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Posted in How-to on January 31, 2024
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Guide on How to Move a Dishwasher Across the Country Safely

When preparing for a cross-country relocation, knowing how to move a dishwasher safely to your new home can make settling in a lot easier. Our concise guide simplifies this task, ensuring your essential kitchen appliance travels securely across the country. Follow these dishwasher moving tips and steps to transport your item without a hitch, guaranteeing it arrives ready for your next culinary venture.

How to Move a Dishwasher

So, how to move your dishwasher? When moving heavy appliances across the country, start by gathering the necessary supplies and equipment. Next, clean and unplug the device. If you don’t know how to disconnect a dishwasher, consult its manual or consider booking a professional white glove moving service.

Securing the dishwasher for transit is crucial, so wrap the device to protect it from damage and ensure it’s kept upright during transportation. Consult a dishwasher installation guide to reinstall the device and connect it carefully. With these simple steps, you’re set up for a smooth transition to your new home.

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Preparing Appliances for the Moving Process Is Crucial

Ensuring the safe relocation of your kitchen items is a key aspect of any relocation. However, good preparation is more than just securing your device for the journey. You need to understand its unique requirements and vulnerabilities and address them properly. Thorough preparation helps avoid potential damage to your appliance during transit and new home upon arrival.

Assess Your Dishwasher Model, So You Know What Needs to Be Done

By now, you know that each model comes with its own set of specifications and needs. For example, a built-in unit might require more intricate disconnection from water lines compared to a portable model, which primarily needs secure packing. So, it’s essential to identify the specific type and tailor your approach accordingly. Consulting the manufacturer’s manual is your first step.

An average dishwasher can weigh up to 77 pounds

These documents often contain critical information on how to properly disconnect, secure, and prepare the machine for a move. They may also offer tips on handling sensitive components, like electronic controls or spray arms, ensuring that every part of your device remains intact and functional throughout the journey. However, if you are not confident in your skills, it might be wiser to hire a white glove moving company like Long Distance Movers for the job.

Empty kitchen dishwasher
Reliable white glove movers will understand your appliance's particular needs

Gathering All the Necessary Tools and Materials

Having the right equipment and packing materials at your disposal is very important. This preparation is akin to setting a solid foundation. It ensures that every phase of this process, from dismantling to unloading, is executed smoothly and safely.

The proper supplies and tools not only streamline the handling part but also simplify the reassembling and installing phase at your future home. Here’s a list of important items, tools, and different packing materials required for an efficient relocation process:

  • Wrench and screwdrivers – these are essential for dismantling and disconnecting your device from the power and water supply. You’ll need them to loosen bolts and screws properly.
  • Measuring tape – before you start maneuvering your machine around the house, measure doorways, hallways, and the dishwasher itself to ensure it can pass through easily.
  • Moving blankets or bubble wrap – these provide cushioning and protect the appliance from scratches and dents.
  • Duct tape and rope – use these to secure blankets in place and to keep the door shut.
  • Dolly or hand truck – these are needed to safely transport your heavy and large objects, especially over longer distances.
  • Straps or bungee cords – these are used to secure the appliance to the dolly and in the relocation vehicle, preventing any shifts or falls.
  • Cleaning supplies – before packing, a thorough cleaning of your dishwasher will prevent mold and odors from forming and lingering inside the device.
  • Owner’s manual – keep it handy for reference, as it contains specific instructions for preparing and reinstalling your appliance.
Various packing supplies
Having the right tools on hand will streamline your relocation process

Step-By-Step Guide to Moving Your Dishwasher

Successfully relocating your kitchen appliances requires a careful and systematic approach. Adhering to the steps below will help you avoid injuries and mitigate some of that unnecessary relocation stress. Let us guide you through this process and make your relocation experience an easy and smooth endeavor.

Step 1 - Run a Cleaning Cycle

Begin by running an empty cleaning cycle. This step ensures that your machine is free of any leftover residue and food particles, minimizing the risk of mold and unpleasant odors during transit. Once the cycle is complete, leave the door open for a few hours to air dry.

Step 2 - Disconnect and Drain Your Dishwasher

Safety first! Make sure the appliance is unplugged and the water supply is turned off. Next, disconnect the water inlet and drain hoses. This step might require a wrench or pliers. Drain these hoses completely to avoid any water leakage on your floors or surrounding objects. Ensure the power cord is also securely wrapped and attached to the side of the unit.

Step 3 - Secure Loose Parts and Tape the Doors

Internal components like racks and cutlery baskets should be removed or securely fastened. This prevents them from shifting and causing damage during transportation. After securing the internals, use strong tape to keep the door closed. This action will secure your doors from being damaged or opening during the maneuvering process.

Step 4 - Wrap the Whole Appliance With Moving Blankets and Plastic Film for Added Protection

Envelop the entire appliance in moving blankets, securing the entire wrap with plastic film. This step helps keep the blankets in place and offers additional protection against shocks, moisture, and dirt.

Step 5 - Lift and Load Your Appliance Onto the Relocation Vehicle

When lifting the heavy stuff, always bend at the knees and keep your back straight. It’s advisable to have someone assist you with this step. Carefully place your item onto a dolly for easier transportation. Use straps to secure it in place. When loading into the vehicle, keep the appliance upright to avoid any internal damage.

Transport Your Dishwasher to Your New Home

Start this process by evaluating the best route from your current home to the next one. Remember, the shortest route isn’t always the best or the quickest. Opt for the path with fewer jams or construction work.

Throughout the transport, regular checks are necessary to ensure that your load is secure and undamaged. This vigilance is crucial for preventing any unforeseen incidents that could compromise the safety of your belongings throughout the shipping phase.

Clear the Moving Path and Protect Your Floors and Doorways

This step is crucial not only for the safety of those carrying the machine but also for protecting the appliance from accidental bumps or drops. Start by measuring your new doorways. If the space is too tight, removing the door can provide extra room, making maneuvering manageable.

However, doorways also need attention. Pushing large appliances through them can lead to scrapes or dings. So, use foam padding or door jamb protectors to cushion them and save your appliance and home from damage.

Next, focus on floor protection, as floors can easily get scratched or damaged. Use floor runners, furniture sliders, cardboard, or thick blankets to create a protective pathway. They will absorb the pressure and minimize the risk of chips or scuffs.

Long-distance movers wrapping a large package
Secure your floors from getting damaged with blankets or old carpets

Consult the Manual When Reinstalling Your Appliance

When you’re ready to reinstall the appliance in your new home, it’s crucial to go back and consult its user manual. This important document will ensure that you reconnect and set up the machine correctly. Adhering to these guidelines can prevent potential damage and ensure optimal performance.

Unload Your Machine and Position It in Its Designated Spot

The first step is to safely unload your appliance from the dolly. Once it’s safely on the ground, carefully maneuver the machine into its spot. However, positioning your appliance requires precision.

Ensure it is placed at an appropriate distance from power outlets and water connections. If it’s a built-in model, it should fit snugly under your kitchen counter, with enough room for any necessary hookups. Double-check that the appliance is level, as an uneven position can hinder its functionality.

Reconnect the Power and Water Supply and Run a Test Cycle

Reconnecting the power and water supply is a task that must be approached with care. Follow the manual’s instructions to attach the water inlet and drainage hoses properly. Make sure all connections are secure and leak-free. Once the hoses are connected, plug in the appliance to the power source.

Before using it for its intended purpose, run a test cycle. This step is crucial to ensure everything is functioning as it should. It will help you detect any issues with the installation and address them timely and accordingly. If the cycle is completed without any issues, your appliance is ready for use in your new home.

Couple reinstalling a dishwasher
Follow these steps and ensure your appliance is ready to make your kitchenware shine

Additional Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

To ensure a smoother relocation process for your appliance, there are additional tips to keep in mind and common mistakes you should try avoiding. Firstly, always double-check the state of your cables after relocating to ensure no wires are sticking out. This step can prevent electrical issues, which are common oversights during reinstallation.

It’s also beneficial to invest in quality packing materials. Skimping on these can lead to damage during transit. Another tip is to take photos before disconnecting your appliance. These can serve as a handy reference when reconnecting hoses and wires in your new home. They are also a good reference in case of damage and filing an insurance claim with your service provider.

Another common mistake is rushing the installation process. Take your time to read the manual and understand each step thoroughly. By keeping these tips and cautionary points in mind, you can navigate these complexities with greater ease and efficiency.

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Consider Hiring Professional Long Distance Movers to Assist You

When planning a relocation, enlisting the aid of professionals can be a wise decision. The first step in this process is conducting thorough research and choosing a moving company experienced in handling such specific relocations and items. It’s crucial to check the company’s credentials, including its registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

This ensures they are not only legitimate but also adhere to safety and industry standards. Additionally, it’s important to verify that the company is fully insured and liable for any potential accidents or damages during transit. This offers an extra layer of security and peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are in safe hands.

With these considerations in mind, it becomes clear why opting for reliable, professional assistance is vital. Long Distance Movers stand out as an excellent choice in this regard. We are more than ready to handle your relocation. Our comprehensive long-distance moving services and professional packing solutions are designed to meet all your needs. We come equipped with top-notch equipment, vehicles, and supplies, ready to make your journey a breeze.

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Research and select movers that can properly handle the relocation of heavy appliances

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