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Posted in Finding a Home, Moving Tips&Tricks on May 6, 2021
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The Search for Home Will Be Easy With The Best House Hunting Tips

Are you ready to start searching for your dream home? No matter how satisfying the moment you encounter and purchase it is, the process that leads to it can be quite stressful. However, if you follow these proven house hunting tips, the entire journey will feel more pleasant, simple, and it will undoubtedly lead to the best possible outcome.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, or an experienced browser through the world of real estate, following some actionable guidelines will ease your struggles and help you out with multiple challenges.

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Tips for House Hunting – How to Start Your Journey?

So, how do you survive house hunting? If you want to play your cards right, you must plan carefully and be well-prepared. Firstly, you must have all of your reasons to move aligned. In addition to knowing exactly what you’re hoping for, you must also know your financial capabilities, among other things:

  • Know your budget,
  • Make some savings,
  • Get preapproval for your mortgage.

Finances often represent an impediment. If you are moving without a job, you might even want to postpone your purchase. Once you get a job in the new city, you can go back to researching the housing market and picking your next homestead.

While planning your costs and setting aside some funds to relocate and buy a place of your own, you can’t neglect the cash you will need to acquire long distance moving services and move efficiently. On the other hand, some people tend to save up by relocating independently. If that is your case, just be sure to explore every moving hack in the book and act accordingly.

house’s exterior with outdoor lamps
Dealing with your finances and managing them properly should be your first goal

Find a Real Estate Agent

Purchasing a new residence is a bit more challenging than choosing to rent an apartment. More than 80% of home buyers pick to hire reputable real estate agents and ease the entire process with their help. An agent will grant you access to many beneficial insights and services. They will simplify every home-buying step you’ll take toward having a great and affordable residence. You should:

  • Use trustworthy resources to find agents who will be helping you,
  • Ensure they know the local housing market,
  • Check their backgrounds and records,
  • Have an interview with at least three agents before choosing one,
  • Be realistic about your expectations and financial state.

Once you have a credible professional by your side, things will unstoppably start to brighten up.

A house you can find in the suburbs
Use credible sources when picking a pro to rely on

House Hunting Guide – What Should I Look for When House Hunting?

Keeping your eyes wide open for opportunities and great offers implies several things:

  • Finding and meeting various reputable agents before choosing to collaborate with one,
  • Exploring the most helpful websites and apps for buyers,
  • Gathering information regarding prospective areas, neighborhoods, and job opportunities connected to the regions you are interested in,
  • Watching out for red flags and keeping in mind at all times your must-haves, preferences, and absolute deal-breakers,
  • Looking carefully into the market and being realistic regarding the price range you are able to fit into,
  • Negotiating with the sellers and asking them all relevant questions prior to making a deal,
  • Scheduling your relocation date and booking cross country moving services timely.

How to House Hunt – Best Websites and Applications

When you are on the prowl, you must use all of the available resources. Starting by exploring the market online is always the best idea. Here are some websites that you will find helpful during your search:

  • Zillow – This site emphasizes everything you will want to have at your disposal. Plus, it includes a unique tool that estimates the market value of everything they list. That way, you can get a heads up if the price is an utter daylight robbery.
  • – Staying freshly informed is paramount. This website posts listings that are being updated every 15 minutes or less. They can serve you to avoid making pointless contact and wasting your time.
  • Redfin Real Estate – Here, all listings feature a question box you can click on to discover more about the estate. You can also view the next open house showing by date and book your tour with a single click.
a view of a suburban neighborhood
Go online and explore the market

House Hunting Tips Checklist

Once you start to review and assess properties for sale, you must come up with a detailed checklist. And then – you will need to stick to it:

  • Explore the market and compare prices,
  • Be careful when choosing the fitting location,
  • Choose a property that’s size suits your needs,
  • Ask the right questions throughout the process,
  • Learn more about the value growth,
  • Take your time and visit the properties you have shortlisted.

Don’t skip any of these stages. If you need more time to think and strategize, ask a pro to give you a hand. Just make sure not to move faster than you should.

Know What to Look for When House Hunting: Compare Prices

All housing markets are different. The prices vary so vastly throughout the whole country that one absurd figure might entirely mess up your concept and plans. Still, you shouldn’t let a single ridiculous offer make you think you won’t discover a home that matches your budget.

You should rely on the advice of your agent. Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. Be extra thorough with the math and stick to the results you’ve got.

How should you act when viewing a house? Just be thorough, patient, and perceptive. Don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions and seek additional insights. Rely a bit on your instincts and don’t neglect your first instincts completely. Give it a shot and see how other potential buyers have perceived the dwelling. But still, let your gut, budget, and preferences have the final say.

tiny plant in a jar with coins
Whichever your parameters are, your savings account will have the final say

Location and Style

Large houses require a unique approach. Designing and furnishing them is quite different from obtaining small apartment ideas. Although location should be one of your top priorities, the style also matters.

However, if the decorations and colors bother you, keep in mind that these things are minor and easily fixable. Find a community that fits your lifestyle and deal with small issues as you go. Make sure that the grocery store isn’t miles away and that your new neighbors aren’t problematic.

If you’re interested in arranging and DIY decorations, this is a video for you.

YouTube video

What Is the Neighborhood Like?

Even if you are relocating to another state alone, you must be sure to find the most suitable area and neighborhood for yourself. And if you decide to move with kids, things get even more complicated. Choosing wisely is imperative.

You will need to carefully evaluate schools in your new district. In addition to it, you should check out the crime rates, demographic facts, local parks and playgrounds, and more.

And still, if you are planning a move to another city alone, you could keep these criteria in mind. Family-friendly districts will increase the value of your residence when you choose to sell it.

houses and buildings
Find the fitting area so you can enjoy every moment spent there

Pick the Right Size and Ask the Right Questions

Firstly, nothing can go wrong if you know what you need. And also, since your real estate agent will be there to guide you, you can discuss everything with them. When it comes to the size of your future property, your precise necessities and budget are the determining factors. As for the questions you can’t help but ask, here’s what they should cover:

  • What is included in the price?
  • How old are the appliances and systems, and when were they last renewed?
  • How old is the roof?
  • Have you ever done some pest disinfestations?
  • What problems have you experienced?
  • What are the neighbors like?
  • How does it feel living here during the winter and summer?

These are some of the answers you will want to obtain right from the start. Have your agent back you up and ask the seller about other valuable information.

How Much Space Do You Need? Explore the Kitchen, Garden and the Rest of the Place.

When deciding what to keep when moving, you must keep several parameters in mind. One of them is undoubtedly the matter of space you will have at your disposal after the move. If you chose to live on your own, you will most likely have fewer glasses, sheets, or dishes to pack and store upon your arrival. Still, the size (and structure) of your new homestead is crucial.

Recent studies have shown that most buyers purchased family homes with the area of 1,850 square feet. So, before you pack bathroom items and kitchen supplies, make sure to know where you will place them.

white ruler on a green background
Before you reduce your clutter and pack to start fresh, know how much space you will need to have at your disposal

Prioritize – Pick Value Growth over a Backyard Pool

Prioritizing isn’t necessarily fun. And yet, it is inevitable. Picking a nice layout or a single perk over some substantial things is like choosing to learn how to move a piano before you have created a to-do list. First things must always come first. And your house’s value growth is something you should never let slip from your mind. How to make sure you have estimated it accurately? You can make sure by researching the history of homes and their values, as well as businesses in the area.

A backyard pool
Prioritize when choosing, because knowing a value growth of properties is far more significant than loving the shade of your new porch and fence

Being Hasty Is a Huge Mistake – Take Your Time to Visit Every Home from Your House Hunt Checklist

Be efficient but don’t rush. If you follow the best packing tips for moving, you will avoid common struggles and get packed with ease. The same rule applies here. Take your time to plan, review, canvas, and draw conclusions.

If you are relocating during Coronavirus, everything can get a little more tricky. Safety must come first. It is better to play it safe by getting brand new boxes and supplies in order to pack your shoes and clothes, but also pots and pans, and your fragile items. Still, you can’t avoid all interactions and make a life-changing choice without visiting your home-to-be first and examining it (and its surroundings.)

How Long Should House Hunting Take?

Typically, this stage can take from three to six weeks. However, it can last longer in some cases. Larger markets with many properties and numerous potential buyers who are limited to searching only during the weekends can expand this stage. Nearly every real estate purchase offer has a 24- or 48-hour window.

The sellers evaluate the offer during this time and decide if they want to accept it. If they decline, they will most likely come back with a counteroffer.

pocket watch in hand
If you can't fit into a 6-week frame, don't rush yourself and make hasty decisions

Follow These House Hunting Tips to Find the Perfect Place Easily

If you follow these actionable tips, you will find a homestead that will be your dream come true in no time. Still, your adventure doesn’t end there. And neither does your research and planning. Before you set a relocation date, you should carefully explore long distance movers and seek their assistance. Once you find a reputable company, check out their moving and packing services, whether they offer storage facilities, and what car shipping solutions they provide.

Find a suitable residence, learn how to spot the red flags timely and avoid moving scams, and get packed. Your next chapter awaits.

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