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Posted in How-to on November 2, 2021
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How to Change Your Address When You Move to Another State

Address information is essential data that enables your personal documents to be valid, mail to be sent regularly, bills to be paid accurately. That’s why updating your whereabouts will be one of the top priorities when it comes to long-distance moving. Here is how to change your address when you move, and avoid missing any significant letter, package, notice, or risk bills doubling, or any of your documents being outdated.

Whatever are your reasons to move, whether you’re relocating for love, looking for better job opportunities, or relocating out for the first time, the essential thing to do is modify the residential data. Since another task has been added to your to-do list, and long-distance movers can’t help you with it, it won’t help you feel less anxious about relocating out. However, dealing with paperwork is unavoidable, and the best relocation tip would be to start working on it as soon as possible. (As well as finding a reliable cross-country moving company to provide you with all necessary services and help during the move).

Let’s Start With Places to Change Your Address When You Move

One of the most common things people forget to do when they move is to take care of paperwork related to whereabouts data. Faced with hundreds of tasks on the to-do list, like picking the long-distance moving services, or scheduling auto-transport dealing with papers, somehow, is at the bottom of the priorities. Although it might not be the most interesting task on your plate, it is still necessary to deal with it, and the best way to do it is to approach it strategically if you want to relocate efficiently.

Make a Plan, and a Timeline to Follow When Relocating to Another Home

Mapping all the institutions and making a list of personal documents to modify in terms of the home location info, is the first step. And the best moment to do it is while organizing important documents at home, and deciding what to keep when relocating because this is the surest way you won’t skip anything.

The second step is checking the regulations, and the time needed to finish with all procedures. The best thing is – you’ll need less time than you could possibly assume since almost every data can be changed online, which is especially important if you’re relocating during coronavirus.

USPS, banks, insurance providers, tax offices, DMV are only a few institutions to start with. And here is a systematic guide through everything you have to know about how to update the address, with each institution.

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Start With USPS, Since Receiving Mail, Bills, Packages, and Notices Depends on It

The residential details you provide United States Postal Service (USPS) will define how you’ll receive all your mails and important packages. For that reason, this is the first step in this process of changing residential data.

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

Luckily, the USPS rules on changing residential addresses are quite simple. The only thing you have to keep in mind is their system needs around two weeks until everything is updated, and you start to receive your letters accordingly. So, if your relocation date is near, ensure to start with the whole updating process at least three weeks in advance. We are sure you don’t want to inconvenience the next tenants so they must Google how to stop getting mail for previous residents.

Modify the Residential Data Online or in Person, and Make Sure to Note Precisely if it is an Individual or Family Whereabouts Update

So, how do you change your mailing address when you move? There are two options to modify the whereabouts data with USPS. The first solution is to file an online form on their website which encompasses all important details like:

  • Who is relocating: an individual, family, or business? (*Be cautious when it comes to family whereabouts updates since all members you specify will receive mails at that location).
  • What type of move is that: permanent or temporary,
  • What is the starting date USPS should send mails to your new location?
  • Details regarding your old and new whereabouts, including ZIP Codes.

Making this correction is free, just be sure to apply for it using the USPS official website, since there are many third-party websites that provide this service but charge up to $40.

The second solution is to visit the nearest local post office and file the PS Form 3575. The document is almost the same as an online, as well as the time needed to process the request, so just ensure to pick the option that works best for you.

Important: What to do when changing address in person? Don’t print out the PS Form-3575 and take it to the post office, since this document is valid only if provided by USPS.

moving cross-country means updating address before you relocate to another address
Changing the residential data with USPS is a quite simple process, and there is no need to deal with it after the relocation

How Can I Change My Address on Personal Documents Like ID or Driver’s Licence?

When it comes to personal documents, it is also necessary to make this whereabouts switch. With DMV you can modify both your ID and driving license, including vehicle registration. However, the rules vary depending on the state you’re relocating to. While some states require residential data modification 90 days after your relocation which gives you the possibility to do it after you move to a new home, others insist on changing it a maximum of 14 days after the relocation.

Depending on the rules, in some states, you will even be obliged to apply for a new title, car insurance, and VIN verification. Only after you fulfill these requirements, you’ll be eligible to pay the rest of the registration fees.

Again, this whereabouts modification can be done using an online system, or personally at the closest DMV office. When it comes to the online system, first you’ll be required to create a DMV account or sign in if you already have one, and simply type in the valid data in the required fields, and wait for the confirmation email.

before moving cross-country make sure to check the DMV website
Check DMVs website to explore all the essential info regarding the required updates

Keeping Your Residential Data Updated With Government Agencies Is Also a Must-Do

One of the biggest relocation mistakes you could make is dealing with government-related things after the move. Changing residential data with government agencies is a must-do if you want to use all your citizen’s rights, and more importantly, pay the taxes. Here are essential agencies to deal with before you move to another state alone or with your family.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Should Be Notified First About Your Relocation to Another House

Providing the IRS with accurate data and paying your taxes in a timely manner is essential to do since this is the only way to avoid any inconveniences, penalties, or fines. Luckily, dealing with this modification will be much easier than you could possibly ever assume.

Everything you should do is fill out the 8822 form, and send it to the location noted in the document. After you send it, it could take from four to six weeks for the COA request to be processed, so as soon as you are done with it, the better.

Updating Social Security Card Is Essential to Make it Valid

All beneficiaries of Social Security or Medicare benefits are required to modify residential data on the social security cards, otherwise, you are not obligated to do it. Social security provided three simple ways for all beneficiaries to update the data, so you can pick what suits you best:

  • Using their online system, (you’ll be required to create an account first and provide them with basic data like names, date of birth, etc.),
  • Contacting the nearest local office (using Zip Code on their website).
  • Call them at 1-800-772-1213, and ask for any additional pieces of advice if you need any further help.

If you are a beneficiary and relocating with a newborn don’t forget to modify that info too, because everything has to be accurate to be valid.

Where to Change Address When You Move When It Comes to Voter Registration?

Once you’ve changed your ID or driver’s license, you can apply for voter registration, using their online system and National Mail Voter Registration Form. Updating this data is essential if you want to vote for the next election. However, keep in mind that the whole procedure is regulated at the state, not the federal level. So ensure to check all the regulations of the specific location you are relocating to.

The switch can be also done through the nearest post office, at the DMV, and county board, so there are plenty of options you can choose from, and pick the most suitable for you. The US Election Assistance Commission website can also be a very helpful resource to find useful info, so check it before initiating any process.

Make sure to file all documents with government agencies before moving long-distance
Remember that updating residential data is mandatory when it comes to government agencies. Otherwise, it may lead to legal consequences

Don’t Forget to Notify Organizations in Charge of Your Finances

Now you have finished updating residential data related to your personal documents, and government agencies, it is the right moment to notify all institutions in charge of your finances. Banks, accountants, credit card companies, tax advisors, or loan issuing companies should be on your list, so ensure to inform all parties involved.

What Is the Best Way to Notify of an Address Change?

Since the list won’t be short, and all parties will have different rules, the most effective way to check how to update your residential information is to send an email to each of them.

This way, all of them will provide you with accurate data and clear instructions on what to do next. Do they have an online system, is it enough to inform them via email, or should you send a notice via the post office. Once you have all the information, it will be easier to proceed and modify all data.

Of course, don’t forget to modify residential data with alternative payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, or any other similar provider. To learn how home location modification works with PayPal, check the video below and find detailed instructions on how to do it.

YouTube video

Don’t Forget Informing Utilities Providers About the Relocation to New House

Transferring utilities is another essential step when preparing for relocation. So, coming up with a plan on where to change your address when you move, and creating a list of all utility providers is the first step.

Electricity, water, sewer, internet, gas, cable, or phone providers are some of the parties to be put on the list. So, again, ensure to send an email to each of them and ask about the possibility of transferring service to another location, which is the easiest solution if they cover that region. Otherwise, ask what’s the process to cut the service, and how in advance you should do it. This is especially important to resolve if you are relocating from the West Coast to East Coast, and need to find another provider.

When Should I Change My Address When Moving and Transferring Utilities?

The best timing to start with the utility modification process is around one month in advance before cross-country movers knock at your door since you will need some time to pick the new providers. So, don’t leave it for last-minute deals.

make sure to pay all outstanding bills before long-distance moving
Depending on the provider and location it covers you'll be able to reschedule services, or cut them

Remember to Update Your Pets Microchip Details, Cause They’re Part of Your Family Too

In case you are relocating with pets the thing you don’t want to miss is updating the microchip details regarding the location switch. The easiest way to have full control of it is to register the microchip with National Pet Microchip Registry & Search where you can easily modify all the information. Of course, you can always consult the vet to help you out, but this is undeniably the easiest way to modify your pet’s data and be sure everything is accurate.

Modify your pets’ microchip before the long-distance moving company starts to pack a moving truck
Modify the data in your pet’s microchip since microchipped dogs are more than twice as likely to be returned to their owners.

When You Figure Out how to change your Address When You Move, Moving Cross-Country Will Never Be Easier

Now you know all the necessary steps to undertake so your documentation is valid, the whole relocation process will be much easier to organize. So, start with the creation of your list including all the parties to inform about the relocation, and set everything following these steps to be fully ready for the next life chapter.

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