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Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Creative Storage Ideas for Clever Usage of Space

Whether you’re low on space, in desperate need of organization, or getting ready to move, you could use some of the creative storage ideas. You don’t need magic to make your stuff and your square footage compatible. All you have to get your hands on is some spare time, good will, and an article just like this one. Gain your insights and tips, and make your household more manageable, well-organized, and practical. Follow this simple guide and enjoy developing your DIY skills. They’ll be worth your while.

stuff hanging off a wall
Don’t be afraid to boost your creativity when coming up with storage ideas

Start Exploring the Most Creative Storage Solutions

Whether you live on your own or with family, you should keep all of your rooms (even those you don’t use frequently) neat and tidy. At times, this seemingly simple task can become challenging. Especially if you plan to switch your large house for a condo, and now you’re struggling with deciding what to keep when moving.

Regardless of whether you’re relocating or simply hoping to gain more space, the first step you must take is to go through your belongings and see if all of them still serve their purpose. Since the answer is most likely no, you are about to declutter and downsize. And when you’re done, you can package or display the rest of your possessions neatly and practically by following these simple tips and ways to improvise:

  • Plan every action meticulously and give yourself enough time to carefully measure and calculate the capacities,
  • Don’t procrastinate – act promptly and start to enjoy your (newly found) extra space ASAP,
  • Be creative with each room. Every chamber has some potential, and you can easily make it more usable and easier to navigate,
  • Get your equipment and supplies ready on time. Visit cheap stores and explore online purchases to save up some cash, especially if you’ve recently moved to another state alone,
  • Have your cleaning supplies ready for the aftermath because no matter how watchfully you have worked, there will be some dirt, dust, or residue left behind.

Once you have done the math, calculated your square footage, and understood how your preferences fit into your residence – it’s time to see how you can approach every room and make it into something that suits you better.

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Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Some people have gotten used to the idea of living in a small flat quite quickly. They have been thrilled to make new apartment checklists prior to the relocation and coming up with innovative small apartment ideas after it. Whether you’re one of them or not, some plans you can design to store your belongings simply work like a charm:

  • Add some extra comfort to your bedroom and living room by separating them with shelf dividers,
  • Build some floor cabinets to store your shoes and clothes,
  • Learn about the many usages a hanging rack can have – from placing your bicycle on it to building a small one that will help you dry or pack your dishes above the sink,
  • Make a kitchen island to keep your appliances, utensils, pots and pans, and everything else properly packed – without creating more clutter than necessary,
  • Use wall hooks and cabinet organizers for your bathroom,
  • Utilize a closet, organizer and track your stuff on every shelf effortlessly.

Let’s move on to exploring one idea at a time and build a perfectly tucked-in home step by step and one DIY tip at a time.

cozy indoors
Small spaces require more creativity and planning, but the results you get are superb.

DIY Shelf Dividers for Bedroom and Living Room

If the list of reasons to move you have created didn’t mention anything about finding a bigger home, this trick might be exactly what you need. Those who live in a studio know the struggle. Delineating physically and telling apart the area where you sleep from the chamber reserved for daytime activities might be impossible. However, if you’re curious about DIY handy work and carpentry, creating dividers with shelves is an excellent choice.

If your budget is low, that’s not a problem. You can watch this video and see how you can design shelf dividers from any material – cardboard included.

Use Bookcases, Boxes, and Baskets

Not every storage idea entails building something and enhancing one’s skills related to handiwork. Some of the tricks and hacks are easy to spot and only require using all disposable boxes, baskets, and containers smartly. That way, you can save a lot of room and leave your budget unharmed since you surely already have most of these cardboards and different cases. While you’re at it – think how every single one of them can be repurposed. For instance, bookcases can do a lot more than store books. And this move won’t only be efficient. It will add to your style, and your rooms will feel more personalized. Baskets can serve multiple purposes as well. Wrap your mind around these simple suggestions and make your rooms decluttered, practical, and cozy.

DIY Floor Cabinet

If you want to rearrange basically any section of your apartment and provide it with brand-new functionality, build cabinets on top of the floor. You will undoubtedly be able to compartmentalize easily. That way, you can quickly access your clothes, shoes, or supplies. These cabinets can help you organize any part of your household and store nearly anything. Another similar idea would imply buying a bed with drawers underneath. That could be a quick fix for your tightly packed bedroom.

white cabinet with potted plants
Make your own floor cabinet to package part of your belongings

Store Some Items on a Hanging Rack

A simple clothing rack can have many purposes. But if we commence with the most obvious one, you can still do a lot with it:

  • You can hang your clothes, some hanging shelves, and a curtain to keep your stuff safe from dust and dirt,
  • Also, you can organize your outfits in advance with it,
  • If you expect a newborn and you still have to baby-proof the home and set up a nursery, you can use a rack to create your special corner for it.

In addition to it, when you’re placing rods and racks, place their bars high. That way, you will have an entirely new line below them that’s suitable to set another rack and double-up your free space.

clothes on a rack
Hanging racks are excellent for more than clothes

Make a Kitchen Island

Handling your fragile items is always tricky – and your kitchen is simply packed with them. If you are about to move, you will have to go over some relocation hacks to avoid breakage. And if you’re staying put, but you think that your cooking area needs a quick retouch, here’s a solution for you.

Building a kitchen island with some extra storage space will help you store your glasses, plates, mugs, and pantry. You won’t have to worry about storing your plates or your small appliances. Everything will be placed safely, and it will be visible. So when the holiday season comes, you won’t have to canvas your boxes and cabinets searching for decorative plates or fancy gizmos you have bought for baking.

More Useful Tips for Your Kitchen Organization

Clever storage ideas for small kitchens always come in handy. And if you want some additional inspiration, here’s what you’ve been scrolling for:

  • Get a hanging canned food organizer,
  • Be creative and place your veggies inside large magazine holders to sort them,
  • Build or buy a wooden dish drying cabinet,
  • Add an extra drawer for your tupperware (or utilize a bin instead),
  • Get wire racks for your pots and pans,
  • Save your empty tissue box and keep plastic or garbage bags inside it,
  • Place some wire baskets above your cabinets,
  • Get hooks and hangers for spoons.

You will have a seemingly more spacious and easier to manage kitchen if you follow these simple steps. Follow the proven packing tips and get the right boxes and supplies if you need to store your breakables and other kitchen items in the process.

white kitchen and its counter
Get some extra inspiration to rearrange your kitchen

Use Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are very easy to set up, and they can be used basically anywhere. You’ll undoubtedly need a place to hang your towels in the bathroom. If you want a simple solution to store your coats, jackets, and shirts without wrinkling them, using wall hooks is the right answer once again. Ultimately, you can set them in your kitchen too. They will be multipurpose there since you’ll be wanting to hand a lot of stuff, starting with some pieces of cloth that must be dried. And the great news is – you can make them yourself or purchase them in many stores. Both options are quite inexpensive, which will come in handy, particularly to those who have moved without a job and are looking for quick and affordable solutions.

Other Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas – Bathroom Wall Cabinet Organizer

Let’s face it – the bathroom is a room that always requires some extra attention. Packing bathroom items for a trip or cross-country moving is always a bit challenging. In fact, many people acquire professional packing service from long-distance movers to help them package and transport their stuff.

And keeping it all well-organized at all times isn’t any less important, nor is it less demanding. However, using a simple trick like setting up a wall cabinet organizer will help you a lot! You’d have some extra space, and it will be easy to spot the items and products you need. How to save some space? You can achieve it by mounting the cabinet organizer on a wall or a door. Build or buy one that has several compartments to stash various items.

tidy bathroom
Get some cabinet organizers for your bathroom

Closet and Shelves Organizer Ideas

When you rent an apartment with a tiny closet, you will simply have to get your creativity mode on. There is a unique storage idea to help you get every inch filled:

  • Get a clothing rack,
  • Get some fabric for glass and wire doors to cover them and hide some items,
  • Place a tiny dresser and shoe rack under your clothes,
  • Get vacuum bags for the off-season clothing,
  • Explore modular shelving for your bedroom,
  • Repurpose your office supplies like magazine holders,
  • Rearrange your footwear to fit them onto shelves.

All of these hacks are pretty uncomplicated to implement and follow, and they will grant you a more spacious closet.

nicely arranged closet
Organizing your closet and shelves doesn’t have to be a chore - you can enjoy it

Put These Creative Storage Ideas Into Practice!

If you’re relocating from a large to a substantially smaller home, you will have to follow some proven tricks and add these actionable tips to your long-distance moving to-do list. That way, you can create your own storage unit within your household and take good care of its organization. And if you just want to rearrange your rooms – go ahead and try these options.
Plan your move timely and carefully, and be sure to encounter the most reliable cross-country moving services and avoid relocation scams. Declutter, sell, and donate some items before you move. And once you settle inside your tiny condo, start following these pieces of advice and turn it into a dream house.

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