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Posted in After the Move, Moving Essentials, Moving Tips&Tricks on July 5, 2021
Daisy Wilson

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Checklist of Things to Do After Moving

Each year around 650,000 people hire long-distance movers to help them in their relocation. And even if movers will do a considerable part of your move, the list of things to do after moving is still extensive.

Empty long-distance moving to-do list
To-do list will help you a lot after your relocation

Your relocation is not over once the truck is unloaded, and a lot of tasks await before you are finally settled. But if you plan everything right and keep the schedule nicely organized, this whole “things to do after you move” process does not have to be a drag. So, keep reading and see our list of things to do when you move.

Check Out Your New Home

One of the first things to do after moving into a new house is to inspect it. Your home will probably be filled with boxes and furniture, but before you start to put everything in its place, check everything out in detail. Take your phone and take pictures of each room to file complaints later on if something is wrong. Check your walls to ensure they are free from mold, moisture, or holes you didn’t notice when you bought or rented a house. See if the previous tenant left some furniture and decide whether you will keep it or not.

The empty place is also excellent for checking if there are any pests or bugs as well. In fact, even if you don’t notice anything, it would be good if you call pest exterminators just in case. And once you turn on your electricity, check out if all your appliances are working properly.

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Make a Checklist of Things You Have to Do

Now, while inspecting your home, you will probably see some details you would like to change, maybe some renovations or fixing some problems. Go through each room and write down what needs to be done. You will be in a mess, surrounded by boxes and furniture, and you can easily forget something. For this reason, creating a checklist of all you need to do is always a good idea. Here are some of the points to include in your list:

  • Contractor search if renovations are necessary,
  • Turning on your utilities,
  • Buying materials for your renovations,
  • Do a deep cleaning of your carpets,
  • Donate or sell unwanted furniture,
  • Change of locks,
  • Change of address,
  • Secure your home,
  • Lodge complaint to your long-distance moving company if needed,
  • Call pest control if necessary.
Mouse eating on the ground
Call a pest control company to spray your residence, and you will sleep much better

Let There Be Lights – Turn Your Utilities on

Have you ever wondered what is the first thing to do after moving? Well, turning your utilities on will be the best first step. Find your fuse box and turn on the electricity. Then go to your sink and see if there is running water. If there is not, you will have to turn this on by yourself.

Now, contacting your utility providers to transfer utilities to your new address likely found its place on your moving to-do list. But, if you relocate to another state, you probably won’t be able to transfer them, and you will have to register new accounts at your local utility providers. And if this was one of the things you forgot to do when you move, you will have to do it once you relocate.

Man checking the fuse box
Check your utilities thoroughly before you turn them on

Do a Deep Cleaning

If you sold your old residence, deep cleaning of everything was probably part of your preparation for sale. But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t leave a clean place. So before you start unpacking, clean every corner of your home. If you are relocating to another state alone, you will need some time to clean it all, but it can be done in a couple of hours if you are relocating with family. If there is a carpet you should arrange cleaning of this too – cleaning agencies can do this in one day.

Carpet cleaning machine
Hire a company to do a deep cleaning of your carpet

If You Have to Renovate, Do It Now

If you are not happy with something at your new place, it would be good if you can renovate it before unpacking everything. There will be a lot of dust and an all-around mess, so it’s better to keep your stuff in boxes until everything is over. Initial inspection probably gave you some ideas of what needs to be done. Of course, you don’t have to do it right away, but if you have time and energy, renovate while you are still packed since it will be much easier. It would be good if you could visit your new home before your moving truck arrives so you can do these renovations without anyone bothering you. You can always store your stuff in your cross-country moving company’s storage facilities and wait for them till everything is done.

Renovation plans, tools, and screws
Renovate now while your belongings are packed

Change Your Locks and Secure Your House

No matter if you plan to live on your own or with your family, you will sleep better knowing that only you have keys to your residence. If possible, change your locks the first day you arrive. You never know who might have keys. Make arrangements with your security company and book them for alarm installation as soon as possible. You probably packed your pots and pans and can wait until you use them, but before you start cooking, check if all your smoke alarms are working.

Baby Proof Your House

If you are relocating with kids, especially toddlers, their safety should be on top of your list, and knowing how to babyproof a home is a top priority. First, you need to clear and secure one room where your kids can play and move freely. Then start with the room-by-room system, and put protection on every sharp object you see.

Kids and mom
Clear one room where your kids can roam safely

Unpack and Follow You Inventory List

If you followed all the packing tips for relocating, unpacking shouldn’t be that difficult. If you have your inventory list and have labeled your boxes appropriately, your unpacking will be done in a couple of days. On the other hand, if you, for example, don’t know how to pack fragile items, you can always hire professionals for packing service. This way, professionals will correctly pack your dishes for relocating, among other stuff, and you will know that your belongings will be safe during transportation. And best of all, you will have a system in place for unpacking.

It Will Be The Best if You Unpack Your Essentials First

One of the most important relocation hacks and tips is to pack a box (or boxes) of essentials. This box should have all the stuff you will have to use in the first couple of days. And logically, this box will be the first thing you will unpack. Here is what you should put there:

  • Cleaning supplies,
  • Bedding,
  • Plates and cups,
  • A pot that can be used for cooking and frying,
  • Bathroom items – soap, body and hair wash, towels, and toilet paper,
  • Snacks and water,
  • Food for your kids,
  • Toys for your kids and pets.

Lodge Complaints at Your Long-Distance Moving Company if Necessary

If you wish to move efficiently, having an inventory list is probably one of the best tips to accomplish that. This list is important for your unpacking process, but it is also essential to see if everything arrived at the final destination. While emptying the boxes, check whether everything that should be inside is actually there. So you can complain about your long-distance moving services if anything is missing or broken. Just contact your cross-country moving company and inform them of your problem. Mistakes are indeed rare, but they still can happen. And that is why every reputable cross-country movers offer moving insurance to their customers.

Professional carrying a box
If you hire reputable movers, there will be little room for mistakes

Things to Do After Moving – Where to Register and Who to Inform

A big part of every relocation is informing relevant institutions about your change of address. First, inform your post office, either before or after your move. Your post office will then forward your mails from your old residence for 12 months. And if you wonder how early should you change your address when moving, you can do it at basically any time, but the sooner, the better. You can do it online – just fill out the Change of Address form on the USPS website. And if you receive someone else’s mail, there are a couple of tricks to stop getting mail from previous tenants, and the best of them is informing your local Post Office about the situation.

And if you hired movers for auto transport services, you would have to change your address on your drivers’ license and take a new set of plates. Check out this video for more information about who to notify when relocating.

YouTube video

Recycle Packing Materials

Once you unpack everything, you will realize how much material is left. A lot of boxes, plastic, and bubble wraps will be all over the place. So finding a recycling company has to be on your after-moving checklist. Once you contact them, take all of the useful debris there.

Cardboard boxes
Go green and recycle everything left from your unpacking

Your Pet Should Be Comfortable As Well

If you are relocating with pets, double-check if they have something to keep them occupied. Clear one room where your pet can be away from all the noise and fuss. Relocation and change are difficult for them, too, so ensure they have their bed, toys, and food close to them, so they can adjust more easily.

Dogs lying on a bed
Clear room for your pets too

Start your Job Search

No matter what your reasons to move are, whether you are relocating for love or because you want to get a job in a new city, your job hunting should start, if not before you move, then right after it. Relocating without a job can be stressful, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a disaster. Still, it would be good if you put aside some money just in case. So, what should you do right after you move in terms of your job? Well, the answer is obvious – start sending your resume and cover letters to every company you find interesting. Go on social media and inform all acquaintances about relocation and employment search. You never know who might have something or some recommendations for you.

Girl on a job interview
Don't turn down interviews

Meet Your Neighbours

What to do after you move to a new state? Finally, meeting your neighbors should be on a list. Now that you have done everything from your what to do after moving list, you can now make a small house-warming party for your neighbors. For instance, If you moved a piano, you can use this as entertainment at your party. But if you don’t have a piano, the simple Bluetooth speaker will do just fine, so make sure speakers are among the items you will keep when relocating. A party is an excellent way of meeting new people. You will be comfortable at your house, and you will make small talk much easier. And who knows, maybe you meet someone interesting and make a friend along the way. Either way getting to know your neighbors is a crucial part of your adjustment to these circumstances.

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