a smaller place for a home.

Lack of Amenities, Cultural and Sport Events

What do you do when you move to a small town? Relocating to a small town means there are not so many amenities like public swimming pools, gyms, cinemas, theaters, museums, or sports events. For some people, this is a huge problem, so to avoid the greatest relocation mistake and choosing a place that doesn’t suit your personal needs, explore the place in detail, decide whether you can stand it, and adjust accordingly.

Most Places Do Not Work 24 Hours Like in Big Cities

If you want to order a pizza or Thai at 2 a.m., it’s most likely you won’t be able to do it when living in a smaller place. The same could happen when it comes to grocery stores, which means you’ll have to plan purchases in advance.

Fewer Job Opportunities are Definitely the Greatest Disadvantage of Moving to a Low Population Destination

A limited job market is something that could potentially be the greatest problem when making the final decision on relocating to a different area. If you’re highly educated, be mentally prepared that you might end up doing a job that is below your professional qualifications or college degrees.

However, attaining a well-paid job is possible if you research the needs of the area and offer the services or products that will meet them. Opening your own business can be lucrative – and demanding – so think about if you’re ready for this entrepreneurial adventure. Another way is to find a remote job and work from home. It’s especially convenient for people whose skills match the necessities of today’s market, and the job offer is pretty broad. So some general tips would be to explore how to get a job in another state before relocating there and plan what you will do regarding this issue.

You Might Be Far Away From Family and Friends, and Faced With Limited Transportation Options in a Small Town

Relocating away from friends and family can be challenging, especially in the beginning after moving cross-country. Moreover, it can be one of the main triggers for anxiety about moving out. So when planning a move to another city, ensure to put in your calendar the visits of your friends. This is especially important if you’ll live on your own, are an introvert, and meeting people or making friends in a new city is something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. One of the things people forget to do when they move is to envision how they’ll spend their free time, and exploring the surroundings is of utmost importance when trying to adjust to a different community.

stores in small towns don't work 24/7, so expect many closed signs after cross-country moving
Nothing is perfect, and there are multiple cons you should be aware of before deciding to move to some of the low-population towns

How to Move to a Small Town if You’re About to Organize a Long-Distance Move

Relocating to a new state and a smaller place is not that difficult to do if you organize everything in advance. The first step is to create a relocating to-do list, budget and choose a reliable long-distance moving company to help you move efficiently.

Finding cross-country movers who can provide you with all types of long-distance moving services, whether you need packing services or want to book auto shipping, will ease the whole process significantly. So make sure to do detailed research on the top-rated relocation companies, find out what the cheapest way to move out of state is, and what the most affordable way to ship a car is, too, and stay away from any potential moving scams. This way, the relocation stress will be reduced to the minimum, and you’ll experience an entirely stress-free move.

professional movers are providing cross-country moving services
Organize the relocation and cover every detail, and book all the cross-country moving services in advance

Is It Better to Live in a Small Town?

No matter what your reasons to move are, whether you’re relocating for love or you’ve got a job in a new city, there is no universal answer to this question since all experiences, expectations, and needs are different. The only piece of advice to take into consideration before changing your address is to think thoroughly before making this decision. Still, there is always a step back if something doesn’t suit you, and you can always go for another relocation. It’s of tremendous importance to make a good decision. Create a relocating to another state checklist of pros and cons, list everything that comes to your mind, and this will definitely help you be sure of your decision.

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