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From Color Coding to Notes – The Ultimate Guide to Moving Labels for Boxes

One of the critical aspects of relocation is getting your belongings safely in cardboard containers. Still, some people forget one crucial step when packing – they don’t use any moving labels for boxes. End result? Dozens of identical cartons in the new home. That would make the unpacking process much more difficult and sloppy. If you want to avoid this mistake, follow our tips for how you should label your containers.

After contacting your long-distance moving company, you will need to plan a move to another city. Make sure that you have all the supplies and materials on your relocation to-do list. If you organize and prepare for movers, you will move efficiently and without any problems. The best thing you can do to ensure that you relocate effortlessly is to get adequate packing labels for moving. Let’s dive into the process of labeling your cardboard containers.

The First Step is to Purchase Packing Supplies

You should have the right supplies when attempting to pack fragile items, bulky belongings, and furniture. Make sure you have bubble wrap, cardboard containers, stretch wrap, permanent markers, and labels on your relocation essentials list. All of the supplies can be found in local hardware stores as well as retail shops and supermarkets.

If you want to save on relocation costs, try your luck online. You will most certainly be able to find free materials on the Craigslist website. However, pay attention to what type of free stickers and permanent markers you choose because you don’t want to invest in markers that will leave a smeared mark on the box’s surface.

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Get Printable or Downloadable Labels

There are a lot of types of labeling methods, but it would be best if you use printable or downloadable labels for moving boxes that can be found on different websites. Also, you can contact your cross-country moving company and ask them if they have them. Some have names of different rooms already printed on them, and some don’t, so you can write whatever you like on them.

How to Choose Markers for Labeling a Moving Box?

You must have a set of permanent markers when relocating to a new home. You should have your ‘sharpies’ tested and ready when it comes to preparing your cartons for the move and definitely won’t have any regrets if you invest in quality markers and stickers. What you could purchase are:

  • High-quality permanent markers – Even if you are trying not to drain your savings when relocating, it would be wise to purchase permanent markers of better quality. In this way, you won’t have to deal with black smudges or the words that got accidentally erased.
  • Waterproof markers – You want to ensure that no type of weather condition will ruin your containers. That is why waterproof markers are of great use. You won’t have to worry if it snows or rains on your relocation day.

Get Additional Labeling Materials – Colored Tape and Peelable Sticker

A special type of tape used for the boxing-up process comes in many shades and colors. If you are keener on color-coding, purchasing colored tape would be the step in the right direction. You would need to categorize your cardboard containers by color instead of writing on the box’s surface.

Another option is using a peelable sticker. These stickers can be used for labeling furniture and equipment. You might think that a peelable sticker is not necessary when boxing up your belongings, but this is not true. In cases where clients have two or more tables, armchairs, or couches, cross-country movers will only need to have a look at the sticker and know where they need to unload the object. This will save them considerable time because they won’t make any unloading and relocation mistakes.

Labeled boxes
If you take time to categorize your belongings, your move will be stress-free

You Won’t Miss a Thing With an Inventory List

An excellent relocation tip for keeping track of all your belongings is making sure you have an inventory list. It will help you organize and plan in what order to store your belongings and whether you require some specific materials for certain objects. A good way to start making your list is by going from room to room. Start with the object you have in your attic, and then work your way to the basement. Consider all of the reasons for relocating each item.

Write down the name of the object but also add the description, price, quantity, and a serial number. Also, take a photo of some valuable objects so you can know their exact condition before you’ve packed them. An inventory list will simplify the labeling process because you will know exactly what you should transport to the new home.

Here is a video of some relocation hacks that will help you organize your move better.

YouTube video

Tips for Using Moving Labels for Boxes

Along with researching some important packing tips and figuring out how to move furniture, you should also know some vital tips on labeling cardboard containers the right way. People find it convenient that they have several ways they can do that. A client might opt to label by room, category, or type of items (such as electronics, books, or dishes). It would be even smart to add words such as ‘fragile’ or ‘this side up’ so your crew knows exactly what to do. With the appropriate labeling method, you won’t have any anxiety about moving out.

Use the Color-Coding System

If you are interested in stocking up on different colorful tapes or sticky notes and categorizing your belongings, you might want to decide to code in color. Choose one specific shade for each room. You might decide that blue is for your bedroom, yellow for the living room and white for the bathroom. So, all the cardboard containers that have descriptions written with a blue marker or that have blue tape should be unpacked in the bedroom.

Your professional packers should be informed about what type of labeling method you choose. The best way you can let them know is by placing colored pieces of paper on the walls or doors of the rooms where the cartons should be unloaded.

Woman carrying a couple of boxes
Mark your rooms as well as boxes so the movers understand your labeling strategy

Track Your Belongings with Numbers

Another option clients have when boxing up their glasses, dishes, books, and clothes is to label them with numbers. This method is linked to your inventory list so you can track your belongings. Allocate each number to the items on your list and what you can do next is take your waterproof marker and write, for example – “Bathroom – 4”. This means that the box with the number four should be unpacked in the bathroom. On your inventory list, you can check all of the objects that were placed in box number four. This method makes the organization process a lot easier.

Label With Printable Stickers

Some may find it extremely difficult and time-consuming to think about more advanced labeling methods such as the numbering system and color-coding. But, fear not. There is a simple solution for people who are relocating at the last minute and don’t have the time to plan everything out. Using downloadable and printable stickers that already have names of the rooms and enough space to add notes seems like the best option. You just need a printer and some paper, and you have your stickers ready to be placed on different cardboard containers.

Label the Cartons With Content

One of the most basic and simple labeling strategies is to simply take a waterproof marker and write on the outside of the cardboard container. What you can do is simply write the names of your rooms on the box’s surface. Or you can step up your labeling strategy by writing all of the items you have placed inside. This will allow anyone to save time when trying to find a specific object you need.

A woman is writing clothes on the box.
The easiest thing you can do is write what's inside the box.

Pay Attention to Details

There are some details to labeling that people usually forget, which later cause problems during the unpacking process. Bear in mind that you should always place clear duct tape over your labels or notes, so they don’t fall off or get wet in transit. If you don’t want to waste any additional tape, at least get some glue for attaching notes on the cardboard containers.

Add some additional notes for the workers such as ”BREAKABLE ITEMS” or “THIS SIDE UP” so they know to be extra careful when lifting and loading those containers into the truck.

Also, don’t forget that the containers need to be stacked on top of each other in the truck, and that’s another reason to make sure that you have labeled everything properly. Don’t write on the top of the container. You want to label at least one side of the cartons but ensure that it is visible.

A woman taping the box
It is always important to make sure that your labels stick to your box

Mistakes When Labeling a Shipping Box

People usually forget to inspect their boxes before they start boxing up their belongings. Previous markings or inscriptions can still be visible on some old cartons, so the best way to ensure nobody gets confused is to place your labels directly over the pre-existing ones.

Also, you might have some items the crew won’t move on your new apartment checklist, and you forget to mark them as something that shouldn’t be packed. This can lead to problems and issues, so make sure that you write an inscription on the box so the mover knows they won’t have to load that into the truck.

Get Help From Your Professional Movers

If you have some dilemmas on how best to label your cardboard containers and wrapped furniture, seek advice from your professional workers. When you invest in long-distance moving services,  you will get the most experienced team loading and unloading your belongings. They know how best to pack plates, books, and electronics; therefore, they will know what advice to give you regarding labeling methods. If you get packing services, they will handle your things and even put some of their spare labeling stickers outside your shipping boxes.

Labeling cardboard containers will ensure your crew and you have less difficulty during the relocation to a new home. So, never underestimate the importance of leaving inscriptions and stickers on your belongings.

What to Do When Using a Storage Unit

Sometimes people don’t want to relocate all of their belongings right away but rather get storage services. Even though you think you might know all of the things you placed in your storage unit, there is a chance something can get lost or misplaced. Therefore, it would be extremely wise to label anything that goes into a storage unit.

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Knowing This Information Means You Are Ready

Using box labels for moving is of the utmost importance, from knowing where to place your cartons to having less difficulty finding particular objects. The whole process will go smoothly and effortlessly with a suitable labeling method. So, before searching for “long-distance movers near me,” ensure that you have your inventory list ready and your waterproof permanent markers and duct tape. All you have to do is choose which method suits you best.

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