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Posted in Moving Essentials on March 8, 2022
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Are Movers Essential Workers During the Covid Pandemic?

In the challenging times of the coronavirus, terms such as vital and non-vital business were never used more. Since there were times when just specific industries were allowed to operate undisturbed, people who were planning to move started wondering: Are movers essential workers, and is moving considered essential? We will help you find out the final answers to those questions.

All You Need to Know About Vital Services During Coronavirus

One of the main ways of preventing the disease from spreading is practicing social distancing. After the pandemic was declared in the spring of 2020, many were asked (or even ordered) to stay in the comfort of their own homes. For the same reasons, closing all non-vital business was advised on a federal level – only services necessary for a society to function should have remained open.

Which Industries and Companies Are Essential During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Some states have decided to create their own necessary worker orders, while others have chosen to follow federal definitions provided by the CISA (the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency). Some of the industries were considered essential in both cases, including:

  • Public health,
  • Energy,
  • Childcare,
  • Water and wastewater,
  • Agriculture and food production,
  • Critical retails (such as grocery or hardware stores),
  • Necessary trades (plumbers, electricians, and the like),
  • Transportation and logistics, and so on.

Private and public businesses belonging to these industries were all allowed to continue working even during the lockdown.

Are Movers Considered Essential Services?

As you’ve probably noticed, the moving industry is not stated as a necessary one under that name. That is because a large number of states have classified it under the transportation and logistics category – relocation teams were placed alongside other transportation and shipping service providers.

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Is Moving Essential, and Why?

We all need to continue with life, even though it has changed in the last couple of years. Continuing for some meant relocating. However, moving during coronavirus became a necessity rather than a wish for many. Instead of solving the “Where Should I Move” quiz so they could decide where to live next, many people were forced to move. In the span of one year (from March 2020 to March 2021,) more than 25 million people moved within the US. Although that number tends to be higher in safer times, it still isn’t something to ignore.

So, what reasons to move can convince people to risk their health? Sadly, most of them were financial in nature. Previously mentioned businesses shutdown meant that many people had to agree on reduced salaries or they’ve lost jobs since the pandemic started. Students also needed to move back home from university campuses that had shut down. Add some regular occurrences, such as an ending lease, a sick family member, or getting married and relocating for love, and you can understand why a move was necessary.

Should You Move During COVID-19?

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward. It all depends on your current health and the reasons you are taking this step. Are the benefits of moving surpassing the risk? Think about waiting a little longer if you are in a risk group (have diabetes, asthma, and other conditions, as well as if you’re an elderly citizen).

However, sometimes a move just cannot be postponed – if you get a job in a new city, relocation will become inevitable. What should you do in those cases? Ensure to stay protected by following advised measures and choose the cross-country moving company with well-developed coronavirus protocols.

At the same time, learn what the best way to stay safe during the trip to a new home is. If you need help with it, make sure you watch the following video.

YouTube video

How Has the Moving Experience Changed Since the Beginning of the COVID-19?

Like everyone else, moving companies need to adjust how they’re doing business so that customers and crew remain healthy. So, if you’re relocating to a new home with some of the best and most responsible teams, you should expect:

  • Virtual estimates – home estimates were usual practice with customers before 2020. Thanks to modern-day technology, the unnecessary contact between you and the company’s representative can be avoided. There are even some apps that can help you make detailed home inventory lists by using your phone – and do it in no time.
  • Mandatory personal protective equipment – the company’s employees must wear masks and gloves, and so must you. It’s one of the most important measures in fighting this disease, according to the World Health Organization.
  • Regular disinfection – it goes for equipment, trucks, as well as hands. Disinfecting wipes and cleaning products have become relocation essentials both for cross-country movers and you.
  • Implementation of social distancing – since this disease is spreading by human contact, one of the ways to fight it is by reducing it. It means no more handshakes and standing close to the clients. Many companies now offer contactless moves. Wireless terminals have become a part of the equipment, and you can use them even to tip movers if you’re satisfied with the service.

When getting long-distance moving services, checking the company’s COVID-19 policies must be on your to-do list. If it’s not transparent on the company’s website, ensure to get in touch with the representatives and gain information about usual relocation protocols during these times.

Are There Any Changes Regarding Storage and Other Additional Services?

Changes were made beyond standard moving service. Therefore, if you plan to get storage service when relocating to another home, for example, know that the same COVID-19 protocols must be followed in storage facilities as well. It means that aside from protecting the items in storage units, your chosen relocation company will also be responsible for disinfecting storage facilities and reducing the number of people who can be in them simultaneously.

If you don’t want to waste time learning new packing tips, keep in mind that packing services are still available. You can leave packing fragile items and other complicated belongings to the professionals and remain safe from coronavirus. The only condition is that all necessary measures are met.

And, of course, if you want to enjoy the benefits of auto transport, note that drivers will also be obliged to wear PAA and follow other measures when dealing with customers and their belongings.

Misconceptions Regarding a DIY Move

When organizing a move during the pandemic, people often think that a DIY approach is much safer than letting unfamiliar people in their homes. However, there are a few factors they don’t count on. Have you thought of the ways you’re going to gather packing materials? If you haven’t planned on ordering the supplies online, you are bound to get in touch with unfamiliar people – store clerks.

Before the COVID-19 struck, you were able to invite a couple of friends to help you box up the belongings and pack a relocation truck. Now, however, every unnecessary contact is posing a threat to your health and the health of your loved ones. Not having the people over to assist you makes a challenging long-distance relocation even harder.

Outside assistance is necessary if you wish to move efficiently across the country. But which will it be – friends or professionals? Keep in mind that most reputable relocation teams must follow protocols. Moreover, each crew member should be highly trained on what should (not) be done so everyone can remain healthy and safe. When you’re looking for a smooth relocation experience, google long-distance movers near me and hire the ones you deem trustworthy.

How to Choose a Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company?

One of the most important things to consider when relocating to a new state, during the pandemic and beyond, is researching and choosing the right relocation company. Sadly, the possibility of bumping into relocation scams should not be neglected. There are several effective methods in avoiding fraudsters, and here they are:

  • Get as many recommendations as you can – both verbal and written recommendations will be of great use. Go beyond the company’s website. The Better Business Bureau can be very helpful in this case.
  • Use a US DOT number – the company’s employees need to provide all the customers with it, or it should be transparent on their website. On the FMCSA, you’ll see if a company is licensed and insured; you can even look for eventual complaints.
  • Look for the company’s physical presence – the most reputable companies will be present both in the physical and online world.
  • Schedule various estimates – so you can see which offer suits you the best, ensure to get more than one. Simultaneously, don’t let affordability be the only factor in making a decision. If it is, you’ll become bait to numerous scammers.

Stress-free relocation is a dream come true for all the people who move. Hiring a professional team is an excellent step in that direction – just ensure it’s a reliable one.

Long-distance movers carrying boxes
WIth the assistance of true professionals, a successful and safe move is guaranteed

FAQ About Relocation During Coronavirus

Many customers have a list of questions prepared for the company’s representatives. We decided to address the most common ones. Take a look if you’re not sure about the answers.

How to prepare for the relocation crew?

Aside from regular preparations (protecting floors and stairs, getting things out of the way, and so on,) ensure that all rooms are adequately disinfected during the move-out cleaning. It’s especially important if you or one of your family members has been sick in the last few weeks. Even if you have a last-minute move, make sure everyone stays safe, including the company’s employees. If you decide against getting additional packing service, try to pack everything 24 hours before the relocation day.

Will I be able to cancel the move?

What if you plan a move to another city and get sick in the meantime? Most reputable relocation companies will encourage you to contact them if you’re not feeling well. Moreover, some went a few steps further and provided a deposit-free offer. That way, customers won’t hesitate to get in touch and cancel the relocation if they test positive.

Are all relocation companies opened after the lockdown?

Although deemed as a part of a necessary industry, decisions about shutting down remain on companies. Some of them may decide to temporarily close due to the high number of new cases; others because their workers test positive. That is why contacting the company you see as most fitting should be your first step.

Girl putting on a face mask during cross-country moving
Remember to be responsible both in contact with the company's employees and during the trip

Are Movers Essential Workers for You?

Will a relocation company become necessary for you in the near future? Government and state authorities have a significant say when determining the importance of relocation teams. However, you will decide whether they are necessary for your move or not. If you want to achieve a successful and problem-free move, a reliable and experienced relocation team is your safest bet. It applies both to moves at the age of the coronavirus and beyond it.

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