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Posted in City Guides on December 29, 2023
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The Insider’s Guide to Moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Considering moving to Fort Lauderdale? You’ve made an excellent choice! This place isn’t just about its famous beaches and sunny skies. It’s a city brimming with opportunities, cultural diversity, and unique neighborhoods. In this Fort Lauderdale relocation guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make your transition to this Floridian gem as smooth and exciting as possible.

Get to Know Fort Lauderdale Before the Move

Before packing your bags and planning your relocation to another city, it would be very helpful to understand the city you’ll soon call home. As per the latest US Census estimate, over 180,000 people reside here. However, this location is more than just a tourist destination. It’s a thriving community where diverse cultures and histories converge, offering a unique living experience.

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Get Acquainted With the City’s Demographic and History

The “Venice of America” boasts a rich tapestry of cultures and histories. Initially known for its strategic fort, the area has evolved into a cosmopolitan hub.

Moreover, its demographic is a melting pot. It reflects a blend of various ancestries, ages, and lifestyles. Naturally, this diversity shapes the city’s dynamic character. It directly influences its cuisine and annual festivals.

Be Well Informed on Weather Patterns and Overall Climate

Newcomers can expect a tropical rainforest climate. Meaning that you will be able to enjoy a generous 3,000 hours of sunshine yearly. The average temperature here hovers around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a climate with mild breezes, warm ocean waters, and comfortable tropical evenings.

Summers are hot and humid, with occasional afternoon thunderstorms. Winters here are mild and dry, making it a perfect retreat from colder northern climates. This year-round warm climate contributes to the city’s outdoor lifestyle. It encourages residents and visitors alike to enjoy its beaches and outdoor spaces.

Explore Fort Lauderdale Lifestyle and Culture

Delving into the lifestyle and culture of this region reveals a vibrant tapestry of experiences. It’s a place where the arts flourish, evident in numerous galleries, theaters, and live music venues. The culinary scene is equally diverse, offering everything from fresh seafood to international delicacies.

For those seeking recreation, there’s no shortage of options. You can go boating along the intricate canal system, relaxing on sun-drenched beaches, or exploring the lush natural parks. Community events and festivals celebrate the city’s rich cultural heritage, bringing locals and visitors together. Here, the lifestyle is about embracing the outdoors, enjoying the arts, and experiencing a diverse, dynamic community.

Stage at Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale
Celebrating cultural richness at Fort Lauderdale's festive gatherings

Plan Your Move and Make Moving to Fort Lauderdale Easy

Keep in mind that planning and organizing your relocation is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth transition to your new home. A well-thought-out plan not only helps manage the logistical aspects but also reduces the stress that comes with moving.

It involves considering various factors like timing, relocation budget, and the specific needs of your move. A detailed timeline allows you to anticipate potential challenges and address them proactively, ensuring a more efficient moving process.

Look for a Trustworthy White Glove Moving Company From Fort Lauderdale

The importance of choosing a reliable moving company cannot be overstated. A trustworthy white glove moving service offers the assurance of safety and efficiency. These companies will provide a higher level of care and attention to your belongings as well.

With their expertise and knowledge of local areas, they can navigate the complexities of relocating with ease. Ensure that your company is legitimate to avoid potential relocation scams. Also, make sure that it has a good track record and comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Think About Booking Additional Services

One of the most important things to consider when relocating to a new state is booking white glove movers who are experienced in handling the nuances of such relocation. Every relocation has unique challenges. However, Long Distance Movers can provide the necessary resources and just the right long-distance moving services in Fort Lauderdale to make it a smooth endeavor.

Incorporating our professional packing services into your relocation plan can greatly enhance the efficiency of your relocation. Our expert packers use the right packing materials and techniques to ensure your belongings are securely packed and protected. With our white glove moving services, you will have peace of mind knowing that every item, from the fragile to the bulky, is packed and shipped with the utmost care.

Long-distance movers carrying boxes
Moving to Fort Lauderdale and need advice? Consider booking long-distance movers

Compare Its Cost of Living With Other Cities in Florida

In Fort Lauderdale, a family of four monthly expenses, excluding rent, amount to approximately $4,550. In Miami, the same family would require around $4,800. So, you are aware of how important it is to do your research and be ready to budget properly before moving to Florida.

However, it’s important to note that living expenses can vary significantly from one Florida city to another. Factors such as housing, utilities, groceries, and transportation play a crucial role in determining overall affordability.

For instance, housing costs here might be higher than in smaller Florida towns but could be more affordable compared to larger cities like Miami. In the end, most of the services and groceries are more affordable here than in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville, but it is important to always know all of your options.

Research Through Fort Lauderdale Neighborhoods and Choose the One That Suits Your Needs

It’s important to find an area that not only fits your budget but also aligns with your lifestyle. Each area offers unique benefits and vibes. So, a well-chosen neighborhood will enhance your daily life, facilitate easy social connections, and provide access to amenities that matter to you.

These Are Some of the Top Picks for Newcomers

Finding the perfect spot can significantly ease your settling-in process, make meeting new neighbors easier, and enrich your life. Each of these neighborhoods has its unique charm and advantages, catering to different needs and preferences:

  • For young professionals, Middle River Terrace and Downtown offer vibrant, energetic environments with plenty of social and professional networking opportunities.
  • Those relocating with families might prefer the tranquility and community-oriented atmosphere of Coral Ridge or Imperial Point.
  • Outdoor lovers will find their haven in neighborhoods like Las Olas Beach, Bayview Park, or Rio Vista, which are known for their natural beauty and outdoor activities.
  • For retirees who seek a peaceful yet active lifestyle, communities like Weston, Coral Springs, Plantation, Coconut Creek, and Davie offer serene environments with plenty of amenities.
Neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Selecting the right neighborhood is a critical aspect of your relocation

Start Networking on Time and Land a Job

When moving to a new city without a job, starting your networking early can significantly influence your professional journey. Building connections in advance can provide insights into the local job market and open up opportunities. Engaging in local professional groups, attending industry events, and connecting on professional social media platforms are effective ways to immerse yourself in the community.

Check Some of the Best Employers in Fort Lauderdale

In terms of employment, the city boasts a diverse range of top-notch employers across various industries. From aviation and technology to healthcare and education, there are numerous companies known for their positive work environments and career growth opportunities. Some of the prominent names include:

  • AutoNation,
  • Citrix Systems,
  • Spirit Airlines,
  • Broward Health,
  • Holy Cross Health,
  • Broward County Public Schools.

Additionally, the city’s growing tech scene is home to innovative startups and established tech firms, offering exciting opportunities for professionals in this field. Researching these employers, understanding their company culture, and aligning your skills with their needs can be a significant step in securing employment in your new city.

People working in an office
Networking is about understanding the professional landscape and where you might fit in

Those Moving for Education Should Look Into Schools

The public school system is known for its strong curriculum and a wide range of programs catering to various interests and talents. Additionally, there are numerous private schools offering specialized education, from religious affiliations to Montessori and International Baccalaureate programs. These schools emphasize holistic development, including sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities.

Consider Some of These Institutions When Pursuing Your Educational Prowess

When it comes to selecting an educational institution, there are several noteworthy options to consider. For those seeking top-quality public education, schools like Fort Lauderdale High School and Stranahan High School are known for their strong academic programs and extracurricular offerings.

In the private sector, institutions like Pine Crest School and St. Thomas Aquinas High School stand out for their rigorous academic standards and comprehensive development programs. For specialized education, the University School of Nova Southeastern University offers a unique blend of college preparatory and innovative learning experiences.

Additionally, the city is close to several higher education institutions, including Broward College and Nova Southeastern University. These offer a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. Each of these institutions provides a unique educational environment designed to nurture and challenge students, preparing them for future success.

 Kids in the classroom
For those relocating with kids, finding the right school is so much more important

Get to Know Your Community Before You Relocate

Engaging with online forums or social media groups can give you a taste of the local culture and help you find your niche. Once you arrive, participating in community events, local meetups, or volunteering is a great way to integrate into your community. Such activities not only help you make connections but also allow you to contribute to the city’s vibrant life.

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Explore Some of These Local Attractions

This city is brimming with attractions that cater to all interests. For beach lovers, the famous sandy shores offer a perfect blend of relaxation and water activities. The city’s parks, like Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, provide a natural oasis for outdoor enthusiasts, with trails, picnic areas, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Cultural attractions such as the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and the NSU Art Museum offer a taste of local and international art and performances. For those looking for entertainment, the Riverwalk and Las Olas Boulevard are bustling with shops, restaurants, and nightlife options. Each of these spots showcases a different facet of the city’s personality, inviting newcomers to explore and find their own favorite places.

Street lined with shops and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, FL
The city will ensure there's always something exciting to experience

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Is It Worth Moving to Fort Lauderdale?

Whether relocating here is worth it depends on your personal and professional goals. Fort Lauderdale offers a unique blend of beachside living, cultural diversity, and a growing economy.

The quality of life is high, with plenty of sunshine, outdoor activities, and a vibrant arts scene. If these align with your lifestyle preferences, it could be a great choice.

Is It Expensive to Live in Fort Lauderdale?

Living costs in the area are somewhat higher than the national average, mainly due to housing prices. While everyday expenses like groceries and utilities are comparable to other cities, real estate prices can be steep, especially in more sought-after neighborhoods. However, this varies significantly depending on the area and lifestyle choices.

What Is a Good Salary in Fort Lauderdale?

A good salary here would comfortably cover living expenses while allowing for savings and discretionary spending. Given the cost of living, a household income of around $65,000 to $80,000 can be considered a good starting point. However, this varies based on your lifestyle, family size, and financial obligations.

Should I Live in Fort Lauderdale or Miami?

Choosing between these two cities comes down to personal preference. Miami offers a more cosmopolitan, fast-paced lifestyle with a diverse cultural scene.

In contrast, Fort Lauderdale provides a more laid-back environment with plenty of amenities and cultural attractions. Consider factors like job opportunities, lifestyle, cost of living, and personal preferences when making this decision.

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