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Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

6 Things Every American Should Know Before Moving to the Midwest

When Americans plan to relocate, moving to the Midwest may be the last idea on their minds. However, the North Central region has been rapidly developing and becoming more accommodating for residents of all walks of life. Learn here if the Midwest is a good place to live, and what to expect out of its representative states.

It’s normal to feel some anxiety about relocating. This can happen whether you’re going to another street or state, relocating for love or pursuing more friendships, for a job or without one. The most important thing is to keep your reasons to move close to your heart and not to let any blogs and opinions deter you from the decision.

Moving to the Midwest Has Many Pros and Cons

The things we list as beneficial or disadvantageous are different for every individual. However, we’re confident that midwest moving offers a lot more good than bad. If you’re prepared to leave the fuss of a metropolis behind and move to a town where everyone’s laidback, the next question on your mind should be “where should I move in the Midwest?

There are twelve states that fall under the midwestern, or North Central region. They are:

  • North Dakota,
  • South Dakota,
  • Illinois,
  • Indiana,
  • Iowa,
  • Kansas,
  • Michigan,
  • Ohio,
  • Nebraska,
  • Missouri,
  • Minnesota,
  • Wisconsin.

The biggest town in the midwestern area is Chicago, which is also considered the regional capital. Besides Chicago, there’s Minneapolis, known for great outdoor activities and family-friendly areas, Cleveland, known as the heart and soul of rock’n’roll, and Detroit, a place with a bad reputation once but now a booming industrial town with the second-highest economic income in the Midwestern region.

Are More People Moving to the Midwest?

Statistically, more and more people are moving to the midwest from California. CA is one of the most expensive regions in the US, with average rents and home prices well above the national average. Coincidentally, the same goes for moving from New York to the Midwest – the big differences in cost and amenities are attracting more new residents every day.

Although relocating during coronavirus isn’t high on everyone’s list, you’ll be happy to know that long-distance movers are deemed essential workers in the US. That not only makes it easier to move but to decide where to live, too. It’s up to you where the relocation company’s packing services take you, but the midwestern region is an excellent place to start.

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#1 The Cold Weather Is No Joke, But It’s Easy to Get Used to

Whatever you do, consider adding cold winters to your “should you move to the Midwest” relocation checklist. If you’re relocating from California or anywhere in the West, you’ll have difficulty getting used to 15° in winter and an average temperature of 50°. Hats, gloves, and nerves of steel are our most advised packing tips.

The interesting thing about cold climates is that they’re only shocking at first. A couple of weeks in, and you’ll stop noticing how freezing the temperature is and feel like you’ve been experiencing it forever. Additionally, you’ll probably be more comfortable and free in low temperatures anywhere after that.

Summers are Quite Pleasant In the North Central

You can move with a long-distance moving company in the summer or winter. That’s great because winter moves could get you a more affordable price for relocating and storage services.

On the other hand, anyone who thinks they’d miss out on summers in the North Central doesn’t have their facts straight. The midwestern region has an average high temperature of 85° in the summer, which is a typical average for California, too. You can move in the summer to reduce the weather shock on your body and gradually prepare for winter by shopping for warm clothes while you’re there.

a view of a snow-covered street in Minneapolis, Minnesota
The weather in the midwestern region might take some time to get used to, especially in winter

#2 It’s Easy to Launch a Career In a Midwestern City

According to LinkedIn, six out of fifteen top-ranked cities for launching a career are in the midwestern area. This is one of the things to consider when relocating since they don’t just offer the most convenient ways to find jobs, but they also have the best median rent to salary ratio.

Most people relocating without a job and considering work in one of the midwestern states probably get mentally prepared for lower salaries. If you’re one of them, you’d be pleasantly surprised when you realize it’s not necessarily true. The North Central area isn’t on the list of the best places to start a career for nothing – they have very competitive salaries for software engineers, nurses, and salespeople.

The Best Cities For Landing a Job In the Midwest

The table below displays the six best-ranked midwestern cities for starting a career and uses median rent and salary information to show the possible cost of living. Looking at the numbers, it’s no wonder folks are contacting long-distance moving services and choosing to live comfortably, with reasonable rents but equally competitive salaries for starter jobs.

City Median Monthly Salary (Starter Jobs) Median Monthly Rent
Cleveland, Ohio $57,800 $1,045
Indianapolis, Indiana $59,200 $1,080
St Louis, Missouri $60,400 $990
Milwaukee, Wisconsin $60,900 $1,070
Kansas City, Missouri $61,000 $1,115
Cincinnati, Ohio $61,400 $1,120

#3 You Can Actually Afford to Live In Midwestern States

As you can see, the median rent prices in the North Central are among the lowest in the country. According to, the national average rent in September 2021 was $1,600, after which you can see that midwestern cities overall rank pretty well on living expenses.

It seems like it will be easier to live on your own if you move to St Louis or Cleveland since you won’t be living salary to salary. Look up long-distance movers near me and start reading more house hunting tips; you’ll be able to find something for your taste and feel like you haven’t spent every penny on the deposit, rent, and utilities.

The Housing Quality Increased Along With the Demand

While it’s easy to save on relocation to a midwestern town, the housing market has become a bit more competitive. It seems like the last few years got folks thinking about relocating somewhere more affordable, which is completely understandable. Last year alone caused many job losses and financial troubles; getting out of that by relocating somewhere cheaper is one way to solve (or reduce) a problem.

The video below is by a realtor in Ohio, showing what kind of home you could get for $400,000 – $500,000 in Cincinnati. Compared to the more expensive LA or NY, this seems to be a good ‘bang for your buck’ and may encourage you to move.

#4 Midwesterners Harbor a Strong Sense of Community

Deciding to relocate alone to any part of North Central won’t be the worst idea ever. That’s mainly because, for years now, midwesterners have had the reputation of being friendly and kind, and you’ll be able to make friends in another town fast.

Relocating to a small town is usually depicted in movies as uneventful, where everyone knows each other. While some of that is true, what you don’t see so much is the eagerness of locals to not only assist you but give free advice on how to best live among them.

Additionally, not all places in the midwestern region are small – Michigan has Detroit, with 640,000 citizens, Minnesota has Minneapolis, with 430,000 residents, and Illinois has Chicago, with over 2,7 million citizens. You won’t exactly be relocating rurally, either.

Cross-country movers can help you get to your destination and see for yourself how strong the midwestern collective spirit really is. It might seem like heading there will be cold and grey, but the stereotype turns out to be true – midwesterners aren’t just friendly in theory, but in person, too.

You Can Feel the Collective Spirit In Sports Fans, Too

The biggest thing you’ll experience while living among midwesterners is their passion for sports. It’s no coincidence that the favorite pastime of those who like to nurture the collective spirit is to support the team efforts of their favorite athletes.

If you’re not as passionate about football or baseball as they are, we can only say – fake it til you make it. Relocating to a new home means getting used to the local customs and traditions, too, and it’ll be easier to go downstream in the first few months and try to fit in.

Maybe you’ll get used to the athletic efforts of teams like Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Chiefs, St Louis Cardinals, and Green Bay Packers.

an aerial view of the Minnesota Vikings' training stadium in Minneapolis
Minnesota Vikings could make you become an avid NFL fan

#5 You’ll Be Motivated to Move Around and Get to Know Your New Home More Often

The biggest benefit of relocating to North Central is the great outdoors. There are many opportunities to become an outdoor enthusiast and pick up activities like hiking, walking, cycling, or even mountaineering. Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to beat adjustment insomnia and the claws of relocation depression.

Minneapolis is the most convenient town for cycling to work; around 4% of all residents take their bicycles to work here. That’s about 17,000 Minneapolitans, which is impressive for any town in America, for sure. They’ll likely motivate you to do it, too.

Moving to a Midwestern State Could Be a Great Reason to Ship Your Car

While it’s easy to cycle through Minneapolis, it wouldn’t be so easy in the rest of North Central. Some areas require having your car and moving around the wide streets and plains in a four-wheeler; it’s faster and more convenient.

A cross-country moving company can help you with car shipping services, which is another great relocation hack. Skipping the hard part of driving and simply having the car shipped to you will give you an easier start at a different home. Not just that, but the cost is excellent for everything you get out of the service.

If You Don’t Know How to Drive, Don’t Worry – Midwesterners Often Use Public Transport

In case you don’t have your driver’s license, it’s OK. You can still plan a move and not worry about additional car shipping expenses. What’s unknown to many is that midwestern towns have a well-developed public transit system.

Chicago’s L-train is one of the oldest public transit systems in the US, and its wait time is short; commuters on the L take around 43 minutes to get to work, while drivers take 33. That 10-minute difference seems like a lot, but it’s a remarkable statistic compared to LA, where commuters take 49 minutes and drivers only 29. Just get ready a bit earlier and take the “L” happily.

a view of Chicago's L-train on a station.
You may be surprised at how reliable public transit is in Chicago; that could save you a lot of money on car costs.

#6 Relocating to a Midwestern State Will Simply Have You Worry Less

The last thing to add to your relocation to-do list is taking things easy. Relocating is complex, and besides the obvious physical, it bears a lot of emotional weight. However, there will be plenty of chances to be chill when you’re done relocating to the midwestern region. If their locals are famous for anything, it’s their ability to relax and take in the day as it goes.

Research has shown that the least stressed-out folks live in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The numbers are on your side, and we all know it’d be worth feeling less troubled daily. Don’t hesitate to relocate, and just go with the flow, as a Midwesterner would.

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