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Posted in How-to, Moving Essentials, Moving Tips&Tricks on June 2, 2021
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How to Pack a Moving Truck Like a Pro – A Guide to the Safe Travel

Millions of Americans change their home each year, and a large number opts to go it alone and rent a vehicle to help them transport their belongings. The question of how to pack a moving truck naturally arises, and though it’s not rocket science, you should take your time and devote enough attention to this process. Stick around, as we’ve got the best guide to set you up for success.

Relocations are always overwhelming, and the more things you’re taking with you, the harder they get. Everything making up your life needs to somehow get from point A to point B, and no matter how much you declutter, there’ll be many things you’re left with. For this reason, it’s vital to have a good strategy while loading your truck. It can sound intimidating, but it’s not impossible, and lucky for you, we know a tip or two.

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Choose a Rental Truck First

First things first, as they say, and when you’ve recovered from the shock of this vast change, it’s time to get your obligations settled. Whether it was the moving budget or another factor that made you opt for going solo, you should first book a vehicle. There are countless cross-country moving companies offering rentals, so you need to be well-versed in what it is that you’re looking for. Pretty much like when renting an apartment, only temporary and on wheels.

Pay Attention to Size and Gas Mileage

Before learning all about packing a moving truck, ensure you go for one that can take all your boxes and household belongings. This is crucial when you plan how to organize your move as opting for the small one due to lower prices is not always the smartest move. If your list of objects to keep during relocation is lengthy, make sure you inquire about the best size for you so that you could really take advantage of the vehicle.

Another thing to think about is the gas mileage. Excess weight and hauling cargo can do harm to mileage and thus increase your costs. For that reason, certain packing tips can go a long way, as well as asking the rental company for more info.

movers loading the truck while a couple watches them
Getting it right here is crucial

Ask for Help

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and you should remember this one when you set out for this adventure, even if you’re heading off to live on your own. Regardless of your reasons to move, it is quite impossible to transport all the bulky objects and load them into trucks without anybody’s help, so don’t try to play Captain America on this one. If you’re moving during coronavirus, it’s kind of understandable if you wish to limit the number of interactions. But gathering reliable helpers and agreeing with them in advance on your mutual goal will work wonders for you. Just make sure you find a way to show your gratitude somehow. Food and drinks go without saying, but some small apartment ideas may come in handy, too, or your creative storage wisdom.

two professionals carrying boxes
Getting by with a little help from our friends

Get All Supplies Ready

Once the household inventory list and packing are finished, you need to have all the materials and tools to get the job done. However, even when the boxes are all set to be put inside a truck, you still need to get the materials required for loading and mounting. Doing your research and planning which ones will work in your project can be the make it or break it off the whole endeavor. These are the most common things you’ll need to use:

  • Straps – These come in many different forms and are designed to balance the weight and make it easier on you,
  • Blankets – All furniture and large household items need to be covered during transit so as not to get scratched,
  • Plastic wrap – Each smaller item, such as cushions, needs to be wrapped appropriately,
  • Boxes – In case you disassemble certain pieces of furniture or appliances, you’ll need these to keep the components safe,
  • Dollies – Without professional assistance, dollies should be on top of your moving hacks list. You can either rent or buy, but ensure you do have the one you need.

Consider Asking for Free Moving Boxes

Boxes are on every list of moving essentials, yet you needn’t always have solely the best of these to satisfy your needs. If the box isn’t torn or damaged in another way, it might be fine for you, and the best bit is that you can save on these. You can ask in your local liquor store, restaurant, or cafe, and perhaps they’ll have some to spare. You could also look up online whether somebody can hand down their relocation gear or even ask friends and colleagues. Be creative and save up on the equipment.

packing supplies - box and tape
Having these ready can save time

Don’t Forget to Disassemble All Your Furniture Pieces

When you’ve mastered how to prepare your home for sale, you’re ready to empty it and transfer the belongings to the vehicle. It’s essential for this project to be ready to disassemble every single furniture piece and remove all the components that can be put aside. This goes a long way in helping you place your piece on a dolly and avoid damage and unexpected hurdles.

a living room with a big couch
Bulky objects are easier to fit in truck when they are disassembled

Place Long Items Upright

If you were wondering how do you pack furniture in a moving truck, you should remember that the most obvious answer is not the correct one. Though horizontally might be something most people first think of, it’s actually not going to do you good. You should put all your pieces vertically to save on space and ensure your smaller belongings won’t get crushed. It’s also vital to remember to protect each of these with padding and blankets to prevent repairs on your things to do after moving list.

a doll carrying a house-like box
Remember to avoid horizontal positions as much as you can

Load Heavy Items First

The best of all tips for loading a moving truck is to put those larger and bulkier items first. You didn’t come this far mastering how to pack glasses only to realize that you need new ones, so ensure you follow this one through. You should put the beds, tables, and that kind of furniture pieces in an I-formation, and later on, you can fill the void. For example, put a box with glasses under the table. Or ones with packed shoes. It would be a bummer if those were crushed.

professional movers carrying a shelve
Heavy objects first - This one is worth remembering

Place Oddly-Shaped and Lighter Things in the End

When fridges, mirrors, closets, cupboards, and all of those are done, you can start thinking about lighter items. The best of all long-distance moving tips is to make sure you place these on top of bulky things and in such a position that prevents any shifting.

two piles of boxes
Lighter things go on top

There Are Also Some Items You Shouldn’t Load

Avoid overdoing this task as there are definitely some items that shouldn’t by any means have a spot on the vehicle. These include, first and foremost, your valuables and also the moving binder with documents you assembled. Regardless of what mode of transport you opted for, having them with you can spare you from troubles, such as getting robbed or losing these. Also, don’t forget to look at the list of things no mover wants to transport if you want to have a truly stress-free moving experience.

pile of documents on the table
Keep your documents at hand

Use Expert Tips on How to Pack a Moving Truck Properly

If you’re considering the best way to load a moving truck, learning a couple of extra hacks also won’t do damage and can only add to the benefits of relocations. To be able to learn how to pack a moving truck efficiently, you’ll need patience and some expert advice.

Use Your Time for the Process

Though you’re busy with move out cleaning, taking care of your kids, your pets, or your career, a useful tip is to allocate as much time as possible for this task. Doing it in haste might lead to mistakes that can prevent you from making the most of this process.

Lock Up the Truck at All Times

The fact you’re free from all moving scams doesn’t mean you should relax as of yet. As soon as you rent a vehicle, you need to check whether it can be properly closed and locked because it will take you less time than fixing it afterward. This requirement is important because you probably won’t be able to supervise your truck all the time. In order not to wake up and see yourself stripped of some of your valuable possessions, ensure this one is checked off your to-do list.

Remember to Apply the Heavy Lifting Tips to Minimize the Pressure

Regardless of whether you’re moving to another state alone or you’re doing it with family or friends, the suggestions for heavy lifting are something to be learned. Some of the main recommendations to heed here are:

  • Know your limits – Don’t go crazy if something can’t be done; leave it as it is. Severe injury may ensue from overdoing lifting, and it’s always wiser to protect yourself than the item at the question,
  • Don’t bend, squat – You need to protect your back at all times, which is why squatting is way better than bending,
  • Pay attention to how you lift – Legs and abs need to be taking the biggest load since if you force your back, that may not end up well for your health.

Put Your Essentials Bag Where You Can Easily Access It

When the big day looms, having an essentials bag with everything you might need for the process can be a shortcut in your journey. That’s why you should by no means forget it when you learn how to plan a move to another city. Packing up snacks, a change of clothes, medicine, and all other items that come to mind as something that could be needed is paramount. Still, it’s even more important to be able to reach this one while you need it the most. So, putting it in a space where it is at hand and not crushed by other things is something to remember.

If you’re moving with pets or kids, for that matter, don’t forget to take their needs into account as well. Your furry friend or kid will also be under a lot of stress, so you should do all in your power to take care of them and see how they would like to go about the whole change.

a person holding boxes
Utilize all the tips and your relocation will be easy and stress free

What Is the Best Way to Pack a Moving Truck?

After all, if you feel too exhausted just by thinking about lifting and carrying all these heavy objects and if the question of how to pack a truck for long-distance moving makes you feel anxious, opt for a solution that will ease the stress and guarantee success from the word go.

Hiring top-notch long-distance movers who offer cross-country moving services that can also include packing services covered by supreme insurance can be a magic stick in this task. If you need auto transport that can also be settled as well as storage facilities and the only thing you should do is find the right cross-country moving company and contact them as soon as possible. With professional help, and without a single worry about packing dishes, you can get much more relaxed while house hunting and trying to get a job in another state. If you’re moving without a job, that is.

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