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Posted in How-to on March 26, 2022
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

How to Make the Best Creative and Unique Moving Announcements When Relocating

When you decide to move, you should keep everyone up-to-date and informed about your new address. However, it can be more challenging for many people than they imagined. So, ease yourself and also others with unique moving announcements. Whether it’s your first time to move or not, with some fun and creative ways of announcing the move, everything will be less stressful.

When planning a relocation, using the best long-distance moving services should be your main preoccupation. It’s because only a trustworthy long-distance moving company can provide you with packing services and a secure storage facility for your belongings. However, you need to consider all the methods of informing everyone about your move before or after hiring reliable long-distance movers near you. So, keep in mind that that’s surely a task you’ll have to do, before or after the relocation – you decide.

How Do You Announce That You Are Moving?

Announcing a move might be the last thing to think about among all other tasks you have to do to have a successful move. For example, you have to check if a cross-country moving company is legitimate, ensure there’s reliable moving insurance for your precious belongings, and secure auto transport for your four-wheeler.

However, when you gather all the reasons for a move, and you decide where you’ll live, the next thing on your relocating to another state checklist should be telling your loved ones about the big decision. But, being extra careful how you’ll do it is also important because some people can express different emotions about the upcoming change. So, first, you should find the right words to release the exciting news.

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What Do You Say in a Moving Announcement?

Saying goodbye to our family members and friends can be quite overwhelming for some people, especially if relocating to another state alone. It’s not easy to commit to a long-distance relationship or friendship without a chance to see your loved ones very often. So, finding and saying the right words for announcing your move is certainly something to have in mind when planning a move to another city or state. You’ll know best what kind of announcement will be more suitable for which people, so choose wisely whether you want it to be funny or emotional.

And if you’re wondering what to write on an announcement exactly and what information to put, don’t worry. It’s quite simple – just think about what people need to know about your future location. Here is some standard information:

  • Put the full names of you and your household members,
  • Include the current and future address,
  • Confirm if it’s temporary or permanent.

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How Long Before Should I Send Moving Announcements?

This decision is completely up to you and your preferences. Some people do it before and others after the move. However, remember that some of your family members and friends could feel left out and disappointed if you don’t tell them soon enough. So, think this through and include it in many things you have to consider when relocating to a new state. Take your time and plan every step patiently and carefully.

Woman thinking about the long-distance moving company
Decide whether you'll inform everyone before or after the move

Let Your Loved Ones Know About the Relocation With Traditional Cards

The more traditional and probably easier way to tell everyone you’re relocating to a new home is with postcards. So, before you start preparing for cross-country movers, ensure you have enough time to search for the perfect card that will show your loved ones all the benefits of the move. It’s probably not the most groundbreaking method to do it, but nowadays, you have numerous card variants, and designers are getting more and more creative.

Checking some of their options can actually be just the thing you’ve been looking for. The good news is that you can check every designer’s work online and decide what suits you best. Additionally, you can have custom moving announcements. For example, if you’re relocating with pets, you can order a print of your furry friend and surprise everyone.

Shop Standard Postcards If You’re in the Last-Minute Move

Last-minute relocation can be quite a challenging process, especially when moving out for the first time. In all that chaos, it’s completely normal to forget things like making postcards. The most suitable solution for that situation would be to simply buy the standard postcards. Yes, maybe the solution isn’t as good as you initially planned, but at least all of your loved ones will know you’re making one of the biggest steps in your life.

Share the News of Relocating to a New Home by Making Your Own Card

All this announcing and letting everybody know about the move could inspire some people to design their own cards. If you’re one of them, then you should put all the things necessary for the crafting process on your to-do list, besides all the relocation essentials. Make sure you have the following things:

  • Paper,
  • Glue,
  • Photo,
  • Scissors,
  • Tape.

This can be a fun way to use all of your creative skills and combine the photo you like with the announcement of the move. Although it doesn’t mean it will be a more affordable option (keep in mind you’ll have to shop for all the necessary supplies), it will definitely release you from negative thoughts and stress. The great thing about this is that you can do whatever you want – add or change the text style, photo, or paper. Don’t worry too much. Just let your creativity flow. On that note, check out some easy and fun ideas in the video below.

Be Environmentally Conscious and Explore Digital Cards

If you’re thinking about some creative and fun way of letting everyone know about your decision to relocate, the best option is cards, right? However, buying cards can be quite expensive, especially when thinking about how to save on relocation costs. So, why not make your own digital cards you’ll send everyone via email or other social media channels? Not only will you save a lot of money, but you’ll be eco-friendly as well.

Probably the best app for this process is Canva. It’s user-friendly and has templates you can use if you’re not into making a card on your own. Here you’ll find numerous uniquely designed templates that you can save and send to your loved ones. Of course, you can also design a card by adding your personal style, which will make them much more personal. But, the greatest thing about this app is that it’s free and simple to use. And, not to mention that it can be a real saver if you’re feeling anxious about moving out.

A woman using Canva on a laptop before long-distance moving
Use all the benefits of Canva and make your own cards

How Do You Announce You’re Moving on Social Media?

While you may forget to do many things when relocating, posting the big news on social media shouldn’t be one of them. That way, all of your contacts and virtual friends will know you’re relocating. Depending on which social media you are on, you can post different announcements and have some fun while doing it. However, keep in mind that sharing your future address with everyone online might not be the best idea. That kind of information should be shared only with the people you trust the most.

Experiment and Record a Video You’ll Share With Your Family and Friends

Thinking about all possible relocation mistakes and finding ways to avoid them in order to move efficiently can be pretty overwhelming for most people. On occasions like that, taking a little break and recharging your batteries is more than recommended. A good way of doing it is to make some creative moving announcements.

And to spice everything up, you can do it through a video. Don’t overthink it and go with a simple solution – just film what you honestly think and want to say. And with all the apps you have nowadays, it can be quite interesting. You can use all those filters on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and have a funny video to show your loved ones.

View Some Alternative Unique Moving Announcements

Since you’re relocating during Coronavirus, throwing a going away party isn’t the greatest solution for your loved ones and yourself. While that would be an opportunity to gather your family and friends all together and share the amazing news, you can organize a group video call and make a virtual gathering. And since you won’t organize a party at your house, there won’t be a big move-out cleaning.

It’s maybe not how you’ve originally imagined it, but nowadays we all must put our and others’ health first and keep our distance. If you want to surprise them, you don’t need to tell them why you’re throwing this party. Just be sure all of them will be online at an arranged date and time. You maybe won’t see all of them in person in the traditional way, but you’ll get to see their reactions.

In case someone gets a bit emotional, do everything you can to point out all the good sides of this move and how beneficial it will be for your future. When they accept that you’re relocating, talk about how and when you’ll see each other in the future.

Virtual Hanging Out Can Be a Good Place to Tell Everyone About Relocating to a Different Home

Even if there won’t be actual hanging out at a party, it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare like there will be one. You can always make the virtual hangout memorable with some unique ideas. For example, you can organize a theme party and tell everyone to dress adequately. However, if you see that others aren’t too excited about it, don’t push it. Remember that you still have to break the big news.

A woman finding reliable cross country movers online
Have fun at a virtual party

Send Everyone a Map of the New Location After the Move

When you don’t have time to go to the shop and buy funny postcards, leave the announcing part as one of the things to do after the move. It will give you the opportunity to create a personalized map with your own style. Not only will it be a fun thing to do, but, it will change a simple neighborhood exploration into a new experience to remember.

Notebook and many other craft items on a white table after cross-country moving
Make something different and creative

Plan the Move Relieved Knowing All People You Love Are Aware That You’re Changing Home

Leaving everything behind can be hard and stressful. And to make everything easier, you can DIY with paper and a photo, or just buy postcards. That way, you can update everyone about the upcoming changes and tell them in a creative way about the new chapter in your life. Make this whole experience an event to remember.

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