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Posted in How-to, Moving Preparation on May 16, 2022
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When and How to Use Packing Paper for Moving

Before you finally decide to search online for ‘long-distance movers near me’ and schedule your relocation, it would be wise to inform yourself on how and when to use packing paper for moving. Knowing how to wrap your belongings as well as secure cardboard boxes will allow you to protect all of your items in transit. With this material, items won’t be affected by the vibrations or forceful movement inside the truck. That is why it is considered one of the essential relocation materials.

When investing in long-distance moving services, make sure that you know to organize a move. Without having a good strategy, you won’t know how to prepare for movers to arrive. One of the best ways to start your organization process is deciding on what and how to pack. Follow our expert relocation tips on how to use wrapping paper for moving so that all of your items stay intact inside the truck. We guarantee that you will move safely with our helpful advice.

Why Should Packing Paper for Moving Be Used?

Regarded as one of the most economical and convenient ways to protect belongings, this essential material is acid-free as well as ink-free. You will find that most retailers sell it in large rolls. So, what should you do with this product? Everything from wine glasses, porcelain dishes, books, and electronic appliances to small antique pieces and valuables should be wrapped in it. Relocating to a new home will be smooth and effortless since you can keep all your essential belongings secure in storage and in the truck.

When you stuff the inside of your cardboard containers with cushioning material and wrap all the items, it would be impossible to shift and break during the move. The material will absorb all the vibrations and shocks, so rest assured that nothing will get damaged.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Packing Tissue Paper Over Bubble Wrap?

Many people think that only bubble wrap should only be used when boxing up their household items. This is definitely not the case. Many customers don’t know that using padding material instead of bubble wrap has many benefits. For starters, the material is soft. That means that you can apply it to protect and secure delicate items such as artwork pieces, mirrors, glassware, and porcelain dishes. Everything will be protected from dents, bumps, and scratches.

Also, the material doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it is still strong enough to make it impossible for items to get damaged. Unlike bubble wrap, it is affordable since you will only have to pay about 10 dollars. It should also be emphasized that the paper is eco-friendly. Unlike bubble wrap, it is quite simple to recycle the product after the move.

Use Other Products Instead of Newspaper For Wrapping Your Objects

Let’s face it – who wants to spend a whole day polishing and cleaning their objects in order to get rid of black marks and stains? If you want to avoid this crucial relocation mistake, bear in mind that covering your belongings with newspaper will likely leave unwanted markings on the objects. The ink from the newspapers can be easily transferred to other surfaces. While the markings can be washed off and removed, you should make sure to move efficiently and avoid creating unnecessary things to do after relocation.

 A man holding a box with crumpled paper
Box up your belongings with clean tissue paper instead of a newspaper

How Should You Use Packing Paper?

There are numerous methods of using this cushioning material for securing important objects. It is primarily used for wrapping and filling voids inside cardboard boxes. However, there are specific steps one should take when taking care of different objects. In case you are moving out for the first time, follow our relocation hacks on how to properly store and secure all of your items with padding material. Let’s see what are some crucial steps to boxing-up different belongings.

How Should You Wrap Fine China, Glasses, Plates, and Silverware?

When you start boxing up your kitchenware, you will quickly realize that it is important to pay attention to how you wrap and place the items in cardboard boxes. Having additional supplies such as duct tape and scissors will be necessary if you want to successfully pack fragile items. Here is what you can do:

  • When you start to pack glasses for moving, first place underneath each glass two or three sheets of cushioning material and then wrap it around each glass. The inside of the glass should be filled with glass wrapping paper, too. After covering the whole glass, using dust tape would secure everything.
  • If you want to pack plates for moving, it would be best to wrap them in padding material and stack them on top of each other. Before placing them in a storage unit or a cardboard box, stuff the inside of the box with cushioning material too. Don’t forget to put some duct tape over the material.
  • For fine china, using the same method as with the glasses would be the best. Cover each china bowl and cup with padding material and stuff the boxes so that nothing can shift in transit. After you place each dish in the cardboard container, fill any voids with additional paper for packing dishes.
  • It is essential to be cautious when boxing up silverware. Each piece should be wrapped in ink-free and acid-free packing-wrapping paper. They can be first grouped into bundles, wrapped, and packed together with bowls and plates.

How to Wrap Collectibles and Valuables When Moving?

In case you have some valuables, antique pieces, or collectibles on your relocating to another state checklist, it would be beneficial to obtain a sturdy cardboard container. The inside of the container should be padded with crunched papers. The advantage of using this padding material is that it is clean, and your valuables will be kept in a safe space.

Ceramic objects or vases should be stuffed with crunched papers, too. Only then should you proceed to wrap each object with extra material. When you finish the boxing up process, label the cardboard container so you know where to place the box with valuables in the truck.

The Perks of Using Sheets of Paper for Small Appliances

This product can be used to ensure that your small kitchen appliances and electronics stay protected. Whether you will invest in storage service and have some of your appliances placed in storage units, or you are preparing them for shipping inside a relocation truck, don’t underestimate the importance of padding.

So, start by removing any loose parts on your appliances. For instance, wrap and store blender blades and microwave trays separately from the rest. All small parts can be covered with cushioning material and the inside of some appliances such as blenders or pressure cookers can be stuffed with it. Keep all of the parts together, so you avoid misplacing anything. Also, don’t forget to get an appropriate box for the object and fill the bottom and any voids with cushioning. In this way, you will protect your items in storage units as well as in trucks.

Here is a video on all the boxing up methods you can put into practice in order to avoid anxiety about moving out.

YouTube video

So, Where To Buy Packing Paper For Moving?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “where can I buy packing paper,” we will provide you with reliable information. This affordable cushioning material can be found in various stores that sell cardboard containers and other supplies. Before contacting your long-distance moving company, make sure to check home improvement stores and hardware stores for this product.

Another option is searching for the perfect product online and waiting for the delivery at home. Individuals who don’t have time to waste or are relocating at the last minute can quickly search for it in Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, or Amazon. Better yet, on different websites, you will have access to detailed product descriptions and technical details. The prices are not the same in every store, but the average price of this packaging material stands at around 15 dollars. If you haven’t decided yet where to get packing paper and are in need of free supplies, check the Craigslist website.

Read the Customer Reviews, Description, and Answers About the Product

Every decent relocation guide suggests you double-check the quality of the supplies before buying them. Since many clients first look online for the standard packaging material, it would be wise to read some reviews and customer comments that make reference to the specific product. So, make sure to find the web page where all positive and negative comments are visible.

You don’t want to end up spending money on cheap and low-quality products that won’t serve their purpose during the boxing-up process. Remember that only with the right supplies will you be able to protect your belongings during the move.

Rolls of packing paper
Make sure to get the best packaging material you can find

What Should You Do With the Cushioning Material When You Finish Boxing Up Your Items

After you unpack all the relocation boxes and furnish your new home, something has to be done with all the left-over packaging material. It would be a terrible waste to simply put it away in the attic or basement. The good idea is to take all of your cushioning material and stuff it inside hats and shoes that are not used at the time to keep everything in perfect condition. What is more, cushioning material can also be used to cover furniture, floors, and walls during any type of repair work. Windows can also be cleaned with this useful material, and it won’t leave behind any lint. On the other hand, if you don’t see yourself reusing the product, it would be best to recycle it. Take it to the closest recycle center or throw it in a blue recycling bin.

What Are Some Free Alternatives To Using Packaging Paper?

If you are on a tight relocation budget and want to find some alternatives to using this padding material, we have some tips and tricks to help you. The easiest way to protect your breakable items is by taking some of your clothing and stuffing them inside your cardboard containers. For instance, soft winter clothing can be used for covering valuables and fragile belongings. Another option is using towels and sheets. Using them as a protective layer for glassware and dishes is a great way to avoid draining your relocation budget.

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Are You Ready to Start Boxing Up Your Belongings?

Purchasing appropriate supplies is the first step in the boxing-up process. If you have already contacted the cross-country moving company and need to prepare for the arrival of your movers, try to at least get all the necessary items such as cushioning materials and cardboard containers. The packing paper can be used for multiple purposes, but it should be primarily used for protecting your fragile belongings. By following our guide on how to properly wrap your items, you won’t deal with any problems during the move. Try it out; you won’t regret it.

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