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Posted in Moving Tips&Tricks on November 4, 2021
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Things to Know About Moving From the East Coast to the West Coast

If you are considering moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, you are not alone. Many hear the calling of the Pacific coastline and its lifestyle and want to see what it’s all about. Are the cliches all true, or is the Western area much more than surfing and smoking weed?

While the Westerners do live some of the cliches, they don’t spend all day at the beach; although they probably would if the ocean wasn’t freezing most of the time. But beyond beaches, palms, and watersports, there lies a colossal land offering lush green forests, inviting flatlands, and voluminous mountains. And even with such scenic nature, your reasons to move here can also be to get a job in a new city or enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere. That’s why many Americans invest in long-distance moving services and flee from the fierce competition and density of Eastern metropolitan areas into what some consider a much better quality of life.

Moving From East Coast to West Coast Brings You Many Benefits

If we’re being honest, there are many astonishing facts about the Atlantic coastline and its states and cities. We can simply say New York, and it’s like the whole world will recognize the name in an instant. So why do people search for “long distance movers near me” and then plan on moving to the West Coast from the East Coast? Although NY, Boston, and Washington DC are the cities that have plenty to offer, their cutthroat competition at workplaces and business-oriented lifestyle drive many to put a stressless environment on their relocating to another state checklist.

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Let’s Elaborate on Facts and See Why the Western Coastline Is the Best

But where else would you be less than 20 miles away from spicy Mexico and its vibrant culture? Even if you are in Northernmost Washington, you are a five-hour flight away from its border. But since Westerners are not all about fun, we’ll just say that moving from the East to the West Coast will bring you many other benefits of relocating. You’ll have plenty of employment opportunities, with an emphasis on start-ups. You’ll also adapt to a much healthier way of life since Westerners like to live healthily. While the community here cherishes the laid-back attitude, it also has adopted many environmentally-friendly habits.

A view of San Diego after arriving with cross-country movers
Relocating to the West Coast is like choosing the best coastline out there

The Western Coastline Is More Than Just California

Although California dominates this region because it’s the biggest state of the three that create the Pacific coastline, Oregon and Washington have their fair share of things to offer. Many moved during the coronavirus pandemic, and some chose Portland as the green dream place, while others moved to Seattle. So how to decide where to live in the Western part when it has a plethora of excellent choices? Let’s take a look at the West’s most prominent states.

The State of Washington Is Both Among the Most Socially Liberal and Wealthiest States in the US

You want to live on your own, and you’re interested in the state of Washington. Here’s a bit of information and why it could be the perfect pick, even if you’re relocating without a job. Let’s start big – Washington consistently ranks among the best when it comes to life expectancy and low unemployment. It’s extremely socially liberal, as it was one of the first states to legalize both medicinal and recreational cannabis and was proudly among the first thirty-six states that legalized same-sex marriages in 2012. Washington is among the leading lumber producers, while its economy is also powered by livestock and related products, but also commercial fishing. It has many manufacturing industries; it includes shipbuilding and other transportation equipment, aircraft, missiles, and many more.

Oregon Is Among the Most Geographically Diverse States

The state of Oregon is rich in land and nature. It’s marked by volcanoes, dense forests, large bodies of water (Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US). It also has high deserts and shrublands and a stratovolcano. Did you know what the world’s largest single organism is? It’s a fungus Armillaria ostoyae, and it grows beneath the Malheur National Forest in Oregon.

So if you’re relocating to another state alone, you’ll have plenty to do and see if you choose this state. Its economy is mainly powered by agriculture, fishing, and hydroelectric power, while it’s also the top lumber producer besides Washington. For decades, technology reigned as yet another one of Oregon’s major economic powers, beginning with the start of Silicon Forest in the ’70s. The largest corporation of the state is the sportswear company Nike, Inc.

Want to Jump-Start Your Career? Prepare for Long-Distance Moving to California and Have No Regrets

Where to start with California? Besides the notable contributions to pop culture, such as the origins of the hippie counterculture and beach culture, and innovations such as PC, it’s where the world’s oldest and largest film industry, Hollywood, is. Its economy is globally the largest sub-national economy, and if it were a country, it would be the fifth-largest economy.

In 2018, the San Francisco Bay Area had the highest gross domestic product per capita in the US and is currently home to five of the top ten largest companies in the world, while four of the ten wealthiest people in the world choose to reside here. Perhaps that “where should I move quiz” you took directed you to move here and seize your opportunity on the road to success. Want help to choose the best places to live in Cali? Watch the following video.

Choose the New City of Your Dreams

Although it may not look like you have much to choose from because there are only three states that comprise the Western coastline, these states boast some of the most prominent cities in the US:

  • Los Angeles is known for many things. It’s brimming with cultural diversity and has a rather robust economy. Its residents enjoy the Mediterranean climate here, but the fact that it’s where the Hollywood entertainment industry is located is arguably the most notable one. When it comes to interesting facts, if you’ve made friends in another city, you won’t be able to take them out for dinner after 9 p.m. because restaurants don’t serve food after that time.
  • San Francisco is a popular tourist destination with many important and interesting landmarks. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the cable cars that are still functioning up and down the steep streets, you can experience a piece of history here. But if you want to plan a move to another city and find a work position there, you should know many companies’ headquarters are located here. You can find Twitter, Square, Dropbox, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Uber, Airbnb, Levi Strauss & Co., Gap Inc., and many more here.
  • If you think that perfect weather doesn’t exist, San Diego will prove you wrong. If you move here, you won’t be experiencing adjustment insomnia; instead, you’ll willingly stay awake because there’s so much cool stuff to take off your to-do list when you get here. But Sun Diegans are not only about fun; industries like military and defense-related activities, but also tourism, international trade, research, and manufacturing all power its economy.
  • Did you know that Sacramento is the fastest-growing place in Cali? It has been a financial center of the Western coastline for quite some time, and since it’s where the California State University is located, it’s also an educational hub. Notably, Sacramento is a major center of the state’s healthcare industry, and it’s an essential fact for anyone who wants to move to another home with kids. Fun fact – it was dubbed as the most hipster place in the state.
  • Portland is called the City of Roses for a reason; its climate has two modes – warm and dry summers and pretty cool, rainy winters, which is ideal for growing roses. It’s a major port and one of the largest commercial dry docks in the US. There are plenty of job opportunities from software and online startup companies to the business cluster for outdoor and athletic gear.
  • Seattle is the birthplace of the world-famous coffee brand Starbucks, which was founded in the ’70s. You shouldn’t feel any anxiety about moving out if you’re looking for a work position within the city’s limits. With a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand, you can search for jobs within Microsoft, Amazon, but also within the biotechnology industry.
  • Berkeley is home to Berkeley University of California and the oldest campus in this University system. Apart from being considered a college town, it’s also one of the most socially progressive cities in the US.

Let’s also mention Stanford, California, home to Stanford University, the world-renowned teaching and research university that promotes research and is dedicated to working out solutions to various challenges.

A Seattle skyline
Seattle is important for the video game industry, and headquarters of Microsoft Game Studios and Nintendo of America are here, among other developers

Los Angeles vs. New York

Let’s start with a size comparison – the city of Los Angeles covers an area that is approximately 472 square miles, with a population of 3,9 million. In comparison, the city of New York spreads on 304 square miles and has a population of 8,4 million. While getting around in NYC is done mainly by subway that can get you from one spot to another, and the infamous LA traffic is outrageous, most Westerners are never in a rush. When it comes to prices, while both of these cities are expensive, once you decide to contact long-distance movers to move you, it seems that money can get you a bit farther in LA. Overall living, though, depends entirely on your current situation. A tech worker’s career will thrive in LA, while an investment banker would choose wisely to build their career in NYC. And last but not least, LA singles are having way more fun and a better dating life than those living on the Eastern coastline.

Here’s a comparison between the prices of the two cities via Numbeo.

City Utilities Rent Price of Square ft Transportation Childcare Fitness Club
Los Angeles $156 $1,640 $550 $100 $1,160 $45
New York City $166 $2,175 $770 $130 $2,510 $113

Is the West Coast Better Than the East Coast? Let’s Compare a Bit More

There are many things to consider when relocating to a new state, especially if we’re thinking about moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. And although you have a vague idea of the relaxed living in the Western part, you should know a thing or two about lifestyle, the climate, and how far the money you have can get you monthly.

America Is a Vast Country, so the Lifestyle Differs Very Much

The Eastern coastline has an overwhelming pace for many people, so they decide to contact a cross-country moving company and relocate. Because of the East’s hustle and bustle, they consider the relaxed Western vibe a perfect fit for them. If obtaining some quality packing tips is among the things you forget to do when you move, you’ll soon forget about such trivial matters once you arrive on the Pacific coastline. People here are so laid back, and their primary focus is on nature and health that it will be easy as pie for you to learn how to stay zen and become an outdoorsy type.

Is It Cheaper to Live on the East or West Coast?

It is true that the Western coastline, especially California, has an infamously high cost of living, but both coastlines have their fair share of expensive cities. However, if you’re looking to get a job in another state before relocating there, pointing out work opportunities in Silicon Valley is perhaps an obvious choice.

Still, it also explains how its residents can sustain the high cost of living. Silicon Valley is a global center for innovation and high technology and is home to many of the world’s largest high-tech companies and several thousands of startup companies. If you manage to land a position here, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how to transfer utilities and find the best packing services.

Why Do People Move From the East Coast to West Coast? The Answer May Be In the Weather

While you’re looking for some awesome relocation hacks that will help you move efficiently, you may want to inform yourself just what you can expect when it comes to weather. The western climate is semi-arid, although parts of the region get high amounts of rain or snow (we’re looking at you, Seattle.) Other parts include a true desert climate, and the driest place in all of the country is Death Valley in California.

However, Californians can proudly say they live in a primarily Mediterranean climate, with dry and hot summers (perfect for the beach) and mild winters. It makes cruising in a car with the wind in your hair perfect, so make sure you invest in an auto transport service.

Yachts in ocean water near a beach
Oxnard in California has more than twenty miles of coastline covered with exceptionally soft sand

How Much Does It Cost to Move From the East Coast to West Coast?

Our country is vast, and the shortest route from the Atlantic coastline to the Western part is more than 2,000 miles. That is why the cost of moving from the East Coast to the West Coast is not a small one. But the price of professional services by a long-distance moving company will depend on the relocating solutions you choose. Whether you choose the storage service, car shipping, or any other services, it may cost you somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000 or even more. But even with such costs for a move, the Western area is well worth it, and there are many things to do after relocating here that will show you how to enjoy life way more.

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