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Posted in Moving Tips&Tricks on June 15, 2021
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The Ultimate List of Who to Notify When Moving

It’s easy to lose track of all tasks there are when you are relocating to another state. One of them is knowing who to notify when moving. You might have some idea off the top of your head, but what’s the complete list of everyone you should inform? We made this easier for you and listed everyone you should let know that you won’t be living at the same address anymore.

A person making a list
Use this list to learn more about who you should contact about your relocation

Why People Often Forget to Learn Who to Notify When Moving?

Googling which are the best long-distance movers near me, hiring a cross-country moving company, and dealing with the whole process takes a lot of time and effort. This can get very exhausting and often overwhelming, so many people get stressed out and make mistakes. One of them is forgetting about learning who to notify of a change of address. You have to create a relocation to-do list, learn all the packing tips, come up with various interesting small apartment ideas, and learn about potential relocation scams that might appear.

No matter what your reasons to move are, whether you are relocating to another state alone or learning how to baby proof a house because you’re expecting, failing to remember who to notify when you move might cause some trouble. All the mail that you are receiving, all of your subscriptions, and everything else that’s connected to your place of residence will continue to arrive, even though you’ve moved to another state. The problem is that you won’t be receiving your mail, and you might miss some important letters and bills. On top of that, the future resident will have to deal with your mail, which isn’t something that’s supposed to happen.

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Make Sure You Learn Who to Notify When Moving on Time

Calling all the institutions and people that should know that you moved after the relocation happens could be too late. The next resident might have already received your utility bill or your magazines. To avoid that, be sure you let everyone know on time. An optimal time frame when all the relevant companies and people should learn that you’re relocating varies from one to another. For example, your employer should know two months upfront if you are going to have a notice period, while the post office can be notified two weeks before the pick-up day. Prevent potential problems by letting everyone know that you are relocating in advance – that’s the best way to notify of a change of address.

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It is a tedious task, but it has to be done on time

When You Move, Who Should You Notify? Start With Your Current Employer

Unless you are relocating for work, the place you work at should be the top priority answer to who should you notify when you move. Hiring a long-distance moving company and relocating to another state doesn’t just mean that you have to learn how to pack fragile items such as knowing how to pack glasses or, for example, how to pack plates, but also to talk to your employer. Since you are changing states, you should contact your current employer and tell them that you plan on relocating. Don’t forget to figure out how to get a job in a new city as well. Having a steady source of income will make your life much easier and more stress-free.

Two girls talking in an office
Talk to your boss and see how early you should inform them that you are relocating

Postal Services Should Be One of the First to Be Informed

USPS is the right answer to the common question of where to update your address when you move. They have made this process pretty simple, and you can finish everything online in just a few clicks. There’s an option to update the place of residence for a permanent move, and you can also update it temporarily. You can forward your mail or hold it at the post office for a short period.

If you prefer the old-fashioned way, go to the nearest post office and request the Mover’s Guide packet. This is a bit slower since you’ll get a confirmation in five business days. If you do it online, you’ll get a confirmation email right away.

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

The right answer is around two weeks before your move. This will give the post office enough time to process your request and to make sure you don’t miss any important mail. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

A letter with a seal
Keep your letters coming to the right destination

Your Landlord Should Be Notified in Case You’re Renting a House or Apartment

Check the state laws and see what the shortest notice period is to inform your landlord that you won’t be living there anymore. Depending on the state, it can be 30 to 60 days before the contract ends. Prepare a written notice for them and ask for a letter of reference. A good letter is one of the things you need to rent an apartment, so make sure you leave the old home in perfect condition. This will also help you get your deposit back.

Living room
In case you’ve been renting, you should leave the home in the same condition as it was when you moved in

Utility Companies Must Know That You Are Ending the Service

Call your utility provider five to seven days before the move and inform them of the move. Find another provider if your current one doesn’t cover the state you are going to. If they do, just tell them when your last day in your present residence is, and what the start date in the new one is. Do this for your water, gas, garbage, cable, phone, and internet – all of the things that are on your new apartment checklist. That way, when you arrive at the new home, the utilities will already be set up, and you won’t have a gap without essential resources in your home.

A man on the phone
Find the best utility provider in the state you’re going to

Visit the DMV as Soon as You Can

Getting a new driver’s license and plates surely is on your relocating to another state checklist, but when thinking about the change of address and who to notify, many often forget about the DMV. Keep in mind that different states have different requirements and that there might be a tight deadline for it. Set an appointment at the DMV in the state you’re relocating to within the first ten days in the new place. You have a legal requirement to update your vehicle registration and driver’s license when you move states, so prevent problems and get this over with ASAP.

A girl stressed out about her life events
Nobody likes waiting in lines at the DMV, but it has to be done

Who to Notify of an Address Change? Government Agencies and the IRS Are on This List as Well

The Social Security Administration and Electoral Register must be notified if you are changing states. For an update at the Social Security Administration, call 1-800-772-1213 or contact the local office. If you want to stay a registered voter, update your registration. Every state has different rules for voters, so check the ones in your place of residence. Also, prevent any inconveniences by notifying the IRS that you are going to live in another state. You can do it by completing a form online or in writing.

A girl typing on a laptop
Nowadays, everything can be done online, without much effort

Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies Should Be Notified

While you are thinking about how to plan a move to another city, don’t forget about your banks and credit card companies. They use your place of residence on many forms, so you should inform them of the upcoming changes. Do this for every bank and credit card company you have an account with. Your insurance providers should be notified 10 to 20 days before the move. This applies to car, home, life, health insurance, and all other policies you may have. Find a new provider in another state if your current companies don’t cover it.

A girl holding a credit card
Banks and credit card providers need to be notified of your new place of residence

Don’t Forget About Medical and Educational Facilities

You probably already know that you need your medical records and educational documents in the state you’re relocating to. Get a copy of all of your health records and transfer them to have your medical history available for the new doctor. Do the same for your dental records. If you are in school or college, or if your kids are, transfer those documents as well. Here’s a short video on transferring medical records to another state:

If You Are Relocating With Your Family, Remind Them to Change Their Address as Well

An amazing party for family and friends is a perfect solution if you were wondering what is the best way to notify of an address change, but before you get to the fun part, finish the logistics first. All the people relocating with you should do the same you did and inform all the institutions that are listed here.

Make Sure That You and Your Family Members Cancel All Memberships

In case you’re subscribed to any newsletters, magazines, or if you are in some clubs and organizations, don’t forget to cancel your membership. If you entered your delivery address on any retail websites, update that as well. All mail that comes to your home and everything that requires your place should be updated before the time comes to pay for the next membership.

A worried girl looking at her phone
Remember everything you are subscribed to

All That Is Left Is to Find Good Cross Country Movers and Enjoy Your Move

Professional long-distance movers will make your move so much easier. You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to pack bathroom items or learning relocation hacks since you’ll have a team of experienced movers that can do everything for you. Getting a long-distance moving service from a reputable company can be a lifesaver. Just figure out what to keep when relocating and let movers do all the rest.

A relocation company can also help you with auto transport services, you will have a free storage unit for everything that you are taking with you, and moving insurance as well. If you get a packing service, professional movers will use their high-end boxes and packing supplies to do everything from packing dishes, and they will even move a piano if you have one. Since you are relocating during Coronavirus, you can be sure that, with the right company, all of the equipment will be disinfected and that every member of the crew will wear gloves and a mask. Have a straightforward relocation with professional long-distance moving services.

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