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Posted in How-to, Moving Preparation, Moving Tips&Tricks on July 26, 2021
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How to Prepare for Movers – Tips for Stressless Relocation Day

The first relocating company started working 80 years ago. Since then, the industry has grown and developed, and now there are more than 7,000 companies in the USA. And like in any profession, some standards have developed over the years. Therefore, knowing how to prepare for movers will help you and make life easier for your professionals.

Couple preparing for cross-country moving
If you are well prepared, you will have a stress-free relocation

Preparation for your cross-country moving is something that has to be on your moving-to-do list if you wish to have a stress-free relocation. With our relocation hacks, you will do everything by the book, and not only the relocation process itself but the settling into your new home will be much easier as well. Keep reading and find out more about preparing for movers tips.

First, Make a Plan for Your Move – Book Your Long-Distance Movers on Time

Long-distance moving is something that needs to be prepared on time. From packing plates to hiring long-distance moving services, it all has to be done quickly. But if you start early and you book a long-distance moving company at least one month in advance, your relocation will be a breeze. When searching for long-distance movers near me, check if the company has a USDOTnumber to avoid relocation scams. Also, one of the criteria when looking for a cross-country moving company should be if they can give you all the services at once. Talk to them and ask them if they can provide auto transport service too. Some companies even have storage facilities which you can use if something unexpected happens. Once you book a company, your preparations can begin.

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Declutter Before In-Home Estimate

Downsizing a bit will enable you to save on relocation costs and give part of the answer to how to prepare your home for movers. Decluttering is the first step to have easy packing, and along the way, you will prepare your home for sale as well. The golden rule of every downsizing is “if I have not used this for more than two years, it has to go.” Try to implement this rule when deciding what to keep when relocating.

Go room by room and start sorting your items. First, label all the furniture you plan to keep. Then make two piles in each room of things you want to get rid of and things you plan to pack. Once you create these piles and you label your furniture, you will easily create an inventory list of all belongings you plan to bring with you. And in the end, this list will be something you will show your company once they arrive to give you a quote.

Long-distance movers writing on a paper
Your quote will be more accurate if you know what you are bringing with you

Know How to Pack Your Items – Best Packing Tips and Tricks

Packing shoes or some pots and pans for relocation probably sounds super easy, and you might think it is not such a big deal, but when the time for packing fragile items arrives, you will change your mind. Furthermore, even shoes and books can be a huge problem when it comes to carrying if they are not properly packed.

One of the best packing tips all professionals will give you is to use good quality supplies and to pack everything in medium-sized boxes because they are easier to carry. Also, when putting stuff in boxes, do not overstep its boundaries. Pack light. Not only will you prevent your back from breaking, but your boxes too.

Reinforce the bottom of boxes with some duct tape and if you wish to learn how to prepare for professional movers even better, create holes on the box side walls so movers can grab it there. Also, place heavy things first, on the bottom of your box, and then lighter ones on top. When packing plates, put them vertically to prevent breaking.

Tips for Best Labeling

Another tip on how to prepare for movers to pack is to label everything properly. Do so, and packing a moving truck will be much easier for your professionals. The great method is a combination of two or three systems. You can use color stickers, writing, and numbers to mark belongings inside the box. But if you don’t have time for this, you can only write “fragile” or “heavy,” and you will have an efficient move.

Valuable Items Should Go With You

While sorting everything out, you should organize your important documents, valuable things and put aside other belongings professionals won’t move like plants, food, guns, and flammable materials. So be smart about what you will keep when you start to pack bathroom items and cleaning supplies. All valuable belongings should go with you whether you are going by car or airplane.

Cross-country movers carrying stuff to a home
With good labeling, the job of your professionals will be much easier

What to Pack Before the Movers Come?

No matter if you are relocating to another state alone or with a family, you will have to pack some items before professionals arrive. Even if you hire them for packing service, you will need to arrange your bag of essentials (one day before relocation should be enough.) There should be all the things you need for a few days, like for a short vacation. Here are some of the stuff you can include:

  • Clothes and underwear,
  • Chargers and phone,
  • Important documents,
  • Vital medicine,
  • Basic tools,
  • Basic hygiene products,
  • Bedding,
  • Food and snacks,
  • Cleaning supplies, if possible.
Woman carrying a bag for long-distance moving
Your essentials should fit in a carry-on bag

How to Prepare for Movers if You Hire Them for Packing Service

Some preparations are necessary even if you hire movers to do everything for you. For starters, they must know exactly which belongings they are handling and which one you are bringing with you. Don’t let professionals wander around thinking about what to put in a box and what not. A valuable time will be lost, and in the end, it might cost you more.

Prepare a Room

When talking about the answer to “How should I prepare for a mover,” the best answer would be to clear as much space and room as possible. So if it’s possible, clear one room where they can do all the packing, put all belongings they are supposed to pack in there and leave them to do their job. They will need a large space like a living room or garage to finish with all your belongings. Once they have proper working conditions, don’t get in their way. It is also important for insurance purposes because most moving insurance policies cover only stuff professionals handle.

Long-distance movers packing belongings
Clear a room where your professionals can do everything

Do a Deep Cleaning of Your Home

If relocating a piano through small doors and a bunch of stairs, your movers will probably have no objections, and they will get the job done. But if they have to carry dirty belongings, they will feel pretty uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you? You have to think about how they will carry your items close to their bodies, and yes, they will be able to sense pet odor. Of course, you will have no complaints about that, but it would be a good thing to think about when cleaning your house before relocation.

Pay Special Attention to These Moving Tips

One of the most common moving mistakes people make is that they do everything in a hurry a couple of days before the relocation begins. Furthermore, because of this, they forget to clean every single item they have. You probably wonder why is this important? The answer is simple – because you will protect your items and settling in your new home will be much faster and more pleasant. The other reason is the simple fact that you will have a nicer and prettier home to sell. If you don’t want to hire a cleaning company, you can clean your house alone. Either way, your anxiety about moving out will be much less. Cleaning your belongings is especially important if you plan to keep them in storage facilities for a longer period.

Check out this video for more cleaning tips.

YouTube video

Make Space for the Professionals

One of the things people forget to do when relocating is to measure their house to see if everything can come through doorways. And what happens? Your professionals arrive only to realize they have to knock down some doors. As you can imagine, this kind of thing can take a lot of time (and not to mention that everything will be full of dust.) To avoid this, make sure that all the furniture can come through all doorways along the path. Another mistake people make is that they allow their boxes to be all around the house. Place all your boxes in one room and let the professionals do all the work. They will load everything without a fuss.

Meter on the wall
Measure everything before the big day approaches

How to Prepare for Movers?

If you wonder do you need to empty dressers for movers, the answer is yes. You should empty everything. Another good thing would be to fix drawers and closet doors with some duct tape as well. Most professional cross-country moving companies will disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture. For them to do so, an empty closet is always a plus.

Get Some Food and Drinks for Cross-Country Movers

Do not forget about weather conditions on the big day, nor what kind of beverages you need to have prepared for you and all the people that are relocating you. Buy some water, plastic cups, and plates in advance, so you don’t have to unpack your dishes for this purpose. Leave aside some coffee and tea as well.

And don’t forget to order food for everyone. This day will be exhausting, and you will have to think about a lot of things, so food will probably be the last one of your mind. An excellent way not to forget this is to arrange food at a certain hour during the day and announce the food break in advance. This way, you will be on your toes. Also, if you are relocating with a newborn or kids, make sure you get a sitter or someone to watch them.

Long-distance moving company packing belongings
Have plenty of water ready for your movers

The Big Day Is Here – What to Do While Movers Are Moving?

If you follow these tips, there is only one thing you can do to help, and that is to let them do their job. Don’t stretch your health insurance and keep your health intact. Not only do professionals know how to pack glasses, but they know how to carry items properly too. With years of experience, this kind of job is printed in their genes, and because they are professionally trained, they can easily carry a fridge without any hassle. Therefore the best thing you can do is to organize everything and then to sit back and relax.

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