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Posted in How-to, Moving Preparation on August 18, 2022
Daisy Wilson

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How to Avoid Injury While Moving and Packing

Long-distance moving is an overwhelming process, and people tend to hasten it, and that, in turn, can lead to injuries. So how to avoid injury while moving and lifting and still get the job done? Well, to answer this question, we will have to show you a couple of tips and precautions you need to follow so all the harm can be avoided.

To prevent getting hurt when relocating, you need to buy proper equipment, pack in the right way, and declutter as much as possible. And no matter if you hire white glove moving services or ask friends for help, you will have to remember not to carry anything alone, no matter how harmless it may seem.

What to Do Before Moving Day – Safety Measures You Need to Take

To prevent back pain after moving furniture or boxes, you must take some precautions. Our first long-distance relocation tip is to remember that most head and body injuries happen when people are in a hurry and carry things on their own. Picture this – you hired a white glove moving service, but you still want to help them out and speed up the process, so you decide to carry some boxes. This is the first relocation mistake people make and harm themselves in the process. So no matter how light that box may be, you need to remember you are not a professional and probably do not know how to lift it properly. However, there are things you can do to speed everything up and yet prevent any back pain.

Declutter Before Movers Arrive

If you hired a white glove moving company, the good thing would be to declutter before your white glove movers arrive. So if you have things you do not plan to bring with you all around the house, now is the time to get rid of them. The best relocation tip is to do this before you start packing, so you don’t end up cluttered in your belongings. Also, if there is any packing residue lying around the house, you need to clean that so there is nothing in your or workers’ way when carrying a load.

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Do Not Overpack Your Boxes

Now that you have decided what to keep, it is time to pack those belongings into boxes (a much faster and easier process once the clutter is out of the way). However, do not hurry when packing. You need to pack your belongings in a proper way so nothing gets broken while transporting, and most importantly, the containers are not too heavy. Or, to quote Treebeard, “do not be hasty.”

For example, when you are packing dishes, take some time to wrap each piece in bubble wrap and place them horizontally in the box. Add a cushioning layer on the bottom and top of the box and seal everything with duct tape. Take some labels for boxes or markers and write “fragile” on each side of the package. It is important to fill out all the empty space in the containers so that when it is lifted, nothing moves around.

And if you wonder which safety can be used to prevent injuries while lifting and shifting, the answer lies in properly packed containers where nothing is shifting inside. If some object starts to move inside the box, it can shift the balance and flip over. That can cause anyone who is carrying a box to twitch and possibly injure themselves.

Another great packing tip is only to pack half of the box when packing your books. The books are probably the most fun and easy objects to pack, like playing Tetris. However, this fun process can lead to boxes overly packed with heavy items no one can lift.

Buy the Right Packing Materials

Even if you are relocating at the last minute, you need to buy proper packing materials to move safely. When choosing the right packing materials, we need to start with boxes. Buy new,sturdy, good quality, medium-size cardboard containers – don’t buy large boxes because they will be heavier and more difficult to carry around. Medium-size containers will make relocation easier, and, most importantly – they will be kinder to your back and body.

Boxes and duct tape
Buy new materials and lift everything with ease

Equipment to Help You Avoid Moving Injuries

What is the best way to avoid injury when moving an object? Well, aside from hiring someone else to do this job for you, the best way to prevent any future back pain or damage to your body is to take proper equipment. And do not think this equipment is something you do not need because no matter how fit you are, carrying a load all day will tire you, and when you are tired, mistakes are easily made. Even white glove moving professionals use equipment that will ease off all the hard work. So don’t be a hero and buy or rent equipment for your relocation day.

Dollies Are the Best to Prevent Back Fractures

How can you avoid potential injury when pulling a load? Easy – by renting or buying a dolly. In essence, there are two types of dollies on the market, two and four wheels. The best for relocation is to buy a two-wheel appliance dolly. This dolly comes with straps you can use to secure the load. It has tall handles and bars so you can lean large items on it, so relocating furniture like your dresser or kitchen appliances will be easy with this dolly. All you have to do is to put a dolly underneath your large object and carefully lean it on the bars. Use your knee to support the bars while gently pushing the object on them. If possible, have someone to help you with this process.

Plan Ahead and Buy Straps

What are the tips to avoid back injuries? The best way to prevent hurting your back and body is to take straps for carrying large items. There are two types of straps. The first one goes on your hands, where all the weight will be shifted on them. The other kind goes on your shoulders. These shoulder straps are better when carrying heavy objects. The straps are used in pairs, and their whole purpose is to shift the weight on them and your legs instead on your back. The straps go beneath the object on both sides, and then they are placed on the shoulder of you and your lifting partner. When lifting the object from the floor, make sure you use your legs and arms, and the straps will then carry all the weight for you.

Clear All the Pathways to Prevent Getting Hurt

How do you keep safe while moving? Well, by doing some relocation day preparations. Even though you have decluttered, you will need to prepare other things as well. For example, while packing, place all the containers in one room close to the front door, as that will speed up the process of packing a truck. Make sure there is nothing between your belongings and the truck. So if there are some flower pots on the front door, remove them. If you have carpet, roll it up and place it against the walls. If you are relocating with the dog, ensure it is locked up in one room where no one can harm it or trip on it. The other option is pet-sitting

Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help and Hire a Moving Company

Last but not least, the best way to prevent any harm from happening is to hire long-distance movers. If you take long-distance moving services, you will ensure the safety of your back and possibly prevent even bigger accidents from happening. Do not be proud and do everything on your own. That is ok if you are relocating alone, but if you have a big household and family, you will need as much help as possible. And you will need a lot of time, especially if you decide not to hire movers for packing service. You will need to do this in the right way and on time so start early – at least three weeks before the set date.

Professional mover carrying a washing machine on a dolly
Hire movers, and your relocation will go without ease

How to Avoid Injury While Moving in Winter?

There is a whole set of rules and relocation preparation when it comes to winter moves. First, you need to start early because the days are shorter, and the dark will come faster than when relocating in the summer. You should also consider car shipping services so you don’t drive long distances with your family through blizzards and storms. Also, check up on the weather so you don’t get surprised on the big day and be able to prepare in advance.

Prevent Winter-Related Injuries

No matter if it is snowy or not, just in case, pour some salt on your driveway and in front of your home the night before the truck arrives. As you know, during the night, the temperature will fall, and ice can form. The worst thing that can happen is someone falling while carrying your belongings. Also, place some sheets inside your home so there is no water on the floor, which can also cause someone to slip. Rent large spotlights so you can place them on the driveway and in front of the house. The days are shorter, and you will need to see where you are going while carrying your belongings.

How to Dress for a Big Day

Even if you take all the precautions mentioned above, one sneaky thing can happen and cause a stiff back – sweat combined with air conditioning. Whether you are relocating in winter or summer, you will be sweaty from all the hard work, and changing temperatures by going in and out of the house can cause back pain. So to prevent this, you need to wear at least two layers of clothing in the summer and more in the wintertime. The first layer of clothing should be a cotton shirt that will absorb all the sweat. This way, you will not be wet all the time.

Also, do not wear any uncomfortable clothing that is too tight. You will have to be able to move. Another thing to remember is not to wear clothing that is too loose and hanging. It can easily happen for your clothes to be stuck somewhere, which can lead to injuries.

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How to Find the Best Company?

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The company must calculate its price only after the estimation is done, so if someone is offering you a fixed price before even seeing how many items needs to be moved, they are probably scammers. Most reputable companies will have the option of a free quote. This free quote is only a vague estimation of how much your relocation will cost, but it is a good way to get some idea about the prices.

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