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Posted in How-to on June 15, 2021
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How to Transfer Utilities Before Long-Distance Moving

Once you’ve changed houses, one of the first questions that will pop up will be how to transfer utilities, and most people stumble on this one as they’re not quite sure what to do or how to go about it. But, worry not, as we’re here to let you in on every step of this process.

About three million US citizens move long-distance each year, and they are all afraid of one thing – not transferring utilities properly. Imagine what a drag it is to receive someone else’s bills or be unable to shake off the old tenant’s name in the new place. Numerous funny and bizarre situations occur, but interesting though they may be for telling, we’ll stick to the procedure of how to avoid any trouble. Read on if you want to learn all the steps for successful relocation in terms of setting up utilities in your new home.

How to Transfer Utilities When Buying a Home – Step 1 – Come Up With a Plan

As with all big tasks, this one entails detailed and thorough planning. Regardless of your reasons to move, you should devise a plan early on so that you have a clearer idea of how you can get this task done.

Whether you’re moving to another state alone or doing it with your family, utilities are a must on your to-do list. Nobody wants to come to a new house to play hide and seek in the dark, knackered after a full day of dealing with cross-country movers, or realize they have to renounce the much-wanted shower because of problems with water. That’s why ensuring you know all of the utilities you need to take care of (water, electricity, sewer, gas, trash, TV, phone, Internet) is essential.

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Let All Utility Providers Know of Your Plans

Once you know which services you need and don’t need any longer, it’s time to see how to terminate the contracts or transfer them to a new place. You need to be aware that informing providers on time is crucial as these processes may last for a while.

In case you need to change some of the providers, one of the useful moving hacks is to get recommendations for good providers online and contact them as early as you can. Inquire about the procedure as some might require you to take certain steps before arriving at your new destination.

A girl writing something down in her notebook
As in all relocation matters, a plan is a must

Check What Happens With Water and Sewer in the New Apartment

Your new city or place usually runs these, so calling or emailing the public office well in advance needs to be done so that certain administration doesn’t get in the way. This means that before you book supreme long-distance moving services, you need to take care of this one if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

See Whether You Can Save Time by Using HOA

In case you didn’t use it in the old home, you can consider it now. Some people decide on opting for HOA when determining how to plan a move to another city because it can seriously reduce the time they spend on dealing with all these administrative tasks. And what is HOA, you may ask?

The Home Owner’s Association fees can aid you in covering some utilities, such as water, sewer, and other expenses, such as trash and gas. If you opt for this one, it’ll be easier because you’ll have one bill to pay that covers more than one utility expense, and you’ll be able to dedicate more time to other issues, such as how to babyproof your house.

Utility bills on the table
Knowing how to transfer water service is also necessary

Pay Attention to Address

Before you jump onto devising your new apartment checklist and checking off what should be bought, get a headstart and change your address. This can be done online through the USPS website, or you can go to the nearest post office and acquaint yourself with how to go about this crucial step.

This is important not only because you need to be able to get your letters, subscriptions, and all other mail directed at you but also because it’s part of learning how to transfer utilities to the new owner. This must be finished if you want the new bills to wind up in the mailbox of your successor and not yours.

Make Sure the New Resident Won’t Receive Your Mail

Everybody wants to make sure nobody can access their mail. For that reason, you need to take all the necessary steps to avoid becoming a victim of moving scams. Changes in the USPS are mandatory, but there are also certain government agencies you need to call. These include:

  • State Motor Vehicle Agencies – for the address in your registration to be changed,
  • Internal Revenue Service – for tax refund-related matters,
  • Social Security Administration – for those who receive social security benefits,
  • State Election Offices – to be able to vote without problems,
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services or Department of Veterans Affairs – if you’re a veteran or a foreign citizen receiving benefits.
A silver mailbox in front of a house
Changing your address is crucial for more than one reason

Take Care of Your Bills and Outstanding Balances Prior to Booking Long-Distance Moving Company

If you were wondering how to transfer utility bills to another name, you need to make sure that you do take care of all outstanding bills you may have before this transfer. All debts and incurred problems may impact your credit score, and we all want to avoid it at all costs. You should check out whether electricity, water, trash, sewage, trash, Internet, cable TV, or any of these are left behind and if so, you need to settle these debts. If you’re moving during coronavirus, you might be able to finish it all online, but you need to be prepared for this step in any case.

Learning how to live on your own entails facing budgeting and learning all aspects of it, so combating and dueling this step can only do you good. Besides, if you don’t settle these, you may be cut off in the face of your relocation, and that’s something nobody wants.

Do a Final Meter Reading Before Moving Cross-Country

Once you’ve come to terms with what to keep when moving and you’ve mastered all the packing suggestions, such as how to pack pots and pans, you’re ready to do a final meter reading for your utilities. This one means you need to take photos and check it all so that you avoid any confusion or problems with your provider. It’s crucial if you want to know how to transfer the electric bill to the new owner but can also serve for some other bills.

A person going through a binder
Settling your score will provide you with a blank slate for a fresh start

Chapter 2 – How Do I Set Up Utilities When I Move?

If you’ve already discovered what do you need to rent an apartment, you must be wondering how to set up your new utilities. You’ll most definitely want to watch out for how to do this as you don’t want to miss out on the conveniences your new house can offer.

Do Research

Your new home may have providers that weren’t an option in the old place, so to see what the best thing you can go for is, ensure you research all possibilities before choosing which provider is for you.

In some areas, you won’t really have a choice, and you’ll have to go for the one that is the only one offering a certain service, yet it’ll also depend on the county as this can hugely vary in different parts of the state. However, if you omit research from your moving to another state checklist, you might overlook an option you’d benefit from most.

Obtain Equipment for Certain Utilities

Packing tips for moving involve a lot of things, but they rarely do involve routers, cables, and similar items. For this reason, you need to call in advance and see with your new service provider how and when you can organize pick up for these and whether it’s possible to fetch those once you come to your new address or you need to do it in advance.

Choose a Contract

With some utilities, you’ll be able to choose what provisions work best for you, while with some, you’ll be forced to go with what the provider offers without the right to insert much of your ideas. However, a good thing to know is that delays in learning how to get a job in a new city won’t impede you as most of these contracts don’t take your employment status into account.

See Whether You Need to Be There In Advance

People moving for love might have it all done, and they just need to move into a new place, yet others should be ready to put in the effort to set it all up. Certain providers will want you to be there for the signing, while others won’t have this request. Be that as it may, in case you do need to show up to ensure you have water or electricity, find a way to make it happen.

Don’t Forget to Pack the Documents

Your moving to-do list needs to involve documents as these steps can’t be finished without all the necessary documentation. You should, by all means, pack up your ID and all other documentation you have detailing your history of using different utilities.

Laptop on a table next to a glass
Take your time to get it right

Relax As Everyone Experiences a Delay in These

After all the hard work you’ve put into this, you’ll probably feel burnt out. But there’s no reason to let the stress get the best of you; even if you’re moving without a job, you should ensure that you get some peace.

With all the fun you experience, such as wrestling with questions like how to move a piano or solving how to pack plates for moving, thinking about questions, such as how do I transfer a utility bill to another name might be the last thing you want to be involved in. This process isn’t easy, and it can become humdrum and tedious, yet when you hit a wall, remind yourself that you’re not the only one feeling this way. People usually get caught up while completing this step, so you shouldn’t feel guilty or like you’re behind schedule.

A worried man sitting on a couch
Stress can't help, and you'll figure the question how do I transfer utilities to a new tenant out eventually

Superb Moving Services Are the Perfect Final Touch

Once you’ve mastered how to transfer utilities to a new tenant, you can relax and start your adventure. Having professionals by your side can only do you good, and supreme companies have more than one trick up their sleeve. Apart from relocation, top-notch long-distance movers near me can provide you with clean and safe storage facilities. Besides, all your household items can be packed neatly and swiftly with packing services. And you needn’t sweat over what will happen to your precious four-wheeler either if you choose car-shipping. Finally, good relocation insurance is the cherry on the cake of this process, and with it, no worries will cross your mind.

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