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Posted in Moving Tips&Tricks on September 30, 2021
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Take Our Where Should I Move Quiz and Decide on Your Next Destination

If you’re confident that you want to relocate but not quite sure what the right destination for you is, we are here to help. We decided to create the ultimate Where Should I Move Quiz to help you choose between innumerable possibilities. Take your time to answer a few easy questions, and we will give you answers that will narrow down your search. Spare a few minutes to complete each question, and we guarantee that you won’t regret your move.

Many criteria could determine if one place is a match for you. Some will see the great job market as the most important one, while others will search only for areas with low crime rates – different strokes for different folks. But that is why we are here. If you have the freedom to decide where to live next, we will show you which places suit you the best.

This Is Not Yet Another Impersonal Where Should I Move Quiz

There are numerous online quizzes that can supposedly provide you with the solution after a few of your clicks. But, how accurate could they be? And how can all those individuals solving the quizzes fit into only a dozen offered cities? They can’t. That is why we opted for a different approach. We will also need your answers, but besides providing them, you’ll be able to:

  • Know precisely why each question is essential for choosing the most suitable places for you to live in,
  • See a plethora of options from your answers,
  • Be aware of the things that are more important than others in your specific case

Making the right choice before getting long-distance moving services and relocating for good is likely to prevent relocation depression. It’s simple – the more your future destination fits you, the happier you will feel. It can even affect anxiety about moving out you are bound to experience before the move, with that big of a life change. And we will help take the pressure off. Go through our questions, follow our guidelines, and soon you will plan a move to another city, one that is your complete match.

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We Can Determine Your State and Even City Matches, so Let’s Go!

Your personality, hobbies, and quirks are important when determining your future destination. Nobody would profit if you, as an outdoorsy person, move to an area where it rains constantly. And what if you thrive in the nightlife scene but choose a place where the nightlife ends by 9 pm? Or if you, as a huge sports fan, end up in a destination with no local team to cheer for? So this doesn’t happen to you, be careful when choosing among cities. To determine top options, ensure that all of your answers are honest.

You are bound to meet more than the sun after long-distance moving to Hawaii
Did you know that seemingly perfect Hawaii is the rainiest state in the US?

#1 Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years?

Yes, it’s kind of a cheesy and cliche question, but it perfectly sums up what’s important. Your future destination should be entirely in line with your life goals. With that in mind, choose the statement that describes you the most:

  • I am on the top of the corporate ladder – this means that you are a career-driven person with business success as the ultimate goal. To achieve it, you should move to a destination that will provide you with all the necessary positions and connections. Remember that those will be, in most cases, metropolises. While San Francisco and NYC are clear choices for getting a job in a different city and boosting up your career, they are not the only ones. If you work in the legal field, you should also consider Miami or Washington D. C. On the other hand, Atlanta and Chicago are great for the marketing field, while Austin and Seattle can be excellent choices for building a start-up. It’s crucial to look for a destination where your field is flourishing.
  • I am at home watching all of my children – it doesn’t matter if there are two or six of them. You probably wouldn’t choose unsafe and noisy communities some large cities might offer, but an area with family-friendly amenities and good schools. Remember that on top of the list of best cities to raise a family in the US are towns like Naperville (IL), Arlington (VA), or Bellevue (WA), all considered big-city suburbs. Are you moving with a newborn or planning to have one soon? If so, it would be wiser to consider relocating to a small town or the suburbs.
  • I am still fabulous and rocking the nightlife scene – Las Vegas would be an obvious choice, but other metropolises don’t stay far behind. Pick them based on your personality. From Miami Beach and its unforgettable clubs over live music in Austin to the LGBTQ+ scene in San Francisco, you’ll undoubtedly find your match. If you are an extrovert looking for interesting people in interesting places, ensure to move to a destination where making new friends on a daily basis is possible.

Rural Area, Town, or Big City – This Quick Quiz Will Tell

While big cities can offer you amazing job opportunities combined with plenty of amenities and cultural events, they usually lack tight communities, peace, and space. Apartment living, for example, is the preferable option in metropolises. That often means that moving from a house to an apartment requires more than a few small apartment ideas. With a lack of space, the multifunctionality of items on your new apartment checklist will be necessary.

So ask yourself what you truly value the most. If you enjoy strong communities, small towns or suburbs might be a better choice for you than the metropolis. Simultaneously, if you want the urban vibe and many sports and cultural events all year round, you will be miserable in more rural areas. When asking yourself Where should I live, always keep in mind the size of different citizens and what it implies.

Peaceful environment is one of the perks you'll meet after cross-country moving to a smaller town
If thigh communities fit your personality, consider relocating to smaller towns

#2 How Affordable Must Your New Place Be?

For many Americans, affordability is crucial when choosing the next destination. Moreover, sometimes it could be one of the reasons to move in the first place. When seeking affordable solutions, your options can be limited. That is why first you should ask yourself about your relocation budget. Then, choose the next statement based on what it implies:

  • Cost of living is not something I am concerned about – well, lucky you! This means you’ll meet no restrictions. At the same time, you’ll be able to live in some of the top places not only in the US but in the world. We are looking at you, NYC! However, keep in mind that the cost of getting cross-country moving services can be high. Don’t forget to calculate them into your relocation budget.
  • My financial possibilities play a major factor in my decision – and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. With today’s economy and the ongoing pandemic, it’s no wonder so many individuals and families experience financial struggles. That just means that you must be more careful when choosing where to live. Luckily, many areas could provide you with a high quality of life under much more reasonable prices. Look for cities such as Des Moines (IA), Wichita (KS), or Boise (ID). If you want to find out more about them (and a few others), don’t hesitate to watch the following video:

YouTube video

#3 What Is Your Preferred Climate?

Climate and weather can have a significant impact on both your mental and physical health. The climate should be one of the first things to consider when relocating to another home, especially if you know that certain types of it can negatively affect your mood or health. So, without further ado, choose the sentence that describes your preferences:

  • I am in love with sunshine – if you don’t like season changes and wish for a warm climate and sun to be part of your everyday life, there are several states you can choose from. Look for cities in Nevada, Florida, Arizona, or even southern parts of California.
  • I feel better when I’m in colder places – if you choose this statement, you are a part of the minority. Did you know that Fairbanks (AK) is the coldest city in the States? Also, don’t underestimate North Dakota cities such as Williston, Fargo, and Bismarck as some of the coldest cities in the States. Just remember to set aside all your winter clothes before getting packing services.
  • I love all four seasons (thank you very much) – with this option, you also have a choice whether you like mild or colder winters. Cities on the East Coast, like Rochester or Boston, are perfect if you don’t mind a little (or a lot) of snow. Cities in Virginia and Oregon, on the other hand, have mild weather all around, perfect for outdoorsy activities.

Do You Prefer Being Out All the Time, or Are You a Homebody?

Do you feel fulfilled when you are outside active all day long, or would you love to have a cup of tea and enjoy staying in? This personality trait may not seem essential, but it can be a great indicator of what kind of destination you should seek. So, which one are you?

  • I love being active and spending time outside – good for you! It’s an excellent way of staying healthy. Do you want to spend all of your free hours sunbathing and swimming? If so, California and the amazing San Diego are considered top destinations. Are you more of a hiking and biking type? If so, relocating to any area of Washington, Colorado, or Oregon won’t be a mistake.
  • I am more for in-home activities – well, in this case, it doesn’t really matter where you are, just that you have a home you love. The more crucial question for you is where to find good house hunting tips on which communities have magnificent scenery. But you must admit – living in picturesque areas always tops those gray and dull cities.
Walk in nature with a dog after long-distance moving
Don't forget to bring your closest friends outdoors to be more active

#4 How Do You Prefer to Commute?

Are there inseparable bonds connecting you with your car, or do you despise the mere mention of driving? Commuting is different in different cities, so which would be your first pick?

  • I don’t know who I am without my car – if you can’t stand being in a small, crowded space with many people, choose an area where driving to work won’t be a synonym for a nightmare. And where would that be? Consider places in Charlotte, Texas, or North Carolina and avoid NYC and LA if possible.
  • I am used to using public transportation – then don’t choose cities that don’t have enough transit coverage (Dallas (TX), San Antonio (TX), or even Las Vegas (NV)). Instead, look for places where you will be more than satisfied with your commuting experiences in public transport, such as Boston, Seattle, or Washington D.C.
  • Walkability has always been my priority – big cities, such as Washington D.C. or San Francisco, are known to be very walkable, but Oakland (CA) and Chicago (IL) also have high walkability ranks.
  • I go nowhere without my bike – Oregon is the state with the best bike infrastructure in the US, so if you and your bike can’t be separated, this is where you should be.

Is the Eco-Friendliness Of the Area You Live in Important to You?

Would you consider yourself an environmentalist? How much do you care about the future of our Earth? If the answer is plenty, know that you’ll be primarily annoyed in cities that don’t care about air pollution, carbon emissions, or even recycling. If you consider yourself environmentally conscious, avoid the South. Many of the least eco-friendly states are there. On the other hand, picking states from both coasts, such as NYC, Massachusetts, California, or Oregon, will satisfy your greenness.

It will be easy to remain eco-friendly after cross-country moving to Orlando, Florida
Did you know that Orlando is a leader among cities for the amount of solar power it uses?

#5 What Political Views Must the People in Your New Destination Have?

Are you a person who follows the we don’t talk about politics rule or someone who has a strong attitude and wants to shout opinions out loud? Even in the first case, you can find yourself irritated with the majority’s views if they don’t click well with your own. So where do you stand, left or right?

  • I have what’s declared as more conservative opinions – then the friendly South is the destination for you. Many places within southern states are considered to be more conservative in their rules.
  • I am a liberal and always will be – then you’ll have more choices before you. Know that Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont are the most liberal states in the country. But they are far from the only ones.
A person at a protest after cross-country moving
You will be more content if people around you share the same views

Do You Already Know the Answer to “What US City Should I Live In”?

That’s it! You’ve completed the quiz! Have you narrowed down your top choices? Quizzes like this are made to give you an idea of which area can be suitable for you. However, now it’s up to you to do more thorough research about the preferred locations and long-distance moving. Search for some relocation hacks as well as known-to-work moving tips that will help you move efficiently. Get your hands on the ultimate moving guide, and be sure to enjoy the benefits of moving with as little stress as possible.

Test Out the New Place Before Hiring a Cross-Country Moving Company

Before calling cross-country movers to come to your aid, it would be wise to research the desired destination up close. The only way you can be certain if the location is your perfect match is to visit it. Not doing it is one of the biggest relocation mistakes you can make. Organize a road trip and bring your friends to help you make the final decision. That is a great way of getting to feel if the city’s vibe corresponds with yours. And what if it indeed does? Well, then it’s finally time to google the best long-distance movers near me and find the long-distance moving company that will make your dream of moving come true.

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