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Posted in Moving Tips&Tricks on May 18, 2023
Diana Road

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Moving Zen: Master the Art of Stress-Free Moving

To be honest, relocating is difficult, and stress-free moving may easily be just a myth. Relocating is often accompanied by confusion and anxiety, which is why numerous people try to figure out how to make the whole process bearable. That’s why we are sharing all the tips on how to do a stress-free move with you, so be sure to read on.

This is certainly not going to be a relaxing trip, yet it won’t have to be a terrifying ordeal if you prepare yourself with thorough plans and checklists. This will ensure that everything is completed on schedule and with as little anxiety as possible. Purge everything, get rid of unneeded items, consider hiring pros, and prepare your new home before the white glove moving company arrives. Follow our advice on how to make moving less stressful, and you’ll be galloping to a fresh start before you know it.

How Can I Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience?

Be mentally ready that everything will be disrupted and rather chaotic for some time. Strategize thoroughly and get into the proper mindset with planning and making lots of lists. Keep reminding yourself that the final goal is getting into a new home with your family.

Take deep breaths and find space to unwind whenever you can. It will all be worthwhile once you’re finally home. We’ll go through crucial relocation tips to guarantee your move goes smoothly and quickly through all stages.

Why Do I Feel So Stressed About Moving?

Relocating is regarded as one of the most anxious events a person may go through in the course of their life, almost on par with separation, the passing of a family member or close friend, and losing a job. It is a significant adjustment in the way you live, particularly if you decide to move all the way across the country.

Numerous tasks have to be carried out, which could result in you feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. Your home will probably reflect all of this as well. This will, undoubtedly, have an impact on everybody’s attitudes and feelings, which will result in everything being even more challenging. However, a carefree relocation is achievable if you plan everything to a tee.

A girl writing a list
A carefree relocation is possible with a well-thought-out plan

How Can I Move Without Anxiety?

Begin by psychologically preparing everyone for what is about to happen and that their everyday routine will soon become more stressful, as there will be a lot going on around you. Boxes and packing materials will be all over the place, you’ll have a lot to do, and you won’t be able to find your possessions for the majority of the whole process.

To prevent things from going unplanned and avoid missing deadlines, try preparing and packing well ahead of time. Eventually, you’ll be settling into the house of your dreams, and the payoff will be well worth the effort you’ve put in.

Take Your Time and Forge a Plan

The key to being organized while relocating is to create a precise plan for all parts of the relocation. This will give you enough time to choose the right company and select the services that will work best for you, taking the sting out of the entire procedure. Create a moving binder and checklist to help you keep everything in one place.

After all, the entire thing will be easier if you plan ahead of time, both financially and emotionally. Using a checklist will allow you to stay focused and informed on the things you may have forgotten to do before the move. Try keeping a to-do list on your phone and simply check off stuff you finish along the way. This way, you can note things down as soon as they are done.

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Making Lists for Stress-Free Moves and Packing Is Half the Battle

Lists will become your best friends very quickly, so try to construct a plan for saving some money when boxing up and downsizing for a relocation. These lists will be your holy grail on this journey.

  • Moving to-do list – it should include everything you need to do before you get going, the order of importance, and deadlines.
  • Budget list – create it early on because you’ll have to know whether you can afford moving services and how much money you have set up for packing materials.
  • Expenses list – it’s easy to go over relocating budget if you don’t keep track of your spending, so decide how much you can splurge on along the way and write down every penny you spend.
  • Packing supplies list – when you pull out and declutter all of your belongings, you will have an exact picture of how many boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, paper tissue, scissors, and box cutters you will need.

Hire Trustworthy Long-Distance Movers

Nothing relieves the anxiety of relocating more than passing chores to a professional moving company. They will pack your items, properly cover and transport difficult-to-pack objects such as appliances, lights, and artwork, and assist with heavy lifting on a big day.

That means fewer responsibilities and less hassle for you. Choose the best long-distance moving services an eligible relocating company has to offer. To avoid the anxiety of falling for a relocation scam, it’s important to pick a company with a proven track record of offering dependable and respectable service, such as Long Distance Movers.

Professional white glove movers carrying boxes
Choose the best white glove moving service for a smooth relocation

Purge Before You Start Packing Your Belongings

Decluttering will save you the anguish of relocating items that you have stored away, even from yourself. Clearing out any outdated, useless, or forgotten objects before transferring may save you not only space but also money. The simplest way to save money on your move is to avoid loading stuff that you will simply discard once you relocate to your new place.

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Giving to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, recycling, or throwing away belongings you no longer need will reduce the number of materials needed to box everything up. Fewer items to move means fewer hours for the white glove movers to load everything onto the truck, which means you’ll get to spend less for the task, as these services are often charged by the hour.

Set aside the piles of things you will keep and those that are in good condition and can be reused. Try to organize a garage sale, which will help you save money. Ask your relatives and friends if they want to take anything themselves in order to save more space when loading the truck. If you don’t want to deal with decluttering right away, you can rent a storage unit and do it at a later date.

Start Packing Ahead of Time for a Stress-Free Move

Packing takes longer than you expect, so get started as soon as possible. Begin by boxing up everything room by room, as this will create the least disruption in your regular routine and allow you to complete everything in smaller portions.

Color coordinate the relocation labels on the box with the room it will go into. Point out a few items of its contents on the top so you don’t have to open a dozen boxes with the same label just to find what you are looking for. This will help with unpacking immensely.

Try not to overload your boxes, no matter how tempting it is. In other words, you are risking the package collapsing and injuring the person who is handling it, as well as destroying your belongings. Utilize large cardboard containers when relocating large items that are lightweight and small ones for heavier pieces.

Take Care of Your Pets, Because Relocation Can Be Hard on Them Too

When you are relocating with pets, keep in mind that this can be a difficult period for your companions too. Be sure that you take good care of their necessities throughout the whole thing. Making a pet box that contains their favored snacks and toys is essential.

Prepare all of their belongings, such as carriers, blankets, and enough food and water rations for the road ahead, so they can be comfortable and calm in the car during transport. Try to stop along the way so your furry friend doesn’t feel confined.

Here is a good video with suggestions on how to relocate with a pet successfully.

YouTube video

Get Your Home Ready With Our Stress-Free Moving Tips

You should take a trip to your new house to do a move-in clean-up before you and your possessions arrive. Organize everything by going through each area one by one. It’s much easier to clean empty spaces as you’ll be able to check everything for additional repairs and see whether the walls need some coloring.

Get Your New Home Ready for Movers

The effort spent cleaning should not be squandered. Before the truck arrives, cover all your floors and create an improvised cardboard path to prepare for movers.

Allow the moving staff to use the restrooms, drink beverages, and eat snacks when they have to recharge their energy. Relocating involves a lot of heavy lifting, so don’t forget to tip the movers when everything has been unloaded inside your new home.

Create a Designated Unpacking Station

This unpacking strategy will make the relocation process go as smoothly as possible. Assign an objective each day and decide which rooms should be addressed first. Professionals advise unloading the kitchen area first, then your bedrooms and bathrooms.

To make everything easier, choose one room that you will use the least for unpacking all of your boxes, as this will allow you to control the clutter that empty boxes leave behind. Prepare the unpacking station and ready the pair of scissors and box cutter for faster opening.

Read the labels on your boxes and organize them by the room importance order so you can start unpacking your belongings. Carry your belongings in their destination rooms as you sort through them. Dismantle the box for easier room mobility before you stack them in a corner so you can easily tie them together and prepare them for recycling.

A couple sitting on a floor surrounded by boxes
Plan for both a stress-free move and packing, as well as unpacking

Discover How to Make Moving Easier and Less Stressful With Our White Glove Moving Services

Contact experts and get all the white glove moving services you require before you exhaust yourself. You may get additional packing services and not have to worry over a single thing. Our experts will handle everything from providing the needed supplies to boxing up the smallest items.

With our help, not only will your belongings get securely to your new address, but you can get storage units for everything that you are still struggling to transfer to the new place. Contact us at Long Distance Movers so we can make your relocation efficient and memorable.

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