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Posted in How-to on December 30, 2022
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

How to Meet New Neighbors When Relocating Across the Country

If you’re relocating to a different part of the country, you surely want to know how to meet new neighbors. Getting in touch with complete strangers can be intimidating, but with some effort and planning, you can make connections that will help you adjust to your new home and start feeling like you’re a part of the community quickly.

If you wish to make an effort to get to know your immediate neighbors, one of the best ways to do this is to introduce yourself in person when you move in. You can also join local community organizations or attend events in the area to make new connections. Lastly, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with strangers when you’re out and about – this is an ideal way to meet people in your new neighborhood!

Why It’s Important to Know How to Meet New Neighbors After Moving to a New Home

After you have a successful move with professional long-distance moving services, don’t think there’s nothing else you have to do. There are still some things you need to take care of after the move. Besides doing all the cleaning up of the apartment and figuring out how to unpack most efficiently, consider meeting new neighbors after moving to a new home

It is important for many reasons – first, it helps you create a sense of community in your neighborhood. Trust us, it’s much easier to make your place feel like home when you know the people living around you and can interact with them regularly. Knowing your neighbors can also help build relationships that lead to mutual trust and understanding. You can rely on your neighbors for help in the future, such as lending you tools or getting assistance during an emergency.

Knowing who lives across the door allows you to find out about local resources, services, and events that can make life easier. It can also alert you to local happenings like block parties, community planting projects, or even school events. You may even ask around about the best restaurants, shops, and entertainment options in the area as well.

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Is Introducing Yourself the Right Thing to Do?

Organizing the move can be tiresome, and you probably won’t have much energy and enthusiasm to knock on the doors of complete strangers and introduce yourself. You’ve spent months creating to-do lists, exploring numerous creative storage ideas, and ensuring you’ve booked the right white glove moving company and their efficient packing assistance. So, yes, making the first move to introduce oneself to a neighbor can be nerve-wracking if you’ve just moved into the area.

If you’re out in the neighborhood and happen to see one of the neighbors, give them a nice wave and a grin. It’s a simple way to show your new neighbors some kindness, and they’ll surely appreciate it. Getting to know your neighbors can do more than just make you feel more at home in your new neighborhood – it can also provide you with valuable connections and opportunities.

A couple unpack after using white glove moving services
Find the effort to introduce yourself after the big move to the neighborhood

Start Off Your Interaction With a New Acquaintance on a Positive Note

Make the first move in your new neighborhood relationship with a token of appreciation. In addition to being a good conversation starter, it can also certainly assist your neighbor in remembering you whenever the topic comes up. For example, gifting a plant could inspire them to reach out to you.

You can also go the extra mile and place, for example, a board game on the coffee table (you can always talk about how you efficiently moved large items just by following some simple relocation tips) or hang framed photos around your new house to facilitate conversation.

Asking Questions About the Area Is Always a Safe Move

While the weather is a safe bet for starting a conversation with anyone, asking different questions about the neighborhood is a better way to get to know your new neighbors and strike up a chat. Most individuals would be happy to discuss their knowledge about the area with you if given a chance. You might inquire about the finest taco joint in the area, the best places to catch a live show, or, if you both have dogs, the best dog park in the neighborhood.

The best way to get people talking about what they’re interested in is to ask them a few questions that require more than a yes or no response. If you visit this individual again, you should build on what you already talked about and emphasize the similarities between you.

Two girls drinking wine and smiling after a long-distance moving
Start a conversation about the area you're living in

You Can Start a Conversation With the Help of Your Furry Friends

Get together with other dog owners! Having a dog is a fantastic excuse to explore your neighborhood on foot, and you’re bound to run into other dog owners on the way. More than 38 percent of American homes have a dog, and every single one of those dogs needs to go outside to exercise and relieve themselves, as reported by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

If you walk your dog around your neighborhood, you might run into as many as a third of your neighbors. The best part of interacting with other dogs is that they’re always eager to meet new people. You should make sure everyone is being cordial, but once your furry friends have had a chance to meet and shake paws, you can strike up a conversation with your neighbor.

Just Spending Time Outside Can Help You Meet Different People

Getting to know the first neighbor can be as simple as showing up and spending time outside (when the weather permits, of course). Commit to greeting at least one other family or group of people whenever you and yours are out using the outdoor facilities or taking a stroll together. After all, you must have thought about where you’ll live and about all the benefits this move will bring. That kind of relaxed setting is ideal for overcoming initial shyness and establishing easy rapport. There’s also the benefit of adult conversation while the kids play.

A girl smiling while petting a dog after long-distance moving
Having a furry friend will help you get to know a ton of people

Make an Effort and Put Yourself Out There

When you first start thinking it’s about time to move and take all the required steps when hiring professional long-distance movers, consider the fact you’ll probably run into neighbors daily (especially if relocating to a small town). This may be something you need to do if you wish to feel part of the neighborhood. Here’s how to do it.

Get involved in local events

One of the best ways to meet people in your new town is by attending local events. Whether it’s a farmers market, art festival, street fair, or trivia night at a local bar, these types of events can be great places to make connections with people who share similar interests as you. If you’re having trouble finding out about local events, try checking out online discussion groups for your area or even using social media to find out what’s going on near you.

Join a gym or fitness class

The gym is another great place to make friends when relocating across the country. Everyone has their own unique fitness journey and goals that they are working towards – which makes it easy to strike up conversations with others who share similar interests as you. Plus, many gyms offer special classes like spin classes or yoga classes which can both be great ways to make friends while also staying active and healthy.

Take advantage of online communities

If you’re having trouble finding local events or don’t feel comfortable joining a gym right away, there are plenty of online communities that can help you connect with others in your area. From Facebook groups dedicated to your city or town to forums specifically designed for connecting people living in certain locations, there are lots of ways to get connected with other like-minded individuals without ever leaving your house!

In fact, many online communities have virtual meetups where members can connect over video chat and discuss common interests – so even if you don’t feel comfortable venturing out yet, there’s still an opportunity for connection!

Lend a Helping Hand Whenever Possible

Actions are more memorable than words when it comes to influencing people’s opinions of a person. You should take the initiative to help out a neighbor who you know is struggling if you see that they need assistance. This could involve things like bringing in groceries for an elderly neighbor or delivering letters that accidentally got delivered to your house.

Doing nice things for people without being asked is a great way to live and will go a long way in making you a well-liked neighbor. For example, if you hired white glove movers to help you move to a cold climate, you should get used to helping a neighbor to shovel the sidewalk. Also, you’ll have to acknowledge there could be blizzards and snowstorms quite frequently (depending on the area you’re relocating to).

Don’t Hesitate to Ask For Help Too

The opposite of the preceding piece of advice is that you can strengthen relationships by reaching out for assistance when you’re in need. Most people are willing to lend a hand if asked, and doing so can strengthen bonds between acquaintances.

If you’ll be out of town for a while and expecting shipments, ask a neighbor if they would mind storing them safely for you. Try performing some work on your place with borrowed tools. Express your appreciation when they lend a hand, and let them know you’re happy to help them in return.

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Throw a Good Old Welcome Party

If you feel like inviting your neighbors over for a relaxed gathering, you may have one at your house and leave invitations in their mailboxes. The phrase, “I’m new to the area and would love to meet you!” can be a good place to start. People who have thrown a moving away party surely know how things work – refreshments and drinks are a must. But, if you want to upgrade your party, ensure you watch the video below and have an amazing time with your neighbors.

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Everything Starts With Being a Good Neighbor

We understand that developing close, trusting, and long-lasting relationships with those who share the same area isn’t always easy or even comfortable. But if you muster up a little bravery, a smile, and a simple “hi,” we have faith that you’ll soon have plenty of stories to tell and laughter to share around the dinner table. So, ensure you have a stress-free relocation with the best white glove moving service – only then you’ll have enough energy to undertake things like getting to know different people after the move.

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